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Howdy, I think it's time we start thinking about our strategy on a personal and boardwide level. The strategy to delay the inevitable Racial Civil War with Trump for 4-8 years has worked out well. Riding the wave of "being represented" white men in America felt a surge of power and confidence. Many are back in the workplace after a long while. This had the benefit of bringing a lot of men together in "mannerbunds" around the country. But now the tide is turning back towards degeneration. 2016 was an unforgivable slip up by ZOG. Anything except constant utter demoralization is unacceptable in their plans.

The rosy vacation is over and it's time seriously consider how to prosper in a Racial Civil War. Gun grabbing, miscegenation propaganda and child abuse in all public schools will become even more widespread. Expect ramped up heroin, propaganda and demoralization. States with split-personalities like Oregon, Washington, New York, Iowa, Ohio and more (mostly along racial lines in the coastal cities) will see increased ethnic antagonism. Expect more gun laws in all the aforementioned states except Ohio. In short, the destructive forces in the country are going to take a huge victory lap and, like with Obama, the "frog boiling" plan will go out the window in their hubris.

At this point, some of the main things men should've been focusing on the last two years was:
Property, vehicles, precious metals, firearms, manufacturing equipment both crude/specialized, food stores
Lists of race traitors/jews and their locations, locations of any cache of weapon including armories/evidence lockers/gun shops, information about essential public works like sewage, water treatment, power and communication utilities.
Friendships with local associations for hiking, 4x4 offroading, shooting, fishing, homesteading, preppers, dirtbike riding, pilot clubs, machinist hobbyists, electronics clubs, etc.
Homesteading, agriculture, electronics assembly design repair, gun-smithing and maintenance, vehicle maintenance, long and short range marksmanship, moving while shooting, small unit tactics, basic intelligence tactics, land navigation, and a familiarity with how local law enforcement and military do these things. If possible, train WITH them!

If you haven't started this process of building your own small network and plugging yourself into the local pulse you should start immediately. Everyone thinks they're going to be Earl Turner after they consider "their place" in the future struggle, but the reality is much more humbling. Most will be responsible for a small area of operation and are expected to be experts in it. You need to prepare with this in mind.

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The mindset you should cultivating at this point is that you will eventually have to fight for your life, potentially alone. You should strive to be self sufficient in operations and logistics. The reasoning behind this is that when you have 5 such men together they can function greater than their sum total because of their self reliance. You must be able to function totally alone or with the backing of an entire organization. Even if you have 0 intention of fighting, cultivate these resources so they can be of use to someone who does. Support will be just as important as self-sustainment, even with a self reliant mindset.

What are your guys thoughts on this? How are you keeping in touch with the local white population and making yourself a valuable asset to a future movement? Remember not to incriminate yourself. Anonymize your metadata and the post itself.

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I am doing what I can with what I've got OP. I'm trying to redpill my family the best I can. I have a baby brother that I have assumed a fathership role for. I have a gf, and intend on having children with. I am also bringing up the idea of creating a gun-club with some friends of mine.

On another note, I would like to take a moment and remind you all of what we may be fighting for in the near future. I made the post in pic related earlier to justify the idea of conflict. Sorry if this is a blogpost, just trying to contribute.
Keep fighting the good fight, opie

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Excuse my tisms, I should have proofread.

It's not blogposting, not everyone has $100,000 a year salary after taxes and 0 attachments. You have to be totally frank with yourself in evaluating your situation and what you can afford to do. Time is a resource as well as money. If you've assumed the natural paternal role your time in inevitably at a premium, especially time for proper self maintenance. (Mental and physical) Budget your expenses in such a way that the assets you cultivate are doubly purposed for the upcoming conflict. An older, well maintained 4x4 with abundant parts (Toyota or CDJR brand, Chevy/Ford, etc) is a potential military vehicle as well as a family transporter. It can be had for a modest price. ($5000 to $7500) Used firearms are just as good. A well maintained M14 or .308 bolt action correctly zeroed are incredibly valuable.

