Why are you delusional?

Americans are so fucking delusional following the 2017 elections.
You really believe voting for a candidate in the two party, kike controlled, system is going to change anything?
My 55 years old mother is more politically redpilled than you mouth-breathers, its just so fucking pathetic to look at.
Every single day is just hundreds of useless threads, filled with cucks defending their jewish overlords and the tiny insignificant "changes" they create. It's fucking tiring to look at, has this place just become a more "extreme" wing of /r/the_donald?

Pic very much related since this is your argument for voting republican. If you think a similar result as 1934 is possible in the current year, I have some bad news.
You hopefully have some more perspective now, since the amount of delusion is getting ridiculous.
Yes, I am an employee of the democratic party.

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The healthiest thing for this board would be for Trump to cuck out completely.

That's not hard to imagine.

they are paid shills and organized raiders, I believe this is clear by now

Happened in 2016 when all of the national socialists were banned by imkikefy, who totally hasn't re-surfaced to shill for (((democracy))) and the GOP, and post smug anime girls in every single thread.
Have a bump for a rare non-retarded non-(((MAGApede))) shill thread.

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your either a shill or an idiot. There's no point taking out your impotent rage out here.

Most people on Zig Forums have the IQ to realize Trump isn't 14/88. But it's a move in the right direction, it gives hope that we still have the political option. He has a lot of good polices but the cucked congress has made it hard to implement.
To me he's more of a holding pattern. Things have begun to get more and more totalitarian. If Hillary was elected and the next few years dominated by democrats just having wrong opinions could get you jailed.
There's many LARPers that think there going to create some violent revolution, but these people don't have the intelligence or foresight to realize how futile it is currently.
The right has terrible organization, we have few powerful supporters and not enough man power.
Let's say you managed to stage a violent revolution and somehow managed to defeat the American armed forces and thousands of citizens. For all your hard effort your going to be rewarded with a UN peace keeping mission to " deescalate" the situation and maybe China will come in and occupy us until we pay them all their sheckels.

Holy shit not even five posts in and the MAGAnigger faggots have arrived to shill their absolute trash.
Get cancer you complete brainlet.

we need a board that will ruthlessly cull trumpcucks & undesirables.

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This is the delusion OP was mentioning.

What has he done?

That's impossible because the board owner and all the moderators are nupol cuck faggots.

arguments made 0, my point proved yet again

So much of a brainlet that he can't see an argument posted right in front of him

This is your mind on president kike

Has been happening since the world first begun, the cessation of such activity requires a fit of madness.

please stick to being a foot solider, let the big boys do the thinking.

I never said anything about violence and le revolution. Things like Trump are pressure valves, i know this since we had the same election as you guys in 2012. NOTHING will change in a positive direction for whites, NOTHING. The boomers are lambasting their ebin political victory, while the government sucks the EU and UN cock, completely ignoring the entire reason they were elected is to stop immigration.
And about shifting the overton window, no politician will ever do that since they always play it safe.
We also had a small party, exactly like Hitlers, that wanted the exact same thing, I joined this party and talked to the leader, he was 100% redpilled. Guess what happened to them? They never got in, since you need to collect 20k signatures if you wan't to participate in national elections. They collected 40k and ONLY 5k where approved by the government, this is what happens to real opposition, the fact that Trump was even allowed to participate proves he is controlled.

because of a cucked congress & senate you complain…then explain to me why it is that it is wholly within the presidents power as COMMANDER IN CHIEF to close the southern border, using any one of the migrant caravans as an excuse, yet non-white migration has barely decreased and the deportations are just a fucking show. Get a fucking grip, Trump is a PC faggot, A jew collaborator, a fraud

To prove your point.

Nice try kike. Reported.

Cookie-cutter demoralization thread #947.

Go back to t_d you fucking smug pseudo-intellectual.

Calling out delusion is not demoralization, retarded nigger. The demoralization only happens when delusion is allowed to run rampant, being grounded in reality is the only defense we have against manipulation.

Have you ever seen the fucking news? Have you ever seen a third position party in USA? No because it doesn't exist, you either have right wing kikes or left wing kikes and i certainly prefer right wing kikes

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He knows. He's just a demoralization kike.

