Roe v Wade to be BTFO

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Good. Time to teach retards there are consequences for your actions

We'll now see who is with the kikes and who isn't… Psych! We live in a gynocentric society, just ask the Romans how successful anti-abortion was as a movement.

Consider how the Jews are all pro-abortion. Always do the opposite of what Jews say

believing Roe will be overturned is criminally stupid and hoping it will be overturned is even worse: a mistake. you should kys

This should be our motto.

Not that I'm for the murder of babies, but wake me up when fag marriage gets repealed

Roe was based on a lie, but has prevented many Kwik-E-Marts robberies and welfare debt increase.

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As if that's a good thing. "yay" more spics and niggers.

Yet again the cuckoldry of christ knows no bounds. Of course abortion is murder, and considering aztec doubleniggers and standard niggers perform them at a rate double in proportion to whites, it genuinely the only thing keeping their populations in check.

fuck the wall, muh abortions is where it's at!

Nice try, kike. Non-whites have babies 3-6 times as much as Whites. It doesn't effect them as much.

What do you think their birth rates would be unchecked by Planned Parenthood? Lower than 3-6 times as much as Whites, or HIGHER?

the jews hate Christ and want dead kids… so continue to say moloch sacrifice is the only way

Yee yee

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don't confuse him with facts, logic and reason, just say it's rvw is maga, he might go for it then.

Abortion is only an issue when used to abort human beings. Chopping up unborn niggers and flushing them down is no worse sin than cracking a chicken egg

I see many men promoting abortion as well. And not just in the "I'm a submissive cuck who gets dragged to pink hatter rallies" kind of promotion. Many men out there do not want to have children, and they consider a girl willing to get abortions as a good thing. They don't want to be bothered by a kid.

You're on the side of jew shapiro and breed the turd world then ship them into White countries christcucks.

No wall and continually shitting on the Second amendment but at least we'll have more niggers,spics and whites that not even the mother wanted leeching off the welfare system. !

He's right. Abortion is more damaging to Whites as a result of the low birth rate. But (((you))) already knew that.

which is why Sanger started it to control the nigger population?
The true solution is sterilization for gibs.
It would eradicate beaner and nigger populations since it requires self-sustaining effort not to be sterilized.

Do you really think whites raised by mothers who didn't even want them and were so morally bankrupt to even consider abortion are going to be value to any cause of ours?

It's origins have nothing to do with the current situation.

Your cause is Zionism.


I refuse to sacrifice ONE white child, shill!

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Holy shit these bots


So two times more blacks will be born. (((Who))) could be behind this?

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This is why we lose.

This is disinfo.

Yummmmmmm dead babby flavor enhancers

wtf I love higher nigger birth rates now

christcuck pls go

We're going through a massive attack against White Peoples that is both multi-faceted and highly considered. Look at both the anti-natalism in the West coupled with high-birth rate immigration from idiot nigger countries. This is not an accident. We are seeing one piece of the filthy yids plans and getting upset instead of looking at the hook nosed puppet master.

There's other reasons to promote abortion as well. Statistically, black women are more likely to get abortions than white women. We need to be strategic about how abortion legalization plays out - I would rather see this become a development after we have fixed our demographics, rather than before.

Great! With RvW out of the way, we can get an explosion in black and hispanic birthrates! I can't think of a better way to pull the trigger on what is left of the American experiment. MAGA!

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BASTE! Now we can pay taxes for the lifetime gibs of all the single black and hispanic moms and their children!

Except whites are aborting their babies to prevent mother instinct to develop.
Why won't you try to educate yourself by knowing what Soros is pushing in other countries like in Europe and South America?
The fact that jews and leftists are behind abortions should speak for itself, but look into it and be more intelligent than the jew

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Except those whites are likely not the ones we want spreading their genes their genes anyway because:
1. if she's considering an abortion she likely lives a reckless leftist leaning lifestyle anyways and is not someone to be saved
2. we don't need more mutt babies
3. we don't need more retards
4. we don't need to pay for her gibs and the deficit both her and her child will consume over a lifetime
Fuck off with your moral pandering

Trump was never our savior but I haven't ever seen you do anything to help whites. You're an obvious D&C spamming shill and need to be gassed.

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You disgust me.

Murder is legal concept. If state says something isn't murder it isn't. (an state enforcers can kill you if you disagree and this wouldn't be a murder)

what have I done for whites?
i shag white girls regularly, live in a van, and probably have a few bastard children running around.

Literally no one is falling for your shit. Keep spamming le baste in every thread, you're just making a fool out of yourself.

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great, now the niggers will start taking over demographically in addition to the spics. reminder that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was an early white nationalist that believed that colored people are like weeds that deserve to be exterminated

Now that's just a strawman and definitely D&C

Hell yeah buddy, a gazillion more nigger babies to become based conservatives someday! Any day now I'm sure of it! MAGA!

Being white does not automatically make someone good. More likely to happen perhaps, but white trash does exist because of our variation in IQ. Take your moralfaggotry somewhere else

A strawman if you're from r/thedonald perhaps. If you weren't a newfag you'd know that specific meme and the message behind has been circulating for at least 2-3 years

Hell yeah sweety!
I figure youre this kike ID too: 054377

Maybe more niggers attempting to murder you will motivate you to exercise your 2A responsibilities?
Who am I kidding, you're going to roll over and hand in your guns, or get executed on the spot for raising too many red flags until United Toilets of America are exactly like India, the race which created them is long extinct, and instead a caste system where the whiter your skin the higher your social standing is gets implemented with the "hwite" elites hating themselves for being intellectually capable of knowing they're nowhere near the original founders.

