Dems get the House, proclaim themselves as winners of the Midterms

Your move kikes.

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That would explain why many of my friends are leaving the country and telling me to do the same.

To where dare I ask

duptards and their delusions… It's not gonna happen. Your government is pretty much over and they can't do anything (also no wall), and anything that's gonna happen will be on trump simply because your lying press says so. The jews won't allow the market to crash completely, if anything it's gonna recover a bit now that the dems won.

With this it's pretty much guaranteed that they will win the next elections, you're will have a woman president. It's time to face reality and do as friends do and leave while you still have time.

Coming market crash was never Trump's fault to begin with, it's 100% fractional fiat and Fed manipulation. Trump has already starting seeding blame on the Fed, now he can hit the Democrats as well. I think it's a good thing we lost the house because that market crash is rapidly approaching.

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South America, they have the means to disappear there (starting with a name change). There is a slight chance things will go straight to hell in a few years, people living in the cities are going to have it the worse.

To any user that cannot leave the country, I recommend you to do two things:
_ stay away from cities.
_ don't stick like a sore thumb

Remember germany got completely subverted under a international capitalist clique before rising to a behemoth that took a planet to quell. The bragging and nose thumbing will be too attractive to the left. If you want to save your country now is the time for effective redpill drops.

>>>Zig Forums

The best thing to happen right now would be for the markets to crash and for Trump to blame the democrats for it, then get assassinated. That should start the civil war

Add in their antics and there's even more potential.

America is literally the only place where ZOG can be won in a civil war. Anywhere else and the Golem army will come and crush it. Americans have the fucking obligation to destroy ZOG once and for all, especially due to their role in WW2.

You are correct in alluding to the market crash, but there is another element to what's going to happen: logistics. I really cannot say too much here, but I'll say that the power grid is very vulnerable, furthermore, supplies to any given store will only last 3-7 days.

Regarding traveling, I only have bad news. I'll start on a "positive" note by saying you should look into the requirements to get a visa AND to go to any given country. Then you should look into different countries and their immigration policies. (((THEY))) will shut down travel if it gets bad. Also, you need to try acquiring connections in these countries, family is great followed by friends. If neither, try getting into a "tourist group" and go straight for "prolonged travel/adventure".

Sorry I can't say more. Take care guys, and prepare yourself for the next 2 years. If (((something big))) happens (and you will know when it happpens) and it makes you jave a sense of (((dejavu))), then that's your cue to leave… At least the cities.

Different countries have an eye in this country, and Israel is the pimp/seller.

There will be no war.

moar liek

White flight never works, retards. It just makes you and your family weaker.

Tell that to south africans.

That's exactly what Weimar was.

Blue jews will go for Ocasio-Cortez this time around just to secure the spic and cunt vote. She's Bernie on steroids. Perfect for milenials and for completely brainwashed gen Z raised on a coctail of e-celebs and social media. Not to mention she's younger than Clinton and cucks vote with their dicks plus that goblina doesn't have the same amount of humiliating skeletons in her closet as Shilary has. Red jews will try to counter it by doubling down on pandering to Zionist Evangelicals, Orthodox jews and trying to pull off the good ol' DR3 on niggers thanks to nigger celebrities like Blacked connoisseur Kanye West supporting them. Easily influenced magaspastics will fanatically support Trump and GOP no matter what and America in 2020 will be even less White than it was in 2016. By 2024 when boomers will start to die off en masse United States could easily slide into sub 40% White and by that point Whites will be completely disfrenchised. No candidate for White, straight men in sight. 4D chess.

It is inevitable. But the downturn can be blamed squarely on the dems after the growth of the past 2 years gets wiped out under their house (strings of the purse and all that).
And the ones that lost were never trumpers not to mention the gain of 33, which is a significant number in freemasonry.
The senate on the other side is gained and gives another justice after the lizard croaks. Which is the most important and far reaching win of these Midterms.
It's a Xanatos gambit.