Basically what I'm saying is do what you can within reason. Alienating family to be an autistic "prepper" is totally counterintuitive to a people's uprising, ESPECIALLY an ethnocentric one revolving the shared racial family.

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PDF dump real quick. These are all must-reads for anyone tangling with ZOG in the future. You have understand the machine you're fighting against before you can muck up it's gears and throw off the scent of its mechanical bloodhounds.

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You actually get it user. I can't just go and stir some shit like the other lazy anons wish I could. I would be leaving behind my already struggling family, my brother would have no male role-model in his life, and I'd deprive the world of another generation of my potential children. I'm not saying I won't fight. If big brother comes knocking to take my liberties I'll blow them away and hang them for the whole world to see. However, I owe it to my family to wait, and be a reactionary force. I will do what I can for our cause though.

nice, I'll also join in and dump whatever info I have.

kek, I forgot most of my info is from Zig Forums, so it won't be of much use in terms of how to play a part in the information wars, but it could help in the potential real war.

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It's also counter-productive. Being an isolated mountainsperg is a good guarantee you're going to lose. The fact that you have social connections itself makes you valuable. If we can stop this trainwreck before it gets to that point, its going to be by just being winners in our personal life. If we can't, then those gunclub buddies just might be the ones that save your life. The romantic lone-hero idea people have cultivated is completely wrong. You should be capable of being alone but you shouldn't make that your goal.

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forgive me strelok, for I have sinned

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Do not come to me for forgiveness, go to the kube.

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lone hero shit is stupid since technology already destroyed the idea of a so called "hero" war is now very clinical and cold. I know its not good to be cynical but even some old shit is incompatible with the present. maybe another time but as for now its crunchtime. What needs to happen now is for people here to foster bonds with their community and have patience and steadily build up the idea that it starts with culture and goes from bottom to top.

Absolutely correct.
Do your best to make friends anons, redpill them on the way of things, and explain that we are fighting for survival, not just for our race, but for our freedoms, and our right to the pursuit of happiness. Essentially, form clans in the form of gun-clubs.

Couldn't have said it better myself. You should steel yourself to be alone, all the while making every preparation not to be. It's not so much about operating alone as it operating unimpeded. With everyone's bases covered there are no extra preparations to make, barring tactical decisions. Stereotypical Western European immigrant habits are the ones to take one right now. Miserliness, hostility to outsiders both concealed and overt, being very patient for the right piece of equipment at the right price to come along, etc. All the while being affable to those in your in-group. I can tell you just from the 4x4 clubs, the gun clubs and the nature hiking clubs if the power went off tonight we could have 100 men ready to roll, 4 to a truck, trucks filled with food and guns by 8am. Encouraging a shared membership between is the ultimate goal. Inviting the 4x4 guys hunting along with the hikers.

I'll augment this with a vehicle guide as well. Cropped to include just the trucks.

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Tell me one thing: how do you plan to defend yourself against swarms of thousands of government drones navigated by AI?

Stab the drone operators in their sleep since AI drones don't exist.

How do you envision a race war? Do you think whites will finally band up together and fight with eachother or just crawl inside their home and wait for the government to save them? Have you talked to white people recently? I don't understand why you faggots aren't organizing, creating a website or some shit. Just stay off fringe topics like genocide and hating niggers, our policies make complete logical sense if presented properly, it can be done.

What are you talking about? This is about local organization so that your "unit" or "cell" can be plugged into a greater movement once it comes along. If people are organized locally there's no need or opportunity to open yourself up to the PR game and the COINTELPRO. Normalfags follow the strong. You don't have to be liked, you have to be competent and feared. The community building comes after the racial tsunami passes.

