Niggers and Jews on Twitter Pissed at #whitewomen for voting Repuibican

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Can it get more obvious?

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Thanks MAGA

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Well at least kikes and niggers being anti-White and kvetching is a benefit of this fake and gay (((democracy))) shit.
I hope all of you homosexual, kiked MGTOW faggots are paying attention
70% of White women voted for a guy that most of them have been programmed to believe is literally Hitler White supremacist neon nazi, the fact that he's actually ZOG is neither here nor there with regards to dumb thots voting in favor of White interests.

of PERCIEVED White interests**

My fellow #whitewomen at this point in time America has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. America is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. #whitewomen are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for America to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and #whitewomen will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, America will not survive.

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Alright you dumb bitches what happens when someone tells you that it's niggers and spics who are doing all of the raping and murdering?

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BASED. Look at this strong white racially aware woman. I guarantee you that she votes Republican. She even married a WHITE MAN.

14/88 Mein bruder

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That's the best answer you can give, schlomo? I'm seeing many women around me getting more racially aware lately, especially since Trump won. It's a good thing.

Shalom Rabbi. How is the weather in Jerusalem?

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Coping thread for MAGAniggers.

You seem to be missing something, faggot. Like some actual data to back up your pussy worship.

While women, LIKE ALL WOMEN, are playing you like a fiddle. Put down the Soylent

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a wild trannykike from leftypol appeared
trannykike used "coalburner"
it wasn't very effective…

So obvious
Like you know anything about women with your gaping fleshwound rotpocket vagina, trannypol

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Guarantee she posts about men and women are equal as well. Is it cognitive dissonance or calculated?

Not a single person on this board thinks you're white.

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This is pretty sad m’lady tier shit coming from Zig Forums. Do you know why white women like white men? Because that’s where all the betabux is. They “supported” Trump in 2016 to get their supply of nationalist MAGAcuck orbiters back to donate to their Patreom accounts and then once they got that, they can vote for more niggers and spics in 2018 to give them vagina tingles. Rinse and repeat.

If only somehow #WhiteWomen would stop thinking and begin acting like good little NPC-drones. They need to start following #AltWhites. In fact, it's so bad that #WhiteWomen need to be accompanied into the voting booth by an #AltWhite woman to ensure she doesn't vote wrong

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Why does the jewess work so hard to destroy the white women?

See retarded MGTOW MAGApedo spastics, white women can sometimes be just as retarded and easily manipulated by jews to do their bidding as you are

NPC males and females finally finding some common ground, their eternal gullibility

oh no a white woman burned the coal, I give up on white people now

Have fun with your rotten fleshwound fake vagina, trannypol kike. Even niggers wouldn't fuck you.

I don't have shillbingo.jpg handy at the moment, but "MAGApedo spastics" is one of your oldest and most obvious giveaways. Reported.

Learn Redpill 101 faggot.
Women are chameleons and cannot be trusted.
Women were the main supporter of degeneracy and to give our Nation and culture away.
They have a karma to pay.
Taking women's rights away and gassing their (((sponsors))) is the only path to Western freedom.

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Every MAGApedo spastic Trump gasses would be him doing an actual service to the white race


This is classic women's behavior ingrained in their DNA: "Do as I say or my holes will be unavailable".
You speak and "feel" like a whore.
Don't you have to attend to the children darling?

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They're doing Borderline Personality shit again. Good. Let's keep more of our women on our side and reverse the leftist brain washing. Especially good sign if they are constantly being scolded by these fgts.


Knock it off cuck.
Remove women from the equation and the kikes loose most of their power.
To send women back to the kitchen is common sense.

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All women are irredeemable manipulative whores. They voted Trump in 2016 to get tradthotbux and now in 2018 for more Tyrones.

Throughout history, we have observed women welcoming invaders and pitting their men against each other and taking the winner.

Blame Jews too if you want. They deserve it. But you are failing to properly credit females with being just as destructive as the Jew.

