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Politico Election Results 2018
Here are the races we're watching as live results come in. Each hour includes how we predicted each race would turn out before any votes are counted, based on POLITICO race ratings.
Live Governor Election Results
If you don't know what the fuck is going on, please see this left-leaning newspaper link here:
Zionist News Network link
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Reminder that if you engage the 'don't vote lol' shills and ask them to suggest a plan to eradicate ZOG they will ignore you or deflect. They are the ones owned by ZOG, they do not want you to get past voting at all. Productive activities against ZOG are their poison

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trump is a gaynigger lol
inb4 smugspam


Please, don't waste your tears before the election ends.

How the election is going?

by the amount of shilling on Zig Forums pretty well

No results yet as far as I'm aware, voting is still open. I've heard many people say their election areas are busy.

Kikes control both sides, so horribly.

no idea

Machines are broken, weather is shit and lots of celebrities are begging people to vote.


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Voted full red ticket today :^)
Thanks for telling me not to, kikes. Made me sure it was the right thing to do.

I love you user!


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Why? Are you that triggered by smugs?

Greeks were against democracy and it was the faggot Persians that brought it.

Yeah but the Greeks didn't have an infestation of satanic jews controlling their entire political, media, financial apparatus… They also banned retards from voting.


I love smugposting but I don't want to see smugposting every single post. It devalues the smuggness.

How would letting the dems win be better for white people?

The question you need to ask yourself is how would it be any different.

More redpills.

So did the USA, in fact Andrew Jackson was the first one to extend voting rights to poorer whites that didn't own land, so-called "Jacksonian Democracy"

Ok it's your turn. Let's assume no one voted. What would you do, step 1, to stop ZOG?

For the record I have a step 1, but I would like to hear yours.

Apparently sit in your room all day and shitpost. Because, you know, the votes of 5 autists are the real reason zionists are in power and said autists not voting somehow harms the kikes.

vote red. these shills are not who they claim they are. It took Hitler 14 years to go from joining the party to becoming chancellor. It took another 4 years or so after that for things to get interesting. And they think that everything is meaningless because it's been less than two years and Trump hasn't depozzed the country 100% and set up a white ethnostate. They will tell you to read Mien Kompf and act like they are expert Nazis, but what they tell you to do is at odds at how Hitler rose to power and how long it took.

My point is that even if Trump was literally Hitler 2.0, it would take years and years of him to get to where Hitler got. Whining about less than two years, claiming your basically a nazi, and then saying we're fucked because things haven't changed in two years is absurd. They are either deliberately attempting to deceive you, or they're akin to edgy teenagers who think they know everything. Kind of like those dumb kids that thinks communism works.




Shilling is rampant so they are pretty much losing.

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The smugposting really only brings out the shills. Lefties get so triggered by cute girls because it reminds them of what their own shortcomings are. So they fight tooth-and-nail to get it banned. You'll get a good idea who the goons/freech/intl/ posters are when they start chimping over anime. Shariablue hates it too for some reason.

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Time to kick some commie ass

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You know you are playing a rigged game right?

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good! most of those high time preference niggers will probably storm off in a rage

That is indeed a cute anime girl

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We know where the first chimp out of the night will take place.

Possibly something about comparing a 2D and his fat "girlfriend"

No answer or the usual, "accelerationism" or whatever these commies say.


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No one said you had to do anything. If anons want to vote, it's not exactly doing anything since, as your logic dictates, it doesn't matter. So why hammer in so hard about not voting?

Are you just LARPing as imkampfy for shitpost purposes?

Great post, satan.

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Not surprising. (((They))) never can.

oy vey

Are republicans really winning and Google downplaying it? Or trump worshippers on Zig Forums just shitposting? I don’t trust polls. But how do we know live streams are not shilling? Something seems suspicious. How do we know what truly going on?

hopefully they stormed off but none of them have jobs, they don't have anything better to do

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I'm not even American to vote. I'm just bringing up the point.

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The secret of blackpilling, bitching and complaining like critical theory with no solution

Why the nip scribble?

