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what's wrong with this ridiculous shithole?

It's interesting the extent the republicans were wiped out in New Jersey with the exception of Ocean County – where rat kike hive Lakewood is located and all the surrounding towns these vermin keep infesting and harassing White people out of. Fuck trump.


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Cities/counties packed with millions of shit-skins.

You realize the senate is still republican majority, right? There was no "blue wave," Zig Forums.

All the rat kikes in Ocean County lined up behind trumpstein.

Quads of truth.

Still, Florida restoring voting rights to a million niggers and Wisconsin getting a dem governor were pretty bad for 2020.

Jews voted overwhelmingly democrat d/c shill


The map is right in the OP, dumbass. See that deep dark red in New Jersey? That's Ocean County. Faggot mother fucker.

I tend to see the positive in things. Nothing was getting done anyone because no one could agree on anything, but now that dems have a majority in the house, Trump can use his influence to shit on them for the next two years.

Filtered. Go back to Zig Forums, you low IQ monkey.



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How fucking stupid are you? Filtered.

Hey Zig Forums, notice how with each election there's more nationalistic candidates? Yeah, we're winning the culture war. You're dead fish in the water doing the bidding of corporations. Your bloodlines end with you. You have no wealth. You have no power. You're unthinking herd animals who do the bidding of your masters. Low IQ monkeys begging to be owned, displaced, and discarded.

This is totally insane and anyone with two brain cells can see the US has less than a decade left
Balkanization in the 2030s is 100% guaranteed
We should just throw caution to the wind and start killing these people.
Kill all jews, kill the traitor Dems, kill shitskin goblins.
The fate of the US is in your hands and you're just going to allow everything to be taken away from you without resistance.


You mean all the dual nationality isreali 'nationalists' Trump placed in his cabinet?
That doesn't really count you retarded MAGApedo spastic

American electorate, possibly the most contemptible retarded spastics on Earth

Even the self-identified hardline 'nationalist' Americans seem to think electing genocidal jews is a win for them

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You first.

Who fucking cares? The house is more powerful in a sense than the senate.

People that aren't politically retarded.

I blame spics, and snowbirds for Arizona being so Blue, especially the spics, holy shit, I'm from a little further north, but when I was staying with a friend, the rallies, the protests, all sorts of california money and california expats bringing their bullshit into the state.

Especially east coast expats though, holy shit, they're all old boomers who unironically post occupy democrat memes on their facebooks and cling to their social security. I'm honestly surprised Mcsally is leading, which would be a nice change of pace.

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Kikes are now boasting the House win as their victory.

The absolute state of blackpilled shills.

Again: House > Senate.

If you have the House, you just have far more options than if you have the Senate.

Eh, While I am hopeful for them overplaying their hands and painting a target on their back, their main demographics (spics, niggers, and faggots) aren't going to give a shit about a Dem majority house gridlocking shit, as they'll just rationalize it as being DRUMBFS fault and The brave progressives FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT, these are the same people who equate millions of zionist cuckservatives as literally hugo boss wearing, kike gassing nazis.

Paul Ryan accomplished almost nothing
Well, I think the Senate has been sitting on a lot of bills. Reciprocity for one. Guess it's never going to be passed, or can they ram through some stuff during lame duck?

As a non burger, can you explain to me what exactly does this mean? Does it mean the Dems have more power when it comes to passing legislation or can Trump still use the Executive Order bullshit that dems themselves passed to get shit done?


His presidency is effectively over.

The House of Representatives is the section of Congress regarding the state governments
The Senate is the section of congress representing the Federal Goverment
The Republicans maintain the Senate, the Democrats maintain the House

So in other words nothing really happens


I don't think you comprehend how the government works. There's no be-all, end-all, there's checks and balances within our government, and thus no portion of government is all powerful. There's not exactly much that the democrats can do.

Their main demographics don't help them win Presidential elections, because their main demographics are like rats huddled in a wall, while we white people control the rest of the house. Their millions inhabit only a few counties. All in all, this is good for the right-ward progression of white voters. If Trump attacks them openly, millions of white people will feel antagonized and drift further right.

I firmly believe that Trump will use this excuse to delay building wall

Yes. Florida gave voting rights back to over a million convicted felons with a ballot initiative. His presidency is effectively over.

Seems I understand it better than you do.

For starters:

Bills must pass both houses, then get signed by Trump to be law
So we might see gridlock, or maybe Amnesty Don will make a comeback. Trump will probably start compromising on terrible bills so he has some sense of accomplishment
Also Adam Schiff now has the power to start more endless Russia investigations

Well, at least now I know you're a Zig Forums rat wandering loose in the house. Filtered.

How do we know said convicts will vote Democrat?

Better question, what makes us believe felons are highly motivated voters? Whether felons are voting or not, they were padding the votes with illegal activities.

Just google democrats house subpoena instead of playing stupid, T_D dumbfuck.

But isn't it a trend that whomever is in office loses the midterm but tends to win the reelection?

So effectively, Dems can and will stall for time on any and every resolution Trump makes?
What about those that he already passed? And what about Executive Orders?

If it's gonna be harder now, why has he not been able to pass any worthwhile bills? Asking only because no one talks about what he's actually doing but rather what he's set to do.

Btw for all the illegal immigrants from T_D ITT, why didn't your God Emperor build the wall WHILE HE FUCKING COULD? No deflections, no BS, none of your usual jewish tricks. Just answer the question.

Why the fuck would it matter?

israel is based amirite fellow pede! xDD

Call it an educated guess.

The wall was just a metaphor bro. It was never meant to be build. You got gaslighted by shareblue into thinking the wall was planned to be an actual physical construction.

Walls, bumpstocks and gaschambers for antisemites is just a meme

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The red is an esoteric metaphor that these states are part of Canada