6 "Far Righters" arrested in plot to kill Macron

TL;DR: 10 people investigated due to plot to kill Macron, maybe Muslims.

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Macron is creating a European army as well to fight Russia and the USA. WW3 here we come. The Jews want one last war where whites kill eachother off and Europe is turned to ashes.

Not muslims, they're supposed to be extreme-right activists, bad ones considering the got caught.

More like to get other European markets to buy French defense hardware and subsidize uranium supply security operations in northwest Africa.

No, they may have been planning to kill Muslims.

Another redditor who doesn't realize the next war will be America attacking rebel european states who don't accept migrants


Considering France is literally going down in flames and cities like Paris are uninhabitable in parts at this point, and considering how many French own guns and how pissed they are, France is ripe for another 1789.

Not the slightest. They were members of an IRL white-only group called "suavelos", which had its own website and forum and was, obviously, monitored by French intel.
Fuckers were dumb enough to openly brag about it and got v&d.
Survival of the fittest I guess, but still damageable to our side as a whole. No worries, French people are at almost 50% convinced France should revert to an authoritarian system.
t. Frogspeaker and former frogland inhabitant.


So he is taking suggestions from Trump's playbook.

I call bullshit.

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I wonder what lodge Macron belongs to?

Who cares.

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It was my bad to summarize it that way. I was trying to say that they may have been planning to kill Muslims not that they were Muslims.

Oh, I see. Anyway, calling for direct action in France is a no-no. The first thing to do is to reorganize folks in local communities, especially in the countryside.

Is it a real event? Are these really far right soldiers trying to assassinate a ZOG flunky?
Or has the French deep state simply joined in the False Flag party following the Shootout at the Synagogue in America?

It's easy for insiders in the (often Israeli trained) police forces of our Western Civilization and kikes in our courts to create an illusion. In this story they only need give a Press Conference and maybe lock up a few undercover intelligence operatives for a day.

Photo ops galore at the courthouse, run the presses, broadcast on TV tonight - all without any substance.

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That's one reason I quoted far righters. No idea who the people are yet so we can't really comment. Lack of details keeping me skeptical and all.

Frogguettes managed to stop a Nazi Hit Squad from capping Lord Jupiter than stopping Trucks of Peace or Kalashnikov-wielding mudslimes? no, totally believable from the Frog Prince who declared the EU must have a Continental European Army to protect themselves from Russia, China, and the US while having his approval ratings go to the shitter with %20 that's going fast towards single digits.

hortler status: haled
watcha doin rabbi?

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he's going to die alright, they all are


The French were considered the war dogs of Europe for the longest time. Maybe the still have some bit in them? We'll see.

Bro, they're going to go for broke with this thing. Mass destruction, mass death

France has no power. Germany runs the EU and kikes run Germany. Any EU army would be Germany dominated and would be the end of sovereignty for all other EU nations. As Macron is completely fucked in France and hated by everyone with lowest approval ratings ever, this is a last ditch effort to push for his handler's agenda and try to push for Israel's EU defense force.

Aside from giving Macron too much credit, you are correct in the war to end the white race/europeans. Germany already has the plans in place for this.


The European Union and the West as we know it could fall apart within the next few decades, according to an internal projection by the German military.

The “Strategic Perspective 2040” outlines six possible scenarios for how social and political trends could unfold over the next 23 years. The report was created in February but was kept secret until German magazine Der Spiegel published segments from it Saturday.

The worst-case scenario projects that that the international order falls apart after decades of instability and a halt to globalization. Germany would find itself in “reactive mode” with “multiple confrontations” after the EU evaporates, according to this scenario.

“EU enlargement has been largely abandoned, other states have left the community, Europe has lost its global competitiveness,” an excerpt from the report reads, according to Der Spiegel. “The increasingly disorderly, sometimes chaotic and conflict-prone world has dramatically changed the security environment of Germany and Europe.”

Other probabilities project that EU countries move closer to the “eastern bloc,” while one scenario warns of a rise in extremism and countries adopting the Russian political model.

The report does not single out one outcome as more likely than another. All six scenarios are “plausible by 2040,” according to the researchers.


The war is already planned. They have the general tipping point of mudslime invaders and collapse of EU and WW3 ready and waiting.

Hey kids, do you want to kill your president?.

No one intelligent is believing the MSM in France about this. Macron did the same thing a while back and all the "far-right" suspects were released.

It's also important to point out that (((law enforcement and the intelligence community))) in France is incapable (& unwilling) of stopping known terrorists from acting but they can find so-called "far-right" suspects before they make any move.


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Good fucking luck. Why is everyone so retarded as to think this could work?

So they're gonna blame WW3 on the German people as well? Fucking kikes don't have an original bone in their bodies.

Fuck, I will be in my mid 50s around 2040s. Too old to fight on the frontlines by then.

well it wouldn't be the first time the French President is nearly Day-of-the-Jackal'd by false flag "Right Wing" sleeper cells, who are actually working for CIA.


i am often convinced the best way to abolish the CIA is to somehow provoke them into a stupor of Fog of War, and provoke a plausibly denied CIA hit squad, which nobody in the rest of CIA knows exists, to execute Langley's own executive leadership.