I agree, I just want people on Zig Forums to stop being so fucking delusional, thinking Trump is /ourguy/ and that any opposition is muh sharblue. Voting more right than left is fine (unless you're an accelerationalist), looking at Zig Forums discussing controlled politics like
This shit is no different from normie news articles or reddit, its a gigantic waste of energy and on the same level as discussing movie plots.

Nice false dichotomy you nigger-tier retard. You MAGAfaggots are the biggest cancer on this board. Commie trannies from Zig Forums are less cancerous than you.

When people complain that voting doesn't matter usually their of the same Ilk that advocate some sort of SIEGE violent uprising. That's why I mentioned it, what other option do we have?

I don't like it when people come on Zig Forums and bash each others countries. If were on Zig Forums we got the picture, all it does it drag people down when we need to bring people up. Be a bit positive for a change and think of solutions and not just perceptually bitch and moan.
It's pathetic.

Now I don't know the circumstances of the party you were involved in. It's never wise to jump to conclusions. But it's far from impossible to create a new party.

If you want people to wake up, why don't you try and educate them?
The problem with many of us on the right is our inaction. While the left organize and have relentless organized attacks we sit back and do nothing.

Back to reddit, you kike, you don't belong here.

Sorry my bad! I'll make sure to vote for the Silver Legion in the next elections!!!

basically this, MAGAscum gtfo

You just made my argument for me shitnugget. There hasn't been any third position parties ever, and you still defend muh voting like it will somehow save you.
Your reddit spacing is giving me cancer, that aside.
I have educated plenty of people, but I have also realized that a crisis that affects the standard of living immensely is a requirement for reenacting real change. People will not get off their asses if things are bad enough, and even then you need a strong leader to rally behind. Delusion is the downfall of all great nations, I feel it's important to combat this delusion.
Violence isn't the only solution, you can also use legal tricks like Hitler did to topple the ruling powers.
The only way for me or someone else to create a new part and have it become influential, is to infiltrate the system or force them to let us participate. Otherwise our efforts will be drowned in foul play and bureaucracy.

I dont see whites lifting themselves out of their graves. Any by the time they try it will be to late to have a majority to win anything. Hitters Germany didnt have a brain dead people who gorged themselves on taco bell, watched TV all day, and worshipped niggers. It's over for the white man, thanks to the white man.

When countries collapse they either turn to communism or fascism. Germany could just as well have been communist if Hitler was a communist. The populace are always ignorant and lazy, their push only comes when they are desperate. Thats our point of entry. It can go both ways and it is up to us to make it go our way.

maybe if you focused on promoting third position & fascism instead of convincing yourself and others that a neoconservative is satisfactory we might actually have a beginning. No shit they will shut down 'Neo-Nazi' parties, yes they will censor us and hurl Antifa against us but if we crop up everywhere and are uncompromising it will attract other principled people and fanatics, then it is only a matter of waiting for a time when instability, Chaos & desperation is rife. then we spring center stage as the centrists slink away. Donald is a cuck. You are a cuck for supporting him, you're supporting cuckism. Look at Arthur Jones & Patrick Little for potential red pill dispensing politicians. The aim is to get the truth viral, not petty, flimsy victories that amount to a few hundred illegals being deported

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Decide to support Republicans instead of pretending that Midterms don't exist to prevent the left from having more power = Being a kike-lover MAGAtard

What was i supposed to do then? Let the left win? Zognald is far from being a good politician but he's more desirable than Clinton and Obunga
Just because you don't want to accept the fact that third positionism isn't an option in America that doesn't mean all the NatSocs who voted Republican are MAGAtards
Since you're so horribly emotional you might enjoy >>Zig Forums

You actually want a government as lazy and incompetent as possible if you want a new Hitler. Thats how he gained power, through the weakness of the puppet weimar state.

Republicans are already incompetent enough, didn't build the wall, kill Net Neutrality, allied themselves with Nigger West

we aint emotional, just have some honour and decency not to support kikes ever, we get angry over shills like you who are trying to impose a red zog and trumpophilia on this NATSOC board