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Consider how the Jews had 73 years since 1945 to completely exterminate the Japanese race, but have only started pushing mass immigration these past few years, ESPECIALLY this last year. The collapse of the Japanese state means that there is no shielding the west coast of America from the Chicoms (which shall happen within the next decade, if the Japanese cuckservatives have their way). Rural white Americans can easily win a civil war without foreign intervention, and really the Chinese are the only ones with enough manpower and equipment to launch a land invasion that could turn the table of an American civil war. Alongside the demographic trends of the US, internet censorship, and increase of gun grabbing, that Trump has done nothing to combat (intentionally or not doesn't matter, what matters is that there is decisive and undeniable evidence that ZOG cannot be voted out), you folks only have the next few years to start and win the war of liberation from ZOG.

oh and I might add, that the Eurocrats (or Jewrocrats, if you will) have made the extra push for an EU army since Trumps election. Of course, the fear is not Trump himself, but the rise of white Americans against the globalist manace. So that means the American east coast is under threat, too. It really depends on the competence of the American navy.

sadly we lost our Norman Rockwell
Identity, we lost the gravy too, maybe
we can start eating hotdogs again,

This. Build cells of 2-8 men you can trust in and rely upon absolutely. Spend time together. Keep it on the DL. Don't even name your group. Don't make an emblem. KEEP IT ON THE DL! Don't get arrested or infiltrated.

Get ready for balkanization, and push it. The commies have spent the last half century on demoralization and demographic change - the US is weak and in debt as a result, but the ZOG is still too strong to take head on. The key is DESTABILIZE without further DEMORALIZATION or DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE. Anything you can do to make the debt run faster, do it. Anything you can do to promote further social unrest, do it. When the US can no longer afford EBT and food subsidies, riots start. When the US can no longer afford police and army, balkanization happens.

bumping because good thread

You start running for local and state office as Democrats, keep your mouth shut, until the race war comes. Then you feed information to the right side.

Just become a Democrat and say crazy shit often.

I don't know how people can still support democracy when after today its obvious Republicans will never win again due to demographics

with mac&cheese

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I'm moving to Argentina. Whiter than the US and many places to be off the grid

Pfffff hahahahahaha lmao


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Biggest thing to understand: phones ping towers, some can do it while turned off by activating them remotely. Anywhere you go with a phone can be referenced to use against you, or to find you. Same thing goes for other people. If you shoot someone to defend yourself, understand that if they have a phone on them, a map can be created of their movements, locations and intervals and last known position. Also, anything that you transmit, online, text message, encryption app, is recorded forever, that also includes radio transmission.

All of this is fine, but there are two things that seem to go unanswered, and I would genuinely like to know what you guys think

1 - how would any of this ever be triggered to happen?
2 - what exactly would be the best strategy for those of us living in europe?

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kill all jews and expel and kill the shitskin hoards they flooded Europe with;theb have many white children,

ugh… this is the kind of answer that makes threads shitty

obviously it would be relevant to know how things are supposed to unfold, especially since the situation here in many countries is nowhere as tense as in the USA

it's the truth though and yes US fag.The jew has to be exterminated or nothing will change or get better and.continue to decay.Simple answer for a simple question user,

user, Japan will be fine long after the USA becomes Brazil.
They wont hold back the Chinks because they don't give a fuck about the people who dropped nukes on them. They wouldn't say that but it's true as fuck. Also user, Japan has less than 2% foreigners…. 98% Japanese. Abe is being derpy but he can't really fuck up unless the USA drags him into WW3. In terms of action plans, IMO staying in the USA is a death sentence, the food will go, the police state will move in, the hordes will riot and overrun the police, then slowly the kike ZOG will starve all of you out until you hand in your guns. This Rambo shit isn't gonna work in 2018. Return to Europe, the true land of the white race and die fighting for something worth it. Europe police state is winnable, a Yugoslavia situation in Germany etc would be good for us. BTW I'm in Japan right now, and still intend on returning to the homelands. For now I am enjoying it much better than my "Hometown" in the JewSA

Racial purity alone will not save the United States. Ethnic boarders within whites must also segregate. A mixed European population is too diverse themselves to maintain peace. As well with the annulment of the current constitution and the fertilization of (((liberty)))

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You have to seize the opportunity locally when the time comes. That's what this thread is about, building that capability.