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hey french bros… kill the police and judges first then steal guns and shoot all your politicians

I'll bet they'll win.

reported for misleading headline

Jews and mossad tried that

You can't lift a finger without a MOSSAD command center being alerted in this jewish prison world, so yeah I think I'm gonna go ahead and call you yids and kikes.

Based. Who made this?

I reported it myself when I realized how it sounded. If you read the thread, I have explained that I intended to convey the fact that they could have been planning to kill Muslims not that they were Muslims.

False flag and as always it's not muslims but white people.
We don't know who those people are so they could be completely fictional, just like the holocaust.

good plan

probably true tbh

It's like, November now dude. Bit late with this news man

Démocratie participative, the most Zig Forums equivalent on the French interwebz.
Don't let the "daily stormer" style fool you - they are a rabid bunch of fine lads. And in French language, it's quite a miracle this website is still up.

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Let them try. No German would wield a weapon for their country, unless a) they'll prop up another Hitler or b) FIFA runs the government. Also good luck to the kikes to have their commie liberals command an army of mongrels into a war.

All this WWIII nonsense is just fear mongering…what they really want is utter enslavement through the cash-less society, and for that to happen they are doing everything they can to destabilize the resistance of the entire planet, while having the Chinese and Russian armies waiting to step in at moments notice. It will be all black pills, economical crashes, political circus, unfulfilling entertainment, breeding crime through immigration, massive amounts of censorship with deliberate "leaks" to fuel even more unrest. they are trying to force a hand so that they can step in and "liberate" with slavery. A slavery people will only realize when it is too late.

The new excuse to lock anyone up who could be a problem.

They dont need too. The euro army they so desire will be built to attack the euro citizens.
First they'll convert all cops and then existing mil to muzzies. In the UK they've openly stated "no white males need apply" for the police.

Russias is more geared towards a defensive first mindset: Subs + S400/300. They're waiting for america to finally die off in the dust bin of history.
The real problem for russia is they'll have a majority muzzie army by 2020. Insane.

German case,
Case Vehviläinen and now this.

Age of thought police is here.

So WWII all over again?
Who do you think is going to be on the Macro side?

Macron is still breathing?

All neoconservatives and commies

Oh look another mossad / CIA / EU false flag

I've been saying for years, the Eurofags will draft their Mudslimesand attack the "racist" Central Powers (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, etc.) for resisting multi-Muslim immigration nigger hordes.


Oh (((you))). Forgot to sage btw.
sage for calling out kike

He's trying to supplant Merkel as hegemon of Europe. It's why he was making seemingly anti-migration statements and actions, it enticed those who despise Merkel for what she's done to Germany. But it's all a facade for power

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lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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I personally think it'll be the EU, Iran, China as the major ones. Maybe Turkey too.
My reasoning for these are because of Macron's attitudes toward them. He'll definitely become the next Merkel once she steps down.

What does the Poster say?

Too bad they failed.

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At the same time they supposedly discovered a right wing plot in Germany? What a cohencidence!

"The last white frenchmen are the biggest attraction at the Paris Zoo."

I guess there is a French resistance but how long can they delay their Camp of the Saints?

Deserves it for lying about patriotism and nationalism antonyms, but this is prob a false flag to distract from that and discredit critics who point this out.


False flag to consolidate his power. Erdoğan did the same maneuver in Turkey. Shit is going down.

when are we going to get some Bowsette fanart that tributes the SMB3 fight? seems like a natural candidate

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one of those dont go together

Caliphate yes!

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Actual truth: Five white guys who opposed Macron online were arrested.

TFW they realize they wont be a part of that system.

Pls make this work


We already had some one arrested for wrongthink in Michigan.

Except Mussolini rose to power in 1922. What a dumb-dumb Macroon is.

Nice. No doubt that they're being monitored by DGSI/DPSD/UCLAT


What a wondrous coincidence, I say.

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Wow like a week or so ago it was the super secret German secret forces trying to kill Merkel, now the evil Whites are going after Macron as if they are some sort of well funded international terrorist organization.

That's not how its going to work, it'll be more like the military of those countries going after nationalist movements in them. You should look into how much Putin has used his forces against any far-right wing in his country.

They don't like how the odds are looking right now.

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This plot was actually a plot to kill Trump. Remember on the same day 200 "far-right" Germans were arrested for "planning a coup" in Germany as well.

Trump has faced several high-profile threats from Europe, remember last time he went over there and a guy on a gyrocopter moved into his position? Also there was that British guy who tried to rush him on stage.

Trump's people foiled another attempt against him.

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Fuck off retard.

Never. Fucking. Again. We can not let this happen.

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They were they old guys, identified by their black feet.

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Im really tired of these news stories being about foiled plots instead of dead cunts.

Why? He sucks at life and the country is burning on his watch. Let him be the faggot he was destined to be rather than martyr him.

What is this from?
I keep seeing it


It weirds me out how selectively competent these guys are. We have their riot police being defeated by squads of baguette wielders but a assassination attempt is instantly foiled and all ten people are captured.

Perhaps because the whole (((plot))) is fake news.