Has there ever been a more squandered opportunity?

Trump and the GOP controlled all three branches of government after the 2016 election, but instead of enacting Trump's agenda and radical reform, what do they do? TAX CUTS for billionaires and huge multinational corporations.

This was effectively the last chance America had to resolve its fundamental problems in a democratic manner. Now that chance has been and gone. Some may still be optimistic about 2020, but I fear that optimistism is misplaced. The most likely scenario is that Trump loses, the GOP returns to neo-conservatism (they'll probably retain the senate, but lose it in the next election) while the Democrats continue their descent into left-wing, anti-white radicalism. The US' demographic problem will spiral out of control, boomers will die and the US will become solidly Democrat for the foreseeable future.

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Why would trumpkike enact policies that can hurt it's jewish family?

Trump's agenda is exactly what he delivered. He was lying to you.

matrilineal succesion?

What does Trump gave to do with a useless House that didn't get shit done anyways?

You live under a dictatorship of capital. Your vote is meaningless. Bernie, Trump, Clinton, Obama, when it comes to the big things there is no meaningful difference, just minor adjustments. Illegal immigration, wars for Israel, and the off sourcing of every job under the sun will continue regardless of who is in the driver's seat, it's only a question of intensity. Capitalism demands it. It literally doesn't matter.

Either way, fuck him.

Shariablue shills out in full force.

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bitterly holding unto hope to the end, eh?

Hitler literally predicted this.


Lets just pretend that the nevertrumpers like John McCain who actively voted like Democrats for the first two years didn't exist.

LMAO at the retard

the GOP had two factions. The Trump faction didn't control all three branches.

Trump doesn't believe in only two genders, he's filled up the military with more blacks, fags and trannies than even Obongo had the guts to do.

Trump also, If I recall correctly allowed trannies to enter and win outright the Miss World competition, so that's another level of cognitive dissonance reached that I thought was even beyond the average MAGApede spastic, seems I'm wrong and there isn't any shit stained straw you won't grab to pretend that Trump isn't the orange order kike puppet we;ve been telling you he is

This delusion is actually pathetic. But you're apparently dumb enough to think of the world in a binary manner, so that doesn't really surprise me.

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Even if he was really on our side, which anyone sane here should be doubting hard by now, with half the GOP representatives being (((globalist))) puppets, no reform was ever going to be allowed to happen.

This. We're going to see a lot of anger posting, cope posting, and gloat posting. But the truth is 42 GOP cucks resigned and were replaced with MAGA types in the seats we kept. . With cucks gone we actually picked up five seats in the Senate.

White people just won more representation than we've had in 20 years Enough to rubber stamp most Trump justice and cabinet appointments. And Trump has 135 judges left to appoint. With the SCOTUS now majority conservative and Senate willing to confirm appointments, he can replace the deep staters in his cabinet, who have been backstabbing him for two years. We have not yet seen Trump really wield the power of the executive on our behalf.

We soon will.

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Which is why voting is and well always be a meme. Fuck the
Two years and full control of all 3 branches and one piece of noteworthy legislation they passed was tax cuts that most benefited conglomerates. No health care reform, no immigration reform, no wall. Why? Because these are serious goals for Republicans, these are talking points used to get people voting so they can give Republicans power to enact the actual legislation they want.

Great, trumpkike can now appoint anti gun stooges. How quaint.

Can I just stop you right there.
By electing NeoCon jews into office who famously only sell out America to cuck for isreal, how have you removed any of "the cucks", there's there's that "we" you use when describing retarded MAGApedo cucks who consigned America to the dustbin of history.
But let's just deal with the removal of cucks by electing zionist jew puppets bit of your text before trying to crowbar a solitary shred of logic into your disjointed thinking by associating you, a self admitted kike enabling NeoCon jew cheerleader with being one of "us"

Technically yes. But in reality, no, Trump did not control all three branches of government because the GOP establishment made it its business to block Trump's agenda at every turn. The shills are out in force trying to sell this as a massive defeat today, when in reality it isn't. It's a mixed bag. Instead of the GOPe blocking Trump it's going to be the Democrats blocking Trump. On that front nothing much has changed. What has changed for the better, however, is that the Republican party has purged the majority of the anti-Trump deadwood, and the survivors are a lot more unified on Trump's message moving forward.

