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What does any of that have to do with Blacks not voting for Trump even after he sucked BBC for 2 years?

t. Assblasted magapede

You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot do you White man?

Blacks did vote for Trump, but it wasn't enough to be offset by Democrat niggers and white cucks

The mistake here was not genociding all the niggers in your country, you stupid suckers

actually a lot of the seats that got flipped were rino snakes

t. not getting a wall

retard. Consider how normalfags give no shits about Palestinians or Asiand in sweatshops

I was quoting the shooter


I did vote, and it was pointless, every spending proposition I voted against passed by huge margins and the one small spending I voted for, external audit, was voted against by huge margin. Lost the house, to a jewed president I voted for that didn't do anything he promised with the house and definitely not going to happen now with his excuse of those meany democrats in the house. Time is better spent working on a DNA bio weapon.

womp womp

that's right, we're not getting a wall, we're getting white genocide

In her first midterms, Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama lost 65 seat in the house and 6 in the senate. The kikes threw their entire media monopoly, their hollypedos, Soros' antifa faggots, the full swamp of the deep state, and every kind of election fraud thinkable against Trump, yet he gains 5 seats in the senate, has the majority of governors, and lost just a little over 20 seats in the house.

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Are these the new approved damage control talking points?

Compared to 2016:

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Zig Forums used to be always right up till the point it the jews turned it into a retarded NeoCon jew Republican cheerleading squad.
Any anons resistant to the jewish mind-control were banned by kampfy and his smug anime loli pedo girl JPG spamming team of kikes

In fact when I think about it, Zig Forums was always right up till the moment the jews banned Gex from the board and it became Breibart 2.0 overnight, cartoon frogs and promotion of every bolshevik kike fraud in the alt-right


We had a good couple of years with the exodus from cuckchan and then the election cycle started getting hot.

LOL, damage control? Even with Soros' vote switching machines, illegal aliens and corpses voting blue, every single dem just barely "won" with a tiny single digit percentage of votes, and your "blue wave" trickled down to a 4 percent margin in the house.

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this cope is better than any libshit's salt

lmao. ok then.

Can we have non-cucked Zig Forums back now? Or is this place already too known?

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Lost the house. What don't you get about this. Lost the house. Not that jew trump was passing anything with a republican house, he's definitely not passing anything now. You do know how our system of government works don't you? Gained more in the senate that was already controlled isn't a win, it's a nothing, already had it. You're like those saying hillary won because she got the most votes, it doesn't fucking work that way, and it's the same now, this was a loss, went from repub house and senate to just repub senate. loss. loss. loss.

It's the midterms. What don't you get about this?

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Oh, midterms, that means everything is okay, midterms! Losing the house is nothing because midterms! Magic!

It was a board to have fun and fuck around with meta politics. Then it became a Zionist cheerleading squad for a ugly reality star with fucked up hair. You can thank all the underage faggots who never experienced a world without obama as president.

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The damage control is simple. America is still very divided. It wasn't just the left that got out and voted, but the right too.

We're getting ever so closer to more political violence. Gosh it's so exciting

What the fuck are you talking about?
Do you even browse this board?

At least the Trumpcucks will shut the fucl up now

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Delusional retards don't stop being delusional or retarded just because of a setback. You can expect them to roll with the senate as if it completely makes up for it. I spoke to a trump supporting friend of mine and he actually suggested we'd get the wall "bro its easy just give dems DACA for the wall". If we give em DACA then there's zero use for the wall but they will just find another excuse to avoid seeing reality.

And the sad part is that Trump is objectively worse than Obama was.

Pretty much.

This had nothing to do with losing.

No source.

Even in Florida they passed a measure allowing felons to vote. How fucking dumb.

Kill yourself.



Source is in another thread for the nigger vote. Trump sucks kanye's dick for just 10% of the black vote all while losing 3% of the white vote. GENIUS STRATEGY NIGGERS KEEP IGNORING DEMOGRAPHICS.

