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What's Killing America's White Men?
Every year, nearly 45,000 people in America kill themselves. That is more than twice the number that die in homicides, and the numbers are increasing.

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Just (((why))) are white men killing themselves?

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what the hell is gen y? it goes boomers, X, millenials, Z

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Millenials are gen y. It's just that the term millennials stuck when the media started repeating it… you know, programmed responses and all.

Basically my life in a nutshell.

Biggest redpill on there is that my 20's and 30's are complete shit working my life away while I bitch on /pol because I cant talk about these issues with anyone IRL. I'm surrounded by clueless niggers daily that only care about their shitty lives of watching TV and playing vidya all day. If they can continue to eat garbage and worship niggers on TV they dont care about the world and they will gladly admit that to you.

I’ll make this argument, while median wages are down and the middle class is shrinking it’s actually never been easier to make money. I argue that with the quantity, quality, and ease of obtaining information all one must die is seek it, learn, and apply it.
Stop shooting for a middle class life and start aiming much, much higher.

Internet is killing America's White Men.

counter intuition: telling white men that they are committing suicide in record historic numbers due to all the rampant ZOG degeneracy and (((subversion))) in Weimerica only makes the strongest of us hold on, dig in and never give up.

we are in the beginning stages of the 2nd American Civil War. any white man who is able bodied and healthy, and literate, and who knows a trade and who is awakened to the JQ–you are the stay behind army, you are the soldiers of THE LORD and it will be you who decides whether the Noble Race will be extinguished by the kikes.

once you know that, you become impervious to the lies and the assaults from the kikes. once you remember just what they took from you, no force on earth can stop you from taking it back. no matter how bad things really are, you can take it, because you have to.

me personally, as long as the war exists, i will never surrender and never say die. i don't care if TPTB do me like Job, taking away everything from me and even if i was reduced to being the mop boy at the Pizzagate elite's bath house, as long as i can still fight back like the myth of the scorpion ringed by fire, then i will live and i will fight. go and do likewise gentlemen.

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Civil War? What?

So clearly it's NOT white people killing themselves :^)

No but shitposting aside, it's probably localized poisons, such as plastics in the water, bad lifestyle, etc. It's either cancer or heart disease as the main factors, and unfortunately because of the kiked (((pharmaceutical "industry"))) it's about keeping sick people sick and making more sick people to sustain the business

Get hooked on the good stuff goy, we're making a killing killing you. The system tested out a means to destroy the negroes with crack-cocaine. Don't think for a second they're not planning (and doing) the same to whites.

I'm amused they made a video about white middle aged men committing suicide in America, and after about a minute it turned into 8 minutes of how a white middle aged man who committed suicide in America HURT WOMEN.

There were some points where they almost made it to interesting topics. One suicidal guy says he told himself "dude you’re just a flunky in the machine and its time to get the hell out". Another mentions male identity being tied to their profession.

These men need an identity, something worth living for and fighting for.

Note to all readers: Your self worth should not be solely defined by how many shekels you make, or your profession.

I think the question should be (((who))) is killing white men.

Oh, I don't know, the loose prescribing of hard drugs for minor pains, as well as anti-depressants being given out like candy, coupled with mass population displacement and people feeling foreign in their home country.


Irony, "memes" (aka that dumb facebook shit, not actual memes), hyuk hyuks, mocking of everything, the infantilization and mockery of everything, the added connotation of homosexuality regarding friendship, mentorship, kameraderie, a lack of sincerity in general.

How many people have bros that would die for them or vice versa if the need arose?
Not many.

Self hatred, mockery, irony, sarcasm.

What America, and the rest of the western world needs is sincerity, wholesomeness (but not Christian faggotry) and beauty.
Not dumb hyuk hyuk shit.

Fun is allowed, degeneracy is not.

Oh, what else is needed?
Complete and utter and thorough antisemitism.

Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions
Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.
Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.
Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.
Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.
Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.
Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.
Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.
Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.
Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn't fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.
Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite
Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite
Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:
Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0
Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:
jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.
Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Chutzpah is a mental illness, though, and whitey has long grown tired of this stupid game. Next time the table gets flipped, you'll wish for the lies about the holocaust because they will be considered heavenly in comparison to the fate this abomination of a race will face due to its own, never knowing when to leave well enough alone, actions.

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DDJ Explains why men are killing themselves at such a high rate:

Its called divorce.

Dumbest shit I've read on Zig Forums in all my time here. Don't dehumanize yourself, dehumanize your opposition.

So you haven't been here very long.

Don't kill yourselves. Get strong and stay sober. Focus your efforts on educating yourself. You have to help yourself before you can help others.

Three years and some months.

It is easy to make money these days. an extra 10k a year on ebay, amazon, etsy is something a 15 year old can do. But here is the thing user. I am 30. I make low 6 figures. I don't really even care, because this society is going to shit, and I don't really even want to be part of it. This country is on the road to total shit. Women are fucking trash here. I just want to live in a country with an actual culture, full of people who are happy.

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You have been a functional part of it's demise if that's how you have made money.

