Import more... white people?

"Demographics are destiny" right? It's clear if the democrats win the next elections they will open the gates and flood the USA with non-whites and republicans will never win an election again. So why wait for the democrats to do this when the republicans could use the same weapon but instead take in (legally) white people.

Under the guise of "refugees welcome" white people from South Africa and Ukraine could be taken in. In Europe, there are also like 10 million white east-europeans working in Western Europe which could be taken in the USA using the visa Silicon Valley leftists use to import Indians. The democrats will chimp out against these white immigrants and it will create a backlash against white people which unironically will reveal that "democrats are the real racists" and redpill the white voters. It is not a safe bet, but it's still better than doing nothing and waiting to be replaced by non-whites. This is the only non-violent solution. Especially in Texas and Florida, if nothing changes in terms of demographics by 2020, those states will go blue.

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There Are 2.6 Million Ukrainian Refugees: “Humanitarian Superpower” Germany Accepted 150 Of Them

Peter Dutton, Australia’s home affairs minister, in Canberra in February. In March, Mr. Dutton said that “persecuted” white South African farmers deserved the protection of a “civilized country” and said he would explore the possibility of fast-tracking refugee visas.

MELBOURNE, Australia — South Africa’s foreign minister said Monday that the Australian government had retracted comments by its home affairs minister suggesting that South Africa was not a “civilized country” because of its treatment of white farmers.

There's a problem with that plan - they wouldn't want to go to a already badly niggered US.

About 3.5 million EU citizens settled in the UK will have to apply for a new immigration status post-Brexit.

Hopefully yesterday election shows MAGA cunts there no based nonwhites. The best way to use nonwhites is to turn them on their Jewish masters by having the Jews taste their own anti-white propaganda. Just label all Jews white supremacists and white in general. Jews have had always been the most privileged among whites. They should be treated as such by none whites. But no. This been suggested for years but you MAGA faggots always get in the way. At most you MAGA faggots will reach out to blacks by memeing trump to legalize weed nationwide.

See the links I posted. The refugees from Ukraine and South Africa already wanted to move. And with Brexit trouble, immigration to the USA could look attractive.

Exactly. South Africa is just America 30ish years from now.
Sage for "run from your problems and don't expect them to follow you" thread.


whites leaving Europe is NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER a good thing

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At least you can defend yourself in the USA. What will you do in Europe when in 2050 Africa will have a hungry 4 billion population which will invade Europe?

Sign me up, tired of being europoor, at least in USA I could buy a gun to go on a rampage, and/or kill myself with, but not before tried (and maybe strangled) a whore of every racial group, and try to get myself a heartattack with supersized meals.

To be serious, your idea have merit, but it would set up a whole new bag of future problems, the countries in eastern europe hate each other, I'm from one, and would in a heartbeat kill all the rest, if that would grant mine more clay, and more stuff. Ukranians can barely meet the human standard, much less be called white, their best have long been genocided by commie kikes, with engineered starvation, and slave labour under communism, they are a race of brute mongrels, and I doubt any significant amount of them speak english.

Plus just because they are white, they would still push down wages, and create inner conflict. And if you bring in several different ethnicities from europe, they will still make their little enclaves, and with the internet, many of them won't even bother learning english. And while they may not rape, or rob people in the open, violence from culture clash would definately happen. Balkanization would be very likely, if significant enough slavs would be invited over, especially that they would not really have time to integrate.

Massive white migration from non-anglo/nordic states could be only used as controlled demolition (which is still better option than letting shitskins win).

How about we don't import anyone, and we start deporting the shitskins?

Yeah, this is leftypol tranny rhetoric

Your plan implies republicans actually want to prevent non-whites from flooding the country. This is patently false. They literally flew them in under the radar while shitposting publicly about a wall that would never prevent that and that will never be built anyway, and you retards lapped it all up.

It was the same with Italians and Irish, but they each settled in their own areas and eventually integrated.

They could replace the illegal non-white workers, do the same thing they do in western europe. Democrat whites always say how only mexicans would work those jobs that whites do not want.

What stops them from coming back?


I really cannot wrap my mind around how Americans/westerners can think of importing people from another country is beneficial. Or better yet, in the same breath talk about cultural acceptance from these immigrants who have a strong cultural identity due to the homogeneity of their own country while destroying the homogeneity of their own country. People who have different values are coming into your country. Their forefathers never dreamed of a constitution, invented technology, inflicted eugenics on themselves via mass execution of criminals.

To be non-american, non-westerner, non-british, non-french..etc. Is to be different. Accepting these foreigners and allowing them to label themselves with your ethnicity/nation is a spit in the face to your forefathers and everything they were against. Devaluing what it means to be who you are, what country is, and what the future holds.

