Florida Will Never Go Red Again


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Hate to be making a blackpill post, but THIS is the big news of the whole midterms. A crushing blow to whites.

get fucked, mutts

Amerimutts are going to be bred to extinction. Payback for ww2, mutts
Baste orange man leading mutts to extinction.

What went wrong?

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this, get fucked traitorous zogbots

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mia khalifa giving out a bj to anyone who votes dem

Why are retarded MAGApedo spastics still on here using the term "blackpill" to describe self evident clear and concise facts?

True. Neither Texas. Republicans will never win an election again.



who won the mid term elections?

this, and sad!

Have you looked at the demographic change in that state through the years?

the jews

dude we were talking about this for over 10 years

demographics is destiny

the democrats won? news hasn't reached my country. tough luck.

Wrong. You carve your own destiny. The people who voted to allow criminal niggers to vote chose their own destiny. That's on them, not on "demographics."

Maybe next time republicucks should stop pandering to libfags while doing nothing to support white people and just throwing everyone under the bus?

Demoshits won popular vote again, and senate is a 60 40 split.
If trumpkike doesnt find a way to erect the wall even just 10 miles, he is finished come 2020.

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They can’t vote for up to 4 years after finishing parole. They get arrested again the can’t vote. They have to appeal to get their rights back.

So it’s fucking nothing.

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who's going to defend all you european paki / nigger rape babies once we "mutts" are gone? you think the UN cares about muslim rape babies?

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America is the greatest threat to freedom in Europe. Whoever seeks to remove kebab will be attacked by the US.

Europe is the greatest threat to us American Aryans, you paki rape baby.


Texas primary schools are over 70% hispanic.
Texas is lost, it's just a matter of time.
The only thing to bring back Texas would've been explicitly pro white taxes and welfare.

Its because Ted Cruz is shit and beto was the dems golden boy. Beto still fucking lost. That says something. If they used anyone else it would of been a landslide.

You're both faggots. It's not nothing, but nor is it the end of the world, either.

in reality

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The Jews did this.

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every time.
even gravity is less certain.

Logan's Run suddenly seems a little less outlandish.

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This is the default kind of response I've seen prevelantever since the inception of the jewish alt-right
They shifted the OyVeyTon window alright, instead ofdebating NPCs and jews regarding the JQ they would unleash invectives of abuse at anyone who dared criticise their jewish tendencies and support for ZOG, all the while pretending they were against ZOG while posting 'fashy' memes with cartoon frogs.

The Trumpcuck NPC is no more worthy of saving than any Hillary bot or Bernie bro

I think it relates to the fact that it's a hard truth that ultimately leads to the demise of white. So its depressing or in other words "blackpilled".

I'm sure you've never used the term, or bluepilled, redpilled, leftypol, cuck, zog, sjw. Ya that's right faggot you do exactly the same. Nice try.

The pills existed long before 2015-2016

Not once, not ever
I'm not a retarded spastic who seems to think dancing with the devil is a good idea or takes his orders from CIA-kikes embedded in the media like Anglin orKike Eunoch

In fact I have records of attacking the use of "cuck" from the start, a phrase made famous by a renowned cuck who used to run the first iteration of this board who publicly got outed cucking to his jewish princess.
Every red team jew NPC would throw in the word cuck every 4tf word at whoever it was they were hurling abuse at, which is what made the left hate you so much and people like me ashamed you jew manipulated wankers are trying to ally with us.

Some people are born to be NPCs easily manipulated by the TV and whatever CIA trap set, jews call them goyim/cattle, for good reason too it seems

"Blackpill" didn't. It was mainly pushed by TRSodomites and aut-kikes to describe anyone who wasn't enabling their fantasies.

The jewish term "blackpill" was invented as the Lexicon of the jewish alt-right, the alt-right was seeded shortly before in anticipation of the jewish Trumstein hoax.
It is a carefully crafted equal and opposite mantra to the jewish marxist lefts own mantras to be employed whenever anyone jew-wise would challenge their cognitive dissonance with regard to their own championing of NeoCon kikes as some sort of defiant act against kikes.
It's literally retarded, so retarded in fact that one would have thought even a literal spastic would have seen through the trick.

telling the truth to retarded red team NPCs = blackpill
You team red and blue NPCs need to die for the good of all mankind

Understand this Trumpcucks all the venom and hatred you feel for the left we feel for you equally, with more than enough justification for it too

History will repeat… one of us shall walk the enlightened path again.
They won’t make the same mistakes.
This time the holocaust won’t be a hoax.
It will be the last Great War of every human timeline.

