Ditching this sinking ship

Can any Zig Forums jew tell me how I can convert to judaism and side with the winners?

These alt right losers think they can save the 'white' race.

The point is that this race is not worth saving.

Will marrying a jewess allow me to be part of the chosen leaders of humanity?

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Nah, you're fucked. The elites were decided centuries ago.

fuck, what about making myself a slave for the jews, will that ensure their mercy for me?

Get about 75 brain disorders and snip your little dick, nerd.


What on earth made you think you'd be able to bait "alt-right losers" here of all places? Shouldn't you go somewhere they're actually found?

lol . these threads are obviously made by a 3 letter agency to discourage trump voters. Don't listen to them. Get out and vote.
Also SAGE this shit

Luckily, you're already a slave. It's not necessarily just the jews but w/e

im already circumcised, can i be jewish now?

im being serious moron

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Zig Forums proves every day that jews are superior, they control everything etc.

wouldnt you want your child to be intellectually above others?

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join alt-catholic. we're coming strong and the big guy's on our side. plus you don't have to side with every whigger nut.

Spend 10 minutes in NYC (ignore the midwestern tourists) and look at the quality of all the troglodyte mongoloids who crawl around in that city and then tell me you still want to be in that gene pool.

I am christened as catholic so this sounds great

these troglodytes make up 98% of butthurt on this board just because their high iq makes them achieve more

Did the chat on YouTube made AIU fag so butthurt that he now's come here to create threads?

OP, U are in LUCK..!

Today's advances in science now make it possible to medically improve your appearance by surgically installing a bionic jewish nose on your face.

You won't be siding with the winners - just the opposite - but at least when flu season brings boogers you'll be able to Pick a Winner…!

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No, jews=nepotism and scamming, Whites are christcucked which leaves the indoctrinated undefended against jewing, primed for slaughter and when most reject christcuckery they go with jew sjw/communism, christcuckery in a different wrapper.

Listen, the majority of Zig Forums has become converged; they're shilling the fuck out of anything but the most debased Hollywood NAZI stereotypes. This place is unrecognizable from what is used to be. They've been trying to take it over for years, it was only during the past year or so that the shills blend in now, with the aforementioned parody of the untermensch meme.

I dont care about whites or christianity, Im just sick of these >muh jewish supremacy

If the jews are so powerful then supporting them means being on the right side of history

just cut your dick off OP

Pretty good idea. Go around and tell Jews that you are also a Jew, that you converted. Be openly subversive and disgusting. When they accuse use, say that you are Jew just like they are. Whatever they say, just say that you are also Jew and that they should stop hating.

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Niggers control niggertown, wetbacks control spictown, chinks control chinktown, cockroaches control the pile of shit, but that doesn't make them superior. Creating an environment that is repulsive to humans and then wallowing in it is the opposite of superiority. The jews can't live like humans, so they infest and degrade the places they live until no human wants to have a part of it. Saying jews controlling hymietown is a sign of superiority is like saying the maggots infesting a dead rat are superior because no human wants to eat it.
No, like gross vermin, you have made a filthy nest full of disease that humans flee on sight.

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High IQ lol. They simply took advantage of the white mans tendency to fair dealings and to obey his own rules. Having no rules or sense of fairness has allowed the jew to prosper.

OP is a faggot of the lowest calibre.

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Imagine going to a place with Jews in it after life. No…

You haven’t lurked long enough.