Why did Hitler consider Islam superior to christianity?

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Because he never actually met a Muslim. When you’re surrounded by christian idiots constantly and met one kind of okay Muslim guy once and take his explaination of his religion at face value (which he likely did, Hitler was an overly trusting person) then Islam seems better. I know what you’re trying to do here btw but nobody is gonna take the bait because we’re all talking about the election.

seems pretty obvious

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Here's a picture of Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Palestine

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He didn't.

Not subject to complacency. Christianity tells you to be good and let others have their way with you.


JIDF and the_donald shitting up the board.
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You know muslims hate jews too, right?

Because he was a fucking idiot, that mustard gas fucked him in the frontal lobes.

You know muslims are jews, right?

Look at vids from Pre Israel attacking Egypt. 24/7.
They were way further ahead than current Muslims.
Iran before the revolution is a good example too.

True, but todays muslims arent the muslims Hitler liked.

Shill thread regardless, the fuck outta here

Because the Islamic world pre-Saudi wahhabism was actually fairly decent. The biggest country Muslim country close to Germany was Turkey, that had outlawed most of the batshit insane stuff in Islam and strived for a civil society free of ass backward camel humping obscurantism and saw religion as a simple cultural thing, rather than a political project exactly like fascists.

The Anglos plagued the Islamic world just as they did Europe with their absolute backing of the Saudi, one was plagued with progressism the other with obscurantism but the root of both is the same (((people))), and both set on a collision course that will get both to slaughter each other while the culprit and main beneficiary of the strife laugh it's way to his bank.

he never met actual mudslimes nowadays. you think he would still support pisslam if he was still alive today? he just liked mudslimes coz their anti jews remark.

This proves that newfags, bots, and shills, continuously make threads and don't lurk. Fuck you. I'm not even telling you how you should have gone about this you fucking waste of oxygen.

Damned jews…
Take a meme about how National Socialism can help other folk throw off the Jew banks and degeneracy, and claimst hat because some are Moslem that Hitler hated the German folk and favored Islam.
Always with the damned lies. They think the whole purpose of the language is deceit.

Because christianity is gay slave morality and Islam has some degree of Will to Power. Also muslims hate jews and christcucks cuck to jews.

Honoraries yesterday, Mudslimes today.
Cucks yesterday, will to power today.

islam isn't the enemy, jews are.

Hitler is saying that Christianity does not serve the Reich very well.
Hitler is saying that Shintoism makes death for your country in battle the literal highest honor possible period, and that it would have been awesome to have in the Reich. Something the Germans did have with their old Germanic faith.
Islam is a religion of conquest and control. Hitler is also basically saying that the Ottoman Empire worked and that if he had some of that religion sauce, then maybe the Reich would have been better.
Compared to Wotanism, Shintoism, Islam, Christianity is all about the betterment of the individual, not the whole. The old Germanic faith, Shinto or some kind of Europeanized Islam would work way better for a fascist militant power than Christianity with it's philosophy of 'loving thy enemy' and 'turning the other cheek'

This shit isn't hard I don't even know why I bothered spelling it out, anyone who didn't get it at first glance will probably never get it.

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You think uncle Adolf would support you anglos and french if he knew how would you stab him in the back, or mobilize half of your fucking country from America to destroy your ancestors?
Get fucked.

Regarding OP, Hitler preferred christianity to any other religion; is just that he wanted to improve it by ignoring / retelling some parts of the christian tales to better suit germanic volk's prosperity