Irrelevant ethnic D&C. Also irrelevant since these cells would be local populations with similar ethnic make-ups.

not that they could hold off the bugman horde on their own anyways, they will have a hard enough time keeping their own territory safe from invasion and bombardment let alone the entire western seaboard
Hardly at all, most land east of the rocky mountains is fertile enough to grow your own food AKA victory gardens, the people that are self sufficient will survive long after the hordes die out, and with the addition of plentiful weapons and resources it wouldnt be much of an issue to equip and supply a combat force to fend off the ZOG
Rambo was a green beret, all that machine gunning shit is for the movies, actual green berets and "rambos" are going to be 10X more formidable than rambo ever was, and with the resources available anyone who is willing can be on par with actual green berets, so there will be MANY rambos running around
drones cant go on roving foot patrols or kick in your door, this has been thoroughly discussed.
unless the faggots over there miraculously pull out several millions of small arms they are gonna have to duke it out the old way and pray to god they win the war of attrition. not to mention that the population and landmass of the US is 325m people and the landmass is 3.8 million sq miles, while in europe the population is 741m people with a landmass of 3.9 million sq miles, so that is the same landmass with twice as many people and next to no guns. there is literally no where to run in europe, in the US there will at least be large swathes of land where one can conceal himself.

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Nobody prospers in total war. That civil war would not just stay in the US.
I expect hell like WWI. Apparently trench warfare is appearing on the ukrainian front … that's not a good sign.

This is begging for a "Who would win?" meme:
"Her Majesty's Armed Forces, which is a pale shadow of the military that bravely lost to Gandhi" or "A bunch of acne ridden basement dwellers armed with black market assault bread knives"

this is how i know you are too stupid to be alive.
brown wave 2020 and hell on earth is on our doorstep. we know where we are and what to do. we are post politics and post talking about shit on pol.

yeah, it was kinda silly I said you face “certain death” in the US. Who knows lol, maybe the neckbeards can take Alaska. Still thought, ZOG jew budget is hella fat, theyll invent muh drones to find your underground gardens bro. I dont think whole world is gonna collapse, theres gonna be safe places, probably in the US too. If the whites lose Europe though gotta say, I think thats game over.

why lie speak bullahit unless your a fucking hook nose
fuck you btw.

this white an will wreck your ass

fuck you nigger want all of you to die

All this time and you mongoloids still don't know how to fit in

that first pic

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that typically only helps if the infrastructure and economy as a whole is still in tact, you may have a big budget but it isnt going to help much when there is no one to collect those resources and guerillas are a constant threat on any convoys, outposts, facilities you have
thats a bit iffy aswell, primarily because it is the whites that produce and the nigs that consume, if no whites produce then the nigs will starve/freeze to death, at which point they will be a null threat, similar in nature the economic (production consumption, not monetary) model in wartime US
but it may be different, who knows

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Japan's always had a much lower population than China and been able to hold them off, mainly because China's always been hilariously inept when it came to warfare.

The biggest threat to the Chinese is other Chinese. Their power projection is a massive ruse to get other to forget that.

The bigger and more powerful the ZOG machine comes the quicker it's inevitable collapse arrives. The machine rolls on with a perfect equilibrium of pushback and power grabbing now, but the cracks are already starting to show. Going from the F22 to the F35, the ineptitude of the Obama era appointees still in, etc. The more specialized and powerful the fighting forces become, the more inept their leadership becomes. Delta Force could tear the head off this country by itself in a week but their leadership is too stupid to do anything with them but track 90IQ goat herders and burn women and children alive in Texas.

Has anyone put serious thought into the potential for Iran funding a anti-defamation of the Aryan league in the US?
If Israel can fund the jew interest, we should be able to receive support from Iran. Even if it had to be hidden money, Soros style, it would greatly benefit Iran to help out the push to remove ZOG from America.

Sanctions against Iran would be make it technically illegal. Funding from Russia or China would be better. EU might do it to so their main rival gets destabilized.

I find it depressing that we can have a known terrorist state of israel fund politicians but we can't have Iran fund people that just want to be left the fuck alone. Shameful.

