What the Georgia Governor’s Race Means

Black racial identity must be fought with white racial identity.

Years ago, I spoke to a man who had once hunted deer in what is now just another Atlanta suburb. Once some of the best hunting land in the state, houses in the area are now appraised for three quarters of a million dollars as whites continue to flee the city. The process continues, because no matter how far whites move away, diversity will follow. Before he succumbed to cancer, the man, who almost became my father-in-law, warned that the future “was not going to be pretty.” “I’m sorry,” he said, as if the world he was leaving behind was his fault.

This conversation came back to me as I read media coverage of the Brian Kemp/Stacey Abrams election for governor. The truth is that the Georgia that man remembered was already gone even a decade ago. The turning point came when Viktor Hill was elected the first black sheriff of Clayton County. Home to one of the first Chick-fil-A restaurants (and where the founder of Chick-fil-A taught Bible school for more than 50 years), Clayton County was a white working-class Atlanta suburb that was 92 percent white in 1980. Today, it is 12 percent white. When Sheriff Hill took office in 2015, the county was 20 percent white and 65 percent black. The new sheriff’s first action was to fire the four highest ranking white officers (along with many others), put snipers on the roof of the police building, and parade his victims out like members of a conquered tribe. I remember talking to the older man about this episode a decade ago and he warned, “That’s just the beginning.”

The next step is the current gubernatorial race. Stacey Abrams, who has called for sandblasting Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson off the face of Stone Mountain because it is “a blight on our state,” enjoys 90 percent support from black voters. Mr. Kemp has 4 percent black support and nearly two-thirds of white support.

In 1990, Georgia was 70 percent white and 26 percent black. Georgia is now 54.2 percent white, 31.4 percent black, 9.9 percent Hispanic, and 4.3 percent Asian. The county I called home was almost 95 percent white in 1990; today, it is only two-thirds white.

As Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times pointed out, whites are disfranchised by diversity, and Miss Abrams’s entire platform is largely racial resentment. In April 2018, she headlined a conference to promote reparations and other far-left policies. During the Democratic primary, she refused to condemn blacks who hijacked a 2017 conference and shouted down her white opponent with chants of “support black women.”

Black women, nearly 1.1 million Georgian voters, will vote monolithically for Miss Abrams. The Washington Post recently explained their bloc vote:

For decades, black women have been among the most politically active groups in the country, responsible for the Democratic Party’s bragging rights to the “women’s vote” in presidential and statewide races. In Obama’s two elections in 2008 and 2012, black women voted at a higher rate than any demographic group.

Hillary Clinton claimed 94 percent of black women’s votes in 2016, while 52 percent of white women backed Donald Trump. Strong turnout by black women helped Democrats win the past two governor’s races in Virginia, and last year, black women were credited with nudging Doug Jones over the finish line in a close special election for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama against Republican Roy Moore.

Black women in Georgia have been busy in their neighborhoods, hosting events to register and rally voters. During the primary, groups of black women from across the country descended on Georgia to help with get-out-the-vote efforts. Another influx of volunteers is expected in the next several days.

Christina Greer, a political-science professor at Fordham University, said that after keeping faith with the Democratic Party for so long, “black women feel like our time has come and our just due is well overdue.”

“Stacey Abrams is the personification of our hard work and effort and collective brilliance,” Greer said. “She is overly qualified for this position, completely ready, and she hasn’t sold her soul to get to this position. She celebrates the fact that she is a black woman.”

Abrams, 44, embraces the historic nature of her candidacy in her stump speech, suggesting that her identity makes her uniquely qualified to lead the state.

Miss Abrams was no doubt celebrating her identity when she noted that her support comes from both the “documented and undocumented.” In 1992, she burned the version of Georgia state flag that included the Confederate flag. Today, she is remaking the state’s politics through politics rather than symbols.

As a state legislator, Miss Abrams was lead sponsor of a bill (house Bill 731) that would allow the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to seize and destroy some semi-automatic weapons, high capacity magazines, and certain types of ammunition. This would punish white gun owners, even though 2017 GBI statistics show that of the 474 people arrested for murder in the state, 372 were non-white and only 102 were white.

Other blacks, such as former Jeremiah Wright parishioner Oprah Winfrey—who campaigned for Miss Abrams—argue that if blacks don’t vote (presumably for Miss Abrams), they will be “dishonoring” their families.

For anybody here who had an ancestor who did not have the right to vote and you are choosing not to vote wherever you are in this state, in this country, you are dishonoring your family.

An interactive map from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a warning about the consequences of white complacency about demographics.

