Don't vote republican this year, faggots

"We will seek THEIR destruction!"
Fuck trump, voted DEM today, fuck that kike.

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what is a kike doing in Alabama?

didn't vote for trumpstein because of this picture, fuck this retarded old boomer.

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Trump loves jews, its racially aware whites that he wants to destroy.

or just don't vote?

Nevermind youre a dumbfuck kike/shill/bot

All people who oppose trump are marxists hiding behind the "national socialist" banner.

no, i'm voting to boost democrats to make sure that trump doesn't win, fuck your kike president.

Nice post mr cia.

Yes, let's have your kike president instead.
stop bumping slide threads your enormous faggots


both parties are controlled by jews and all politicians (including Trump) are controlled by jews. it doesn't matter who you vote for either way. maybe in local elections like school board etc., but even that idk

proof neetsocs are crypto-commies

Op is a nervous kike lmao

Then why do you tell us not to vote. I already voted. I guess I'm too far gone for your divine shemite wisdom.

wrong, Trump works in our favor regardless of what he thinks or does. ever heard of nationalists having an influence on mainstream culture before 2015? me neither.

well you were smart enough not to leave exif data, but so what, nobody gives a fuck who you voted for tbqh

didn't say that, read my post. I just voted myself
I don't think so because he's convinced people that things are getting better when they're not, we're minority white

think 8ch removes it

vote green party to get one step further to ending foreign aid to kikestan

literal communists

OP, not only are you a faggot, you are quite possibly a jew both in spirit and in flesh.

I'd rather vote with my guns

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jews used to fear goyim knowing, by now they're openly admitting they want whites replaced because Trump and all that comes with him triggered them so fucking much.
They're acting out what normies prevoiously dismissed as conspiracy theories.
Glorious to behold.

Wasted vote to support an anti-natalist philosophy that only appeals to selfless whites, who abort their kids to make a better future for the Nigerian family they think deserves to exist when they no longer do.
Fuck that.

Its time for you literal leftists to leave

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Don't you mean your president?

learn2id fgt