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Don't sit and wait for change to come on its own. Join an organization. Improving yourself and having white children is good but organization is crucial. (Marching with banners is optional though.) What the struggle need above all is a cadre of orderly fanatics who are ready to sacrifice their time, effort and safety for the cause. That's the one thing you lack in America. You've got everything going for you but that. Victory is within reach but to grab it the movement needs a physical body.

Giving this a bump

Recently like the sperg I am I decided to eat some Dog food, (the dry stuff) and it really wasn't that bad at all. It tasted like a biscuit with a slightly odd taste, and it got me thinking.
Dogs eat this shit and can live perfectly fine on it.
Presumably for the volume of the stuff you can buy it would be a very good survival food.
Thoughts anons?

Dog owner here, that's not correct at all I'm afraid, commercial dogfood is hyper-processed junk, loaded with flavouring and preservatives that are banned in human food, as well as use of meat not fit for human consumption. Higher quality small-label foods may be better, but I do not feed mass market commercial food (IAMS, P&G) to my own dog.
Petfood companies conduct ongoing research, including vivisecting live animals, to discover how low-quality the food can go without killing off a large percentage of elderly/sick pets. There is something of the same philosophy behind soylent to it.
Best avoided, and not that cheap, I feed my dog lean beef and we only come out around 30% above tinned mass market food.

Indeed. Nature and biology are the most cruel, emotionless, unforgiving eugenicists ever known to man. Darwin was right about 'Natural selection'. What we are being subjected to today is unnatural and biologically defeating
The exceptions are (((those in power))) who project their own inner-evil, shortcomings, and sins upon others as if that will cleanse them of their own personal responsibility(ies). The notion that 'Blood Libel' and 'Scape Goating' are believed by these things is abstract at a minimum.
We've been lulled to sleep by 1st world conditions, altruism, and "civility"; and now we are surrounded by biological enemies. Our response will be natural in accordance with the law of the jungle; a law the Talmudists hope to evade

This is highly important, and I fear it can only happen in small batches for now.

And you're a retard. Trumpfags need to get off this board.

shut up newkike

Zig Forums*

mexicans despite being a race of mutts actually cluster fairly nicely. You're not going to segregate white americans, the least mixed are those that have 1 parent directly from europe. Best thing you can really do is just have them embrace themselves as being their own ethnic group and be sure that no single ethnic background europeans come and mix in further

If this thead disappears or is anchored it will be time to get new mods.

Almost disappeared, bump

The next step is to start organizations to attack Leftist power centers.
We want to attack Universities because the vast majority in the US are Public, and publically-funded.
Former Radicals who have foot-soldiered for the Left are given Sinecures in Universities, mostly as 'Professors' of such arts as
Now, we actually need things like Sociology, Psycholgoy, and other 'Soft Sciences'. These are worthy fields of study and catalog.
But they're also fairly easy to enter on a Teaching basis.
You can also receive public funding, while drawing a public paycheck, to 'research' topics like this:
And when you Publish your 'Research', your opinions now carry the weight of Official Authority.
So the Universities have a multi-fold impact for the Left:
The propaganda dynamic functions as a Boilerplate for the constant Appeal to Authority logical fallacy. The best example is Global Warming/Climate Change
that you hear constantly pushed in the media.
Most people are not smart or energetic enough to deal with the flood of information, so they either buy into the fallacy, or they retreat to simplistic objections which carry no weight
No matter how much you love your Church or God, no one will ever base public policy on your opinion because you lack an Appeal to Authority (the University).
The old game of simply plowing over Lefties has reached it's ultimate: the election of Donald Trump.
Only Trump has the moxie to simply do what he wants, and the Right cannot depend on him long term because best-case scenario given perfect health and re-election, we only have him for 6 more years.
So we need to start doing something for ourselves, and as OP indicated, the Trump Administration is our window to build the infrastructure to deal with the overly-powerful Left.
Make no mistake: We are losing the culture war, we have always been losing, and we are probably going to lose it.
We are probably going to be mongrelized, not as a sunny and rosy future of Diversity and Integration and Peace, but as an act of war, hatred, and violence.
No matter your objection to the Left, you must now agree that we have to band together because of the violent and genocidal nature of the Left, whether you're a Nazi, red-pilled Normie, traditional Christian, Pagan, Nationalist, or all of those (yes some people mix Christianity and Paganism).
We have to hang together or our children will hang separately.

