FREAKS! in US Government



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jews reprazentin Tennessee!

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2020 is gonna be a fookin race war! The dismal tide vs the White Man!

kek they all look like aliens wearing skin suits

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The funny thing is the ragheads and Ocasio are actually massive improvements because push comes to shove, they won't vote for a kike war.

they will if they are promised only White Men get sent to the front lines.

Every single elected official, corporate executive, judge, agency head, all high-ranking bureaucrats foreign and domestic have had every single thing they've typed recorded by certain zog agencies for the past 20 years. Every single meaningful person with power, including all congressmen, are 100% controlled by those zog agencies as a result of that comprehensive data collection and will vote for whatever they are instructed to. Usually, that means war, because the endless war on terror is very profitable for those doing the blackmailing.

We should start a campaign to make the ragheads take the damn rags off because they are religious symbols and thats a violation of church and state and they are so fucking ugly they piss me off

Did that tranny Governor win its election?

Oh, so all the white majority combat units just like right now, lmao

Answering myself, happy to report that it did not.

NBC News projects that Phil Scott, the Republican governor of Vermont, has been elected to a second term. Scott defeated Democrat Christine Hallquist, a former electricity executive.

I'd down

the nigger conceded florida to the White Man and that weird nigger goblin Abrams in GA is not looking good

Wew. Rate'em.

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Man that's one fucked up gaggle of degenerates. If they all touch rings can they summon Captain Sodomy to combat the forces of good?

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If you love money you love suffering. All human suffering is the result of greed. All war is caused by two groups feuding over whose greed is more important. Everything that could be obtained through that greed can be obtained through voluntary collaboration , evolution through growth of the individual , and the upgrading of The United States to The United Universes Against The Demiurge, but most people are fucking retarded and will be left behind to rot and eventually disappear.

I hesitate to claim this is a good thing overall, but certainly the accelerationists will be pleased by these winners. Cortez in particular is completely unhinged, she's a literal spic marxist who openly despises white people. However a lot of these freaks are inexperienced ideologues who got voted in on the basis of their identities as "First X" rather than track record in politics or competency.
Thus, I have a feeling that they will have a hard time being effective at passing any sort of policies. They will be very loud and have plenty of PR disasters I'm sure, which if capitalized on correctly could help further radicalize both bases.
That's my hot take, anyways. It's better than having competent dems in power who will (((reach across the aisle))) to fuck things over at the worst moments.

lol faggot governor. hey colorado weed fags how does it feel to have a governor who willingly takes it up his ass on a regular basis?

Imagine being in the national guard, and having to report to a literal faggot.

as long as those stipends keep coming in they'll do whatever they are told just like good little slaves

If you're in the military, chances are you're a raging faggot anyway.

Excellent. We are almost there. Just add a dash of hyperinflation to this degeneracy and we have the perfect recipe. See you goyim in the fourth Reich. Heil!

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that's because they are

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I was kind of hoping for max degeneracy in this election in order to accelerate the inevitable.

We are approaching the singularity. Events cannot be turned back now. History repeats.

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Do you actually believe that any elected officials don’t serve the establishment? Kek

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yeah they arent badasses shitposting on a filipeno picture sharing forum instead.

You mongoloids won't do shit. Millions of white guys went to die for Israel 20 years ago and you didn't do shit. A couple nigger female governors whom you don't even know and will never see isn't accelerating anything into the end times that you can't even define or describe.

you misspelled navy and airforce

A wild faggot appears!

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but alexander the great was a faggot?

Can someone explain to me why looking at this ugly woman makes me want to cum?

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evokes nostalgia of night of the raping?

the pained expression?

although this was a massive and unforgiveable strategic error on the part of the conquerors.

crazy eyed whore

Stapleton conceded too soon!

MUH! Degenwacy!!!!!!

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Who knows

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Found the Zig Forums faggot. Are you one of the cross-dressing faggots in the leaked pictures sucking a dick? True blue lefty right there.

Only lefties would mentally abuse and manipulate a little boy to put makeup on.

Didn't vote blue once yesterday. Guarantee you no one from Zig Forums did. And even with all my dick sucking and cross dressing I'm still a lot less gay than you.

Sub-humans don't get to have opinions. Filtered.

This. In no way do I agree with almost anything on leftypol but seriously, there's no way anyone there is a true libtard the way a polack would view one. Both boards should pay each other a visit every now and then.

Moving the democrats Further to the left would be the best thing for trump and the GOP. Look at what happen with Brazil.

Filtered. Fuck off, Zig Forums.

Natural order, user, you want to show her what is her place.

There's about 3 or 4 Zig Forumslacks on that board everyday, constantly and not even just trolling, we only see those Zig Forums tards here when something goes down and they want to get quick snipes.

Colorado is basically completely fucked now.
Next blue state ghetto, once you go blue you go broke.

This guy is right. NSA/GCHQ mass surveillance is solely for the purpose of blackmailing political candidates and too many people here have shitty deduction skills when it comes to intelligence agencies. Why do you think intelligence agencies spy on their own people? To prevent domestic terror? They would just stop importing Muslims rather than spend all that money on all the technology and staffing needed for mass data gathering.

The whole purpose of mass surveillance is to hoover up child porn/prostitution habits of every faggoted ivy leaguer and approach them with an ultimatum to work for the CIA and run for office or go to prison. Look "Epstein Island hidden cameras blackmail" "Donald Ewen Cameron Subproject 68 blackmail" and "MI5 Kincora Blackmail" this is how the shadow gov stays in power and too many mentally slow people with ZERO deduction skills are why they have never been exposed.

