How to climb out of this pit

What would be a political strategy for establishing a dictatorship in the United States, fix all the problems, and then make it nationalist socialist?
I'm tired of sitting around doing nothing and shitposting will not solve any of our problems.

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read the cia glow nigger thread.

Shitposting has done a lot. Continue to spread the word. Remember, Hitler was elected.

Actually the Zig Forums offensive has been doing pretty well over the years.

Can you elaborate for me?
I know everyone here believes oir shitposting got him elected but it can only get us so far

What state are you from, OP?

I don't think it's done as much as you two think. It's been almost entirely drown out by the President's mossad agitprop Q movement where all patriots can't wait to squirt out half-nigger refuse, send someone else's kid to die for israel, and demand regime change against the evil Nazi-German Persian alliance.

This is the correct take.

I assume you have fixed the pitfalls of natsocs


Mass collective action begins when enough actors see enough actors see that enough actors see. Keep meming. The fire rises.

I look around me every day and all I see is complacent whites who dont care about anything except sports, TV, food, and being left alone.

Hitler had a people that wanted change for the future of their people.

We have a people who are lazy and stupid and dont care about anything, literally they dont give a shit about anything, not even their heritage anymore.

I just dont see anything gaining momentum user.

This is a definite point that needs to be reiterated. But Q is openly naming Mossad up with CIA. Q is redpilling millions of boomers by placing MOS in the bad buy camp, much more so than Zig Forums.

Block chain self organizing white tribalism. We replace the courts and banks and government. It all can be built using blockchain.

Too many whites aren't being "left alone" because their neighborhoods are being overrun and turning into third-world shitholes. Can't even go outside and not hear beaner or rap music, not get hassled on the street or in a store, can't go to school without being surrounded by shitskins, can't do anything. You must live in fucking Maine or something. That's the only place anybody thinks like you.

This is nonsense. Go to Q threads – even if you think its bullshit. It is absolutely nothing but wall-to-wall israel worship and neocon agenda on steroids. Holding out the word "Mossad" as a scapegoat while pushing the same primary agenda doesn't hurt them at all. Your narrative is a deliberate one crafted to mentally block out the jewish technique of scaepgoating and how they really do it.

The end result of Q couldn't be more blatant:
This means White genocide.
Kill White people because Hitler.
If they have to tell you "mossad is the bad guy and by the way, all of this stuff we were trying to do for the past 30 years with mossad is how you defeat mossad/iran/germany/white people" then they'll do it. Really understand the concept of scapegoating.

I'm not trying to convince you of anything but you don't know shit. Look up what junta means. Following that, take a good look at the people around Trump and check all the statements made by Mattis.

tl;dr Regardless of who it is, the POTUS is a puppet.

we had the TWP, but that ended when the cuck box broke. now there is nothing.

I'm just saying, Q posts about Mossad in a negative light now, and sometimes there is a blatant misinformation saying he is hands together with Mossad.

Boomers on the other hand, and their comments? You can't fix boomers.

No, he doesn't. Don't bother responding, you're just talking around what I'm saying.

We need to cultivate perfect leaders.
The left can do this because they own academia.
We must find our own way. Pick the best candidates and mold them into perfect leaders. it will take time and money, but there is no other way.
We need to build up people who can inspire and unite, so that the demonic tide of liberalism can be cast down as the false idol that it is.
We have to to return to God and recognize that our enemies are literally demonic beings hellbent on destroying everything true and beautiful, and more than that, they seek to destroy the very foundation on which beauty and life are built on.
This is no longer a political battle. This is literally a life and death struggle between good and evil. The conflict will escalate and you will all have to take a side. In the end only one can win. Will you side with death or will you truly live as God intended it for you, true to who you are meant to be?

what are you guys rambling about all you've been doing is shit posting.

You bring them to their knees beyond all meme's necessary; every aspect of their lives.
They will either fuck off to the ethnostate we gave them on a Gold platter, or feed the trees, the buzzards and the worms.
Next, takeover key portions of the nation by sheer numbers. Most will forced to flee into zones within the nation for safety alone; and each will be vetted in order to remain or shipped off to a sure death back in multi-culti hell. The rest will be assigned tasking to remove any undesirables that are not already convinced they need to leave.
Lotteries will be held to elect temporary adjutants to serve over battalions of 2500 - 5000 personnel; and all of them answer to a C.O. The C.O.'s answer to a leader that is elected only after extreme vetting
DNA tests will determine who stays, who goes, and who is on a watch-list
Service to the region is Mandatory. Service is not exclusive to a military assignment. Fitness, education and disciple are factored into every day for a minimum of 6 years

the only pit to climb out of is your own.

We must know they know we know.

Relent the indoctrination.

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Kill the source of their power. Go after the Fed. Destroy the financial systems and restart.

The last time that happened, both sides of politics where junping on board. Which is what you need when going up against the big one.

I 3d printed an AR-15 assault rifle using blockchain from a pirated torrent, and now I have a distributed weapon of mass destruction.

Separatism is literally the only way but you will dismiss it because you would rather post pictures of German soldiers than put your own neck on the grindstone.

You're right, but no jew and no one in power will even audit the Fed. However, when they are targeted for elimination, the problem-children can be better managed one-at-a-time. Always break large projects down into small manageable chunks. Assign an individual or a team loyal to a Balkan region, promise them a percentage of the take, and a choice of several nice places to live provided they take out the trash

Gain power (either political, social influence or economic)
then use that power to simultaneously gain more power and "abuse" said power for nepotism/goals

That is the ways jews did it
Ain't so hard to outjew a jew

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Oh and btw; jews forfeit everything. They take nothing when they leave or feed the worms. Just like the kikes did the Germans that had nothing to do with any perceived wrongs during WWII. Take everything from them. EVERYTHING! Bonus points for making it slow and grueling

The way the world seems to work is that the 'leaders' pick themselves as much or more so than the people pick the leaders. If you want to become a leader, you have to have the initiative and take the risk to become one, and hope the people latch onto you.

I dont know where you live but I always see whites loving everything niggery and jewy. Whites in America have no heritage anymore. Isn't this what /pol has been preaching? Lol where the fuck do you live where you have a good amount of whites who are ready to fight for white people? I'll fucking move there. But, I already know you dont have any support, nor will you do anything faggot larper.

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There is nothing wrong with that.
Leaders are born and then cultivated. Not everyone is leadership material.

Here in the US? You'd have to start by stacking the Scotus to have any sort of real impact….

What job does anybody here have?
Does anybody here have a job as a military officer?
Does anybody here have a job in marketing?
Does anybody here have a job as an intelligence agent?
Does anybody here have a job at all?

cheeto hitler was elected too

There is none.
50% of the population is suicidal.
40% are jew lovers.
The military is led by kike lovers.
The politicians are compromised as soon as they become influential.
Organizations that stand against the poz are targetted and destroyed.

The only "strategy" is to shitpost and elect people that will voice your opinions on a national stage in order to lube them up for the inevitable.