Sounds like he doesn't but making money off of etsy is probably one of the less destructive ways to make money you could participate in. Its generally selling crafts that you make yourself, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

leftypol and the so-called strasserites think any exchange of goods or services is evil

Lurk three more years

millenial means anyone born after the turn of the millennium.
for some reason, various people are trying to shift it to mean someone born in either 1970, 1980, 1990 etc etc so that it has no meaning.

The number I have seen this on Xchan is proof that all posters are really millionaires with cash-bought houses, yachts, a helicopter or two, 20 girlfriends, and are friends with at least 4 pornstars, and have seem the olsen twins naked.
Fuck off.

Alright, it's kind of old but was around for awhile aboit a year ago and I'm just seeing it reaurface recently.
But to be on topic what really helped me with my depression was making and selling fruniture and wood carvings at the local flea market. It's not a living but it's nice being able to put a little lunch money in my pocket on the weekends.

What reason does a White man have for living in a nation that doesn't feel like home? He's been kike'd hard, surrounded by biological enemies, told he's the bane of all evil, his children turned against him by gyno-centric jewdicial systems, and all of his wealth and treasury taken from him given over to niggers and jewniggers.

as if there is choice, their homes have been riddled with the blight, there is no where else to go.

I love the black pills at the end, reads like it was written by a happy merchant rubbing his palms together while bragging about what happened.

You guys say a civil war is going to break out in the US, but the worst thing the ZOG Emperor ever says about the left is that their journos are little fibbers.

Where can we go or what can we do?
Serious question. I hate living in this political climate and being constantly demonised when I never did shit except go into STEM and work hard to get good. Now some of the best guys I know are losing their jobs to affirmative action and if we talk about it they only double down and put your head on the chopping block next.
Is there any real kind of organisation for this?
I heard of Chad Right but those guys seem to have disappeared

I've seen the Olsen twins in person. They aren't hot.

You've summarized the hwite male situation well. Northwest imperative and white independence could be the answer.

To add to this, China's fucking murdering us with their outright theft of half the shit we put out (me and mine specifically) and now after what just happened in Florida and the dems in general looks like nobody has the balls to stand up to them.
It's just all going down the shitter, and I wish there were a way to really turn it around and make somewhere nice for white people to just live in peace with other white people.

If we're lucky, the economy and diplomatic relations go to shit and we get both world consequently civil wars. Chaos brings opportunity.

If things stay peaceful and the government hands out welfare, then guess the fuck what we're going to die out, slowly. The average lemming won't bite the hands that feed him, even if it's literally shit. Things have to get drastically worse and tens of millions will die before they can get better.

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you got it wrong you fucking idiot.

lol I'm happier than I've ever been in my life, got friends, starting a family… this black pill shit is dumb.

It's a Zig Forums slogan for Whites to stop projecting their universalistic, altruistic individualism upon non-whites and race traitors and see them for the enemies of the White race that they are. That's the first part, but it's not enough to solve the problem. Face to bloodshed follows naturally. Prepare mentally and physically to survive (((Bolshevism 2.0))). Those that cuck on this training will be made to suffer most horrific, prolonged torture by jewish golems.

I know that feel, user, but here's the thing. You don't get to choose to live in White happyland because jews fucked it up a long time ago. There is no choice except to fix what your ancestors did not. Even Joshua failed to slay the ancient jewseeders in Canaan.
Jews don't write history, but do lie. They appropriate and twist everything White's create. There would be no reason for jews to trace their heritage to Edomites > Canannites > Cain > pre-Adamic race mixers, but they have every reason to say they are the 12 tribes of Israel. By denying White's their past, Whites become disconnected from their ancestors and struggle to overcome jewish imposed genocide.
Yes, but you're going to need more men on Team White to play. Get them connected to their ancestors. Nothing fires up a White man than knowing his enemy is destroying everything his ancestors built. See
Jews didn't just pop up one day. They have a past and its lineage can be traced through the scrolls ancient Whites wrote.
Pre-Adamic race mixed faggots that muh dicked everything everywhere under the guise of bearing the light of civilization.
They weren't from Adam's seed, so they aren't White with the spirit of God infused in them, but from the other family tree of knowledge of good and evil. Only the rebellious angels think of them as super-smart soldiers, but without God's conscience are mentioned to have left their first estate. for muh dick They got a new label slapped on them to differentiate them from obedient angels and become known as demons, devils, Satan, that old serpent, etc.
Lab mixing genes is a thing. There's a reason they share characteristics with baboons and gorillas. Not just their looks, but their behavior. Very tribal, tough skin like animal hide, fur, etc. Arab literally translates to mixed, which is what ancient Whites knew them as.

Jews hate Christ. They slander him in their Talmud and deliberately fucked up Christianity to conquer them. Their rabbis were consulted by church Bishops to translate the OT Hebraic scrolls, influenced the British empire by introducing universalism, funded Scofield to say jews were the chosen race in his Bible commentary, and subverted Vatican II. Those (((versions))) of Christianity are deliberately pozzed, but the OT/NT, without jewish influence, was always for the White man.

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