Take back the board from magakikes

Put a stop of the NPC and kike shilling for the biggest zionist, philosemitic president in the history of the usa.

MAGATARDS! If we disapprove your pathetic shilling jewish puppets, that does not mean we support the democratic kikes and faggots. Stop shilling for a erican democracy and GOPkikes or gtfo.

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Site owner, board owner, and mods are owned by Kushner.

A lot of them were just election-time shills. The GOP shilling literally died in last hour or so.

ive noticed this too, where are the trumpshills now todefend their zionman?

Others like to shitpost… kidding! It was just an esoteric metaphor.

Yep. They attack any alternative like >>>/p01/ too. Best go to meguca?

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Trump is Israel First. I support Israel as place to deport all Jews, but America First means America First. If only (((they))) didn't con us into WW2.

"FuckDrumph", who took the screenshots (as can be seen in the corner of that) was who made all the posts, then edited them in MS paint poorly.

Hell WW1 too. America gained nothing from either WW1 or WW2.

stay there, magajew

In fact, America has gained nothing from war since the civil war.

A barrel full of leeches.

What a fucking faggot the guy on the right is. I don't believe him, but imagine that is true: Would you really cry to the internet hugbox that you got beaten? That fat needs to shape up and learn how to defend himself.

They are bot programs. They aren't real posters.

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I can see how right before an election, people can be interested in it because it's all over the news and can make small differences for things like gun control and taxes. However, the election is over and there will not be another for two years, so everybody should STFU about electoral politics and Trump.

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domt forget "all antisemites must br killed" and depoeting of ww2 german veterans

this is the thread where the trump shills die

This is too much, make it stop.

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I thought you faggot shills would be gone after the midterms, who the fuck is paying you to still be here making these leftist fuckdrumpf threads.

back to r_td, NPC

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You lost nigger. Enjoy the investigations and lame duck presidency.

This is literally a D&C thread to undermine the support for our president under the guise of jew-hate.

I bet you'd kill Barron instead of Sheldon, OP.

These two are (((mods))).


I fucking wish.

Fuck Trump and fuck you. It's over.

would you ban all antisemites like ur godkike president?

Latuff is a leftist, so he also follows a kike agenda.


You forgot to spell it "drumpf" like a good leftypol shill.

When all you get done for 2 years is a tax giveaway to the Jews don’t be surprised when your party ditches you Blumpf!

Don't forget he supported the (((Arab Spring)))

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Hah. Yeah the traitors don't like trump. So do the Patriots because we know he doesn't even treat America the same as Israel. ISRAEL HAS A FUCKING WALL AND IS FOR JEWS ONLY.

rtd kike gtfo and take ur shilling with u

No… other Zig Forums boards here like the one you mentioned or the end, meguga Zig Forums needs to be invaded to the Zig Forums you want it to be.


Yep Trump didn't do Jack when he could of he didn't do anything he said he would really, anything important. Don't let Trumpenstein be the dying breath of White America. Hitler was right about a lot of things. WE WANT FREEDOM AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN. JEWS CAN HAVE ISRAEL WE DON'T CARE JUST FUCK OFF

The real reason you lost the house is because Ben Garrison is a FUCKING BOOMER!

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Nah Republican'ts are just Dems as they were 5-10 years ago. The system is rigged.

Israel can't exist without the US propping it up.

The US doesn't exist

Dude I literally don't care what you say. The US is STILL projected to be minority white by 2050. He hasn't kept any of his important campaign promises. I WANT HIM TO SUCCEED, I WANT HIM TO DO WHAT HE SAYS HE WAS GOING TO DO. It just doesn't seem likely anymore. All talk, no action, hypocrite.

Kikes are still kvetching because we haven't won yet.

We won the senate but lost the House.

Gonna be a hard fight ahead.

Unless you're Sheldon Adelson, no you didn't.

I'm a republican so yes I do.

t. kike

Both parties are controlled by jews, and you're a kike enabler

Mad kike.

If that's true, you wouldn't be posting about it.

His cartoons still make kikes kvetch. He's less kosher than the Republikikes who are shilled on here.

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How do I reply if I filtered the OP?

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Keep on dreaming nigger. I was there when it happened


Unintentionally redpilled?
Only problem is that he made him look like Colonel Sanders.

Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, Paul Singer, Norman Braman, Ken Langone… I could go on user, but all your biggest gop donors are jews or shabbos goy.
Its the same on both sides. They have only one or two items on either side they care about. guns and cultural marxism lgbtazertybbq faggotry each on opposing sides. What they agree upon wholeheartedly is always in jewish interest no matter the situation.


in complete agreement or showing complete agreement
If a group of people are unanimous, they all agree about one particular matter or vote the same way, and if a decision or judgment is unanimous, it is formed or supported by everyone in a group:
The jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty after a short deliberation of whether he did or dindu nuffin.

America lost the civil war

That's fake news. USA will be minority white by 2030.

Do something useful or fuck off mouthbreather.

Says the faggot sucking off his favorite Zionist puppet.

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You caught me, I made this image in Adobe Blender. Trump is definitely pro-white.

