Brit/pol/ #2924: Desperation Edition

BORIS JOHNSON has paved the way for an amnesty for 500,000 illegal immigrants – insisting the Government will “look at it”
Speaking in the Commons yesterday, the new PM said he had raised the idea of an amnesty when he served under Theresa May, “and it did not receive an overwhelming endorsement”

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt ‘risk increasing immigration’ experts warn
IMMIGRATION plans set out by the Tory leadership rivals risk increasing migration levels, a report has warned. Boris Johnson has promised to introduce points-based system and rival Jeremy Hunt has pledged to drop the goal of cutting the net number of migrants to below 100,000. But centre-Right thinktank Onward yesterday said wider reforms are needed, including a new watchdog that would hold the new premier's "feet to the fire".

Boris Johnson Says London Would Fall Like Sparta Without Immigration
London will fall like the Greek city of Sparta if it turns away immigrants like the ancient militaristic regime which "kicked people out", Boris Johnson has said

Jacob Rees-Mogg introduces specific rules for staff with banned words and grammar rules
JACOB REES-MOGG has issued his staff in his new office with a style guide which bans them from using certain words and ensures their grammar is correct

Climate more pressing than Brexit, say 71% of Britons
Christian Aid poll finds climate emergency should be Boris Johnson’s top priority

Brexit Party’s Richard Tice is suing Femi Oluwole over a tweet
"People who stand for office should be prepared to face criticism and insults, no matter how harsh or unfair they might be"

LGBT teaching row: DfE 'pressured school' to halt lessons
The government put "extreme pressure" on a school to stop lessons on LGBT relationships, a chief executive said

Slovakian criminal who mugged 12-year-old returned to the UK just months after deportation after changing his name
Patrik Gunar, 23, was imprisoned for three years in March 2018 after violently snatching the teenager’s iPhone in the street in Derby, leading to a high-profile police hunt

Decline in German business morale fuels recession fears
German business morale plunged in July to its lowest level in more than six years, a survey showed on Thursday, in a further sign that a manufacturing crisis is pulling Europe’s largest economy toward recession

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1st for good wine

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Give wogs your energy for a comfy summer chimpout

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


can somebody match the kayak video with horace andy materialist?

just fuck off

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xth for wholesome Japanese pop singers

This is what I have to say to them

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every single journo deserves the rope

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tbh tbh

Jacob Rees-Mogg insists on staff using imperial units, ITV News reports

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why would nasty guard have plastic fantastic krautshite guns instead of based oldfag 20'' ARs

Fucking brainlet.

AIM tv

Because your press has no idea about your own forces.
The headline is technically correct. It's a Guatemalan mother. It's a soldier. She's most likely trying to get into the US. These fuckers know what they are playing at when they do this, every single deceptive cunt needs a cricket bat shoved up their arse.

ARX160 is supposed to be shit tbh

Late 20th century Japan is the best aesthetic.

Their arse will bleed for the next 70 years

it just looks like a gas piston AR but with some gay plastic shite on it. its crazy to think that infantry guns have not really evolved since the early 60s. the russians are still using basically a frankenstein STG 44/ garand action in their guns and nato is cucked into just remixing the early 60s stoner rifle system




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bike spokes are deadly shanks and they are used in prison killings alot


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Bubble Japan, absolutely.

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philosemitism is a scourge


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*dabs on you*

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Wrong picture

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A startup wants to make digital humans that learn, feel, and remember
Most AI involves neural networks that recognize patterns in mountains of data. They're taking a different approach: replicating human neurobiology in code.

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who the fuck is he catering to?

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hullo yes.

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Got this from replies. Someone needs to do an infographic

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We need more wood tbh, doesn't Canada still use the Enfield for ceremonies and parades?

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It couldn't be more of a photo op if it tried lel

That one is the EM-2 we would have got it in the 50's/60's but merica wanted us to use 7.62

Yeah but the SA80 ended up making us look like a memi


sheet I just broke youtube suggestion engine wow
its full of Dubbi gaming channel which seems ot be a mudslime cartoon network

keeek this is extra lulzy


A problem with it was that it was designed as a base for many different firing platforms, which isn't helpful for creating an infantry rifle.

lmao the mudslime weird cartoon pushing spammers have worked out how to game youtube

There was a lot of problems with the SA80 tbh.

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dairylea on toast for dinner

dunno if it counts as "painting" someone when you put a stencil down on a canvas and paint over the stencil smh

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I'm assuming it's a child that made it, even then it's not really something to brag about.

Fresh Steiner

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Money laundering?

Nothing noteworthy about this surname tbphwylads

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this is. perfectly normal. isn't it

The premise of the gun was also a problem, it was meant to be a cheap reliable mass produced rifle, it was also originally designed as the EM2 after WWII and was in development till the mid 80s; lots of different design teams throughout with differing priorities through the years. Also there was the need for completely changing the way the Royal Ordnance factories made weapons moving from machined steel to pressed steel, inferior quality. The MoD also wanted it to cost £250 per rifle, comparable rifles of the time costed £500, the rifle also needed to be highly accurate which it is, but, orignially at the cost of other aspects.

To make matters worse the Royal Ordnance factories were privatised, Enfield subsequently shut down and production moved to Nottingham where there was an entirely unreliable production line. It was also rushed into production and had to be redesigned when the Americans forced another standard ammunition on NATO, making more problems with the weapon.

Der thot strikes again

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the absolute state of "judges"

fucking hell

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Fucking freeloading posh turbocuck
Goddamn them all

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Oh get fucked trying to blame it on anyone but yourself, looking for excuses to justify hedonistic materialism.

literally medea

These should be changed to Bazza holding a two pound club hammer above the judges head as he passes sentence.
Female judges will be abolished in the future

She will be rewarded for her late term abortions

We could pay to fix every pothole in the country with the money the gov't wastes, we could also mush their bodies up and use the paste to fill the potholes.

If, based on her "diminished responsibility" she doesn't receive a lifetime trip to an asylum then the judge needs a lifetime trip to the gallows

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To get any good job in the past you had to have a classics degree


Just tell him to fuckoff and stick him in an innercity comprehensive full of wogs
He’ll soon lose the hair

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Mogg laying down the law

Tbh, thought it was going to be some trans shit, are they autistic? Autists tend to not like getting their hair cut.

If he's that smart it's best not to send him to school at all tbph

I fucking knew it.( )

End of the affair: why it's time to cancel Quentin Tarantino
Whatever the merits of his new film, Tarantino’s films have revelled in extreme violence against female characters. This has to stop.

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>(((they've))) nearly achieved the borders of greater Isreal

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miss brenton tarrant tbh

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I've heard Imperator isn't very good


top kek I see what you mean now

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Hence why I am playing Field of Glory Empires and not Imperator, lad.


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My mistake, looked like Imperator to me

Wonder if I could get a yank to fall for it

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They do look similar tbf

Seems like the paddies really want some of Mo’s dick
Also gobby 56% Lisa Moorish who cheated on Patsy Kensit with Liam Gallagher and had his ‘love child’ along with one by Pete Docherty
We need a big cleansing fire

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what am i reading here lad