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What form of tax would you allow then? Government must have some revenue.

So how are these things funded?

Not sure if I should sage because this is an irrelevant thread or to bumb because it's an interesting discussion.

Increase taxes on businesses and corporations. Why should the little guy going to work busting his ass every day 40+ hours a week have to foot the bill for everything while business pay less % tax than he does and make millions if not billions of dollars?

Labor is that which produces value in the economy and people need to be incentivized to work. Instead we punish the working class by taxing them to death and leaving them nothing in their paycheck at the end of each week.

OP has an extra chromosome.


Not no taxes. Just no taxes that would hurt the average worker / family.

White birth rates would greatly increase from the reduction in taxes on the working class alone.

Just no taxes on the working class family for income, food, and shelter. How is this a bad thing? Taxes can be made up for other places.

Okay my mistake
Yeah this could probably work. Have a bump.

That'll really fuck with city folks. So how would it work for people who live in apartments close to where they work?
Like, say 20 people want to live in an appartment. They can't all own it and if rent is illegal, who owns the building?

Are you sure about that?
I unironically believe that people stop having many kids when they make good money. They pick comfort over reproduction.

The ultimate goal would be where rent is illegal so someone is not profiting off merely your existence.

Each person could own the particular unit where they are free to buy and sell it in a town house like scenario.

In the meantime you could raise taxes on rent profit 50 to 80% to discourage the behavior and allow people to own their own property / apartment units.

Yes, how many white people right now are not having kids cause taxes are too high and inflation is causing the prices of everything to rise drastically. Having kids is a luxury itself. If I had extra money I would be having kids left and right to have someone to take care of me in my old age.

t. europoor

Personal income tax is pure kikery and should be abolished altogether. Company income tax should be flat 40 - 60% (depending on general tax policy of the government).

Property taxes should be highly progressive. Owning a house or a flat should not be subject to tax. However, vast investment property (especially hoarded or not utilized) should be subject to heavy taxation. This effectively prevents usury and withholding access to necessities.

There should be no VAT/GST on sales/distribution of non-luxury food and other basic necessities (including most healthcare).

There should be no register of non-military grade weapons and no restrictions on ownership/carry of non-military grade weapons. Military-grade weapons should be registered, but still without any restrictions on their ownership and carry. The latter is to prevent covert forming of kike-funded private armies.

Nah, this would greatly destabilize the economy and the same goals could be achieved with well-designed property taxes.

Not my thing, but 11th and 12th sound pretty reasonable.

I prefer compulsory therapy/resocialization. Death penalty should be reserved for cases of high treason and worst felonies. As a rule, degeneracy itself should be cured, not punished.

I have no idea how this works in murrica. However, some European states don't expressly prohibit dual citizenship, while stating that the national authorities would simply not recognize any of your rights as a foreign citizen, if you are a domestic citizen. Seems to work relatively well.

But only along with mass sterilization of other races and harsh immigration restrictions. Otherwise, this would merely cost a lot and not achieve the intended goals.

No, fuck off with your libertarian economics, read Feder.

That might not be so bad. If population was low, the price of land would go down. We could all afford houses and raise big families.

As the son of a landlord, I can tell you from experience that that simply wouldn't work. An apartment housing unit has common plumbing and electricity. Someone needs to keep everything in order.
And if apartments are sitting empty or dissused, it's a real drain on everyone else as a whole. Even if we don't build any more apartment buildings and simply renovate existing ones, renovating is a lot of work and very expensive. Someone needs to do that and selling off apartments as single units is incredibly impractical.
Besides, there are many small time renters who are simply mom and pops whose sons grew up and moved out so they rent out a garage or backroom.
And finally, most people who live in apartments don't intend on living there forever. So if everyone was buying and selling apartment units with no one to take care of the buildings themselves… well let's just say it would be a real mess.

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Literally the 17th point of the 25 points of the NSDAP was the abolition of property tax which I listed.

Good reply, I doubt you'll hear from that shill anymore.

It could be possible for the building to form a home owners association of sorts where individuals are elected to a board and required to contribute to the costs of maintaining the building as a whole. Anyone who does not contribute or hold up to their contract could have fines levied against them and ultimately have their ownership stripped from them if they do not do their part to upkeep the building.

