Realistically, once Trump leaves office, how fucked are we?

Realistically, once Trump leaves office, how fucked are we?

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We were fucked decades ago. Trump was just a puppet to gain the support of whites so they can install Jews in every sector of the government.

We will be a lot better off without the cheeto Rabbi tbh.

Pretty fucked.
The tactics the media uses dont work on Trump because hes been so well known for decades.
If it was just some random old white guy that nobody has heard of they would probably believe all the much sexist muh racist hype.

you're trapped in the stomach of a dying beast while other beasts eat it alive. this is a battle lost in 1913 before you came into being

if you want solace, know that the race of slaves that will compose humanity in the coming future will be disgusting, bloated, brown trash that will be born, live, and die only ever knowing suffering. and you at least got to experience humanity's final golden age before the lights went out forever

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Ah, a fellow patrician.

The Fed was indeed the final breath for our great nation. People don't understand that we've been declining since the Civil War, and are doomed for Brazilification.

What is with all the newfags and shills on this board lately? The midterms are over you all can fucking leave now.

Anyway things will just get worse like they always have. The real thing to pull away from the midterms is that everyone is salted right now which is exactly what we want.

We don't want Trump to be a great president, only someone who would cause white nationalism to begin to seriously pop up again in the public mind (which has happened).

You're all fucking retarded and unable to see the future for what it is.

Every new world country was doomed the second it formed.

Now we get to watch the fires of insanity scorch this tired Earth forever

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It's past fucked. Whites aren't going to do anything but drugs and watch porn until they're dead. Welfare will continue to ensure they can do this despite most jobs being shit-paying now.

The public is so clueless and not belonging in political discussion that they rail against basic income because "we don't want niggers to have it" when you already have a welfare state that is predominantly capitalized on by niggers receiving housing assistance, food assistance, and medical assistance.

Basic income would literally bring working class whites up to the level of most niggers. That's what a joke America is, but Jew-brainwashed Millennial-boomers on pol think they need to keep their dream alive to be the next Elon Musk fucking Amber Heard's used gold digger pussy.

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I seriously fear that they will attempt to start a war with Russia.

Shalom Rabbi. How is the weather in Jerusalem?

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Er, hate to break this to you red team jew NPCs but with Trumpstein in office your lives are under direct threat imminently.

You're all retarded because you view this as a blow which means you don't understand shit. It's a GOOD thing that things are this divided. It's a GOOD thing that Trump is ineffective.

If you're too stupid to realize why, I'm sorry, but you're a retard.

History will repeat… one of us shall walk the enlightened path again.
They won’t make the same mistakes.
This time the holocaust won’t be a hoax.
It will be the last Great War of every human timeline.

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It was never a good thing to allow you blue-pilled retarded red team jew NPCs anywhere near this movement

I sincerely hope you die in the most painfully horrific way

There will be literally no difference, except white people get angry again. Stop getting invested in electoral politics, you dumb fag, it's kikes all the way up and kikes all the way down. You don't have any say in the system, we need to create our own.

It's so clear and simple yet not one NPC of either political stripe could ever be convinced of this self-evident truth

World war would cause great uncuckening, I'm looking forward to that one

Totally fucked. Everyone else will cuck out to the slightest pressure. Look out for yourself and don't expect the government to rescue you

I volunteer all red team jew and blue team jew NPCs are first in line for military conscription, they can be easily identified by their electoral registrations, cartoon frog based and the pro Hillary memes cluttering up their harddrive the next best way to ID the NPC drone not worth saving

The fuck are you talking about? You're using word soup that makes literally no sense.
Are you a bot?

Seeing as Trump lost no seat in the senate and lost so very few house seats compared to any other midterm president, including Hussein Obama, Trump is going to win 2020 after 2024 Ginsburg will have died and trump will have elected 3-4 new justices to uphold our laws. We are not fucked for quite some time. Even in the end war we also win.

Yes White people will mad and start the civil war
USA will spite into 2 or more country
the next year USA will find real crisis

(I am thailand native in asia )

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It makes sense with commas

Youre just not very bright

I was talking about your life not being worth any more than an Obamaphone nigger
Nah, go fuck yourself, under no circumstances will a jew championing NPC ever get to be considered as on the same level as me, not ever

You can't beat demographics without bold maneuvers (which Trump has not done)

What is the point that you're making? The fuck do you think I support?

For fucks sake if you don't know the general stances of this board (especially on Trump) then fucking lurk more.

Right on.



Harsh life, actual hard life conditions ought to force starbucks swilling faggots to swallow a red pill or two.

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I think you're the fucking shills here still. All of us here are anti-kike you homo and we've always been

The accelerationism crowd is happy today. Between the 'No Tomorrow' crowd and the "preppers", people will flee the cities (if they're wise), and many will not only leave the cities, they'll leave the country. What was it we've been told for over a decade?