In 1990, Georgia was 70.1 percent white and 26.9 percent black.
In 2000, it was 63.2 percent white, 28.9 percent black, 5.4 percent Hispanic, and 2.3 Asian.
In 2010, it was 56.6 percent white, 30.8 percent black, 8.8 percent Hispanic, and 3.5 Asian.

Not surprisingly, a core “red” state is now at the tipping point as demographics prove to be destiny. FiveThrityEight.com explained how Miss Abrams can win.

The math for Abrams looks (roughly) like this:

Win 90 percent of the nonwhite vote. (That’s doable in part because the vast majority of that electorate is black voters.)
Make sure nonwhites are 40 percent of the electorate through intense get-out-the-vote efforts. (That’s at least plausible because almost 40 percent of Georgia’s citizen voting-age population is nonwhite.)
Win 25 percent of the white vote. (That’s doable without Abrams being particularly strong in rural areas because a huge part of the Georgia white population is in the Atlanta suburbs.)

Another recent article from the Washington Post explained that Miss Abrams’ planned to end the state’s “Gone With the Wind” image by conceding the white vote and building a non-white coalition. Traditional conservatives who ignore demography and think they can sell their ideas to non-whites will soon face the consequences.

The election is too close to make a confident prediction, but we can be sure of the media coverage either way. If Brian Kemp wins, reports will probably blame “voter suppression,” and urge more immigration to counteract it. If Miss Abrams wins, the media will crow that conservative whites have been confounded and the Confederacy is finally dead.

No matter what happens, the racial tribalism of non-whites is a political reality. If Western Civilization is to endure, whites must think the same way. “Democracy” is nothing but a racial headcount in the Peach State, and the side that practices greater collectivism wins. Georgia whites may stave off destruction for now, but without a forthright defense of white identity, the destruction of Stone Mountain is inevitable. More importantly, the symbolic destruction of white Southern identity will mean that the American South is heading the way of South Africa.

Whites have run out of room to run. It’s time to stand and fight.

Friendly reminder the election fraud is getting slid like crazy.

if people made a thread like this for each state that would be great…

only this one

And guys like Kemp will never express it.

long time GA resident here. as im sure you know every area that becomes black run falls to shit almost instantly. i have heard stories from South GA of a black sheriff stealing water service and the water company being unable to stop him. i have heard that most black mayors always steal money from their counties and i even heard in Waycross GA that when blacks took over they stopped all funding to the downtown area to encourage business growth and spent all the money on a basketball program and new uniforms for the black football players only, the whites had to wear the old ones.

selma alabama is real. never let niggers rule.

It's unnecessary. GA is one of the few states like this; nowhere else has an election that's both so precarious and an effective race war.
If that nigger wins (although I have faith she won't), GA is legitimately fucked plain and simple. For other states it isn't entirely like this, but for GA it's clear. I've lived here for a while and it's easily recognized if that's the case.


Friendly reminder Atlanta ,GA is where CNN is headquartered and where most of these niggers are situated. It's like a giant tumor right in the heart of the state, slowly killing the rest of it.

It's not even CNN's presence; it's all of Atlanta no matter what. That city is fucked. 1/10 of the "people" there are actual faggots. How would it be not fucked?

I used CNN merely as a means to drive home how bad it is. Atlanta is bay area California tier bad.

Good point. I imagine a lot of the anons that have never went to ATL just think it's another blacked southern city. CNN really helps drive home that it's much much worse.

Atlanta is the black valhalla

So, race war if this she-boon wins or what

Not race war immediately, but the same increase of the chaos coefficient will go along. More and more white people will feel disconnected and angered/redpilled. It's just that if Kemp wins, this same thing happens but less niggers actively disillusion whites, and they get to keep their guns with a bit more safety.

How is Queens now that Archie is gone…
Estimated median household income in 2016: $62,207
Estimated per capita income in 2016: $28,609…
Mar. 2016 cost of living index in Queens: 178.4 (very high, U.S. average is 100)

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No joke you'll start seeing white kids in Georgia Tech and UAG disappear. Atlanta is known in the more unscrupulous circles as "the human trafficking capital of the south" for a reason.

Don't forget the white kids in the rich northern suburbs and the gentrified hipster stys.

They got a nigger threatening to become governor in Florida too. The state could go downhill very quickly, although I think the democrat plan is for him to concentrate on taking away civil liberties first.

I feel for you FL anons. The kikes are trying very very hard to make it a lot harder for the whites in both states, and make them both purple (and eventually blue).
I pray to Kek that both of these coon subhumans will lose and cry a year of salt.