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Come on you boring bastard.

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Fuck off reddit.

Yeah it's a bit disappointing to see this board dissolve into this braindead 'red team good, blue team bad' charade whenever there is an election.

The gains are minimal but we really need to not allow Hillary win. How hard is it to grasp?

America lost the moment the first nigger stepped foot on the continent.

Colonel Sanders was jewish?

Give me one reason to not donate all my savings to Iran for the sole task to nuke the fuck out of your poisonous jew enabling nation?

Why not?
Trump and the Republicans are just narrowly maintaining the status-quo, just about holding on but immigration still carries on and gun control measures are still put in place like with the bump stocks.
At least with Hillary and the Democracts you can bite the bullet and accelerate the collapse of this system by scaring passive whites.

It will be interesting to see how that elected muslim democrat that expressed animosity against israel on twitter will fare

The absolute state of kids, no, the democrats will not bite the bullets under Hillary.
Like in 2016 am I right?

Passive whites vote for Hillary.

Go on and nobody give a shit.

Republican is the redpilled party.

And from all recent accounts retarded fashy based MAGApedes vote for NeoCon jews FTW!

Neither of those sides deserve to live

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1. Iran doesn't accept EBT
2. Kang Nigger already gave them their ZOG allowance
3. You couldn't find Iran on a map if someone stapled it to your hooked nose

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You mean when Trump won and all of the white people who voted for Trump about issues like immigration and gun control were pacified.
You are never going to win by voting and politics, the system is thoroughly controlled by jews, and so is Trump.
The only way you are going to win is by scaring white people until they feel like their comfortable lives are under threat, only then when their lives get worse until they have nothing left to lose will they get angry and tribal, and start to think racially.
This is going to happen eventually as more and more shitskins immigrate into the US, surely its better to just get it over with quickly, right now, before the demographics of this country shift out of our favour.

Kike detected.

Well, it's the only option in the US.


Nope, like in 2016 where passive whites vote for Hillary, and immigration and guns are going to absolute hell under her.

Meanwhile, no one is pacificed under Trump, we are more active than ever.

I double dare you to start shit in the Hillary regime.

But does Iran accept nuke?

inbe4 hurrr zionist jokes ain't kosher, Iran is our good goy

The only two redpilled motherfuckers I've seen was Art Jones, a Republican in name only, they don't want him representing them, and a fucking Somalian Muslim woman who married her brother.
Says a lot about Republicans when this piece of human trash they fished out of Africa has more balls about addressing the Israeli question than the neocons and Trumpfans, who both love Israel, that make up the Republicans.

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What is that even supposed to mean you fucking retarded spastic
You mean the international legal ombudsman decreed that Iran was to have its illegally confiscated frozen assets released back to them, the money was always Iran's, America illegally imposed sanctions on them to appease their jewish masters
I'm not American therefore geography isn't beyond my comprehension you fucking retarded jew cheerleading spastic

PS - Iran is the good guy in opposition to the jew
America is the slave vassal-state golem protecting isreal from a universal backlash

Show a lot of what you know.



The only good muslims are the ones in the Middle East.

Give me one reason why any white man should support retarded American NeoCohen Republikike spastics?

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Iran has stood near Israel since the fucking 50s and did nothing against jews.

Support for Iran on this board is very suspicious considering they are actively controlled opposition.

In fact, the people who lambaste le baste zionists will praise le baste anti-zionist muslim like the dumbfucks they are.

Guns, white nation, good economy.

We don't need Zionist puppet approval for those things faggot.

Just like in Britain, like Sadiq Khan, the only jew approved muslim politicians who get elected are all equally as happy sucking on jew dicks as Trumpstein is

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We don't, but if le zionist support those, I'm gonna support them.

Sadick Khan supports Iran too.


Let's import muslims to own le jews, my fellow ANTI-SEMITES!

Yes, that is common sense and logical for anti-jews to reject you NeoCon jew cheerleading maggots and praise those against you jews, this is Zig Forums not reddit's The_ZOGnald

Sadiq Khan is a zionist, he works for jews and has a fucking great big hook nose like the previous jewish/Turk mayor Boris Johnson, he is against Iran,
Why are all Americans so politically ignorant in all areas?

This is not leddit, let's import iranian to own le kikes, my fellow anti-semites!

And no, it's not common sense or logical.

Muslims have lived with jews more than thousand of year, in fact, much more than the white men.

Have the muslims even done anything against jew?


LOL Wrong kike.

He's not anti-Iran.

Boris Johnson is a white man, unlike you semitic bastard.

You're basically saying you're a tool and that you hate this place and that you're only here to shill.

Who the fuck said anything about importing Iranians?
Oh you did in post

Still the irony of course being that the only actually based politicians in America are muds, the rest are judas goat jew cocksuckers

You are basically you are promoting false dichotomery and are here to shill muslim.

But my fellow anti-semites, importing muslim anti-semites here will be increase anti-semitism, which will be BASTE!
So redpilled that:

Hey, mud, you will die in the same hole as the kikes. You and the kikes are the same.

Get the fuck out.