Brit/pol/ #2923: It's Pretty Warm Edition

Boris Johnson overhauls cabinet on first day as PM

UK heatwave: Extraordinary temperatures 'could break records'

Heathrow passengers forced to take summer holidays without their luggage

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Gonna have a cold bath

*put the kettle on*

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I love him lads

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me too

Fucking 'ell lads me balls are roasting

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On Tuesday I lay around indoors and I was so debilitated by the heat I couldn't even stay awake. Today I do gardening in the sun and it wasn't that much of a problem. What is this alchemy?

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He's in good shape. I'm impressed.


Can't even do one of those full stretched planks he does, he does 10 like it's nothing.


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The more you do the more you are capable of doing.

This is my favourite jared vid
I heard they didn't even know he spoke japanese and wanted to ambush him with an interview but he opens the door speaking their language keek

he's just as japanese as they are

Occupation therapy is a real thing, lid. Staying active, especially if you're being productive, will change you.

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Moshi moshi, deng pow, MEatball


He speaks a bunch of languages I saw him on a French debate btfoing leftoids in French

Can Jared speak Portuguese though?

My house is breaking down in the heat all the doors won't shut properly

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good lad




Slow today

Been too tired from the heat to post tbh

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ate a bit too much coleslaw lads

It's awful. Autumn cant come soon enough

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Remember the London riots were in August.


Are you locked window lad?

I'm surprised that whites in ethnic neighbour hoods don't instantly join in when a wog is attacking another white once they were chasing the second white kid it was kinda obvious what was going on, they did look pretty young though probably the first time this has happened to them

Exhentai getting shutdown or atleast significantly purged of stuff, laughing at porngroids tbh

Onset of puberty is 1-2years earlier for blacks then whites. Plus the difference in aggression . Then you can see why

Pot noodle and a can of pepsi max for supper

Who the fuck chills socks for use in hot weather? Just don't wear them you spastics

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lay off lad we're not used to the heat smh

Hwhat the fuck you say hwhiteboy?

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Nice "heatwave" smh

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fuck off we all know the heat drove you cunts insane.

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Lad it was 36 degrees, smh that is after

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Some penguins are gay lad

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I hate penguins tbh

*freezes socks*

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smh lad its twice as hot here right now

He's probably a burger tbh. Aussies don't usually wave their dick around about this stuff.

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Made the mistake of checking out 8/pol

What a toilet. Half the threads are devoid of any actual discussion, just full of calling each other kikes, false flagging kikes, vpn hopping kikes and anti kike kikes. Jesus what a shit hole.

Good lad, based pepe, might have one tonight or tomorrow night, too hot though smh

I wonder how those boring cunts even function in real life. Kike this, kike that. Just get off the internet and take a walk.

It’s unreal man, you see a decent topic in the op, click it, then a few posts in the threads devolved to constant shit flinging, kike this, false flagging vpn hopping blah blah blah.

Man. It really deteriorated over the last few years. Post count there is way slower now too. Some threads are months old.

Feel the same way about /shit/ as a lurker tbh. Used to enjoy the insightful discussion the oldfags here had but then some Bongo Bongo Land fracture happened combined with the fatigue of no brexit and it went to shit a few of the decent posters here killed themselves as well. Think the last round of cuckchan migrants ultimately did /shit/ in though, shame tbh.

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This place would be better without SA posting shitty rage bait from twitter all day and sperging about tinder thots tbh. It's why the nightshift is best.

I’ll admit I hadn’t been on 8/pol for at least 2 years until I checked it out today, and was left wondering what the hell happened? It used to have discussion and more people posting in threads, le it’s just half dead and the few left are just calling each other likes and vpn hoppers as if anyone would care enough to continuously reset for a new IP address just to pretend other people agree with them.

Did some posters legit off themselves?

now it’s just*

Kikes not likes*

Shitty phones auto correct can suck a dick.

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The utter state of our women.
What the hell is this insanity? Why the fuck would you do that?

Last one killed himself after his child passed away from cancer. Didn't keep the screencap out of respect to him and his kid.

Oh, shit. Sorry to hear that happened. When was this then? Did any others kill thenselves? I’ve been off grid for a long time so I’ve missed a lot of stuff

One of the Cornish posters said he was going to kill himself, but there were 3 at one point and I don't know which one it was (one was a nonce, another one I know is still alive)

/fascist/ got made to have some actual discussion about ideology but all the siege/o9a and Natsoc retards ruined it with the same shit that ruined Zig Forums, any discussion about anything slightly confrontational is shut down with "muh kike" and "ban this antifa shill" autism, which happens here sometimes as well tbh.

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Have to admit it’s weird how it always seems to devolve into shill accusations.
I sure missed a lot didn’t i? How’s things been on here on Zig Forums? I do know it was hidden at some point so that helps keep out the people that ruin shit.

Too many Strasserites/Naz-Bol for my liking tbh

Stagnant, there's very little to talk about in terms of actual British politics, specially since there's no proper party anymore. Dunno how long you've been gone but 22st isn't actually Welsh but Norwegian.

I have no problem with any of that tbh.

8/pol is such a toilet. Can see a thread there right now about trumps election being hacked by Israel who framed Russia for it.

These people need to take a walk for a bit to clear their heads.

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They fall for the same tactic over and over. It eventually ejects the small amount of people that aren't complete idiots.