White women like niggers have loyalty to who gives out the gibs. In the rural areas and suburbs its still mostly white men. In urban areas its Big Kike. We are totally and utterly fucked with feral Millennial women. They cannot be won back in very large amounts. Its too late. They will be witchy bitch harpies for the rest of their lives unless there is a fascist takeover of the West. Gen Z still has a chance to correct course, but men in their age group need to get their shit 100% together.

Knowing the background of the situation depicted I'm not sure that this image conveys what I believe you're trying to convey.

This is better.

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I am shocked that it's only 60% of white women who didn't go full retard. Propaganda is a hell of a drug, I guess.

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Here’s how all women work:

Somehow I don't mind you ponyfags anymore.


You’re giving women way too much credit. Ask them why they have rape fantasies and love reading shit like 50 Shades of Grey

it's just 1 fag who loves attention so he avatarfags as a ponyfag for easy (you)s

hey, not all women read those books

Reminder that if you're not being the dominant man in a woman's life you're allowing one of our women to go around supporting anti-white politics.
Force yourself into social situations, you'll overcome that weakness eventually, start with things like just going to events and talking to others rather than pursuing romantic relationships, work up to that.
If you are truly that frightened of it then don't get married or alternatively have a marriage ceremony but don't get it authorized by the government.

Actually is not attention as a woman or neurotic fag would want, but the platform we are using.
I use a desktop, therefore I meme all the time. Many fags here are comfy and use ZOG's phones, then to meme is a pain for them.

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Its one of the best selling books ever. Women enjoy being dominated deep down, that really shouldn't be a problem unless you're incapable of being a dominant man.

I don't really know what the book is about but it probably appeals to the

biological mechanisms that make being conquered less traumatizing

everyone should save's OP's first picture into a crypto Jew folder.

I can't imagine who is behind this post.

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What a gorgeous painting.

light S&M and master/servant roleplay I believe, the really funny thing to me is that it was originally a twilight fanfic and then it got so popular that the fanfiction author decided to just change the character's names and make money off it.

They come around eventually like dis

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Sure kike, whatever you say.

Spics are 4'11 brown refrigerators who look like polynesian toad people.
No woman is creaming themselves at the sight of your average spic. Either they're attracted to castizos or they are so bottom of the barrel they'll date a squat for facebook likes.

50 shades of grey is a psychological tool to make women promiscuous, unsatisfied with a healthy status quo in their current relationship and thus break down the expectations of men and women to have a happy monogamous relationship.
And it works.
It was pushed like crazy on all the usual media outlets. Harry Thotter and the chamber of secretions. I guarantee you if western women have read any books they will have read 50 shades and Harry Potter. They talk about being Dumbledores Army openly, but none of these works of fiction impact reality… nooooo.
I wonder who could be behind it?

No, whites are superior that's why the top male specimen are white.
Enjoy your ban.

If you aren't dominating your woman then you're a weak man and part of the problem.

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This is sugoi
The men in any movement need women on their side to legitimize them. It's harder to call the "right-wing nutjobs" a bunch of crazy neo-nazis when they have girlfriends and wives.
I'm glad these subhuman shit-colored homonculi are throwing their assburgers at white women, because it'll piss them off and get them to come around to our way of thinking.

50 Shades of Grey's popularity is a testament to your average woman's need for subservience. Women are wandering, erratic, emotional beings who deep down, just want a man to command them and their lives. Since the "patriarchy" no longer exists, a woman's lizard brain tells her to seek men who will abuse her. The only form of "control" she is familiar with.
Unironically, living as a concubine with a man who slaps you around is more traditional than the jewish feminist "equality" shit that we're force fed from birth.

Sure is a lot of kikes posting in this thread.

Sure are a lot of kikes posting in this thread.

epic browser error

This bot responded the exact same way in other threads just today.

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How far do you have your head up your fucking ass? Does it smell good?

muslims are just ss destructive too

Jap females are no different.

Sure, the whites in the top 20% of the West are superior. You’re not one of them. The best case scenario you can hope for is Chad’s hand-me-down after he’s done gaping all of her holes.

You think a white woman would pass up a semi-famous rapper for you because you are white?

White women actually aren't the way you think they are.
Don't fucking compare 80% of them to the 20% of dumb whores.

