My anylasis of the Midterms

Numbers are still rolling in but this is the takeaway

First, I think this "loss" is a Trump strategy (I know I'll take shit for this), I'll explain later, but we didn't lose anything that would have been a "big blow" to the map such as GA governor or Florida Governor. Things went unexpectedly "as expected." And this is after the D's pulling out ALL the stops to end Trump. Total propaganda for 2 years straight ,Hitler name calling, and fake shooting ect. Point being, their standard strategy for victory is beginning to not work anymore which is a very big victory for us.

Brainwashed whites and associated R cucks are still our worst enemy as they camouflage themselves within our ranks and sabotage our operations. Our inability to close ranks while the enemy can is our biggest weakness and this enemy strategy has been ongoing for a long time (see Yuri Besimov Video in next post). Aka all the new Tennessee kikes that just got elected. Honestly this should be our strategy, go get elected, keep your mouth shut and just run in a solid RED district and get elected, and work silently from inside. We should even do this in the Democratic party solid blue districts. Start small, state house and Senate, city council ect. Run as a radical socialist whites and get elected then expose from within. Image the panic on the enemies face when they realize 5%-10% of their own party is working against them. Who can they trust?

Looking at the election map, WHITES lost this election for us. Brown districts and cities went Blue as expected, R's areas stayed red BUT LIBERAL WHITES IN THE non diversity area PLAINS (aka Iowa) and North East went blue. Most likely they fell for the MSM racist narrative, and felt bad for the brown people of which they have none to enrich their neighborhoods. Same thing that has been killing our people since the end of WW2. Sympathy for people who have none for us and work only in their own interest. Our other loses were basically voter fraud, as in PA where the D's redrew the map to gain 4 seats and the northern tip of Cuba aka Miami.

As others have pointed out, many of the anti Trump cucks lost their Red seats, so cucking is starting to not be a path of victory for them anymore which is good.

tl;dr Liberal whites lost this election for us, and we need to do more to wake up whites IN 90% WHITE AREAS.

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No, Trump lost this election for us.

You should've built the fucking wall, Donald. Enjoy getting buttfucked by nonstop House investigations, you fat, stupid faggot.

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How is this a "Trump Strategy"

In politics, they are always looking ahead. When studying what Trump does he often acts like he is losing and then attacks from behind. The old "look at what I'm doing with my right hand" while the left is taking the action. Its a common magic trick.

Everything went "as expected" however the loses in PA, WI, and IL will hurt us as we really need those for 2020 and to have traitors at the top mucking up the 2020 map will be bad news. Most importantly, we need to control the state houses and governorship's AFTER 2020 as that is when the new census is done, and the next map re-dawn for house districts.

This is how we were able to get a solid R across the board, is due to the Tea Party sweep in 2010 after the Obama health care bill took a overwhelmingly number of the state houses and Senates for our side. This is where the real fight is and where the Democrats and Obama are now trying to copy our strategy from that era (see PA after last night).

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Where is national concealed carry?
Why has Trump not commented on the police murdering someone after trying to illegally take his guns?
Where is the fucking wall?
Why are we still being flooded with endless mudskins, illegal and legal?
Why is Hillary Clinton not only still not in jail, but not even under investigation?
Why is Europe still being invaded by shitskins?

Trump has yet to fulfill a single campaign promise, and you faggots still suck his wrinkly old prick. He had control of the House and the Senate for two years.
And nothing happened.

But you'll still fellate him every chance you get, because you're a lemming.

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no. Gaining in the Senate is great, losing majority in the House is steaming garbage. Goalposts have already been moved, it doesn't matter where they were previously and NPC goldfish don't remember anyways.

A total victory to push the neoconservicucks into Trump's corner would be optimal, instead DC continues its slimeball normalcy with confidence that Trump is now a mere mortal. The swamp won this election.

Nice shilling. This throw some Nazi imagery up that will work.

Its important to note that while "Social media" was "countering voter suppression online" they were simultaneously pushing "don't vote" here and on our boards.

>Where is national concealed carry?

This is the biggest loss in my opinion, is we got anti gun laws from R's non the less in Florida and Vermont. Pretty pissed about this honestly BUT THEY DON"T SWEAR ANYONE IN UNTIL JANUARY. Lots of legislation is passed at the last minute, especially ON CHRISTMAS DAY. We should push for this.

Right wing brains only respond when under attack, our side knows this. If their is no attack, then people stop responding. Why do you think they are allowing Europe to be flooding with radical Muslims??? In order to elicit a response. Whites can't rule unless we are able to maintain our position WITH a huge brown population.

You have to understand the real players think in 25-50-100 year goals.

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And just like that, it's chemo time.

Go back to reddit, faggot.

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This is what kike video games and smart phones have done to the general population. If you can't win in 7 sec or less, you violently respond to the stimulus. Its one of the worst things they have done to our people.

Gore does nothing to me, I've been here since the beginning, and by here I mean the internet. This is why we can't have open movements because hot heads get involved and let the Jewish enemy sway their actions instead of being real white men and THINKING, our enemies can't do that, they just swindle and react.

Unfortunately. The key takeaway from this are the bad numbers from Florida and Texas. Barely won there…

listen you dumbass. Trump wrote a whole book about creating win-win situations and just because he's a 70yo businessman who knows how to continue despite setbacks doesn't mean he ever planned to lose. The man was doing two campaign rallies a day for weeks before this election. These aren't the actions a man who wanted to lose the House majority.

