Politics is cyclical and everyone knew the Democrats would eventually regain control of the house. The wall was literally the only consequential act Trump could've done as president with Republican majorities in both houses. Tough immigration laws can be repealed but at least a wall would've been permanent. Yet instead of spending all his energy and political capital on the most important part of his election plank he decides to pass a tax cut bill, move an embassy in Israel, shill for gun confiscation and amnesty for daca shits?

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Ahh damn, can't do it anymore, the dems won! Hey folks, don't blame me… it's Paul Ryan's fault! Vote for the wall in 2020. MAGA.


If you understand capitalism it was abundantly clear he was never, ever going to build it.



The faggot refused to use DOD funding. He never entertained the idea while running for office. Hope he burns in hell.

Same reason you don't destroy antifa. The more disasters in the news that you're signaling against the better you look.

Just vote harder, goyim, and you'll have your wall in no time.

The wall was an esoteric metaphor for the inner strength we find in strength.

What's really fucked is by restoring voting rights to 1.4 million felons, Florida is damned to the fate of California after Reagan's amnesty. The GOP is never winning another presidential election in our lifetimes

Trump was the last gasp of white America
Even with control of the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches, the GOP was unable to govern

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He needs to get re-elected and with a wall, there's little incentive fort the ZOGlings to vote for him. Blackmail is one hell of a deal.

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Voting failed, so rather than live our lives for something better than politics let’s provoke the police to slaughter us wholesale.

Yep. He's a scam artist. Whites are slooooooowly figuring it out.

Hitler would protect his DACApede descendants.

His race-mixing with parasitic desert people is an esoteric metaphor for what?

Right…so the sales pitch is, yeah I didn't do it this time with control of Congress and the Senate, but I'll definitely do it next time!

Of the Aryan desire to explore desolate places (like the desert) to find yourself late in life.

trump is a spiritual jew and you know it, magatard

This gimmick is growing on me.

There will never be a wall. You were lied to. Remember when he was going to pull out of Syria? Remember when he was going to lock her up? Remember when he cared about the deficit and spending?

I tried to warn you about political solutions. Why didn't you listen?

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It's fitting that the last gasp was liquidating everything that wasn't nailed down for israel and buttfucking American farmers by killing their exports to China while he leverages the chinks to open up their (((financial markets))).

There is a wall! It was that strong inner strength we discover within ourselves every time we help each other… what are you, a shitskin?

I even think Obama pulled that trick on his supporters. Promised a lot in 2008, didn't do much of it even when his party controlled the house and senate. Then after the first year and a half, blamed not being able to get things done on the situation in congress.

Plain and simple: Because POTUS is a puppet position controlled by the military (they play both sides). It's even worse when the POTUS doesn't know anything about the deepstate and how the "game" is played in (((DC))). The commander-in-chief is only real in movies an TV shows. You can expect great (((deals))) with the Democrats about DACA and other domestic issues (and his civnat base will love it).

Trump is decent at PR and campaigning but that's it. There's no reason to expect more from him. If you buy what he's selling, you should take a good look in the mirror before blaming anyone else for the current state of affairs.


Skip to 1:00:00 EXACT. People are leaving the country and telling others to do so as well__.


You can't spell DACA without DC :^3

Kek. The Democrats wanted to let all the Caravan migrants in. The Republicans only want legal migrants. So we made a compromise, we'll let half in, and the other half have to go back home, but they are on a waiting list to get in legally. Everyone wins!

What if Trump did the least jewish thing possible and just paid for it himself.

based varg, hows ur autistic waifu and kids?

I wonder if there are some lurkers finally posting, because this site until now has basically been non-stop t_d-style 4D chess and "trust us, just trust us, he'll [execute the beaners/start the race war/drain the swamp/whatever unrealistic promise].

Maybe since the GOP shills are gone, the real posters aren't afraid to come out of the woodwork and say what they think. Trump is a fucking scam.

I haven't even heard Q mentioned for several months, is that even still a thing? After tonight it surely isn't.

