Trump Will Awaken to Unfriendly Congress, and House Dems Poised to Investigate

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Trump should have appointed a cabinet of people who would unquestioningly follow his lead and just taken the whole damn thing to the wall when he had the chance tbph, it’s not like the dems would do any different the first chance they get

Instead he appointed a team of the most mercilessly evil kikes you could ever imagine who tell him what to do

Anyone that played along with these kike games is the enemy and only deserving of death, and no amount of cartoon frogs and red hat memes posted will ever change that fact

Idiot thought he needed "professionals" in politics to make up for his lackof experience.



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I predict this is the beginning of the end. Dems will non-stop search till they find something to impeach or remove people, that's just how they are. Right vs left is really going to kick off and tension will get even worse. The country is divided even more now. Texas almost blue.

It's almost fucking over fellas. I give it 4-8 yrs and you can forget about anything being right leaning again. Big cities are deciding for the whole country almost, and red is barely winning where it did win.

My suggestion is to fucking forget about politics and start preparing yourself for the future, I will be. I'm in texas and I've been slapped in the face by a blue mexican boarder that almost out voted 80% of texas. Its fucking time boys, better stop larping while you have time to prepare.

Forget impeaching the orange order kike in chief, perhaps you better start making use of your rights to bear arms in the face of tyranny unless that is you're completely ZOGged out and only see Daddy kike saving you from his jewish family and their plans to destroy you

Violence is the only solution now.
We need to start encouraging resistance to the federal government and exploiting any fracture lines we can.
We need to get right wingers to believe the government is illegitimate once Trump is impeached, we need to convince commies that the fed are subverting the communist cause for profit, etc.

We must turn everyone upon everyone. Create such chao that generations yet unborn will strangle each other in the womb.
Only then will our time come.

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The fuck are you rambling on about.
I don't even like Trump.
I don't give a damn about jew controlled politics, and the charade of the red team vs the blue team.
As the post about says violence is the only solution

This is what happens when you don't rule with a fist another fist will knock you out.

We need to start a revolution.

I kind of thought this is what was going to happen about a year ago when he started pushing more kikes into his cabinet and kicking gentiles out. Apparently trump gives more of a shit about what his kike kids think then the American people and it's going to be his downfall

Trump was never going to save us. He was a false hope to get whites to support a party. Hillary = trump , trump = Hillary. Didnt matter who won, whites were fucked either way. They used to trump to make whites feel safe again.

Radioactive glowniggers detected.


At this point, Trump getting impeached under suspicious circumstances could still be useful to us.

Even if /ourguy/ is a meme, the reality is that the Trumpist movement has brought most of our ideas into the spotlight. Instead of just withering slowly and quietly, things will be forced to a head.
The Trumpist movement has created a whole branch of the population who would be easily converted, but who are still too hopeful and faithful in the system to step outside the safe kosher boundaries of controlled opposition.
An impeachment, especially a messy one (and we should atleast have faith the dems will mess this up) would show these people the system won't work anymore, that the American government is their enemy, etc.

We need to be ready to use any situation that arises to our advantage, even situations that, at the surface level, might be setbacks. The situation has been hopeless for years now, yet we've been pushing back successfully. It isn't as hopeless as it looks so long as we keep using our heads and exploiting any situation that arises. Trump may not save us, but he is still an extremely useful development and the phenomenon surrounding him is extremely useful.

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Move to Alaska. Politics can only do so much: niggers don't want to go where it's cold and dark half the year, and white women aren't dressed in yoga pants to show their waxed dinner roll.

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Not likely the can, and the judge will throw out any unconstitutional impeachment for grounds.

The problem is that these niggers are actually doubling down on their cult of personality. "well we lost the house and will never get anything passed but zomg we kept the senate ebin win guys trump's gonna appoint those judges now haha! minority by 2030? bro i just care about muh baste black guy in a maga hat im not some RACIST like u!"