Holy christ, kill yourself. You know nothing about history.


maybe, or at least abolish it for the working class. Also abolish corporate taxes since it double taxes small businesses




yes, and nationalize the central bank




yes, and legalize medical psychedelic research. Recognize however that drugs and degeneracy are a symptom, not a cause.

yes, although i think there should be more unity among whites in white lands



As far as taxes yes I was referring to personal income taxes.

No jews in finance.
No jews at all.

A resource-based economic structure could work wherein those resources needed are available naturally. Labor costs can be absorbed through Mandatory service/conscription, volunteerism, and incentives (multi-generational housing, no food costs, free energy, …)
If property were allocated, and housing/infrastructure was built through volunteers and conscripts using available local resources; the land wouldn't need to be taxed. That's a jewscam anyway
Food is grown locally(beef, vegetables, dairy)
Concur; however, new weaponry needs to be developed that hurts far more than a single aggressor and their sensitive feelings. It's time to take personal defense to a new level
A resource-based economic structure eliminates the need for jewscams like interest, loaning out more than is actual tangible value. Stores of wealth can be a mix of many different things a la BRICS. Matching acceptable "currencies" with other economic systems allows for trade
Remember when there was a group of people that rejected jewsury and jewscams, then that guy Constantinople codified them into a religion?
Offers for multi-generational housing, an appropriate amount of land(around 40 acres) to accommodate progeny, support/network, and depending on the type of service they choose, a better land location

I would add the following in order to be more 14.

You mean heavy weapons right, faggot? Tanks, choppers, destroyers, all the megatoys-
Ignorance and vague language is how the 2A got twisted.
Anything usable by an infantryman should be allowed WITHOUT restriction. Full auto, laser, silencer, AP ammunition, night vision, thermal, advanced body armor, handheld explosives, etc. Fire safety regulation applies from location to location, of course. For example autocannon rounds and launchers and c4 under a farm in bumfuck nowhere are ok but safety regulation must applies for flammable and high explosive in metro areas.
State owned areas can have their own regulation on transporting and using firearms and explosive(open carry ban at worst, heave fine for discharging weapons without a cause, weapon curfew at rallies..etc)
Seriously faggot, you suck at gun rights and weapon safety.

You Americunt think you're the centre of everything, Europe is the true continent of the white race, not that god forsaken land called the US where you openly let all types of creed rome your land, hope Russia nuke those lands of yours.

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Disagree. It should be reduced and business should be mandated to pay on cash flow in or no longer be allowed to operate.
Disagree. You pay tax for the protection of the state on your property. The state should do a better job of protecting your property for these costs.
Agree. The government does nothing in the food process.
I dont know what you mean here. Under US law, you should be allowed to own whatever see necessary.
Yes. Death to all jews and their fake wealth.
Renting should be legal still. Or costs of owning houses needs to fall significantly. Business should not be allowed to own housing, neither should foreigners.
Fuck the jews.
I'm not sure how historically accurate this is as I'm not from the US.
I'm more of a fan of ironic punishments. Death is too easy of an escape.
I think you should be able to, but it should prevent you from taking up political positions. Even if you renounce.
We need these programs. Maybe they could offer incentives for rich whites to marry lowerclass whites or something.

get ass-fucked by a gang of Somali Muslims ya fucking anglo-kike

Property tax should be graduated to prevent hoarding. First 20 acres per person is tax free. Otherwise some asshole will buy it all up and stick it in a trust. (This is already how it is). Consequently land should be taxed heavier the more you have of it. No white man should be born into slavery, therefore land must be available.

Listen up faggots taxes are completely unnecessary in modern economy. Government prints money to fund projects. If projects have value ( infastructure) then they back the currency used to pay for them. If inflation needs to be controlled then Government just deletes money out of all accounts. It's a digital flat tax. If money needs to be injected it just credits all accounts with money. This completely cuts out the Jewish middleman and banks. Taxes are retarded for when physical currency had to be physically removed. Now you just create and destroy it as required. Video game MMOs have already solved this problem. Taxes are gay. And stupid. And gay.

