Atheism Nationalism/Secular race realism thtead

With the recent influx of cuckstians and butthurt skydaddy worshipers.

I'm making this thread to discuss how we take care of the christkike problem. Religion and notbions of made up spiritually is holding us back

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4 years.

Eat shit yeshua worshipping kike

The God in the bible is the God in the Talmud you worship a kike supremacist.

Get outta here you kike.

id rather have an atheshit as an ally than a kike worshipper

Atheists are smarter, and better allies than christfaggots


We know it's you Zig Forums

A Semite translates to the children of Shem:

The "race" which means sub-species of Shem is why they call anti-Judiasm "racist". It's also why Muslims are trying to use the term now.

If you believe in Noah. If you believe all evolution went back to zero and either god or aliens restarded the entire planet from trees, to seas, to everything that would die in a world wide mudslide, then you can be considered antisemitic.

BUT, if you don't believe in Shem or Noah, then it's a fairytale. And nobody can call you this slur.


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the god in the old testament is a different god than the new testament

Keep reminding them that Christ has no power against evil spirits, only Donar does.

There is literally nothing wrong with a secular government that puts the race above all else, including religion.

Then why the fuck do you christian morons even have the old testament in your services?

reminder that cristfags are raiding Zig Forums

Nietzsche was right on the money about moralfaggots and cuckstians. Weakness will destroy us.

Because they worship the domon-god (((YHWH))) of the Old Testament, as Christians are by their very nature anti-Christ. They abandoned Jesus' footsteps two millennia ago and knowingly defile Him and His teachings by calling themselves Christian. You can not love the anti-Jewish Christ and be a Christian at the same time.

Yes, weakness destroyed Nietzsche, so it will destroy all of us.


Fuck Jewsus that kike called a white woman a dog in the gospels, I hope the romans made him scream while they were torturing him.

This. The problem with Christcucks is that they cannot and will not put our race above some semitic fairy tales. If you can't do that, you are not a White nationalist period.

Christfaggots are fucking retarded, we have to expel them, they're awful people for our race.

Literally anthem of this thread

Hi, paid jewish shill.

Hi, paid jewish shill.

Hi, paid jewish shill.

Hi, paid jewish shill.

No one believes a word you say.

Reminder that you have been paid for 4 years to do nothing.

nice projection

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Of course the vile Christians and their demonic Jewish masters want you to think that Jesus called a beautiful Aryan Syro-Phoenician woman a dog - because it fits into (((their))) narrative that Jesus was a Jew and a Jewish supremacist and an anti-Roman seditious Zealot, and that the Jew rats are any God's Chosen People.

You mean his brain cancer? Like his dad?

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(((History of everything and more))) user


You can tell these fags dont read their jew book at all, all it takes is reading the first five books of the Torah to see the Yahweh is a jew supremacist who wanted to genocide all the goyim in Canaan you stupid fuck. Another christian delusion it that Jesus came to save them, no he came to SAVE THE FUCKING JEWS. The only reason goyim have christianity is because Paul was told to fuck off by jews so the kike decided that gentiles should know the glory of their psycho deity. Btw Paul himself has jew supremacist quotes in the new testament too.