“I’m not like the other girls!”

Where have I heard this before I wonder

MGTOW is obsessed with interracial cuckoldry and white whores.
If you hate women then just fuck off from Zig Forums and go back to reddit. We are primarily concerned with the white race, which includes women, not your relationship status.

Married my high school girlfriend right after we graduated, not everyone is a pathetic manlet like you.

She also has problem glasses, daddy glasses and her short bleach blonde hair makes her look like Tomoaki Honma. Bitch needs to run, blindfolded, onto a busy freeway.

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There’s the problem. You’re not even willing to criticize white women because they are white. How can you hope to resolve various issues concerning the white race if you censor yourself from even criticizing white women? You sound like a feminist right now.

And fuck me, I meant daddy ISSUES.

No, I am. There are irredeemable white whores that exist and should be removed from the genepool. However, you MGTOW spergs think all women are off on interracial escapades, and white men are little angels who dindu nuffin

One of the first people I ever met who openly talked about niggers as "disgusting vermin" was a woman actually.
While they understand why some girls go for them, overall they care more about your wallet and their own self image as a "precious flower".
Fucking a nigger ruins that immediately for them. It ruins their worth.

Hence only the really masochistic women do it.

woops was not meant to quote you here

No they really are all like that. AWALT. Unicorns don’t exist mate. There are only three things females care about:

And that’s it. Race isn’t one of them. If they tell you otherwise, you are being deceived

You sound like a retarded leftist that believes in equality. Women adapt the views of the strongest man in their life who they care for, if lacking such a figure they'll instead turn to their female peer group, they aren't going to care about some whiny guy proclaiming that he'll never sleep with a woman because he dislikes their behavior "criticizing" them.

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Oh I get it, you want to divide white women from the men.

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Calling it now, commiefornia becomes first for state enforced interracial cuckolding

Ok I’ll take your obvious bait. Who has greater LMS: you or Snoop Dogg?

But Cruz is Hispanic and Beto is white. So whats the problem?

Women are innately racist, all people are. Even female infants. The difference is that women are more easy to socially condition. Jews control popular culture, and women follow. Few women, however, will do more than just virtue signal.

They’re not innately “racist”. But they are innately eugenicists. If the dude with best frame, lowest inhibition, best height, and most sexually dimorphic face in town is a chink, then he will be the most desired. If it is a white guy, then he will be most desired.

Their eugenics isn’t race-centered, although many times race figures into it because of socialization. But don’t think for one second that a white woman would pass up an opportunity to get the genes of some guy of another race if his LMS is superior to yours.

Let’s even be honest here. Since we both post here, we’re both socially-awkward, ugly white guys.

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Do you have a single fact to back this up, MGTOW kike?

Oh you mean looks, money, status?

Poor niggers are so down trodden about their appearance they fucking overcompensate and make themselves look bigger.
Truth is, they're very fucking insecure about their state of affairs, worse than beta white people.

Women see that straight away. They smell insecurity off people. They're beasts in that department. That's why they'll call men closeted faggots often if they do overcompensate.

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So then you're saying they're innately racist?

You seem to be confusing innate racism/eugenic-predisposition with synthetic social conditioning.

Nope, and it's obvious your obsession with white women being nigger whores stems from the fact you have low market value.

I'm not, my woman is as racist as I am, and historically men are far more likely to fuck members of another race than White woman were.
So that pretty much trashes the theory you pulled out of your ass to compensate for the fact that you're a socially awkward kid with no sex appeal.
Get fit and your sex appeal will go up. You'll become more confident as well and you'll learn how to talk to women.

lol don’t make me laugh. You guys post here, so you are just in as much shit as I’m in. Don’t pretend otherwise. At least Im honest.

You cucks have no hope.

What in the world makes you think that you have to be ugly to post in one of the few places that doesn't ban this sort of discussion that's left? Its really bizarre to me that you think this way.

I can tell you're new.
I'm here because it's the largest online gathering of White nationalists.
Why the fuck are you here?

Why did your ancestors keep women in the kitchen?