She isn't ugly at all,she's actually rather cute.

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Females with square jaws are not attractive. It's a manly trait. Her face cannot decide if it's male or female and still has indentations from years of facials.

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I don't give a fuck about your gay little rules. She's cute and I like her. She makes me feel warm inside and I want to hold her tight and snuggle.

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she looks like a freak user. you'd probably not feel like that with a cute WHITE girl, instead of that dead eyed spic thing.

All the kosher approved ragheads in Western governments are all paid up members of ZOG

All the retarded MAGApedo spastics always go on about Sadiq Khan being London Mayor, yet his entire professional record as an MP shows he sucks on jew dicks just as hard as Trumpstein does, as did all the previous jewish mayors who Republikikes conveniently forget to mention that oversaw the majority of the great blackening under their careful jewish beady eyed watch

Go for it then, she reeks of easy anal for anyone who pretends she is important. Then again you would face rape charges a day later so may want to record it.

America is slowly turning into the UK.

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I wouldn't go quite that far yet. From the looks of it the house is just made up of faggots that hate eachother, Jews hate Muslims, Muslims hate gays.etc so overall I think everything is pretty balanced out here.

The irony of course is that while Western jewish controlled NPC goy cattle worship perverts queers and jews, muslims are staunchly conservative in nature as opposed to the jewish multicultural American who even when Conservative still suck jew dicks and worship queers and trannies

I wish I could get a girl like that. I'm too ugly, though.

this "little boy"MK-Ultra slave is probably not owned by lefties, but by globalists, the leftie's bosses
the little boy was loaned to pelosi as her reward for a non-defeat in the election, because the elites know you must give some incentives to your employees, relying exclusively on threats works poorly

lol Some of these are so specific it seems like they will make a big fuss about anyone who gets elected. 2022 headline “First woman who is exactly 190.57cm tall and has ibs elected as representative” sad part is, people actually get hard from this sort of stuff.

While I agree with you it is not a violation of separation of church and state, just like writing in god we trust on your currency.

Separation of church and state means that the institution: state cannot make decisions about the institution church (ie the government cannot make a church marry gays) and the institution: church cannot tell the institution government what to do.

Thus filling Congress with religious symbolism such as paintings and statues is perfectly legal.

my suffering is caused by my drug dealing neighbors

I'm really excited for these freaks to chimp out in their containment chamber and make 2020 a sure thing

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you can tell she has some neurodegenerative disease and hopefully it runs its course within 2 years

You never considered this is what you have been conditioned to want, even though her neck can't help but pull into the lines of shrill kikeess. Did you never notice how arched eyebrows automatically make you consider a face more attractive even though it's the trait of a crazy whore?

And you admit you're starved for female contact, like most males today, but it does not make you consider this desperation might make you do stupid things. Like cursing your children with having no forehead.

First reply is for

Fucking mazel tof
I'm in Tennessee…

I kinda like her

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No, he's busy being prime minister of Canada.

because you're a nigger.


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You're the reason the white race has no country of its own. Have fun raising Jamal's girlfriend's (your wife's) son.

dead freaks can't hold office

Every time I see this shit I just imagine a kike with a nose undergoing explosive growth yelling "OY FUCKIN' VEY IT'S LIKE ANOTHA SHOAH!" Every time they pass another (((law))) for some kike bullshit, I picture said nose shooting off into space and starting to distort the spacetime continuum even moar.

So what's the verdict on Abby Finkenauer? Jew or Not-Jew?
I found no confirmation she's a Jew. If not she deserves the title of honorary Jew. What's the name origin? My jewdar is activating. Iowa-anons why did you vote another jew to control you?


That's two hard core anti-Israel cunts. Not that bad

Hopefully yesterday election shows MAGA cunts there no based nonwhites. The best way to use nonwhites is to turn them on their Jewish masters by having the Jews taste their own anti-white propaganda. Just label all Jews white supremacists and white in general. Jews have had always been the most privileged among whites. They should be treated as such by none whites. But no. This been suggested for years but you MAGA faggots always get in the way. At most you MAGA faggots will reach out to blacks by memeing trump to legalize weed nationwide.

hawt 8/10 tbh
would criticize israel with her for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure

Oh good, she won. Never interrupt your enemy etc..

That's is, my life goal now is to fuck Alexa Ocasio-Cortez up the ass.

I agree – this is the only real next step real whites have, to sabotage Jews relentlessly. The country is lost at this rate, might as well spoil it for everyone.

*while also criticizing israel
otherwise its gay

To be fair, if user was starved, he would go more for shit like this

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females have no place on here cunt. filtered.

Those with eyes.


we are being set up in all ways for bloody takeover.

bitch looks completely insane

looks exactly like a soft serve ice cream cone. sweaty vanilla

Hahaha did I wake up in bizarro world?
Those images read like a parody.

Clever shitposting.

At this point I'm not even upset, I'm just saddened. What has happened to my country? Due process and 2nd amendment rights being burned up by red flag laws and every flavor of affirmative action being elected. I don't even recognize the USA anymore.

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I'm not a burger but laugh at this shit. I some times wonder what the WW2 soldiers would think if they say what happened to their country.

The only solace I take in all of these bad things happening is that I have no horse in this race because I want to kill myself every day and don't have any aspirations for my personal future.

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