That’s why I said speculation should be illegal. I like your point though. Maybe a primary residence which could be up to 100 acres or more shall be tax free. Any additional properties could be taxed. This prevents the rich from further buying up the land.

Enjoy being a backwards and shitty country with awful manufacturing.

Eh, being Europoor I wouldn't mind having access to actual guns rather than hunting rifles.

Currency only needs to be backed by gold if your nation isn't willing or able to trade with other nations.
Banking provides insane benefits to investment and risk management if you just don't do a 1980'ies and deregulate the fucks.

Illegal in most civilized nations already, so what's the point?

Whatever you Americans want, not really that relevant in Europe.

Eh, I do agree that the option has to be there. I'd still prefer the judiciary use it at their own discretion.

That's a definite agree. I never got why people thought having dual citizenships was a good idea.

That's vague. But sure, incentives for families is rarely a bad thing.

I love the premise of a thread to actually discuss policies, but it does have a tendency to devolve into "muh all white utopia" rather than an actual discussion on how you create a society that can safely and securely interact with the world. You have to have trade, you have to have reliable institutions.

But! Personally I am curious about how everyone else feels about schools and education. I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about whether a nation should actively cultivate talent and make sure to foster the future leaders from the talent pool, or if education should be laissez faire, leaving the individual to figure out and pursue their own greater purpose.
And if you're not supposed to directly interfere in the lives of your citizens, grooming the most talented children to become the future leaders, then do you just create a system of education that is aimed at making them good citizens and then hoping that they'll realize their potential to the greatest possible extent?

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aka "what if I was not a random user on Zig Forums"
This list does not address existence of megacorporations.
I am on completely other side on this one, at least for cities. There should not be any private property in densely populated areas.
On a business level - yes.

Maybe you should focus on unfucking your own 3rd world shit hole there Eurafrica, Nigel. We'll be on this side of the pond doing amazing things or die trying

Don't they subsidize farmers to keep prices low for consumers?

Income tax on healthcare isn't that bad. Companies being forced to pay higher taxes will make them flee due to JEWRY, no citizen-tax only corporate only works in a completely nationalistic world. (Which would be nice.
Tax on for example income for healthcare is like an abstract form of saving for a rainy day..
Pretty much agree otherwise.

Yes to all the above.

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Some decent ideas there, but >The repeal of all amendments past the first 10

Amendment XIII
Section 1.
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Passed January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865

Um, fuck off to the middle eastern shithole of your choice? Unless, of course, you are volunteering yourself as a slave.

All this stuff is too controversial to ever be enacted, at least in the current environment. Here I have a much more simple and realistic three-point program that can save the country:

1. Prohibit dual-citizens from serving in government.
Divided loyalty is no loyalty.
2. Outlaw infant genital mutilation
No exceptions. Equality of the sexes is a progressive value, and barbaric religious rituals have no place in 2018
3. Prerequisite for receiving gov't welfare for more than six months is sterilization
If you can't support yourself then you certainly have no business bringing life into this world.
Of course this will be completely voluntary, and anyone who objects is free to live off non-governmental assistance.

Enact these three common-sense reforms and I guarantee that within one generation we will see a massive improvement in the world.

This is something all Zig Forums should be able to agree on

This is good too

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This would be covered under income tax I think. It's not the government working on food, it's welfare for farmers.

Replace all taxes with a single tax on land values.

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This is already the case, but it's ultimately meaningless for immigrants as my native country doesn't recognize my renouncement. Stopping this would be ironic because much to my dismay my new home is less white than my old one.

How fast would someone be suicided if they started promoting such ideas openly?

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Needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many
Yeah, lets allow non-whites to own firearms.
Anybody attempting to traffic narcotics regardless of the amount should be legally executed.
Duel citizenship between Aryan nations is a complete non issue.
That is a must have but we also need implementation of measures to ensure degenerates dont take advantage of this

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You planning on riding horses on your unpaved roads while trying to avoid dysentery due to inadequate water sanitation?

They steal them anyways. Willingly completely disarming yourself in order to attempt, unsucessfully every single time it's been tried, to disarm subhumans with zero respect for rule of law is absolutely retarded cuckold-tier logic that tells me you almost have to be a yuropoor in order to think that way.

