Opening Statements Get Underway In Murder Of Queens Jogger Karina Vetrano

Opening statements got underway Monday in the murder trial of a man accused of strangling and sexually assaulting Queens jogger Karina Vetrano in 2016.

The 30-year-old was attacked while running alone near her family’s home in Howard Beach. Her father discovered her lifeless body in a marsh later that night.

Prosecutors called it a “run from which she’d never return,” CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis reported.

Chanel Lewis, 22, was charged with murder and sexual abuse in her death.

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Dead Spic?

Vetrano is an Italian surname

omg she didnt deserve this she was just out shaking her ass for all the niggers.

a white man didnt rape her you kike rat

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Hello Rabbi.

Do you know what a track and field outfit looks like for a woman? What's she supposed to wear a burka? White women should be able to run outside without getting raped and murdered by niggers.

So more black on black violence?

I'm a rabbi because I dont support degeneracy?

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lmfao was anything of value lost?

And nothing of value was lost

Value was gained to add this to the list of reasons why niggers should be euthanized

Lady was naively working on her fitness in a diverse area, but it's not her fault we have to share our streets with niggers. This isn't news really worthy of Zig Forums but it also isn't a time for you to get off on injustice against whites. An animal hurt something that could have been a good white woman.

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Subhuman kills subhuman, I won't miss either of them.

niggers existing is reason enough

Why should I have sympathy for a white woman who cant control her urge to tempt men with her body? Is that the type of white women you think of as worthy of saving?

Sounds to me like they both got what they were after in some way. She got attention and he got "muh dick"

Down in that area by Ozone Park, that used to be wise guy territory and they'd deal with problems like this without law enforcement involvement. Since they drove out all the cosa nostra to surrounding states, this is what happens.

Italians aren't white.

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Have you seen what male runners wear? They wear shorts just as short as females it's about staying cool moron.

This is your mind on alt-right. This is the scourge brought onto us by collectivist cucks from 4chan and Reddit. Never forgetti.

You really don't know this broad, user. Women like to look fit to feel fit, they've always internalized physical natures to makes an emotion a reality.

To be honest, I don't think you have any love for White people. If you did, her death or at most what she was dressing like would make you sad and not justified in some perverse way.
How rejected are you by women where you have to project your inadequacies onto them where any pain they feel is some sick justice for them not loving you?
Fuck off, I love my people. I love my women. More often than not, I love them more than they love themselves.
You'll find an oven soon enough.

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She is not even white so why should I care?

Incel cancer and MGTOW need to fuck off.

Just your average lonely woman.
In a better life she would have had a beautiful white family by now.

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What the fuck do you want her to wear anyway?

Never said that. Lifestyle can make you subhuman too.

depict non-subhuman women.

So a nigger killed a jew. Neat-o mosquito

I'm not at all MGTOW, would like to make a family of 10. (Side note, just talked my lady up to wanting 7.. pretty excited)
I'm not sure you understand NATSOC, man. Your people are your family. A white getting diversified isn't a good thing. Niggers need to die, but whites that don't love their own get the bullet too.

Just part and parcel.

I'm not saying you were an incel I was saying the other dudes you were talking to were incels lol

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Oh, sorry man. Read that fast on my way out. On phone now heading to gym.

Enjoy the day and remember, the most precious possession in this world is that of our own people..

Lol at these replies. No boys, these replies wont get you laid. Shes dead and a nigger killed her. If she was a good white women she would have been at home with her husband and kids (assuming she had any, chances are no). But instead she had to be worried about her body so other men could buy her drinks at the bar.

Being a scottish lad I'll need you to be more specific. Italians are pretty yellow and therefore not white.

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She was a literal slut. In her own personal website with cringy poetry and blogging she admitted as much.

Isn't it impressive that I countered your nordid bullshit with

before you even posted?

More evidence to my ethnic superiority.

Why should I care exactly?

Here is that case. I will update the casefile and the infographic after the trial concludes.