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Fuck off LARPkike. You're a blackpiller because you probably failed at life, have nothing, and want everyone else to fail with you. The irony is that you have no power to make this happen because you only exist in the fantasy world of LARPing.

Because they're controlled opposition run by that kike Jared Kushner and the shabbos boy Trump family to let dumb whites think they're doing anything other than slowly lowering the white race into the grave.

And that is all that has occurred over the last two years. No reversal whatsoever.

You are simply a moron.
Or a kike trying to fling shit.

You too. Get the fuck out of here you kikes.

yes it did faggot, there where a shit ton of "pill" memes since years ago, iron pill being one of the biggest put side of the red/white/greenandpurple/ETC pills

Do something else to help WN then. You painfully obvious faggots spend 100% of your time attacking misguided whites (((for some reason))) rather than putting forth your great plan to destroy ZOG. Gee I wonder why no one with two braincells to rub together pays any attention to you.

Why are retarded MAGApedo spastics still on here using the term "this" to reply to posts containing self evident clear and concise facts?

Republicans are the same as Democrats, so it doesn't matter if they never win anything again.

Yeah it's called accelerationism by voting Democrat so whites are selling their daughters to BLACKED to pay their heating bills and actually fucking revolt.

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Use your fucking guns then.

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People were using blackpill in 2013 to describe Guts from Berserk.

Are you a fanfiction writer?

Maybe themselves?
Your "world police" status is everything that's wrong with modern civilization.
That and being the most obvious jewish pawn after the anglo died it's own death

accelerationism, as disgusting as it is, is the only option we have left at this point. The longer we wait, the less our numbers, and the more our power dwindles.

In Germany even prison inmates can vote, except when sentenced for a number of crimes, usually related to voting fraud, high treason, preparation of war and some such.

Voting for democrats in local elections is stupid. You're just handing potentially important positions over to the even stronger anti-White party.
If you must vote, vote for incompetents and unpopular candidates for national positions and the least pozzed White candidates for local positions. If everyone did this and the System collapsed, you'd thank me.

I am personally on the 4th or 5th panel, too autistic to marry and have children, too intelligent to fall into untermench status, and won't get depressed even at the extremely dire situation we're in.

Isn't this racist?

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You've failed to factor in the number of felons in that population.

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Hispanics and Califags are ruining every state in the Union.

The Nazis were fucking retarded.

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For the very same reasons you attack 'leftists' or as you like to call them NPCs
The enabler of the jew, is no friend of mine no matter how misguided he is, they are a direct threat to our survival

I have no wish to convert someone whose instinct is to trust the jew first and dismiss his wiser brothers attempting to save them.

There is no difference between you red team jew NPCs and the blue
Yet you can openly call for the slaughter of team blue NPCs and yet struggle to understand why I feel the same about you both

40% of blacks in Florida have prior convictions should be fucking eye opening to the normies. How do they not realize the hell they're living in?

Man that takes a team is not a man

The other 60% are inventors and doctors, bigot.

You're an idiot the part where you consider yourself "not a centrist" doesn't make you any different from any other edgyfag who claims to be above it all.

And you're a NPC.

Florida just made sure Trump is a 1 term president. I don't think he can win in 2020 without Florida.

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He was already slated to lose in PA and the midwest because he cucked on all of his promises for workers. A lot of union guys and independents gave him a chance in the rust belt, but he blew it all on goldman sachs agenda.

Race war soon?

All you've been doing is offering a "screw your optics" quest to players without engaging or considering any text that is outside your conversation tree.

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What sort of criminals? All types or are murderers and rapists excluded?

And yet here you are, living in gayniggerkike land and watching it slowly and inevitably decline.

At the end of the day, you're only angry that we lost.

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Are you suggesting we call this whitepilled instead? What should blackpilled mean then? You can't erase without replacing.

t. NPC

WW2 was just as pointless as WW1. If Hitler had stopped with Anschluss and then focused on something other than invading Poland we would be having a different conversation.

We've explained why a GOP win for the midterms is good to you 10,000 times you fucking retard.

I think if someone has served their time they should get their right to vote back. I'll make an exception for murderers only because they deny someone else the right to vote. We start throwing out principles and ethics out of the window we all end up like the leftists.

Either way, at the rate the leftists are flooding Florida from up north and Texas from shit hole California it's only a matter of time before both states become shitholes. It's pure fucking cancer spreading.

What we need to realize is that this voting shit is only a short term band aid. It's doesn't address the root cause of the problem. We need to up our strategy and thinking.