The ultimate problem is these faggots are in a sense right wing NPC's. They have the same ideological conditioning yuri bezmenov speaks of, they absolutely refuse to believe factual evidence no matter how damning it is. The only positive from a trump impeachment is the potential for a civ war, because at this point nothing short of that will be able to turn this country around.


You're problem is believing the average human isn't just like that. Simply put that's just how humans are. They will always try to rationalize their position instead of facing ugly truths.

But that doesn't mean you can't influence them. You're far too faithful in their stubbornness. The truth is, one charismatic man could change their entire outlook. But that's how humans have always been.

you're wrong, your average human is even dumber than that.
should i learn polish or hungarian, need to know which of those will remain white for the foreseeable future.
i don't believe it's possible at this point
because theyre stubborn retards, i don't believe they're capable of understanding the situtation, i don't believe they will ever realize our future is now confirmed to be civil war or south africa 2.0
"bro just wait for hitler lol"

Fucking kek.

Oh wait I forgot I'm talking to an American. Yes run away from your problems. It's in your blood after all.

Amazing advice man, thanks.

yeah guys congress was so fucking friendly what with getting absolutely nothing done for two years down to not managing to figure out what to do with obammy care, something so historically unpopular it cost the dems a fucking election which is hard to do

remember all those checks the house was putting on mueller? don't know how don will ever recover

You're probably right, but if it happened now we'd be absolutely done.

Most people are fundamentally NPCs, they always have been, and always will be. People are social animals and generally value social acceptance over the truth, because in all honesty, social acceptance can get you a decent job a cute girl and a good life while the truth can utterly destroy you unless you're powerful enough to do something about it. The truth (or atleast, the part of the truth we've uncovered) is a burden we carry, but atleast gives us purpose.
Was listening to a John Bowden speech recently (inb4 closet homosexual english hamster man) but something he said caught my attention. The sort of person you convince with facts is someone with leadership potential (emphasis on potential, most people's potential is wasted) because they're capable of independent action and decision making. But you don't convince the masses with facts, you speak to them on a physiological and emotional level.
Even if we won, they'd still be NPCs, they'd just be our NPCs. Don't be cynical about this, don't hate them for it, if you hate humanity there is no real purpose to politics anyways.

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Trump is going to lose in 2020 if he doesn't take hard and fast action. You all now have two years to stockpile and get ready for the fun that's coming.

More pointless, childish obstruction from the left because they're the sorest losers on the planet.

Hell, them doing this and looking like fucking retards is fantastic because it'll just shove more and more people to the right.

Captcha: aidspn
Dems sticking their aids riddled peens I to the House

How can i not hate those who vote to force my people to commit mass suicide?

Geesh, did somebody wake up with sand in their vagina? What a bunch of whiny little shits.

I like how Zig Forums is no longer allowed to speak positively about any political developments without retards like you screeching "BUT MUH DEMOGRAPHICS"
If you're this autistically blackpilled you might as well just kill yourself.

You know you need 270 house seats to even start an impeachment right?

Kikes got you working overtime for the midterms, huh.

go ahead, spin this one

That's not going to stop democrats from kicking and screaming and thrashing around in the system "BECAUSE FUCK DRUMPFH ORANGE MAN BAD!!!"

It's just depressing how utterly fucking frustrating these next two years will be. Full of non-stop kvetching and libcucks screeching. Like the last two years, but now they actually have some weight behind them.

What's positive about losing the house and making it near impossible to pass any good legislation? Go ahead nigger, explain that to me.
Demographics are fucking EVERYTHING. HOW NEW ARE YOU TO NOT KNOW THIS? Wanna know who votes for the right? Almost exclusively WHITES. Wanna know what happens when whites are a minority? THEY NEVER WIN EVER AGAIN. What happens when whites lose political self determination? Ask South African whites or Rhodesians. I'm absolutely sick of this forced "lets pretend everything is ok even when we get setback after setback." You want to inspire hope? GIVE ME A REASON TO BE HOPEFUL. FFS if you can't even convince the people who are most likely to see through the bullshit then what fucking hope is there for convincing the mass of the absolutely fucking retarded npcs out there?
I wasn't this autistically blackpilled until this shit happened. I was so god damn hyped when trump won because I believed that meant we had POTENTIAL to save our people from the most horrible of fates. Time has proven me wrong.

fuck off back to the_cuckold redditor, don't you have to suck off some BASTE BLACK GUY IN A MAGA HAT? Trump tried that and got 10% black vote while losing 3% of the white vote but keep pretending demographics don't matter, keep pretending the niggers you love so much are magically gonna not vote for gibs. KYS nigger.

