Black Pilling/ Gaslighting

Zig Forums will be full of it now. Just look at the stats though. It's not that bad considering the last 60yrs of history and all the "browning".

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Posting in a damage control thread. Losing control of the house is a binary outcome. You either hold power or you don't. It doesn't matter by how much.

Who the fuck cares? He didn't do fucking anything even when he had those seats on his (((team))) and he's not going to do anything now either.

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I told you these (((alt-right))) shills would be doing blackpilling.

Press S to spit on his grave.

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This should be pinned because the blackpilling is going to bury this site. And it's all bullshit.

This is normal. And it's not even a big win or even Bush era win.

The alt-kike supports Trump unconditionally and is more like a gayer younger version of a boomers cuckservatism. Your GOP shilling has more in common with them than I ever will, faggot.

This is the OP. Thread reported.


Nope. They were always Communists and told people to vote against him. Spencer did it twice.

Lefty/pol/ has taken over. I'm out

Good, go home to reddit.

Can they really do much with the House?
The Senate will block any attempts at impeachment and the Supreme Court will outright rule in President Trump's favor. The House can't pass anything without the Senate shutting them down, especially with Trump's veto power. And the caravan terror threat is within the President's domain of how to deal with in invaders. Things will get bloody regardless at the border, is what I'm getting at. Realistically speaking.

They can waste money and the media can say Trump is being investigated. That's all they really won.

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That's some coping right there.

Isn't that how it's been the last couple years since Dems control FBI?

Fuck you MAGAnigger

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Wrong metric. 100% of dems vote against Trump; we needed House majority. Stop scraping the barrel for a win with your delusions.

Remember real anons, Zig Forums, too, is a psyop and old Zig Forums threads are deleted for a reason. inb4 yelled at to do something that politically motivates the left and results in me dying while new laws will get passed to stop whatever I just did and then some by some faggot spamming buzzwords like they're reading a script. (because they are)