Caravan migrants Stomp one of their own

Caravan migrants Stomp one of their own

VIDEO taken in Oaxaca.
Here's the VIDEO on liveleak It's only 42 seconds long.

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About 14% of Hondourans are bringing their AIDS infection along with them. (pic related) That works out to approximately 1 out of every 7 Hondurans. Other Central American countries are probably similar.
Let's hope these Latinx go to some typical "jew center for faggotry' and socialize their lives away.

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This was reported on in print media Saturday, but the video is new.

Sometime during last week, a goblin kid jumped on one of the buses, but there wasn't room for the parents. The bus took off with the kid but not the parents, leading to rumors spreading through the goblin parade that the kid was snatched. The family lost track of their little trash-digger for 33 hours.

Then, on Saturday, the man in the video was caught stealing in Oaxaca. Another rumor spread that this man grabbed a kid to use as a human shield against the people trying to arrest him, so the goblins chimped out and fucked him up. On Sunday the goblin parade halted briefly in order to investigate all the child abduction rumors. The investigation found that the so-called migrants are a huge pack of stone-age superstitious monkey fuckers so the child abduction rumors were 100% false and the goblins were just chimping out.

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Ever notice that the mainstream jews-media has quite a different outlook on Israel's border than on that of the USA?
pic related

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At least the Mexicans know when to take the trash out.

"Let's keep the trash out so that when you immigrate legally to get away from the trash that you hate, you don't find yourself to be surrounded by the trash that you wanted to get away from in the first place after years of hard work."

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