Incorrect. The USSR was planning to invade. When Operation Barbarossa started, it surprised the already massing USSR armies so much that they got completely steamrolled. They lost most of their airforce in the first day(s) due to strategic first-strike by the German forces and surrounded so many USSR armies using the Blitzkrieg that it was very tough to take care of the incredible number of USSR soldiers who had to surrender en-masse. Some of whom no doubt decided to join the German forces.

Addendum: Here's a link for more information regarding the topic:

I would gladly erase all red/blue team jew NPCs without making even the slightest effort to allow their relatives to breed

Assuming it's true the USSR intended to invade, then it still would have been better for Hitler to cast himself as the defender of Europe. Look at how Stalin held back on invading Poland instead of doing it at the same time as Hitler. By doing that he was able to avoid a declaration of war from the allies. This is all counterfactual, but if Hitler had grabbed Austria and the Sudetenland then spent the rest of his political capital creating some kind of anti Soviet pact with eastern Europe, it would have been much harder for Britain to justify war.

Not trying to wignat post, but this is more evidence that the Democrats are more fucked than we think. All these minorities are going to start stabbing each other (and any white leftists) in the back. Georgia NARROWLY avoided a sheboon governor because the spics can't stand niggers more they hate whitey, how do you think these people are going to operate in the next 2 years? Same thing with the muslim candidates elected who hate kikes, the jews that supported them are going to have muslims attack other candidates.

Not copeposting or wignat cucking, just pointing out that their zerg rush strategy is going to turn on itself.

Blackpill is the best pill

We could talk all day about past-war strategy and get nowhere.
WW2 may have been pointless, but just like WW1 it was largely inevitable.
Too many powerful people wanted Germany gone.

Perhaps we should ask the lying jews who wrote the history of WWII to consider the truth next time they make a jewish propaganda movie demonising Hitler and by proxy all whites, I'm sure they never meant to spend the last 70 years doing just that

He allied Stalin and invaded Poland. I know it sucks, but that isn't kike propaganda.

WW2 could have been avoided entirely. If somehow the USSR decided to invade Poland unilaterally Germany could then enter the fight without the UK as an enemy and perhaps even as an ally. In that case Germany has cause to annex Poland as a protectorate or puppet state.

Or more likely no WW2 happens and we end up with a bright future where Jews can't claim opression to cover their banking crimes.

I am the subhuman. I hate. Every shitskin i see is detrimental to the survival and prosperity of my people. Every shitskin should be removed from my ancestral land. There are no good kikes, there are no good niggers. I hate. I am the subhuman.

I know Zig Forums likes this one even less, but Hitler could have also gone all in with the alliance with the USSR. There were talks in 1940 to establish a formal Berlin-Moscow Axis, that fell through because Hitler thought Stalin's demands were unreasonable.

The kike fears the Red-Brown Alliance.

Because when they are faced with a crude reality, they use the term as a coping mechanism and at the same time avoid the truth. There is only Truth and lies.

No, America and Britain allied with the Soviets, Hitler merely had a deal not to invade Russia at the time.
this is why all you retarded red team jew NPCs need to die, not just leave Zig Forums but literally die and leave this Earth before we can progress in any way whatsoever to a brighter future

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact also divided eastern Europe between Soviet and German spheres of influence, called for a joint invasion against Poland, and secured massive supplies of oil for the German war machine. Don't pretend it was "just" a non aggression pact.

Does this look like a non aggression pact to you?

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Germany needed to avoid fighting the UK and France who would eventually bring the USA on their side. Maybe maybe conquering the UK could have forced a status quo with the USA, but that's pretty fucking unrealistic with Germany's inability to invade the British Isles. WW2 was not winable by Germany, they shouldn't have even tried.

Not seeing as big a threat as some of you.
Majority of felons have convinced themselves voting is a total waste of time, fuck the system etc…
The ones that aren't totally disillusioned have even less motivation to vote than your standard citizen.

Yes it does, it involves neither party showing aggression to the other until such time as one side breaks the pact.
America and britain forged an alliance with Stalin that brought about the jew world order you retarded spasticated MAGApedes have been Larping about the orange kike saving us all from

I hope Iran or China hurries the fuck up and nukes you before you retarded cunts do any more damage to our world

Yeah Hitler should never have made France and Britain declare war on Germany…

Zig Forums when not shilling for neocon jewry is always reliable to be filled with rerevisionist jews pretending Hitler was really on the jews side,despite the fact he expelled the kikes, jailed a Rothschild and outlawed freemasonry.

Go on tell us again how America saved us all from speaking German

Fucking mutt race jew enablers are the greatest obstacle to expelling the jew