The only way to get rid of neoconservicucks is to primary them.

One could do this and even still be able to criticize Israel, though not to the extent one might like. The dems still tolerate more criticism of them than subverted neocons. I don't think they are as divided at the top as some here think, but I do believe they allow some outspoken people to thrive to preserve that liberal facade. It wouldn't be to their advantage to completely ban badmouthing of Israel in the party you want to fill with your golem armies. Because many of them hate it. Republicans are much less tolerant of this, probably because they were hijacked and consigned to the hardline zionist position for the takeover. All roles to play. Maybe we could play some of them. When they play both sides, come at them from both sides. I agree with this OP.



You armchair generals are the problem

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I like how the uppity nigger who wanted to be GOV. in GA lost with freaking OPRAH literally knocking on doors for her! It's beautiful! To go along with our 2 muslim men in congress 2 muslim women won seats. DIE VERSITY YAY! And fuck you Dave Chappelle.

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The House can't do shit.

He's a kike, they're out in force peddling demoralization. You can take what he says for exactly what it's worth.

This is a good thing. It will radicalize more whites. Trump didn’t do shit with an all R house anyway. This should be his wake up call.

Trump is not the only one running the show, the military is involved as well.

To be a leader you have to be able to sacrifice 20,000 of your best troops against an enemy position in order to launch 100k at their flank and take the position. Losing SOMETIMES can be a strategy.

If the censorship and banning continues then a strategy like this will have to be our operation as we won't be able to do much else, either way, it will make the left start to circle the wagons and ban attack their own, which is a strategy in itself. We are already doing this online, infiltrating and running their own radical socialist websites and accounts.

See video related. The communists targeted the right wing for infiltration, and the left-wing with ideological subversion. Their is no point in expending valuable resources on or personal on people with swiss cheese for brains.

If we are a small group then you expend the resources infiltrating the enemy position as the cuck problem at this point is taking care of itself (the the exception of the new jews in the ranks of TN).

He can still do these things by executive order, if he would have done them in the first two years THIS election may have been worse. They often cram shit through at the last minute as now ITS DO OR DIE before January. I'd look to see what is done in the next three months as the cucks won't have the election as an excuse not to pass shit. Trump is fighting both D's and R's.

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This. What exactly did the house do for Trump in the first two years???? A tax bill. Thats it.

Everything else was denied. Losing the house is like having your 25 year old extra car breakdown on the way to McDonald's.

Niggers actually registered to vote, put the crack pipe down, stopped raping and robbing people, got out of county jail on time, able to lift their fat asses from the welfare couch/home, was able to find their ID and wiped off the cocaine to vote. Hm.

But mostly I blame the idiot white people who hate white people.

Now he can convince his "broke-back wife" (the cucked R's) that he needs to expend the money NOW to get it fixed.

The House is like a bunch of kids yelling and the Senate is where the adults do business.

It's important to note as well, that the cuck strategy of the R appeasers is STILL not working and has never worked.

R's pushed for allowing criminals to get voting rights back because they were mostly black, and courting Hispanics and blacks and they STILL vote 90% D in the case of blacks and 70+% for Hispanics, even the Cubans in Florida.

If anything this election is proving Trump and us correct to the cucks. Cucking dosen't work and it gets you booted from Congress.

What do your ashkeNAZI family members have to do with anything?

is anyone else literally shaking now that we stopped winning?

Now the D's will go full commie purge mode and persecute us and the rest of the right like they are doing to the NRA. This will only enrage an already awakening white population more.

The goal is 2020 and the census.

Or maybe I'm making all this up and hoping my enemies are reading it. =)

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Without the wall, Trump hasn't a chance in hell to win 2020

Launching a pinning attack isn't done with the intention of losses. And you want the winning flank to come as quickly as practical, simultanious is best. Also artillery and airstrikes should be targeted to disrupt enemy organization and movement in response to the attack.

He deployed military to the boarder. He has said long ago, that if it does not get past the house he would go executive route, he is taking steps to do that by first putting the boarder patrol (which is infiltrated by a tone of Hispanics and drug cartels) under the watch and control of the US military.

If you remember seeing the pics of the Military he deployed, THEY WERE ALL WHITE MEN which are military has a tone of niggers and spics in it.

What about when your fighting both the enemy AND your own generals??? 2 years is a sort time in politics.

Just your faggot ass.

Border isn't a difficult word to spell you fucking retards

Name of the game right now is Stabilization. Obama and Hillary were working to destabilize the system in order to then "normalize" the system under their new EU/UN regime.

Trump and the military stepped in and took control of the "normalization" process at the last minute. They are simply carrying out the last step of the plan that was already in place, however they are "normalizing" to our goals not the enemies.

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However, it is too hard to tell if Trump is part of the final process of the "populism" and "isolationism" of the strategy because doing that is the same as what we want. Only time will tell.

It is possible that Trump and Hillary worked together and this whole thing is just to keep white men from shooting until the process is complete. Throwing a few nuggets here and their until its too late.

If its any consolation, the USSR and modern China are/were two of the most racist regimes in history. Just depends on which race is running it.


Let’s not forget that every other candidate running is a total fucking faggot. You don’t want Trump? Ok, who do you want? Who do you actually think will stand and deliver on actual deportations, real border security, and protecting our right to bear arms?

Trump is a kike puppet. The wall will never be built and it doesn't matter anyway because it was just a distraction to keep people from talking about DACA. Notice how Trump doesn't even bring DACA up anymore? It's all part of the plan goy.