I'm gonna go with a mixed bag result here, for better or worse. Although the type of people elected to our house of reps is decently concerning. To speak even further to this mixed bag idea, we have in congress now a Muslim woman literally married to her brother. On the other hand she seems to not like Israel. Hmm when will support for that country become too obviously ridiculous? Even the incestuous rag head Somali knows what's up. No more excuses for anyone else really.

Actually even I got a tax cut and I'm not a multinational corporation.

Yeah dont vote. Dont support a system of kike control. You vote faggots need to be hung.

Isn't it fucking strange that no matter who is in office, the US stays on the same course, BUT, there is always an excuse why things didn't change? You retards who buy into this scam.deserve to be culled from the gene pool.

The republicunts got PWNED. All fools who have supported them now cower in fear. The democrats will shift more to socialism and then communism. the end of capitalism in USA is at hand and that's a good thing. The "white" ""american"" meme ethniciy is a concept to lure peoples into subservitude to the jews. Which is stupid since the jews are retards who constantly push for communism that loves noting more then to kill jews. Now, at long last, the peoples of North America will loose faith in the democratic process and see its failures.

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If you faggots didn't take the get fit get armed advice seriously, it's time to do so. Civil war is coming, whether you like it or not, because the jews will make it a reality, they always do.

I'm not interested in the opinion of defeatists and quitters.

This is good advice.

Some around the year 2028-2035.

I don't think this was all in vain. It accelerated the left and make them look ever the more psychotic, I think it redpilled a lot of normalfags, and most importantly it gives undeniable evidence that the system CANNOT be peacefully voted out of power.

I'm not being a defeatist by pointing out the fact that your being led by a carrot on a stick. There are other ways to change things than doing exactly what ZOG wants you to do, you know that. Elections are controlled by kikes at every level. Calling me a defeatist wont change that fact, retard.

ХАХАХАХАХАХА, тупые америкосы отсасывают в этом ИТТ треде
It's long time comig for USA shit country to tear itself to pieces in a bloody civil war. I hope yanks get to hang democratic republican federalists from lamp posts.

The GOP is majority neochoens and dipshits. They are fucking do nothings, they really didn't deserve a win. Party politics has ruined this fucking country. Paul Ryan deserves the rope. Dems aren't gonna do shit. If they start bullshit investigation it's only going to hurt them. Dems now have fringe candidates to deal with - one of them is calling out Israel big time right now LOL.- which will only fragment their party. Also Dems are going to have to show their hand, and they don't have dick.

The shame is immigration reform is never gonna happen. The pyramid scheme needs the bottom to keep this fucked ship together. We aren't going to get the country we want. A white utopia won't happen unless there is violent war. A violent war will only kill more white people. Honestly, we might just have to accept some form of civil nationalism.

White birthrate will need organized underground effort. We need white baby factories. We need white women to start donating eggs to the cause. Women have like 300,000 eggs during puberty. Technology can harness that.

The future we want will probably be best achieved through subversive kike behavior. As much as I hate to say it.

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Be fair. EVERYBODY that doesn't live in a high-income tax state got their taxes cut.

To say it's all Trump's fault is washing off guilt from your own hands. His voters had the responsibility to nail him to the wall, the moment when he betrayed expectations as to 1. the wall, 2. hillary and veritas investigations, 3. wikileaks, 4. syria and 5. deportations.

It was the chesscucks who killed Trump.

Another idiot who doesn't realize that demographic replacement IS the war.

Thanks blue man. Remember to put more red face paint next time, at best you look purple right now

Gee, I wonder who could be the user behind these black pill posts?

They couldn't because the media and the liberals are constantly attacking him putting them on the defensive. By admitting Trump is failing at anything is to give those people ammunition and they couldn't bring themselves to do that. So Trump continues down the wrong path of firing all the best people and shilling for daca or banning guns and they just have to go along with it and reassure themselves by telling themselves it's all chess.

We've been getting these 1 and done election analysis OPs for the last few hours. I'm sure that you faggot OP would explain how he could get the RINOs behind him, you know, the same ones who didn't support him and never supported his agenda. To magically get everything done when he was obstructed. Maybe he should have done a King Nigger and bypassed everything, but you know, he doesn't have a political base in Washington DC like any traditional politician.

Will never work. The white race is dying for lack of Truth, ne'er so clever can overcome it, only Truth and pain for being so easily lulled by creature comforts and animal exhilaration.