August 2, 2016

Location: Queens,NY

Victim(s): Karina Anne Vetrano 30

Attacker(s): Chanel Lewis

Description: Lewis abducted Karina while she was jogging. He beat her, then sexually assaulted her, before strangling her so hard, a hand-print was found on her neck. Link(s): Story on the crime. Lewis is arrested after DNA tied him to the crime. Wikipedia entry on the crime. All evidence will be allowed in Lewis’ upcoming trial. Karina’s find a grave memorial.
—————- Additional story. More information about the crime from Lewis. Lewis requested a picture of Karina after confessing 11-2018. Vetrano surname info Vetrano surname distribution info.

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Does anyone have a picture of both of her parents? She looks like she's at the very least an octoroon.

You belligerent, drunkard of a hobbit. Your people were slaves to the ones we brought civilization to.

She's just an Italian from queens you fucking faggot. Kill yourself

Cool meme but there were a good amount of light hair colored people in the Mediterranean then.

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From the funeral. She's Italian (Sicilian). Surname info checks out as well.

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Not going to believe it till I see pictures of her parents, she looks part nigger to me.

well that's because they're white

Alright, I'm wrong. Sucks that this happened.

Good redpill case because she has the perps filthy dna under her fingernails, and his mom shows up defiant in a red party dress supported by black preachers and politicians. Media shows both mothers, but where were the fathers to warn his daughter about running around looking this naked and sexy, and to teach his son to be decent?

The shilling is dull at this point

She wasn’t white but keep your weird middle eastern morality to yourself. Our ancestors didn’t have a weird aversion to the human form, that’s very Jewish of you.

Okay after reading more posts apparently she was white but my point remains.

I didn't say that Italians aren't white, I made a mistake and thought she was part nigger, already admitted I was wrong.

southern europeans had diversity. still do. north used to pure (as recorded) but now they're mudded up. sad.

Do you even have children?

Lifestyle does not make you subhuman, lifestyle that is enabled by elite make you mentally and spiritually corrupt hedonistic slave.

Lol we really can’t win can we? If she was out of shape it would have been “one less fat whore to worry about” amirite? You need women to back you in this movement but this kinda stuff alienates you from us. Tbh guys, it doesn’t seem like you have any love for your people. There’s no brotherhood OR sisterhood for that matter. We hate ourselves and each other. You would think that after everything white people have accomplished we would have the strength to rise above the petty bullshit and come together, but no. We allow ourselves to be distracted by stuff like this website and Facebook and every other terrible form of social media. There’s been nothing accomplished except alienating people that might have given this a chance. Terrible aesthetics. Completely depressing. Nothing left but to sit and wait until 2019 when things REALLY start to fall apart.

Uh ok?

most of the people happy about her death are newfags and shills, and your wall of hysterical text does not improve the quality of the board, you e-woman

Women do not belong in politics. That offends you? Cute, no one here cares. There has never been a successful political revolution that can thank Women and there probably never will be. While I agree some of the rhetoric directed towards Women is unecessarily vitriolic.. That doesn't change the facts.

like you skirt wearing faggots have the bearing to be bastions of who, and who isn't white

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I never said anything about women being in politics. I said this movement needs women to have it’s back. Meaning that the men of this movement need women’s love and support. I can’t wait to be told how wrong I am - it’s no wonder I left. Good luck anyway - you’ll need it.

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Literally nobody gives a flying fuck about your shitty, low-IQ opinion. Leave.

wtf yeah we definitely need prison reform. this beast shouldn't even go to prison. i would say public execution is a better fit.

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The amount of D&C and moralfaggotry in this thread is too damn high.

Obviously you do and don’t worry I’m not wasting anymore time on a bunch of gentlemen of four outs. Get fucked.

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Just to indulge your larp that you're actually a woman, let's say it's, I don't know, 2030, and you're being raped and murdered by a pack of nigger-spic hybrid animals as your home burns after your children have been slaughtered in front of you. Just remember that your shitty, anti-white, weak female voting patterns were a major reason for all of it. There won't be any white men to save you, and no amount of "intersectionality" between your common oppressions by the white man will stop a nigger from raping and killing you. You voted for the downfall of the west and the demise of white men, and you get everything you deserve.

Again, this is humoring you, because you are very likely a basement neet running d&c

Nah your just fucking retarded. Your opinion never mattered. Stay mad

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Nah your just fucking retarded. Your opinion never mattered. Stay mad!