Keeping the Senate is good because it allows us to appoint more supreme Court judges (Ginsberg will die before Christmas), and prevents The House from going too batshit on anything other than "muh Russia".

The resulting gridlock will frustrate more Americans, making them more divided and more inclined to violence.

Was the election the best possible outcome? No. But it could have been a LOT worse.

hah you must be a kike shill then because you said truths that hurt my feelings!

so no other discussion about anything is allowed unless its about demographics. Got it.

"Frustrating", like the rest of your life.
What a waste of life.

says the problem

That's not the issue retard. 100% guaranteed no wall funding.

You are right and at the same time what you said is one of those truths people hate, even supposedly non-NPC Zig Forums anons.

The fundamental problem of civilized society is humans and their nature. Jews capitalize on this because they are evil and parasitic in nature.
My guess is that to have a real win, a subset of humans should create a prosperous country / nation that prioritizes truth from day one (instead of lies, religions or mythos).
I will certainly try to do this at a micro level (family - small village )

Trump doesn't need to use house to get money, he can use the military and its existing budget to build it.


I say line them all up on the wall

Fuck off newfag. Political developments have never been taken positively at Zig Forums because the only political developments allowed to take place are for the benefit of jewry. If you want to be surrounded by delusional retards and "white pills," go back to reddit.

Nice , can't wait and I'll see you out there in the trenches

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Sorry, Trump has failed to secure funding for the wall. You will need to vote in 2020 if you want him to fulfill any of the promises he made to goyim (but he will continue fulfilling those he made to jews).

Yes that sounds fine
Ready whenever you are m88

No he can't. That's called misappropriation of funds. Congress holds the purse strings, funds the military, and appropriates the money. Stop watching JewTube.

ANOTHER BACKPILL THREAD that means nothing. This election show the lowest shift in parties since Regan, meaning they barely won.

You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.
You can't impeach him without the fucking Senate.

Any ol wall will do for a traitor
We can line them up on wall (st) or wall mart walls or any other ol wall
Nothing will get fixed from voting PERIOD

Nobody cares. Go back to bumping your damage control thread. Reported.

We kept the senate, that's good, but we lost the house. We didn't GAIN the senate, we KEPT it which is a big difference. This means we didn't win anything, we LOST ground to those who absolutely will refuse to pass any positive legislation. Spin as you might you cannot refute this fact.
Yeah, muh russia is the big problem we're so concerned about, not guns, not the wall, not immigration reform, it's muh russia that we care about lmfao.
The only positive from this election.
At this point I almost wish it would have gone worse for muh accelerationism.

I'll take "Things I never said" for 500. Also, nice way to dodge the unescapable fact that demographics are fucking everything. You seem to not want to acknowledge this truth because muh blackpill but ultimately its the fucking ugly, cold, disgusting truth. If you want to deal in fantasy go fuck off to reddit. If you want to deal with truth, then stop playing pretend and wake the fuck up.

yeah, everyone who disagrees is a shill, anyone that expresses normal human emotion is a kike shill.
With how politics works in the Jew.S.A., this was unfortunately the case.

You're a personality cultist. To you, "winning" is just having the ZOG Emperor in power, it doesn't matter whether or not he does anything for White people.

no, it simply 0% matters to us
because jews do whatever they want

no one cares about impeachment retard, that's not our gripe with the midterm results

TRADITION is truth. You know nothing

The Chadian flags are a nice touch.

Don't be so sure.
After all, the neocon influx into the Republican party was just globalist Dems infiltrating, whenever they could support Democrats while still keeping their seats, they did. McCain is a good example.