Good luck harvesting salt lads. Eat it up like this anime girl downing this burger

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If you surrender and give your enemies everything they want, you win.
t. leaf

I'm still shocked Juden Peterstein made that dumb comment about Kavanaughty. I would have thought a learned man would think better, but alas he was just a leaf.

You didn't ask me. Learn to into IDs.
As for why it would be better; the enemy is visible and in plain sight. No non-pozzed whites support the democrats and they're very anti-White. There was a shit ton of pissed off white people during the Obongo years.

There's something magical about anime girls eating burgers

fertility and impregnation are the greatest of all fetishes.

Who /florida/ here? It was normal here on Broward County.

And to expand, the Republicans are equally as anti-White while they feign being on team White, which is obviously worse.

Prime example right here. Rather than just simply ignoring it and moving on, the triggered lefty has to respond to an anime poster and cry out whatever buzzword accusation they think will make the posting stop. It's really, very predictable at this point.

You are a man of discerning tastes as well, I see.

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those aren't fetishes. fetishes are weird shit that you're not supposed to like such as urine

hmm imgoat.com/uploads/2aa4b0af34/161205.jpg


I think media is laying low to prevent another embarrassment like when Trump won.

You may continue your kvetching and screeching for our entertainment, filthy JIDF kikes. Yes, yes, let the butthurt flow through you. Good. Give in to your despair.

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what would you prefer Font-user?

males pls respond

why do the shills post so many cringey images and memes.
its the most annoying really.
im not even white. i hope trump wins congress for ya'll

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lol at that fat white boi holding a coffee.

But if you aren't American, and if voting doesn't matter, then why continue pointing it out? If it's as fixed as you claim it to be, then why not just ignore it entirely?

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Praise KEK



Quick visualisation of how shills are told to operate today. Filter at will.

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I also like hand-holding and cuddling.

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That's why I put it in the OP

Nigger I made one post after coming to check the /sig/ thread.

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Untrue, fetishes are anything one has an unhealthy sexual obsession with, for example, everyone has shoes, everyone needs shoes, but only a handful of weirdos get off on jerking off into shoes.

And a few more for the road

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That's great to hear, I'm praying for you, if we managed to elect a white fascist (although a Jew worshiper) despite being 49% mutts and having a entire region of around 100 million+ blacks loving to not work and collect 40$ of welfare on the backs of the southern white states's taxes.
I hope I can see a Nazi europe and America someday, not a degeneracy of pain and misery.
People are waking up, my father who early this year thought I was insane for being a national-socialist spoke to me today aghast after reading about the kalergi plan.

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It gets better. Why would a person who thinks voting has no influence at all be motivated to spend hours in Zig Forums threads to tell others that there's no reason to vote on the day when everyone votes?

Random nervous yid at the NYT kvetching and sweating nervously.

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The rest of the image was fine.

>(((they))) are afraid

Because they care about their country more than you do.

You know, I'm beginning to think Kampfy was actually doing a good thing, rachposting aside, when it came to dealing with you kikes. You cry so much over him it's beyond pathetic now.

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This has been explained time and time again to you dumb votecuck niggers. You are propagating the perceived validity of an invalid, anti-white, genocidal system by spreading the meme that engaging with it will somehow result in anything other than white genocide.

which font would you prefer?


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You're paranoid.

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To the shitcan you go.

Imkikey, please, this is audacious.

That's why it's so hilarious to watch them shilling for shekels. What a degrading job, so befitting to the lowest form of existence.

You're a clueless newfag.

I feel like that post should be read while listening to song of increasing intensity, or at least one of those rock songs that earn you a speeding ticket.

It doesn't matter, so long as it is not something Asian. I am using Yandex Sans Regular for text.

If they cared so much, they'd be making threads and offering up suggestions on how to improve the situation. And the user in question isn't even American, so how can he care about someone else's country more than the one who lives there if he's not even in any position to make any changes himself? Shouldn't he be focused on his own country, rather than another?

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Eugen a cute.

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