I don't know why you posted this in the GA thread, but I can tell you Queens has become complete hell on earth. The only livable borough is some very limited parts of Staten Island

You mean white women. Lets face it, white men will just be beaten and killed openly in the streets. The only ones who will "disappear" are white women who will be abducted and pressed into sex slavery

Of course on the plus side, itll almost universally be liberal white women who are of no value to us anyway. Lets face it, conservative white women who grow up near these places find a white man, fast, marry, and move the fuck away for safety sake. They apply to colleges, if theyre going to go, well away from these major cities and major universities. They don't stay near the nogs. Their family may have been stuck in the area due to finances or whatever, but they do everything they can to get far the fuck away as fast as humanly possible.

The guys have precious organs to sell too you know.

Yeah, sit back and "enjoy the salt" while whites are completely ass fucked by shitskins who are using simple demographic warfare to win, and win they will.

The "salt" meme has to stop now. It is an artificial meme created to convince whites to keep sitting on their ass while they turn into 30% of the population as soon as the boomers are dead. The idea is keep whites placated as long as possible. Same reason for the presidency of Donald Trump.

Slow down there, goy. We'll get to all of that right after a massive war in the south china see and strait of hormuz. Trust me, goy.

The average nog gang can figure out how to stick their dick in a woman they keep in shackles in the back room, or more precisely how to charge other nogs for access to her for a few minutes… but they dont know a kidney from a spleen or how to preserve either, or how to get someone capable of removing them and with connections to sell them

Its why sex trafficking is far more common overall than organ trafficking. Because only one only takes a high school drop out nog to figure out.

Whites aren't placated even with Trump. Trump has just given a bit more time and made the decay a bit less painful. Why do you think literally half of the country (guaranteed to be mostly whites) feel a massive disconnect with this society? It's because this setup cannot be recovered. It's gonna collapse into a civil war. in which the national socialists will win. May as well make it a bit less blacked and a bit less worrisome for gun rights on the way down there.

I'm talking about the EMTs here.

You're not referring to Trump are you?

I'm referring to the generic concept of a republican heavy government.
A dem heavy government = collapse in 2020s, more subhumans and less whites, less guns
A rep heavy government = collapse in 2020s, more whites and less subhumans, more guns
Which is better you think?

I'm just confused with the premise. Maybe we've lived in different timelines and the republican party is different in your timeline and it did different things. Or maybe one of us soaks up the marketing and not the record.

This is not true. Immigration is always worse under Republicans than under Democrats. All the facts support this.

Well in that case, someone is misunderstanding. You can't deny how having a subhuman nigger (like in GA if dem wins) would make it a lot worse for whites.

Show me your facts and I'll believe you.

Would it? Or would it just make it more obvious and not hidden in the background?

It'll be obvious either way. This situation cannot be saved. Voting blue makes more whites feel hopeless, more nonwhites come in, and more guns taken away. More whites are killed, more jobs are lost. More people lose their important things to bankruptcy.
Voting red just stops or slows down some of these things. It still happens, the country still collapses, but it's not as painful.
If you can't grasp this after this post, I'm going to end this conversation because it's become pointless.

Oh, okay.
Yeah, this is where we keep not lining up. I'm just going to work on the theory that you live in a vastly different timeline where real life events are markedly different than those in my own. We can end this conversation right here, don't feel obligated to (You) me.

Let us agree to disagree then. I can respect that.

can't let that happen without blood

Newfag here.

I live in Dekalb county, Georgia, otherwise the most niggered and pozzed out place on the planet. I voted but it doesn't matter because all my cousins who live in Decatur voted lefty… it's really fucking heartbreaking.

To basically summarize, shit is fucking collapsing, even worse I got into a small bit of college debt. All that is gonna pass soon, but holy fuck, Im catching the train as it is leaving the station.

Took a W and managed to get a Japan Visa for a JavaScript gig. NO I DO NOT WATCH CARTOONS, I'm busy defending my house from NIGGER BURGLARS!. Making an exit ASAP.

I'd say Atlanta, and the Niggered out south maybe only has 5-7 years TOPS before Civil war… if that… I only need around a year to get out of this fucking country. My ancestors are not from here, I feel no allegiance to this cursed niggerfied land… and if you are smart you would go back to Europe and fight the good fight. I plan on doing this after working for a few years with the slant eyes.

TLDR Atlanta will collapse soon, they LET THE ROADS GO…. POTHOLES EVERYWHERE, I keep a gun with me AT ALL TIMES

You may be a newfag but you are right. I've been to that shithole and by god's is it awful. I can't wait for it to collapse, really. Good riddance of the scum that's occupied the area.
Just remember user, don't reddit space. Only press enter once.

how could you forget about the highway explosions?