So who is to say the Republicans haven't responded in kind?
Many of the midwestern Democrats support issues that were exclusively Republican, some of them are considered "rogue" by the Bolshevik Dems.

They wouldn't advertise this, of course…but the Dem majority is currently by 4 seats, with 22 more races left to call…not a very safe majority, considering the possibilities.
Clogging their own agenda with useless "investigations" that the public is sick of, would not be a good strategy, and they have to be smart enough to know they have no "high crimes" or "misdemeanors" to try and impeach with, and the Senate would shut them down without having to even think about it.
Watch the hard-core Bolsheviks whine as the Dems don't move to impeach.
This fight is just beginning, and it's getting interesting.

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Holy fucking delusion. What drugs are you on and can I have some? I wish I had cope this strong rn

Exactly. Fucktards have been pinning their dreams on republikikes and neocohens for 100 years. What has it ever gotten? Suffrage, nigger citizenship, gibsmedats, military industrial complex, and open borders. There are now actual caravans of taco niggers storming those open borders, and the massive ZOGbot army that costs us trillions of dollars can't even shoot one nog. That is 500% bullshit. "Win" or "lose" it never really matters. The only thing worth seeing is lefty salt when their freakshow candidate loses, which I can enjoy in Missouri.

I didn't say that, but simply stated that it would be a logical response to the Dem infiltration of the neocons.
And we don't need it, anyway. Many Dems have espoused Republican issues, just to get elected in their districts. This can be used against them.

The Dems are broke, they have no monetary control over their outliers, they are going into the House with no plan, no dough, and only the media-manufactured hatred of the president whipping them up any support.

When Dems start Demming, they will start losing support. and they only hold 4 seats more than the Republicans, with all the rest of the races to be called in districts they already held, anyway.

They do not have a clear majority, and politicians can be swayed.

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implying they'll follow through, implying the left will punish them when they don't follow through
enough support to take the house from us which frankly is more than enough, the plan is #RESIST which means nothing will pass which means the situation is shit and hopeless.
if that were true they wouldn't have won the house in the first place, the reality is trump is so cucked his own white base had less voter turnout and frankly i don't blame them.
again, what drugs are you on and can i have some?

I wouldn't be surprised if every single Democrat and at least half the Republicans will always vote the same way together.

There won't be a revolution nor "Mad Max" collapse, it'll just be like the old Brazil and current state of San Francisco. The wealth inequality gap and unenforced crime would increase under the left, but most people wouldn't care about the shit state of society since the left hooks them on palliatives like drugs and pornography.

Ever wonder why cities in California has vending machines that distribute free heroin needles or permit recreational drugs like Marijuana? They claim that it's to prevent STDs, but the truth is that they want to make people forget about their entire mess.

There's no point in fixing society if you can ignore it with a dopamine hit from a blunt. There's a good reason why Mainly China has a death penalty for drugs.

White flight has never worked. because they will eventually poz up your area as well. Additionally, your people would be less equipped to fight them since they're isolated from the harmful effects of diversity. You suggested this idea on Nick Fuentez show. I guess you won't learn until you figure it out the hard way.

Go the fuck back to reddit. We are bitching because we know trump cant do shit now, because he didnt do shit WHEN HE HAD A MAJORITY.


ya trump is a fucking savior alright.

fuck off reddit

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Kikes were one of his top donors and he had been indebted to Jewish bankers who bailed him out time after time. He's building a dynasty and he threw his lot with the jews. His whole family was trying to be as cosy with the hebrews as possibile for a very long time now and wealth was their reward for faithful service. He married his kids to yids for a very good reason. He wants his progeny to be part of the kike ruling class in the new Jewish World Order. His kosher and Zionist foreign and domestic policies are proof of that.


the appointment of Jeff Sessions to AG was the biggest mistake Trump made. prove me wrong.

The biggest mistake was voting and trusting white cucks to not be cucks. They have been artificially selected to be a docile and easily controlled population. They will walk right into the slaughterhouse without a care.