The negros will steal firearms and kill each other regardless of what you do, so the proper response is to A) get rid of them, and in the meantime B) get yourself goddamn packing you stupid yurop dipshit. And after the negroes are gone there isn't any real point in disarming yourself anyways.

My cute DACA gf redpilled me on Hitler.

What i wouldn't give to live in NatSoc Germany

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if you're in the $20k-$25k a year range or less and in a single income home, there's not a whole lot of money left over to start a family after paying for housing, food, transportation, utilities, and throwing a couple hundred in savings for an emergency, unless you want gibs like how spics do to afford their 7 kids.


Only would ever consider this if it included a per-family exemption on the first x-many acres needed to sustain themselves.

2A got twisted because people are retarded and greedy and you sir are not retarded. The whole give an inch take a mile is in full effect when regarding the 2nd.

I won't call you a full retard because I do agree with the points you make, but the only reason I'm resorting to name calling is that without proper regulation things can easily get corrupted and every Tomski, Rabbi and Goldberg will have their own personal army. It is incredibly easy to fall into anarchy and mob rule when one group controls the majority of firepower in an area. Since , let's be serious here - There's no way to vouch that a person won't wake up one day and decide to turn to raiding people with fewer firearms.

tl;dr you can justify having anti-tank mines before you can justify having C4.


Permanently ban all women from voting or holding office.

I'd just cut to the chase and straight up ban the practice of judaism

I'd just cut to the chase and straight up ban the practice of judaism; make it punishable by death.

Ancient Germanic languages didn't even have a term for a woman in power, there was only "Kunigaz". Its no coincidence that the seeping in of the Latanic language brought the kween (barren cow, woman past child-bearing age) into power.

I'd like to know what the rest of Zig Forums thinks about drinks, cigs, etc. The NSDAP started with a very successful anti-smoking campaign, but it wasn't exactly completely popular throughout Deutschland. Drinking is entrenched in German culture, despite it's potential ill effects. There's also the claims of Pervitin in WWII.
I would argue for banning tobacco, at least, but I know that there are plenty of anons here that think differently.

Only if land ownership as a whole requires state approval. No land should be used for purposes against the Reich.
Gun laws for Aryans declared unconstitutional. Kikes had guns removed in Third Reich.
I was under the impression that the Reichsbank was considered a 'central bank' as well, only under a leader that truly cared for the Volk, instead of being controlled by Juden. Am I wrong to say this?
Absolutely insufficient. There are far too many spics and niggers to turn the US into an ethnostate without mandatory segregation, mass deportations, or simply putting them down.

Other than that, mostly agreeable.

Read Mein Kampf, compromise is for failures.

Ok you guys seem to be missing the point that repealing all amendments after the first 10 would take away voting rights for everyone except white men

A shelter for every human being on the planet before any real estate slavery is allowed. Any human is free to explore the universe and use their mind as they please in their shelter. At that point everyone can just create their own matrix and leave this shitty ass kike prison world full of npc faggots.


I don't have a problem with renting property and non-predatory fair loans. The definition of usury is making predatory loans with the intention of seizing assets or exploiting someone. A loan given to someone with good credit and fair interest is not usury. You really cannot an economy grow without some interest since that is the only protection and incentive involved with lending money.

The current system is actually supported by a very few wealthy people and corporations paying the majority of taxes. Most "working class" people barely pay any taxes at all. It's people who actually work hard to make some real money that are getting taxed to death. The tax system right now is set up to keep you as a 40-60k/yr worker bee. (((they))) don't want you to actually make money and be successful.

Originally the U.S. made all of it's money on tariffs, bonds, and certain alcohol taxes. If you are retarded like OP and ban "usury" then bonds won't work since bonds are just a loan and people like OP think any interest is Usury.

That won't work since utilities in an apartment are technically shared and a decent portion of rent is simply to pay for the building, building employees, then taxes, and finally a sliver of profit to the landloard. Also what you propose would basically kill any incentive for someone to develop new property in cities. The government would have to make commie project slums for us.

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Fuck off. There's a big difference in compound interest bonds with low interest rates and predatory lending.

