Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar first Muslim women elected to Congress

Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib and Somali-American Ilhan Omar have become the first Muslim women elected to US Congress.

Tlaib took Michigan's 13th congressional district in a race in which she was the sole major party candidate. Omar won Minnesota's strongly Democratic fifth congressional district, replacing the first Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison, who vacated his seat to run in the state's attorney general race.


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isn't the one on the right the one who married her brother?


Oh she's cool. Palestinians fight Jews.

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Sadly, she's probably the closest thing to /ourgirl/ in congress. Isn't democracy a wonderful thing?

Sounds like you two pedes are getting off the reservation!

Only when they are actually in Palestine and are getting shat on by Israel. Those living in the West think and act like the average Muzzie do.

This will backfire and cause more Jew in fighting. Jews can’t cry white supremacy when it’s brown people are calling for the death of Israel. We should meme democrat becoming more anti-Israeli

Yeah, a Palestinian democrat is /ourgirl/.

Baste muslim.

I'll take a muslim over a jew any day. Without the jew, the muslim has no power. Without the muslim, the jew is still a deadly threat.

Except muslims live with jews.

Muslims live in Israel, and muslim countries have jews, they are symbiotic.

In fact, the fact you hate BASTE conservative niggers but love this leftist Palestinian mud is very concerning.

his point is they're not going to do what you (and I) want them to do, and that they're going to do other things that fucks ~us~ in other capacities and outweighs through any pros and cons wishful thinking can conjure.

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woah big deal. We should at least campaign to have them force her to take that ugly-ass towel off her head as its a violation of church and state separation. I would despise Muslims a hell of a lot less if they didn't intentionally make themselves ugly as fuck


The absolute state of democrat.

Goddamn, how this absolute failure of a mudslim gets votes is a mystery.

Let's check her issues:
Jews will suck Palestinian too, oh wait they always do.

dunno if I'm supposed to be happy or sad

it's clear you don't know mudslimes, SA has ties with israel

There is nothing happy about this shit, palestinian are weak.

It's literally a refugee debt-ridden whore who recognizes the state of Israel.

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How are dare you! the jewish people are #1

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Sit back and enjoy the show, but try to pay as little attention to it as possible.

It is the beginning of the end.
Example: London, since the election of Sadiq Khan.

pretty fucking obvious now what they're trying to set up

people expect her to anti-jews but she's actually zog. how sad.

Holy shit, unironically /ourgal/

Queen Victoria loved it. So it's good. Based British Empire.

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I can't find a link to the tweet faggot

Just see for your BASTE.

Somalis are smarter than WNs.

I just watched a sad video of Jones with his wife sperging to some kikes. Not only was he a total fail, but his wife was visibly scared and ashamed.

Now, take a look at that Somali. She played the game and starting to name the jew when she won.

LOL, so smart that:

Goddamn, how deranged can you muslim be?

Oh… We're all fucked.

As a Jewish Rabbi I support Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

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Republican can be anti-Israel, a democrat will just import muslims over here and convert them to good goyim, like in Germany.

Shes a palastine here. So while probably anti isreal she is definitely not pro white. I hope I am wrong.

And I am wrong, shes a cuck for isreal.

Palestinian is a made up ethnicity like Rohingya.

America, don't let Muds infiltrate your politics. Jews are bad enough. Just don't do it.

t. Europoor

Does anyone else wonder what the founding fathers would say if they are alive today?

I reckon they'd start a revolution.

Muslims will always outnumber Jews. Far left allowed them to have more privilege than the kikes in places in Europe. Jews will join the western right in large numbers. They know they will lose control of the left.

huh so 500 rabbis changed their mind?
what happened?

When does she have here head-dress like that if she's muslim. Looks like a sikh female turban.

Democrats didn’t have the vote of white males. There still hope. Even the baby boomers die out white men will be forced to rebuild during the aftermath. Zig Forums will hopefully admit white women are the biggest threat to the white race. We need to put white women in line. The way Muslims handle their women is the only they got right.

Baste 💯💯💯💯🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

Ha Ha the first time an 'American' politician gets it is when she's a Palestinian at a time when the most 'jew-wise' of America wants to kill all the enemies of isreal, even with the orange kike in chief declaring white antisemites to be the first to get gassed under his watch

What a based society the modern American has, they might even get their wall around the perimeter of the FEMA camps the orange kike intends to send them

You do realise that London was already majority nigger under all the previous jewish maoyors like Boris Johnson and most of it happened when the most hardline Conservative leader in Britain's history [Margeret Thatcher] was in power

Secondly Sadiq Khan is a fully paid up zionist, how else was he allowed to become an MP?

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Samefagging ip switching jew. There are thousands of jews in the u.s. in power. This one Palestinian is great.

Over half the government isn't pro-White. What is your point? you retarded jew.

They would welcome her to fight jews.

No. Jews do it.

This thread was created by a Jew. Now Jews are spamming post. This board is literally 70% jew now.

spoken like one true retard. she shills for jews you dumbfuck

Reported for kikeshilling mudshits
Death to all mudshit golems

These things should not even be able to vote, let alone run for office. Democracy is suicide.


We're in this together.

Good lad.

There are still more Muslims in Europe than the USA and there always will be

Would you care to join the civilised world, wherein you don't get to beat your wife if she disagrees, or sell your daughter to an old man?

Let's look at the numbers for homicide: see pic. True, the rate was already rising when Khan took office, but what has he done since? Made a priority of tackling online hate crime, and blamed central government for everything that has gone south on his watch…

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It's not a numbers game, we are in this together.

And this utter faggotry:
Jews control islam, that old chestnut…
And if you look at the population of london (many fuckloads of 'refugees' and 'white flight') you will see how he was elected, and was 'selected' (allowed, ha!) by the labour party, which asa a group, are nearly as antisemitic as /pol

Fuckhead, anti-islam =/= pro-jew. Both ideologies are disgusting and regressive.