It was a big one, but I dont know if it was the biggest. A massive blunder though for sure.

The Dims are not afraid. In fact, they are emboldened. They have 100% Lefty diaspora kiked media in their camp, while the only "right-leaning" media voice is also heavily kiked by the Zionist psychos that are only Nationalists when it comes to jewish ethnostates. Whether people on the right(acclerationists and to spite the Left for all of the damage done by them) or in the center(the 'No More D&C crew)



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Trump will continue letting jews fuck his daughter, transferring our wealth to Israel and making America more nigger.
Go discuss your delusional MAGA thoughts on /rightypol/, Republican.

The best thing that can happen is trump being impeached.It would radicalize his base. Trump is shown to be worthless after 2 years. Rather have a new GOP president than trump for another two years.

Better yet, eliminate party affiliation on the ballot.

Can you just fuckoff? Your bread and circus is over and your zogteam got fucked in the house, which means absolutely nothing will happen for whatever remains for trumpkike. You have r/the_donald to damage control all you want.

Trump never wanted to build the wall. If he did he wouldn't have never said he would make Mexico pay for it. Not only he said that, but he's gloating that he increased spending for the DOD.

It was more his failure to purge Obama holdovers. He should have gone full Stalin on them during his transition and replaced them with his campaign staffers. Instead it's 99.9% the same people in all of these departments and Trump threw his campaign volunteers under the bus.

Hopefags getting fucking grilled ITT
Bump because blackpill is bestpill

I think the idea is as a lot of the country becomes Brazil-tier, those white majority areas will be left more alone simply by the fact that those ruling over Brazil-America will have their hands full.

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This is so important. Make money and get prepped. Have your life mean something to you, rather than wallowing in the jew's world.

Sheldon Adelson was the biggest spender in the midterms, with over $100 million for the republikikes.

A hard truth to swallow but anyone capable independent thought should be able to accept it.

I wouldn't necessarily say that, but, I will say that we can't rely solely on the ballot box to defend us.

Yes, we need more on the soap-box, better results at the ballot box, but, we must ready ourselves for the jury box and the cartridge box too.

Plant gardens, have families, escape the cities, join fraternal organizations, lift, run, participate in the local PTA/local politics, (if you can - even be a volunteer first responder to your town), and make your ideals insular to the functioning of the town. Then, when foreign influence/$ comes in, you can decry them as carpetbaggers and kick them out.

It's why the failure of the Federal Housing office to add Blacks to each town was one of the greatest successes of the trump administration - it means that the grassroots-, cultural-political shift is still possible peacefully.

She predicts the Republicans will hold the Senate in Tuesday’s midterm elections, but not the House of Representatives. “Actually, I shouldn’t say this, but it might actually be good for Trump if the Democrats take the House, because all they’re going to do is investigate him, and that’s going to annoy the crap out of the American people. The American people are going to get so sick of it that he will win in a landslide in 2020.”

Ann Coulter several days before the mid terms.

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Iron Anne - based as per usual, and she's right.

If we can exploit the fracture points of the Big Tent Democrat party, then we've got a chance to win big in 2020, but, like I said - you have to have multiple opportunities available.

Plus Trump doesn't need adulation anymore. The party is over. He needs to get a fire lit under his ass and start kicking out illegals and building that wall.

going to be impossible without the House, and unless it's tied to infrastructure.

Even then, the brown hordes are going to be pleased simply to be allowed to stay and don't care there's no infrastructure/college-debt relief bills that are passed.

I like how they completely ignore everything about Clinton's finances.
Of course Trump is going to have global connections. He's a billionaire with many businesses globally.
Clinton on the other hand, had no business with the Russians allegedly. That turned out to be complete bullshit and ever since the committee has failed to investigate that.

How's that? He didn't win in a landslide last time and now Florida is done two years out.

Ann assumes they'll do a fair investigation and not just investigations misleading everybody entirely. "Oh look he has a business in Russia". So do many billionaires.

Cool, then what's your solution then faggot?

Is this whole trumpthing the focus of muttmerica's identity or what? How can you be so deluded?