Will never work. The white race is dying for lack of Truth, ne'er so clever can overcome it, only Truth and pain for being so easily lulled by creature comforts and animal exhilaration.

You're a retard. Capitalism will be replaced by consumerism. Everything will be for sale, see already how Nike sells "wokeness" or Google "goodness".

Indeed we have known for years der judens goal is a society in which all identity is an acquisitive purchase.
The end of pre-capital identity is coming.

The Democrats have picked up 4 seats more than they needed for a majority in the House, with 2 seats still reasonably up in the air, that might actually still flip.
Regardless, the "majority" they hold is razor thin, and gives them just enough power to keep showing the nation who they actually are.
Their leadership is crazy, Pelozi will prove this on a daily basis, and as things get worse and worse, even the most cucked, city-dwelling, useless idiot will pay for this mistake.

We don't need to do anything for libtards to be punished, they carry their own little hell around with them, all the time.

Our job is to mitigate this damage, and push the Nationalist agenda even harder. The public will be fed bullshit, and the House will try to hand the internet over to wealthy Jewish interests, so they can continue their monopoly of lies and misdirection. Everything they want will depend on a razor-thin margin in the House, and getting past a Republican Senate that has been almost completely purged of their neo-con buddies, as well as a president that will veto their agenda.
They won't get anything.
OUR job is to inflict as much damage on them as possible, to force OUR agenda through, despite them. Remember, the Dems are almost broke, they haven't got much to use to keep their own members in line, and a lot of what's coming will wake up normies and NPC's as they see the Democrats wrecking policies that they agreed with, but were too stupid to actively support.

We're not done. We double down, now.
The anti-Trump, pro-Pelozi crowd is actively sowing discord and depression on these boards, seeking to stop your progress, but you expected that, didn't you? It's not like they haven't been doing this for months before the midterms, we all see the patterns, and know them for what they are.

We double down, keep disseminating information posted on this board, across all social media, we don't let up, and when Trump does what we want, we praise him, and when the Bolsheviks do insane, anti-American things, we point it out, making sure the whole country is aware of it.
We keep bashing out Antifa teeth if they dare raise a hand to us, and we keep preparing ourselves for that violence. We keep our heads up and the Bolsheviks under our boots.

4 seats in the House can be overcome with pressure on moderate Democrats, easily, especially when the DNC has little to offer them for compliance.
They are still the enemy, and we keep demonizing them.

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Never apologise. Always double down.

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Got a better idea?

You chesscucks are beyond saving. Enjoy the last 2 to 6 years of the white majority.

A lot of those RINO's are out now and Trump can now more easily and carefreely point to opposition obstruction rather than internal in party obstruction. Not that this is an amazing win, but this could work out well on a lot of levels.

Trump was not in control of all three branches because of the traitors within his own party, but now he stands a better chance than ever to take full control of the party. The democrats didn't suffer a complete and final devastating defeat which means they will likely double down on all of the unpopular bullshit they have been doing for the past 2 years. 2020 just went from likely decent results to undoubtedly amazing.

Those demographics are the catalyst for the upcoming war.

I didn't know I was a billionaire.

You are an idiot. Trump lied to you.

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Is this what winning feels like?

And those NPCs control the house and gave voting rights back to felons in Florida that only elect Scott and DeSantis by razor thin margins. Florida and Texas are going blue in 2020. We're done.

The felons can vote after 4 years, right?

Nobody except the american voters want a wall built, and the american voters haven't counted for almost anything in well over a hundred years now, so such a wall will not exist my man.

I notice the Dem majority in the House just dropped from 4 seats to 3 seats.
23 more races to go, but I doubt the Republicans will win any of them.

I didn't see anything about time. The only restriction are that you can't have been convicted of murder or a sex crime, so get ready to see Florida turn blue permanently.

Republicohens have been worthless nevertrumpers for two years. He was always an island surrounded by enemies, at least now the enemies aren't coming from his own supposed party.

They didn't squander anything. Republicans got everything they wanted. Tax cuts for their donors and more military spending. If you think they ever had any intention of stemming immigration, then you're retarded.

I agree. People haven't been hard enough on him and as a result he hasn't done jack shit.

Is this how winning feels? Trump said I would get tired of winning, but I haven't felt a win yet besides making 10$ more on my paycheck.