Why would the Jews who are leading the NWO and control the West allow someone in a figurehead position to slow down the planned genocide of the West by building a wall?

Why would a multiculturalist like Trump even care about a wall. Wall or no wall, the country becomes more and more nonwhite. It doesn't make a difference unless ruler-ship changes completely.

All you MAGAtard faggots need to admit you got memed on by a Jew-loving Zionist businessman with a good sales pitch.

All politics today boil down to globalism vs nationalism, and unless someone is an ethnonationalist, they aren't a nationalist.

The solution is ethnonationalism and authoritarianism but you faggots can't hack that. Hell, you're too fucking naive to realise that you know nothing about politics.

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Why are Hungarians able to stop the wetbacks with a chain linked fence,but the American government is unable to stop them with the world's most powerful military?

Why do we need a 50ft tall wall when the Hungarians don't?

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idk where uve been user but we were fighting a non stop war against cuckchan and reddit zognald shills

they are a plague

Because Trump is a jew-puppet and traitor. Not hard to understand.

If you’re not getting the results you want you can always try declaring yourself king and issuing ultimatums to your enemies.

I hate drudge, but the photo on his main page is just perfect. What a joke.

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he's barely holding back a smile.

*main photo on his page

That's from the last time they did their little hand off, but nothing changes. All actors playing a game.

That hammer is an esoteric metaphor for a mistake, in other words, she's receiving the curse (Trump's curse?) of making mistakes. The reason this makes sense is because "hammer" sounds like the Greek-Aryan word "hamartia" which means "to err".

In other words, losing the house is actually winning because the Dems are going to be making a lot mistakes in the House.

Kek. It's really over. Not sure anybody understands how profound this is. It's ALL OVER

From one democrat to another

For those that don't believe me: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamartia

It's from one Israel-first shabbos goy to another.

It's all over, but only from a peaceful political standpoint. When Whites' political voice is low enough to never win an election again, We will be forced to radicalize and use other (actually useful) means to fight for Our Race.

'Cause Trumpenstein is controlled. Only Israel deserves a wall. American founded on white nationalism can't be white, but Israel can be Jewish. lol

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Do you retards not realize that Congress is the ones who decide the budget? The Wall didn't get built, not because of Trump, but because he couldn't secure funding for it because of fence-sitting (no pun intended) Republicucks

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Holy shit, the first GOP bot I've seen in an hour. Thought you guys all left.

He doesn't need congress to build the wall. It can be done under the Army Corps of Engineers – stuff like a border wall is why they even exist. You're a shill [and you're filtered].

Most American """farmers""" can get fucked, producing all that GMO, pesticide-laden garbage. Support your local small farmer that produces real food, your health will improve.


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Then why did he say he would make Mexico pay for the wall,when all he had to say to make the DoD pay for it.

Heck that would be a chess move because you would have RNC rats say that a penny diverted is a penny too much.

Trump could have shut down the government until they signed a spending bill that included wall funding. TWICE. He cucked out both himes and passed Fix NICS and safe harbor repeal

this guy is a paid shill that came to this bard today from god knows where

Because he's not going to build the wall, do mass deportations, or lock her up. It's very simple. And red zog will never, ever win another election again because Florida will be permablue. Texas is actually almost permablue–by 2020, it will be. It's over. It's all over.

I don't disagree, but the core strategy is draining wealth from White people as a tool in his jewish superclass squabble with China.

Because he doesn't want to build it.

Because he doesn't want to build it and telling the people who want to hear it that Mexico will pay for it sounds really tough. So you vote for him and then he slashes foreign aid to every country but israel, who get a boost, ships heavy weapons to Ukraine, threatens Western Europe with sanctions over Russian gas pipelines, and continuing to provide air cover for ISIS while occupying Syrian oil fields.

The left successfully painted him as Hitler 2.0. His first job, therefore, was to reveal them as liars and fools. That was 2017.
His next job was to fulfill his promises to his base, and his strategy was in part to extend his influence over the courts and sink the power of the media.
Basically, he is slow to build the wall because his position requires a longer strategy due to the hole the box the media places around him.