How about neither, idiot.

Loomer looks worse since her nose job tbh and how the fuck did she get money to do it???????

She ran unopposed.


"Chestnut". Kikes created Islam (read "Hagarism" - a quite dense but wonderfully sourced read) and work hand-in-hand with Muzzies when it comes to destroying and subverting white countries. Always did, always will. Minor squabbles from time to time between cousins do happen, of course.


Watching these cunts try to implement sharia from the House is going to be insane. That Cortez cunt from NY is going to be besties with these two.

At least they're not friendly with israel. it's a step up from pro-israel and anti-white republicans

As some 4pol user wisely said once:

"If you play both sides, eventually you will come into conflict with yourself."

Though I do not support Somalis being in our government. They seem to have propensity for anarchy. I do think that zionism remains our biggest threat. But watch, she will tone it down when asked to by her new bosses. I wouldn't look too much forward to having a strong ally. Just my opinion. But anyway, fuck Israel. And they have scapegoated Muslims for so so long. I personally think that very few attacks on Americans themselves were even done by them.

But if they do so, wouldn't that mean that they will try and make Cortez wear the burqa? Does Sharia law even permit women to be in office? I thought it was hardline conservative for them.

Won't be long before the first Republican Muslim woman, the republican party likes to follow democrats in terms of candidate demographics go.

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Hagarism is bunk, and you're retarded. Get out of the gene pool with your pissy ideas.

Im inclined to agree, but remember these people have to be vetted by AIPAC in order to get in, so shes very likely pro israel



Republicans are such spineless gutless worms.

Rashida will propose legislation to drastically expand U.S. civil rights protections to cover discriminatory impacts, in addition to discriminatory intent, when elected to Congress – a sweeping change for America that would change the landscape for millions of citizens.

Residents of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District and in diverse and working-class communities across America realize that they aren’t getting a fair deal. Economic opportunity – the ability to get a good education, to purchase affordable insurance, to get a mortgage or loan, or even to have safe drinking water – should not be determined by race, religion, ethnicity, or zip code.
Justice For All
Civil Rights Act
A cornerstone of Rashida's historic campaign for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 13th District has been the effort to give residents and communities across this diverse working-class district equal access to opportunity. With this in mind, Rashida announced the framework for an innovative and groundbreaking Justice For All Civil Rights Act.

Half a century has passed since the initial groundswell of the civil rights movement inspired this country into action. And, yet, minority communities face discrimination and obstacles to accessing the American Dream on countless fronts. It’s time to address the problem head-on.
Intended Impacts of the New Civil Rights Act

Expand Educational Opportunity
Challenge inequitable funding of our public schools.​

End Redlining Practices
Stop "territorial rating" of car and home insurance rates, which result in huge disparities that residents of low-income communities of color like Detroit and Wayne County face when paying for car and homeowners insurance. Simply put, safe drivers in these communities pay more than safe drivers in whiter and more suburban communities because of the use of a "territorial rating" system that systematically charges consumers more for the same product in communities of color. ​
End the use of credit scoring in determining insurance rates.
Challenge mortgage, business lending, and other bank practices that systematically steer minorities into higher cost products or that deny homeowners and businesses owners access to credit regardless of their income, credit and ability to pay.

Challenge Unfair Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Policies that Disproportionately Impact People of Color
End the use of racial profiling by police and other law enforcement authorities. These profiling tactics have been proven to be ineffective and have disproportionately subjected racial minorities to harassment, fear, and other injustices simply because of the color of their skin. ​
Provide new avenues for victims of police violence to challenge systematic practices that result in the disproportionate killing of innocent people of color.
Ensure that criminal justice polices and laws–such as the disproportionate sentencing provisions between crack and powder cocaine–are designed and implemented without disproportionately impacting communities of color and other protected classes.

Expand Employment Opportunities
Challenge private and public policies that needlessly bar returning citizens or those with bad credit from employment opportunities. ​

Stop Water and Utility Shut-Offs, as well as Discriminatory Practices in Tax Assessment and Foreclosure

Protect Victims of Discrimination
Require state employers to give workers full relief for age discrimination, including back pay. ​
Clarify that federal law barring age discrimination requires the same standard of proof as cases of race, gender and other forms of discrimination.

Expand Access to State and Federal Resources for Roads, Schools, Health Care, Parks, and Other Vital Public Services
Overturn state and federal budget and appropriations policies that systematically restrict low-income communities of color from accessing funding for vital public services, roads, schools, hospitals and community health centers, parks, etc.​

Improve Health Care
End systematic bias in treatment by hospitals.​
Require state employers to give workers full relief for age discrimination, including back pay.
Clarify that federal law barring age discrimination requires the same standard of proof as cases of race, gender and other forms of discrimination.

Protect the LGBTQX Community
Explicitly make discrimination based on sexual or gender identity illegal under the Civil Rights Act



The future greeting is " assalamualaikum " and you eebil nahzzees can't do anything about it.
Start learning Arabic and follow sharia law, you bigoted khafirs!

Sounds like the plan is to relocate all the Gazan and West Bank palestinians to the USA, then.

Well, how do you expect to vacate the holy lands destined for Greater Israel project ? Bomb & create refugees from Palestine and Syria, and send them to white countries. USA belongs to the world, bad goyim.

Ocasio-Cortez has always walked back what she said on Israel. All idealists in Washington learn to bend the knee, the only one who didn't got his brains blown out all over a convertible in Dallas

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*already walked back

go right ahead and start one then. That civil war is not going to start itself

Two future scapegoats get shoe-horned into Congress by jews.
Yawn . . .