Thanks for the spacing tip. Yeah, no rush really it will collapse for certain. About the “explosion” yeah they said some homeless guy managed to blow up the highway overpass… with a cigarette. Sure. Wish it was the CNN headquarters lol. Got friends at Ga Tech, even Asian kids are aware that this place isn’t viable for work. Chink buddy went back to Shanghai and wished me luck.

No problem about the spacing. And yeah, those shitholes are fucked. The explosion was just a sign. Hopefully post-collapse, this area can become normal again eventually.

Voting red doesn't do anything except put a white guy in as a figurehead while the genocide continues unabated.

Archie lived in Queens… I could not find a TV show from GA for the example…
Atlanta Crime; 591.8
City-data.com crime index (higher means more crime, U.S. average = 280.5)

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"Its all about better schools" Classic line.

Dekalb fag here also. We have precincts where literally zero people voted for Trump. I wouldn't say civil war, but it was spooky around here after the last election and after Charlottesville. I completely understand keeping a gun.

Not only is Abrams bad, but Kemp is actually kind of good. Hard to imagine politicians talking like him before this go 'round.

so the "dont vote goy ur a jew for voting!" shills aren't here yet? I give it 3 more posts.
The Stacy Abrams cucks and all the literal paid niggers were out in full force today holding their signs and waving at everyone. The DNC must have tons of money. I get stacks of sheboon propaganda in my mail every single day for about 3 weeks now, and not ONE Kemp flyer.

Never take your eye off the sparrow. Any group that is avoided by taking White Flight, ignored, deemed N/A, or worse, is still a far lower priority than that group which will never leave you alone, White man. They want you dead; but even more so, they want you to die a slow, painful, grueling death. Respond in kind!

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get the rope

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LOL the reason the nigger votes were removed was because the handwriting was NOT LEGIBLE. The real conspiracy here is the DNC paying the goblinos to rig this cringey ass shit.

Why are there two republicans running for the same seat in the Mississippi special election, why are they splitting the vote like that and letting a democrat win?

Democracy can only work within an ethnostate.

Several ethnicities voting for their own benefit is not democracy, but demographic warfare.

I actually like Amren and Jared Taylor, and Paul Kersey is a decent writer (Gregory Hood is definitely the better editorial writer). But if you ever listened to Paul Kersey talk, especially on the Amren podcast, he is unbelievably cringey, even compared to the 70 some year old Taylor, who manages to be more hip than the guy half his age.

You guys don't get it. They're not competent people, and without our support they'll fall. Spain managed to push the sandniggers out of Europe despite being outnumbered 1 to 100 one time, and protected Europe for over 1000 years.
Say the democrats win the house, and we keep the senate. What are they going to do? The American democracy is already a joke of a system, and has shown itself as a facade for decades. With Trump in office, now the GOP is getting mean.
I see former conservatives say they don't care as much about the constitution, and that we should regulate corporations more. Unbreakable opinions for decades are falling off, and whites are waking up. So ya, they'll take the house,
but what the fuck do you think is going to happen? Niggers already own Atlanta, putting a negro in as our governor is just going to accelerate the fucking issues.

Win or lose, this election has shaken up white people more. They realize this is a proto race war, even if they still think they can avoid it. They're aware that the nonwhites in our country want to fight it. One thing about whites is when we stumble, that only motivates us more. WE conquered the world despite being a minority, we can take it back.

Blackpillers are always kikes/shills.

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Paul Kersey is a zionist. You get banned from his site for the JQ.

The Spanish comparison isn't very accurate since large numbers of Muslims in Spain at the time were converts who were not racial outsiders and those numbers aren't right in any event since the Muslims, like the Visigoths, didn't really control much outside of the major cities.

It's all well and good for "former conservatives" saying they want to do this or that, but if it isn't amounting to anything more than lever pulling for zionists who baited them with the right language, then nothing was accomplished. It's not a fucking black pill to tell people we don't have any fucking time for intermediate step bullshit.

Well yeah, they're all Zionists. I think as far as having an internally consistent worldview though, Jews have a right to a nation and homeland, just as the Ethiopians and Greeks do. Maybe their shyness has less to do with the thumb of Jewish control, than the idea that ethnically distinct people have the right to a homeland.
Obviously it's mostly the the thumb of Jewish control though
Jared Taylor is still my dude

No, they do not.

They are cunning and will always follow the money.

Ashkenazi jews can go back to where they came from and it's not Israel.

Satan has blessed your post with dubs and points to the one place they deserve to go back to.

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