Get ready for an influx of Whites to your neck of the woods. Some Whites are eyeing Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines as well.

Depends on the subsequent outcome of the civil war.

Only if you like it in the pooper.

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Not really seeing any difference between Trump Obama, Dubya, and pretty much every president since Kennedy. Care to explain why him being gone would have any kind of impact?

And so this is how the great creators of civilization die? In exile from their own countries?

I cannot stomach to think of a day when the white race, which may someday be seen as a race of angels, are gone from the world, which is left to the incompetent mongrel stewards.

No. Even as fleeting and diluted as much of our blood is today, we are still in the hundreds of millions. We can still fight. They know this. Though 99% are weak willed cowards to the utmost that 1% is a sizable enough percentage to reclaim our beloved.


I'm sorry but are you fucking retarded? No one will be angry. If by this time next year Whites haven't started a civil war they never will. You have the border which Trump promised to guard with the military which is not being guarded by fucking anyone and the slime of the south is LITERALLY BEING LET IN, no wall, no locking up of individuals, no fucking anything. Even the tax law, which I predict will be Trump's signature law, is a fucking joke intended for all the rich elites which are almost all jews and the rest love them.

In a year this country will be completely unrecognizable unless Whites stand up and fight. Let's be realistic though, most won't. They will accept their fate and do so with a smile. They will exterminate the White race through sheer inaction. Some Whites predominantly the users here who are ACTUALLY WNs might fight, but that may not be enough. Assuming it even happens because they've set up the perfect trap for autists with 4chan and Zig Forums.

It will depend upon the manner in which Trump leaves.

we already had jews in every sector of government. The D&C bullshit here doesn't apply because every canidate bows to the Israeli lobby, Trump is no worse than any other choice in this regard.

If you think nothing done by bother even coming here?

I think acceleration only works if you have a solid base already there. The enemy is far more organized, numerous and powerful. So if things did collapse they'd certainly have a very strong hand.
In fact by promoting it you'd be playing into their hand.

They're saying that it "appeared" that Trump would be a turning point to right the ship; despite the kike-ification he's managed to make of his administration, increasing the gibz to (((our BFF's))), pretending to stem illegal immigration/birth rite BS/Anchor babies, not jailing obvious criminals/traitors, placing us further into the debt-abyss, etc…. In fact, most thought that a positive midterm result would guarantee a real wall despite the absence of an attempt at a real wall today and in the past two years.

The final blackpill is to accept it and revel in the defeat.

Without the propaganda machines on our side we are powerless. It is the sole reason the Nazis had so much support. As did the commies, as do the Jews, as did our nation at it's founding with the printing press.

Controlling the thoughts of the masses, through mass media, is the most powerful tool one can have. Words are sharper than bullets my friend.

Unless someone were to be able to take control of the media, which is impossible with it being 100% jew controlled, we are dead fish, and have NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER.

You FAGGOTS hear me? NO CHANCE. The lemmings CANNOT and WILL NOT listen unless they are CONDITIONED TO LISTEN.


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Only if he’s impeached. I can see that being an excuse for a civil war starting.

Is that why record amounts of people don’t trust the media? You’re forgetting just how powerful a tool the internet is. We don’t need the media because we can disseminate info ourselves.
Fuck off with your blackpill

Just about as much as we would be if HRC won. Trump has always been nothing but a 4-8 year time-out. Then the agenda can truly take hold. Oh well, keep in mind this planet is not meant to be fair, good or paradise. There is more to life than life on Earth.

Why dio trumpniggers always use tranie memes to demonstrate their support of the orange kike who allowed trannies to take part in and win the Miss World competition when he ran it, thus tricking and confusing impressionable children upon discovering the vaguely female winner was actua\lly a bloke.

Trump has continued the trannie takeover of American forces and industries and his retarded NPC supporters get to pretend Trump is going to do something to stop, what Trump was always a part of himself

that's what makes me sad. The loss of the House while technically minor means that republicucks will cuck even harder and continue to resist Trump. We will have more John McCains and Jeff Flakes, not fewer.

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Jews were in when they killed JFK.

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you dont see how retarded you are, but of course a retard doesnt know hes a retard.

It's funny watching you squirm trying to justify to yourself that whites still have a chance. No we dont, whites are lazy and weak. They only want taco bell, TV, and vidya.

oyy veyy goyim, just sit back in your chair and do nothing.
Theirs nothing we can do, were just leaves in the wind.

If civil war occurs from trump's impeachment then it will be between blue team NPCs who hate the NeoCon jewish 'nazis' fighting against red team NPCs who demand we all go out and sacrifice our lives for isreal in the Middle East.
I hope both sides lose

your kike brain on paid shilling 2018

i would hope that seeing how close some of those races were would wake normalfags up to the truth that demographics = destiny, especially after how many times trump said how much better life was for shitskins under his administration, but it always, ALWAYS, comes back to cucking because 'i know one BASED black dude who votes republican so they're probably all like that somehow'. american whites really need to get the utopian ideals out of their heads and realize just what kind of future they're headed towards within the coming decade

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And all the lemmings still believe it, even though it is unfashionable to do so, which is why they say they don't.