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Trying way too hard.

/find in page
/search : gun, carry,
/no results found

If she had a handgun for protection…. she wouldnt be dead. not sure of the jew york laws on ccw but she should of had a small and not-so-heavy ladies style gun with a bra holster for the jogging.

Problem solved everybody.
No need to thank me.

inb4 go back to Zig Forums

We're all equal; amirite tho?

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NY doesn't issue a permit for anyone, and if you're caught illegally carrying, it's a three-year jail sentence and felony on your record.

What are you even talking about? How is anything I said anti-white? Omg all I said is that you should be nicer to white women! Like wtf my words are always twisted. I’m still going to keep my far right beliefs but I’m staying off Zig Forums bc it makes me anxious

And I already know about how black guys are being that my town is overrun with Jamaican guys brought here to farm tobacco. I’ve had to deal with them being perverted and cat calling me.

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jogging in queens? is that as reckless as it sounds?

new york is filld with a bunch of low lifes … if you are not jew your are black , if you are not black you are a banker … if you are not a banker you are a cop that protects jews

literally a shit whole

You realize this civilization you're living in right now, which is the most advanced in human history, is the product of Northwestern European peoples, right? Mostly Germanics, as the largest chunk in the last 200 years came from the US, which has been a majority Germanic country since the 19th century. The industrial revolution, the space race, nuclear fission, computers, internet, the electrical grid, modern plumbing, automobiles, planes etc. is all the product of Northwestern European peoples. The Italian civilization is incredibly primitive in comparison. This is the greatest civilization in history, and Northwestern Europeans built it.

I ment hole* but the use of the word "literally" along with using "whole" is kinda funny , possibly more accurate

Your female larp jumped the shark here

incels get out

Sooo paranoid lol everybody is either a kike or a tranny. What do you think Adolf Hitler would think of you or this? Adolf Hitler would like me I guarantee it. He would think you’re nothing lol

Are you guys all retarded?

na you just hypercharged what is med culture. Everything technological was on it's way, and you know it. But yeah, nw europe got us the iphone 50 years earlier than normal. congrats.

na you just hypercharged what is med culture. Everything technological was on it's way, and you know it. But yeah, nw europe got us the iphone 50 years earlier than normal. congrats.

what does civ resemble? germanic forest tribes or urban rome with its bread n circus'?

What the fuck is this thread

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A thread of White people I hope.

Not muddied, different migration of people. Southern Italy/Sicily was called Magna Graecia because it was all Greek people who migrated there. They brought with them much of what became Western Civilization. The only "muddying" that occurred was by the Normans, which is why so many Sicilians have red hair and freckles to this day.

Imagine if that monkey raped your daughter, would you even bother to let the legal system play itself out? I would not.

Italians are not white

Stop letting your women do this you fucking cucks. Buy the bitch a treadmill.

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In fact remember when some nigs who were just "looking at cars" got chased and killed by a group of young neighborhood toughs? Guess they were right after all.

Some uber driver is facing fifteen years in prison for accepting forty bucks to let some retard who ended up dying ride on top of his car for a video. Some slave working a boring job dealing with entitled faggots wanted to make a few extra bucks and have a little fun, a dumb fuck died, and they want to put him in a cage for fifteen years. Meanwhile you can buy any politician in the United States or launder money if you are famous. Meanwhile Chad and Stacy accept fat tips to serve visably intoxicated people daily. Meanwhile Chad Stacy and Milo knowingly infect innocent people with hpv and aids and get zero consequence. Meanwhile Tony and Giuseppe sell cocaine and children and cops eat at their pizza shops. Meanwhile millions of children and suicidal people are being poisoned by pseudoscience psych poison that makes them want to kill themselves or others.

Fuck this kike prison world. Do the bare fucking minimum. Do not engage anyone. Do not take any action which puts you at risk no matter what temporary consequence there is. Sit back and meditate and help the winning team break us the fuck out.

What kind of a name is Chanel for a male nigger? It was doomed from the beginning. Trayquandarion Kwimbabo is a much better fit. On another note, that nigger could bite a wall. I'm glad it will be kept away in NU for a little while.