Pic related to (you)

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I think they have to be clean for that time and petition for it, but it means Florida is lost and Texas will be too soon.

It's funny because they had just watched democrats lose 2016 because of their hubris and overconfidence in Hillary. Then MAGAtards turn around and do the same thing, preferring "white pills" and delusion over facing hard facts. They should have understood that nothing good comes from avoiding reality.

But the good news is that we now have the opportunity to convert them with the power of the constitution! MAGA!

nope, automatic restoration of voting rights apon completion of all (sentence/probation/parole)


This. We stay on the offensive and keep dropping redpills at every opportunity. The more we push information into the public sphere the more we win.

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I knew it as all over after the Rubashkin pardoning

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Trump looks like he's about to go live on kiketube with some damage control.

This makes sense.

See your own gif.

On the plus side it will be only three when Mosad assinates that Plaestinian lady.

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Fucking typos

Fuck off shareblue

Should should have pushed for a constitution balance budget amendment on day one of his term.

biggest typo is still Israel

If only in the modern age the President had media tools at his disposal to do a complete end run around the media. Oh well, thwarted again!

If you are overweight get a treadmill and watch anime while you walk/run. Also, buy as much ammunition as you can afford.

I think it will come much sooner than that. 2020-2024.

Well put, whites need to start organizing and taking to the streets. We need to become more visible.

Demographic replacement is -A- war, but I don't think its -THE- war. I think rather it is what is going to back whites into a corner to the point they start fighting back.

Yea, Trump is going to give them DACA and Gun-Control in the next 2 years.

Chess-cucks and polvols get the rope.

user, what has a republican controlled house ever done for white people? I can't think of a single thing in my lifetime.

Yea, this is what the magapedes get for throwing their hat in with cuckservatives.

Has an recent election been won without winning florida?

I knew it was over when he started filling his cabinet with the swamp and goldman sachs.

should've memed the Green party into power

One of the most crucial things you can do is to actually learn from the Golden Dawn of Greece: Provide food and support in places where the government/dems have abandoned white people.
Not that this is new; just after WW2, many white children were starving to death in the streets of Western europe while immigrants were already being brought in by the thousands receiving aid. This has been a very long process.


We can't fucking win. Get it through your head.

Just that sentiment alone should tip anons off to how very different nationalism and trumpniggers actually are.

If trump enacted his "radical reform" he wouldn't be alive. He does what he's told to do by his masters.

lol neo-Nazi trailer trash fuckwits. You're so goddamn stupid, you still seriously think there's going to be some race/civil war that solves all your problems.

Trump put two right-wingers on the Supreme Court and countless right-wing judges on the judicial branch, massively reduced refugee admissions, ended the TPP and TTIP, tariffed China, made Chinese economic aggression a major issue whereas before it was covered up, along with countless other positive things he's done.

Keep jerking off to your race war fantasies while the adults get things done, retard.

Der Fürher could have ACTUALLY GASSED DER JÜDEN! THAT was the biggest squandered opportunity.

like reneging on promises and losing thr house? gg wp

wall > wire

Trump didn't control the House. Paul Ryan did. The GOP was not unified these last two years, and still may not be (though lots of cucks lost, died, or retired recently).

And they totally helped out with the gun control wave :^)

Instead you now have literal shitskins caravans.


Nice. How many jobs were brought back home? Oh wait

Like not builng what he promised and infrige on gun rights, causing a never ending attack on guns since last year.

*not building

Sauce on the hubbie please?

Someone tell me why this piece of rat shit commie in the photo still has teeth.

Anons, I don't know if this has been discussed here yet, and I don't think it deserves it's own thread, but there is also something quite pressing that needs to be said. The liberals in my state have successfully passed a bill that has set new voting districts, thus encompassing local votes with that of the major cities. I don't know if its just here, or across the country, but if it is so than it means that our votes might not count anymore.

>yes, goy. just do nothing while we just bring in all the "refugees" to replace you, NOT build a wall, FURTHER ENTRENCH you in the sandbox, AFTER campaigning on NOT fighting endless, pointless wars, give tax cuts to GOLDMAN FUCKING SACHS, and jail those who don't like the (((chosen))) rather than actual FUCKING COMMIE TERRORISTS AND CARTEL SPICS!



It truly is infuriating to watch lower IQ imbeciles such as yourself who can't see beyond the next election cycle exhibit such hubris.