So the Universities must be attacked. We must de-fund the Leftist power-centers there, deprive the Left from using them as refuges, and roll back the blanket of Cultural Marxism laid over them, for we have surely lost that battle.

If anyone is interested in a plan or outline on how to do this, I will continue in this thread.

Suffice it to say, the Right cannot afford to simply write-off Universities as the domain of eggheads, hippies, and radicals. We can't dismiss them because they are not dismissable. Public policy is made on University studies whether you like it or not. The objection to University power levied by traditional Republicans failed, and Trump will only be with us for 6 more years. You can bet in the next 6 years the Left will be working to renew their power in the University system, which you as a Citizen MUST pay for, or do I have to remind you, they will send shocktroopers to your house to kill your family (not paying your taxes).

So preparation for Revolution is nice, but it will be stillborn, or aborted by the Left, unless we build our own support structures, and attack those of the Left.

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i think its for the best that people experience the worst degeneracy possible so that they and their children will have a permanent reminder on why such degeneracy is being activley opposed.
only way is to kill the opposition of marxists, kikes and other inferior races but most importantly traitors, there is literally no point in "redpilling" anyone, if you win a civil war the majority will just suck up your belief system and go along with everything anyway, id say for america the best thing to do is let the trump fags kill all the marxists and then put them to use in labour camps for being civnat scum.
and here in europe id hope every user is joining the poilce/military/secretagencies and either destroy them from within or stage a coup

the only way for the white race to survive is not only to destroy the jewish system but to completely erase it and install a much better system free of kikery

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Attached: frank 3.jpg (557x556, 56.98K)

That's my whole deal with forming the small groups. You train and lead more men as actual providers once the shit hits the fan.

why does Israel call their secret intelligence service after
a mass Jewish suicide event,

seriously why name your intelligence service after a
massive loss in battle,

Man, if you think that is odd, then look at Jewish holidays. They're almost all massacres or misfortunes on behalf of or befallen the Jews. They're obsessive about evil shit and venerate it as Westerners venerate heroism and vitality in their holidays.
The list goes on and on. The more you learn about actual Jewish practices, the more repugnant they become even without knowing modern history.


Do exactly what we have been doing all along.

Discussions of
Is what corrupted Gamergate, the "alt right", the "sceptics" and everything else.

Name the jew.
Name the crimes of the jew.
Name the jews some more.

That's all that is needed.

It's not impossible that you have actual good intentions, OP, but this needs no discussion.
It only needs posts like:

Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions
Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.
Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.
Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.
Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.
Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.
Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.
Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.
Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.
Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn't fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.
Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite
Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite
Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:
Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0
Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:
jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.
Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Upboating quality thread

First of this thread is going to be Monitored heavy as fuck from glow niggers.

Personally, I am trying to acquire liquid wealth and international flexibility. Meaning, citizenship to another country and familiarity with a couple locations outside the United States.

Secondly I am trying to learn more about computer security and IT shit. There is no way to organize that won't have the NSA or some Jew corporation shutting you down. Computers are pozzed on hardware levels. Trying to establish any meaningful way of secure communication is truly difficult.

Thirdly, I hope to develop local friendships through certain clubs that are not intrinsically political.

At this point, it should be obvious that the United States is in a post constitutional state. We are legitimately beginning to live under tyranny. I have truly no hope on turning this ship around playing inside the established "rule set". The choice between corrupt Republicans or Democrats will bring us no where. Turning the tide will take organizational effort, and advanced intelligence gathering techniques - and also a way to act on intelligence gathered. It will take several great minds and a large amount of resources.

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