Post your infographics and bitch all you want.

Without control of the PROPAGANDA we will always be 100% powerless 100% of the time. There is NO MEANS WHATSOEVER of winning without it. If you don't believe me listen to what your dildodaddy hitler said about it. Control the sound waves, control the minds.

What's your plan of actions? Vote? Florida elected Scott and DeSantis by .5%, and then they went and restored voting rights to 1.5 MILLION felons. What do you think the outcome of that will be? Cruz barely held on to Texas. What is your plan?


That's right. At least our generation kind of did something by voting in Trump. That's all the power we had, if we ever did. Aint life grand?

Not like they are in trump's cabinet, almost every member is a jew. And what's your point? The Jews killed JFK because he wanted to stop them. Do you think trump is going to get killed by the Jews he worships?

This. Magafags need to go back to 4chins or reddit.

Nein. I'm saying Jews got their claws into America around that time. Nice digits.

good I like white people especially the gay furry :)

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I understood him fine, newfag.

Civilizations have a 250 year expiration date. Guess where America is? 242.

Sadly I do not consider either Hillary bots or truympniggers part ofmy white race, you have been irreparably broken

I sincerely detest you as much as I would any Bernie bro

Trump hiring jews is nothing new, Obama did it, Bush did it, Clinton did it, everyone including Nixon did it. And Nixon did it while making statements on how it was a bad idea.

Demoralization is complete, destabilization is well underway, minus temporary setback (trump) next comes crisis.
Prepare yourselves friends.

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Cool story betamale explains why statistics show how most Americans distrust media, explains how trump even managed to win despite the extreme hatred and claims of racism 24/7 by the media. And calm down shillspberg this is about how he even managed to win without the support from mass media, over 50% do not believe MSM is credible now.

At least something will be happening. There's 3 things one can do here: 1. Vote yes. 2. Vote no. 3. Remain neutral to observe this hysterical evil realm until it's time to leave, then something else.


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You'll see when the US releases their 2020 demographic census.
You're now only 48% white non-hispanic
42% White non-hispanic if you don't count 65+

It only gets worse.

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except actual tariffs and protections for domestic industry and workers and the actual increase in real wages.

50% voted for him because they always voted republican shitsucker.

And hes no better

50% of the jewish liberal media you mean, you were led by the nose of the other 50% of the jewish neocon media including the alt right.
Off the back of the jewish psyop to get Trump elected you did exactly what the lying media told you to do, go vote ZOG, while believing it to be an act of defiance against ZOG
You are a red team NPC, you have about as much right to life as a team blue NPC, i.e. no right

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Belief systems can corrupt. And that is my belief system. teehee.

A fitting end for a country who got into bed with its mortal enemy just to spite its brother.

Yeah? And you fags will still be stuck here posting on this gay fucking place doing nothing calling eachother "beta's" and "npc's" and listening to shills while leftists who take horse piss hrt and stick shit up their asses will still show up to protest against whites and "facism".

You people are even more gutless pathethic than the fucking soyboy leftists you criticise. Soros pays them but at least they show up and make something happen(unlike you fags).

Exactly. They are all the same.


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NAFTA has been replaced by USMCA and TPP is dead and we have stopped free trade with China and the EU. You're either an idiot or uninformed.

Lmao. Keep telling yourselves that, defeatist losers.The game has changed. It's now public accepted to say deport third world trash and close the borders.

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I've never once in my life referenced retarded neoliberal morons as they are no different, in any way, to the equally retarded and repugnant neocon jew supporting NPCs

You invented and used the word NPCs to describe the 'left' while we all here thought of you as the same retarded NPCs doing everything your jew controllers told you to do

you are the problem with America as a jew enabler, the fact you spent the last 5 years refusing to leave here is testimony to the fact your death is the least we require to move forward

There's always a rebirth, friend.Not in our lifetime, probably not for many generations, but the cycle of history won't end here. Remember what our symbols mean.

Until 2020.

It will be back to either the Bush era or the Obongo era tier of governing. In short, expect Balkanization and Brazilification to come.

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Haha, nice neurotic garble message that has nothing to do with the discussion. Let me repeat so you can read it again:

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Given that Trump doesn’t give a shit about us, we were already fucked.
Kill yourself, reddit. You do not belong here.

Put a bullet in your brain, reddit.


i think things are only going to get more extreme. i think things will get better after trump. i feel like he's just the start of change.

Well then you have your head up your ass and are part of the problem.

You are retarded.

aw, did i upset you kikes? dont worry, youve removed all empathy from whites. the holocaust will be real next time.