Because many within the GOP weren't thrilled at being called racists by the Dems and the media which is why they did everything to stop Trump.

What they fail to realize is that the Dems need the illegals to stay in power. This has been done in Europe and several third world nations with crony democracies.

Had they built the wall, said illegals who would vote blue will be kept out and ther will be a voting balance. Instead, we got a shitshow.

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That's a funny way of spelling "unwilling".

I can't tell if that's a synthetic magatard, or if you're actually brain damaged.

holy deluded fuck

What happened to declassifying the FISA documents over a month ago?

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I suspect the answer is that once he got into power he learned some things that changed his worldview and caused him to no longer want the wall. In other words he cucked out.

We the people are left wondering what he learned and what his new, real agenda is.

Somehow it seems most probable to me that his agenda is to aid a Jewish plot to take over the world which involves the destruction of whites. I'm not thrilled about this but it seems impossible to stop at this point and it could be worse (eg. destroying all of humanity).

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No. He was lying from the get go.

jej. That is just one of dozens of build-up/letdown/blame others cycles Trump did. He's a master of marketing and a total con man liar

This will wake a lot of convervatives up

Sorry that you fell for the "Drumpf is neo-hitler" meme, he was just a guy with a strong anti-immigration stance.

Wrong id?

Vid related

Trump, in the end, put his own needs ahead of the country. Its why I voted for Cruz. Trump sold us out. 2020 Republican primaries can't come soon enough.

Holy shit already shilling for Cruz jfc

This fucking politics theater shit has to stop. Whites have to take responsibility for their own destiny.

Exactly. Two years of Trump in power, and what did that do for white people? Nothing.

If you want to redeem your irredeemable newfag ass, start explaining to random Whites what and why they were scammed. Until then, lurk two years, newniggers.

Sure was enough money for Israel’s was, just not our own. Trump really blew his first 2 years.

I wonder if they'll be thrilled with being shot for treason.


You will never be as stupid as this dupe.

Because the moneyed classes, the corporations, the political (((elite))), and most importantly the jews have exactly zero interest in there being such a thing so such a thing has a zero percent chance of being built. The only group with ANY interest in a wall being made is the american people who haven't had a say in dick diddly shit in well over a century now.

You know why he didn't. He wanted to run on building the wall again in 2020.

America is on the road to Brazil then South Africa. White Genocide World Wide. If the war is lost in America, the hope for white people and countries world wide dies.

Since Wilson before WW1 (also cucked into that shill war) gave them control over the money yeah.

the war is already over, why continue to fight?

He wanted to lose so now he has an excuse to never deliver on any of his promises to the American people, while stilling delivering everything Israel wants on a silver platter.

There's your real redpill.

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The killed Lincoln too, yeah I know he's not a saint, but at least he wanted to send the Niggers all to Liberia.

Shit you're right. You better kill yourself right now before things get worse.

t. Shill. There has only been one attack in US history against the synagogue of Satan. More will follow because of your actions.

exactly. it's 4d chess. maga.

Just the shut the fuck up

any one relying on another person to give them success is shit , get fucked fags

You're such a newfag… Read this post

Esoteric metaphors are the real redpill!

I don't need to kill myself, I haven't lost anything, the only person that lost here is you gentile vermins.

enjoy extinction.

yeah the thing is too, it's not like Pelosi isn't corrupt and there's no evidence. The amount of stuff we've been told about these people with nothing ever happening over it is incredible, the fact the democrats don't even bother to nominate someone else for the job show how piss weak Trump and "the aliiance" really are.

No. She mandered her district so hard that there are Democrats who're trying change rules to kick her out.

what are we going to start having videos about the fed again, you faggots dont know shit

this is why people like sports, at least there we can talk about shit with some fucking knowledge about events we have all seen. (except that one Pittsburgh super bowl)

The goyim wakes up from its MAGA trance. Finally.

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Fuck off shill