Ok, so now that the midterms are over and Trump appears to be more or less powerless, can we start killing kikes and other subhuman filth now?

Wrong. I did. I was full on Trump, Q, MAGA, and all that shit, but it looks like there is no hope on that path now that Florida is set to become perpetually blue.

Trump could still change my mind, but it would require arrests before the end of January. If it doesn't happen, then it was always nothing but bluster.

I know, I lost my sides when I saw this. Haha MAGA AWOOO

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Bing serching Zig Forums brings you here rather than 4cunt. Found that out yesterday.

I think they meant the Trumpshill saying "blacks did vote for Trump" didn't provide any source. 10% of niggers is about what turns out for R every election. 10% of 48 million vs. 3% of 200 million. Trumpkikes can't into math.
This is why white genocide needs to happen. Our gene pool is polluted by morons who were bred to be morons. They need to be culled.

So come home to meguca.

But voting won't take you much time either.
Being completely ignorant of the situation and not voting is worse, imo.
While also voting and thinking everything's fine now is the worst possible situation which only a braindead NPC would do.

Eh, there's no reason to vote. My state is so flooded by niggers and cucks that I would have had more impact firebombing a polling place. Not that I would do such a terrible thing.

Your country is having bad-to-worse presidents since JFK was killed.
Trump candidate was, admittedly, one of the best ideas of president for saving time for the day of the rope, but he's failing in that area and being the worst jewish shill president ever even considering Obama.

Blacks will always vote for the party giving the most handouts. In every country in the world. No exceptions.

Like you aren't whining about Trump 100% of the time.

You are starting to finally take the real red-pill. Not this bullshit the magapedes sell you.

Yup, guess this means you and i are kike shills now for not sucking off trump

This, it's pretty impressive that we flipped 3 seats in the senate despite the retardation from the dumb bomber and the idiotic wignat shooter.

No real people cared about that, moron.

Irrelevant as of now. This is now a lame duck administration.

This is your brain on AWOO.

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Where do we go else, then? Surely it's not too hard to set up another chan, for example?

What does that have to do with anything? Trump has talked many times about his Jewish grandchildren, not to mention Republicans are more in tune with jewish interests

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The big issue over the next 2 years is whites being demographically replaced. We may have crossed the rubicon of not being able to win elections anymore already, so this is the most important red-pill to dispense to the whites in the US. The board though is starting to shift back in the right direction. Just need to keep driving home the fact that Republicans are not your friend and that Trump is a zionist stooge who married all his children off to kikes.

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54% (R), 44% (D) among whites is absolutely dismal. Compare this to 2016- 58% (R), 37% (D). That is a fucking enormous difference, -4% (R), +7% (D), among WHITES. Trump didn't deliver on his promises, so whites don't give a fuck about voting anymore. We know it's hopeless, no politician will represent us.

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Nobody but magatards and cuckservatives shot themselves in the foot, reddit.

Its pretty amazing the lengths trump went to never references whites as a collective


At least you're no longer stuck in the cognitive dissonance this magashills are.

Hopefully yesterday election shows MAGA cunts there no based nonwhites. The best way to use nonwhites is to turn them on their Jewish masters by having the Jews taste their own anti-white propaganda. Just label all Jews white supremacists and white in general. Jews have had always been the most privileged among whites. They should be treated as such by none whites. But no. This been suggested for years but you MAGA faggots always get in the way. At most you MAGA faggots will reach out to blacks by memeing trump to legalize weed nationwide.

Say that shit in my swamp and we will feed you to our pet gators.

You sound like one of those felons who just had their voting rights restored

No one gives a shit about your larp, Jed. We're looking at the numbers not your fantasy.

Maybe if Trump would just stop being a faggot liberal for two seconds sucking off kikes and niggers he'd actually start this "winning" that you reddit fags keeps going off on. Selling out white people with a bunch of broken promises to go shekel diving for votes from people who will never vote for you is how you lose

Just because a couple of retards on twitter made fools of themselves doesn't mean you were somehow right for being a blackpilled kiddie who attacked misguided right-leaning whites. Go back to /b/ and come back in a few years, fag.