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It’s almosf like the stock market has ups and downs but always recovers and always moves ahead. I doubt you faggots have millions invested so I don’t know why you are so concerned over a crash it will do nothing except provide a great buy opportunity.

Donald Trumpdeau pls go back to reddit

if there will be no war then it's over
it will just be whites fleeing across the planet as zog armies and brown rape hordes chase down the last whites
then might as well die fighting tbh

the future we chose

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Checked. Part of the reason why Dems still hold power is because of the MSM. Which now includes the big sites such as youtube, facebook and just about every site that banned infowars.

Thus if you want to hurt that power, you just need to promote alternative sites and keep pointing out the hypocrisies the MSM spreads.

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You better let people know that these alternate sites exist then.

This is like the 4th thread I have seen some nigger posting Saber in. Is it you? You know you are posting a futa character right? Its a girl with a dick faggot.

How the world is set it is problematic for an open movement to happen

If violent

If faggot parade

Open war is not an option because we lack the numbers and influence
Want to get results?
Remove the important targets,the ones that organize and control all the numbers
In the end is just an organization remove the heads and the medium range will just canibalizate themselves and at the same time you can push from the other side
This is the only possible solution within range to actually change the world

And then again… who would put the bell on the cat?

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Don't you know a loss is a win? You just need to trust the plan goy

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2 years of cope and damage control all because now all and no drain the swamp

This fucking thread is one hell of a blackpill. We all fucking lost and theres nothing we can do about it. Oh well, all we can do is revel in defeat at this point.
Blackpill = bestpill

Shoulda built that wall day 1 not let 2 years go by and do nothing

Makes a proud white like myself wanna sui. Seriously fucking depressing. The Blue Wave has overtaken us and death and collapse are all that are on our minds.

Sure but don't expect any true redpills from Infowars. I thought anons knew this long ago…just because kikes ban him doesn't make him good. I know that sounds hard to accept, but he could have been engineered to take the fall. The guy literally tells you everything without telling your who is actually behind it. Plus he was always just a conspiracy theorist. He was never actually "right-wing." He got associated with Trump as things developed. I believe that he was probably supposed to attract support from Trump voters before the planned hammer fell on him. It's the same fucking thing with people like Savage. Yea he's refreshing to listen to sometimes, but he's still subverting you by not telling you the whole truth. Of course when you see the entire msm apparatus come against you, it's easy to be led like sheep into supporting assholes like him. A real world example is rigth after the Charlottesville fiasco. I couldn't take any news from basically any source as it was all infuriating lies. So I listened to Savage talk about it and for a few minutes it was satisfying to hear someone rip into liberal media for a change. But then, all of a sudden he starts whining about the holocaust, and how 'neonazis' ruin conservatism blah blah blah. And I couldn't listen to him anymore.

I really do think they play a huge game of tug of war with us and our minds. They push their caustic communism/marxism as a way to erode our societies yes, but then when there is any sort of natural response to this, it gets funneled directly into zionism. A good example is that beady eyed little fuck Shapiro.

Hillary snuff video
She's still free

We're getting played.

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Kys kike. Both capitalism and communism are equally bad.

(((You))) are posting this shit in every fucking thread
kill yourself subhuman kike

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Hey … idiot … the new Congress doesn't start the day after the election. Anything that happens right now is being done by the exact same Congress that was in session the day before yesterday.

The Congress elected yesterday will begin on January 3, 2019.

And go where?

I'm not leaving. I'd rather start gassing the bikes.

You're a fucking retard. Polite sage for being offtopic.

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Then what's the alternative? What was Hitler's policy on economics that rivals Capitalism/Communism/Socialism?

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

Who controls the house doesn't matter. Both sides get bribed and vote as instructed.

your move magatard


No other country has a future economically retard. We're the only country that can be self-sufficient.

Dont worry, soon you'll be their bitch.