So not much has changed at the very least? But what about the new pm? Think he’ll deliver on Brexit this October or will it be fudged as expected?
Holy shit 22st is Norwegian. I’m not being had right? When did this get out?

Blimey, you really haven't been here for a long time.

The PM is a thatcherite libertarian philosemite foreigner and so is his cabinet, we're fucked mate.

New PM is shit and will fuck everything up, like every PM has done since like 1910, and yes, 22st was lying the entire time.

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Yeah I went off grid for personal reasons, just wanted to get away from it all and focus on something important.

I know he’s got links to muzzies but do they know if they don’t deliver then they’re going to kill their party at the next ge?

Why 1910 in particular man?

Also when did the whole Norway reveal happen? I’m curious now tbh

I'm more scared about were he'll take us post brexit, I'm fairly sure his ideal image of our nation is one giant Singapore.

Just a random date before WW1 fucked everything up tbh.

Like a yearish ago I think, he got found out when he donated money to an e-celeb's livestream and it was in Norwegian krones

This seems to be the prevailing goal of the Tory party tbh.

Christ yeah that’s horrifying. Kind of related, why do these morons in govt insist anyone can be British?

A dog born in a barn does not make it a horse.

Fair enough, I even think things were salvageable after ww1 bit ww2 was the nail in the coffin.
Hah, that’s the thing liars have poor memories. But that’s not what bothered me it’s the
Fuck that, why give them money?

Civic nats are mad. A monkey in a suit is still a monkey.
When I have that chat in person with someone who thinks it’s ok as long as they assimilate I ask them this

They always say no.


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I think 22st uses them as surrogate fathers.

Why ever "assimilate" tbh. You lose all your political power if you become part of the main culture. The immigrant groups were never meant to assimilate anyway, we were meant to be "multicultural", because our leaders looked at the Austrian Empire and Yugoslavia and thought "yeah I would love all those issues", if I was conspiratorial I would say it was all done on purpose to stop any proper movement against those who rule, because if any movement started it would have to either have to have anti-immigration/immigrant sentiments due to the fact immigration is a policy of the ruling class, which would obviously cause a immigrant vanguard to form against it, stopping any revolution from occurring, or it would get bogged down in intersectionality, which is what happened with Occupy Wall Street, iirc I think Marx talked about this, but his solution to it doesn't solve the actual problems and is basically just a form of assimilation into a completely foreign culture for absolutely everyone.

do a vocaroo transmisson lad


wonder if that racoon made it

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If that post made no sense it's because it's 4am, far too hot and I'm on painkillers

Doubt it.

Honestly I’d say you’re right about that theory of migration being a vanguard against any movements against tptb. There’s no other way to explain it imo.

But hey, just more bodies to pile up if you ask me. I think violence is the only way out of it because now all these invaders are here they aren’t just going to up and leave willingly. Our people’s biggest issue is adhering to the law when these invaders don’t. They ignore and trample over our laws which is why these laws can’t pritecf us we have to protect ourselves. But so many cucks thinm obeying the law is the only way to deal with anything. It it isn’t. Because we’re facing a problem which ignores our laws.

Like calling the police to deal with Jamal as he stabs someone’s loved ones right in front of them, but the person does nothing, because assault is illegal, the police are minutes away while Jamal is seconds away. Voting isn’t going to do anything.

he seemed like he was at the end of the road tbf, at least he had some tendies. they helped him get up and move after he fell off the fence

Watching Spaced again tbh.

The "do as you are told" mentality of the British will be the end of us due to the corruption of our ruling class tbh, the average Briton just seems so confused and crippled by what is happening around him, I honestly doubt he will ever "wake up" and unshackle himself, at least not in large enough numbers to make a difference, which is why, like you said, voting won't solve anything, but honestly neither will violence (Unless it's something like a civil war, which imo will never happen), due to the average British person adherence to the law, the British people are trapped by their own sensibility.

good broadcast lad I don't know if the bureaucracy itself is a vehicle piloted by a priest caste we never see or just the maze we're all trapped in.

John C Lilly called the emerging machine bureaucracy the 'solid state intelligence' and said it had a conscious impulse to metastasise and turn everything into computers and that it was at war with water-based life

I’m watching the lightning in the sky since I’m unable to sleep tbh, looks pretty to see.

Yeah. As much I live my country, it’s history, it’s culture, as a race of people, our people are too enslaved to systems that hold them back. And I hate that.

The laws not only dont protect us, they punish us for protecting ourselves and these sad sacks just let it happen. Adhering to Lara which not only hurt us, it protects the very invaders that are destroying everything our ancestors built and died for.

It looks bleak to see enemies on all fronts, but I refuse to give up. Weve had lots of defeats but we’ve had our victories and each defeat taught us something each time. I know there are still others who haven’t given up either and as long as there’s just one person that hasn’t then we’re not done, not till the last man, woman and child. Don’t lose heart man.

Also the storm knocked my internet out for a bit so the fact I had to re enter the captcha means I must have a different ID but I’m still the guy you replied to

Time for sleep I guess.

No lightning here tbh, had a pretty bad storm the other day though.

I'd imagine this is how Communists feel when it comes to the constant hammering about revolution tbh, only they don't get as blackpilled because they think Communism will naturally happen while our future is much less certain, and as history has shown, it's very possible we will lose everything, if we had a proper nationalist party right now it would help the situation by building a solid base for those people who do care, but everyone is distracted by Brexit and TBP right now so we'll just have to wait it out a bit.