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Usury actually means lending money with interest but the kikes changed the definition to trick the goyim.

Lol wtf are you even talking about workers pay the highest income tax.

Oh no you mean the greedy kikes won’t be able to buy up all the land and fill them with shit apartments or overpriced McMansions you are forced into paying an arm and a leg for?

Whatever would we do?

Originally, you mean when there were dirt roads and shitting behind the barn, and you washed in a river?. Anarchocapitalism?.

Most Zig Forums wouldn't agree
Most Zig Forums wouldn't agree
Zig Forums doesn't care about the Constitution. Zig Forums also wouldn't support gun laws for niggers and spics or, really, most people in a NatSoc state since they'd pose a threat to State order. It's where Zig Forums and Zig Forums differ. Zig Forums's fully pro-gun, Zig Forums is conditionally pro-gun.
Zig Forums is split on fiat but absolutely against central banking. Granted that part is somewhat confusing since you really can't have a national economy without a central bank. Even the Reich had a central bank.
I don't know anyone on Zig Forums that has anything against renting property. Some people can't afford their apartments/homes, where do you expect them to live? Government housing can only go so far AND it's a massive burden on the state which I'm pretty sure everyone here would rather spend it's resources on other matters.
Zig Forums doesn't care about the first 10 either, though. Zig Forums doesn't like democracy, it's not pro free speech, it's not pro privacy nor does it regard property, life or capital enterprise as sacred.

If anything, Zig Forums despises capitalism. Also, the first 10 don't make America a White Ethnostate. If anything, they - and the foundational document - serve as the basis for anti-discrimination amendments later.

This is generally agreed upon.
Except Zig Forums doesn't have a universal stance on prostitution/porn. is split on the question of narcotics(the original NatSoc party was very fond of narcotics, old Zig Forums didn't care, only parts of nu/pol/ and christfags are anti drugs) and Zig Forums is full of sexual deviants and degenerates. Always has been always will be, it's the nature of Zig Forums.
It would largely depend on the country. I don't think Zig Forums would mind German-American citizens, or really, any dual-citizenship of Whites.
Yes but more importantly programs to decrease non-white populations.

r/trump is on Reddit. This isn't reddit, you don't belong here.

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Meant to say "gun ownership for niggers and spics".

You're going to need a serious capitalist engine for this scheme, user. Choose wisely where you place it.

Compromise is for the 21st century, dipshit. We're not going to get invaded over reformist policies. Some of you guys are actually worse than tankies.

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN



IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN



IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN



IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN



IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN



You are starting to sound like this goy…

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Jeuss christ, are you actually fucking retarded? Go pick up a history book.

High sales tax, low property tax and a childless gay tranny kike tax

You’re a fucking moron if you think a 40%+ Corporation Tax is going to work literally ever. 20% is the max, tack sales tax on at the retail end if you need more revenue.

Only so long as you also ban the existence of racial jews. I do like banning it on both fronts to also put a stop to the luke fords of the world.

Taxes are needed to create artificial demand for fiat currency. "you don't take my paper money you go to jail" . Without such demand multitudes of fiat currencies would have trouble surviving.

20% of a corporation's profit is taken as tax. 25% must be invested back into the business to benefit its workers, and the rest can be kept.

no jews

First day here jew?

Abolish the law of incorporation
Ban usury
Outlaw blood donations
Infant genital mutilation punishable by death
Mandatory militia service
Sciences taught through militia
Complete assimilation, no dual citizenship
Abolish income tax
Abolish payroll tax
Implement sales tax, tariffs on imports
Tolls on company vehicles using roads

Retard, you would have said the same about Germans in (((Weimar))) society. It is not our nature, it is what we have been born into.

Take away all the rights to women (and end Democracy in general). As with a father to a child, a man is to a woman; he has more rights because he has more responsibilities; he has more responsibilities because he is capable. There is a natural order that WILL be followed, and there is a beauty to man that makes him a Man, beyond a man or an animal. Zig Forums is to end usery and Jewery, to bring Order to Chaos; this is a step to bringing Order to the Chaos of women, of children being given the place of Men at the behest of men.