It's the same recycled GOP playbook. Trump beat Hillary and thought it was because he was so good. He won because she was so fucking bad. However, his ego got the best of him and he thought he could show up the GOP by winning over niggers and beaners. His ego just got checked by reality. I hope he's soothing himself with two scoops.

MAGA is on full damage control

that's enough though 'cause literally every single democrat will vote against anything Trump wants to do, and without passing the house, it can't pass

that's it, the two years where Trump had a chance to do something are over and he's gonna lose in 2020

the entire system is jews.
there is no BTFO when both candidates represent jewish interests and nothing more.
Nice attempt though, trannypol

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many millions of dollars have been spent trying to ruin this website

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Trump is copeposting on jewtube right now.


trump just said in a speech about the upcoming cycle "two years will have gone by and we will have done nothing"
he is aware of the situation he's in. he knows that if he doesnt start saying fuck your optics he wont get reelected. he's still trying to cope, saying "well we can still work together on healthcare and infrastructure", but you can see it on his face that he knows. he really wants people to be excited about the economy but he knows that isnt what it's about.

How can he have a supposed victory speech in which he admits defeat and ineffectiveness? Doesn't this only empower the Democrat base?

8% of niggers voted for him. 8 fucking percent. He threw all of his promises out the window, squandered 2 years, and pandered to niggers and jews.

I know most anons don't visit (((infowars))) but check out Jonestein's site. He's in full damage control now. Instead of holding Trump's feet to the fire, cuckservative media everywhere shilled non stop for Coonye as if he could convince most of the apes in this country to vote republican. The absolute fucking magnitude of their failureā€¦

He's done at this point.

Tucker does the same thing, but do you know why they do it? Because the average white cuck WANTS their godly niggers and based spics.

just now - "politically it's a good thing for me if dems keep preventing me from building the wall"
you can feel the cope. trump is not in good spirits right now

idk what trump has in mind for anything. all i can see him doing now is coping hard. the democratic base is nonwhites.

let's see if he continues. i want to see him go to another rally and see the crowd's reaction if he tries to keep up the same bs

he's done if he continues coping and doesnt put his foot down. he can still say fuck optics but that's up to him

Trump is getting slapped around by the press now and whining like a bitch.

He could just throw the press out and he's just taking it like a chump. No one likes a chump.

just now: "just let me run the country"
trump is very clearly frustrated. he's starting to lash out. this is not typical of him

"Good guy finishes last" comes to mind. Christianity creates the very best, most moral, nicest people yet at the same time programmed to self-sacrifice and never stand up for their own needs.

When he says "done nothing" what he's really doing is obfuscating from his disgraceful servitude of israel. He got plenty done.

He's done. All bark and no bite.

This exactly. It's a breeding program for cattle. Moo-moo goyim, it's harvest time.

If Trump is true, then THIS is the best time to redpill him. Go to rallies with banners that specifically read out the crucial information, support/protest at the White House with this same crucial information. Find ways to reach him to tell him the needed information.

If he hadn't kiked out his entire cabinet and hadn't tried to make the country hold hands he could have spent the last 2 years getting shit done.

Trump just shut the fuck up. They are working together to instigate and he's too fucking dumb have them removed. Use force.

lmao trump is getting upset. he always complains about the media but not like this.

trump is now talking about his fantastic hispanic and african american support. he says it's better than ever before. the cope is unreal

oh fuck now trump is sucking nigger dick again
100% done.

It's over. 1 term.

Kill yourself. Gex sold out to defend some roastie thot that went communist anyway and decided saving europe and the white man wasn't worth it if some shitty eceleb whore wasn't worshipped.
Thanks for admitting you don't belong here.

You're glowing.

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Get ready for MAGApede spam that echos Trump's dog shit talking points.