Muh nigger population doesn't really work as an argument considering nigger numbers still grow, but advocating for sterilization incentivized by large one time payment would kill the jewish fetus harvesting industry.

Have another (you) before you get filtered rabbi.

Except they're not growing

In racial or ethnic terms, America’s “Baby Bust” is kinda, sorta, a little bit racist: it’s hammered Native Americans and Hispanics particularly hard, and hit even African Americans harder than whites generally, and certainly harder than non-Hispanic whites.

Oh, so they stay constant while spics invade, based and redpilled, more fuel for kike rituals.
Sterilization would've actually reduced their numbers.
If abortion was illegal niggers would still get it and die in the process.

What do they have to gain from us losing faith in Trump? Who do they want us to support instead, or to do instead?

You're correct how sterilization would greatly reduce their numbers, I'm just addressing the claim you made that the population was growing

He's the only thing that kept the GOP, and nationalism, from political irrelevancy. Also, hes not a neocon/lib and while hes being controlled by someone (I'm guessing Mossad) hes not being controlled by the CIA which is pissing them off. So yeah, they have a lot to gain if Trump loses support.

Blacks keep their babies for the xtra welfare

Whites have the lowest abortion rate compared to hispanics, blacks, and literally everyone else combined. Blacks have the highest.

I never knew about this. So a complete degenerate was the one being the figurehead in the case.
What in the hell this fucking country, I want out.

Look at the baby murdering kike shill and laugh.

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We're already paying for their abortions and giving money to Planned Parenthood, so what difference would it make? Just make it so we don't fund their gibs, and problem solved.

You niggers need to stay on reddit.

Sad to see you say that trash vs quality is entirely based on IQ variation. Some of the most morally upright and overall decent people I have ever known were low IQ whites.

Oy vey! Don't stop sacrificing your own children to Molech, goy!

We will never lose until we are dead.

I'm sure that won't take very long with the current trend.

I'm sure you would like that kike.

Niggers have built in population control through illegal abortions, prison, and murder. Legal abortion disproportionately affects law abiding whites who wouldn't go for a back alley abortion.

Welps, Alabama is going to get a lot darker
Great job, ziocucks.
Wow, more starving trailer trash. Thanks zognald!
Anti-abortion christcucks need to go back to reddit



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If you say so, it must be :^)

Trump is very likely fond of the status quo of his youth, thus even if somewhat controlled his direction is to turn back the clock on society and political landscape to probably 90s or more.

Obviously some elements are very fucking against that as it invalidates the work they did for many decades and that drives them mad.

Others, like say the people that control them either don't care or are somewhat fine with it, or have/will get something in return.

I suspect the marriages was the price.

jews are now more over-represented on 8/pol/ than in the ivy leagues

Jews breathe air so stop

I want this too. Laws against sodomy should be put in the states.

flood centers of influence, organisation discourse or command and you can take them over.

The defense is to have the numbers and cohesion to repulse such actions. Something that this chan does not have.

Do the opposite of what they say,not do. Show me where a Jew ever said people should breathe air.

Anyone shilling against stopping the slaughter of white babies is a fucking niggerfaggot.

Okay, good for you, and more power to that person. But that's pretty much the equivalent of saying I know a based black man

I'm willing to bet welfare expenditures cost more than what goes into Planned Parenthood.

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OP: Learn how to properly archive a link, you fucking kike!

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RIP Georgia

Meant to say Alabama, have Georgia on my mind because that nigress running for governor still hasn't conceded, stat is true for Alabama though, its even worse in Georgia.

To be fair, NASA's stolen black budget money probably goes straight into the coffers of planned parenthood and other demonic enterprises.

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not in this century

abortion is eugenic, it selects against people who use it.

and it won't be overturned
abortion is only discussed because the democrats use it as a party platform that republitards want to take it away and the jesusfreaks are dumb enough to take the bait.

South Carolina is also extremely black. SC to Lousiana is simply terrible.

My father was in the Navy in the late 1980s. When he got back from the Persian Gulf, they gave him two choices for his next deployment: Bremerton, WA, or somewhere in Mississippi. Knowing what I know now about blacks, I am so grateful he didn't take us to Mississippi.

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Why would anyone want it to come to an end?

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This made me laugh a bitter laugh. The fucking BLACK wave for the Republic that was a pipe dream.

BASTE and redfilled

You have some funny ones. I lived there for a bit and had an oil driller for a friend in high school who loved confederate flag memorabilia and shouting white power.
I know but everyone has stupid stories from when they were a teenager, at least I didn't drill oil myself

A negress get more welfare the more niglets she pops out. She is dependent on niglets, because without niglets she receives less welfare and less foodstamps. This is why abortion does not work on niggers, as only black males are in favor of abortion, since they're the ones who (in theory) would have to pay child support. If you want the negro to shit out less niglets, you have to stop subsidizing niglets.

I'd attack "gay marriage" first and remove all those LGBTQP proposals but w/e I guess non-whites aren't having enough kids already.

You're just entirely ignoring the fact that they still abort 2/3 of the niglets.