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Depopulate Europe to make the invasion easier, AND bring more tax payers to the place responsible for most of Israel's budget? What could go wrong.

This is not a left vs right phenomenon either. This transcends political squabble. These non-native/invaders pull at the very fabric of what your identity is and what your country is. I'm not sure what you can do to save yourselves. Time is of the essence with demographic change across all the western world. I wish you all the best.

.t concerned saffie/boer

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The kikes who hire illegals are not doing it for economical reasons, they doing it for racial reasons. They hate whites, they want whites unemployed and starved to death, all males castrated, all women raped (by shitskins), maybe all the kike fags want to rape males too, they are really sick creatures.

Without going into further insults, ukranians and irish or italians are not comparable.

Holy shit, the quality of this place has fucking crashed.

South african whites aren't depleting white europe

you are quoting his quotes as though that was his actual opinion, check your autism sperg.


Look up rural kentucky and tell me how "badly niggered" that is… schlomo

We already have white South Africans not all legally here, either in Maine and the only really niggered part is Lewiston.

Our country is already shit and was intended for white ex-pats. I couldn't begin to identify with most of the nation as it is nothing like here, and I detest most of New England let alone the South.

Not all white people are created equal. We're a nation of Northwestern European peoples, not slavic or southwestern Euros. Flooding our country with them still destroys our way of life. We need to find a way to get rid of the shit-skins, not mass important slavic people.

At current rates French, German, Swedish, and English people will be a smaller percentage of their populations in 50 years than white Americans. It only took less than a decade to make 1/3 of the German breeding age population brown.

Your "way of life" was destroyed 150 years ago, you're living in a spic infested favela and you better fucking salvage what you can now, unless you're a jewish shill purposely shilling this garbage.

Okay, then by that same logic we might as well flood England with slavic people, because we're all the same, right. I didn't realize science stopped at white people. You're sounding like a lefty rat right now, you low IQ monkey.

Because the Republicans are neocohenservative Trotskiests. Maybe your local Republican officials are non-kiked (I personally met mine and he told me he wouldn't let the kikes destroy my town like they did to one a few miles away) but the ones at the top are all just like John McStain. They just hide it better, unlike McTumor who flaunted his treason at every opportunity.

If the Republicans refused to enact voter ID or tight immigration reform when they had both the house, the senate, and the presidency they clearly don't give two shits.

Great idea. But in order to get this passed through the Zionist controlled congress, we would need to teach these treasonous little bastards to fear us.

This is a problem with whites in general. They think everyone has the capacity to be like them, and indeed will be like them as soon as they change geographic location.

Hold on a second and pay an attention to here.
If this politics in South Korea goes on unchecked (and I'm pretty sure with it with Trump's deliberate ignorance about this situation), you will soon greet some MILLIONS of Korean refugees, just like in 1975.

Any ideas? Personally I suggest to turn your back on this, but you'll have to fight with 'international pressure'

will vote left, they are extremely cucked
they handed the presidency of their country to a communist terrorist

less than 30 years. Start taking flights around the country every weekend (if you've got the shekels) and see what your cities are really like and look around and say to yourself "what are the demographics here". Hint: blacks are already the majority and have been for 10+ years. I think American whites have less than 20 years before niggers vote in white genocide.

This. They have been lying about the demographic situation FOR YEARS…it is all LIES LIES LIES…there is no truth in what they report.
I agree BTW. I travel a lot in the USA and there are many places I end up that I am the only white face in the place. Or the only person who speaks English…it is mexicans trying to pidgen some english to someone who is Somali or Middle Eastern, nothing gets done quickly, there is lots of hand waving, anger, no one understand anyone else. People are short tempered and angry because their best english doesn't allow them to communicate about simple things, each transaction is an offense.
Of interest, I see that the spic wetbacks are starting to brew a deep hatred of the shitskins…so that is interesting…the shitskins are arrogant and so are the spics…it isn't going to end well between those two groups. And of course the spics hate niggers (who doesn't) as well so that is yet another vector that is going to end up fighting to the death in a short time, when tempers and food run out. IDK it is interesting to watch and it will be interesting to fight in as well I suppose. Just one big bloody free for all massacre unless you are in a geographically secured location that is sustainable that can be cut off from the outside world.

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Technically there's already some Soviet Era refugee policy that lets Eastern Euros in easier than others. I don't know what it's called, but there are already quite a few slavic communities in the US as a result of this, but why go to the US when you just go to the UK, for example? Smaller trip, same result more or less.


Brexit. And muslims.

They should come like most DACApedes, via airplane and overstay their visas… many will get deported, but many will stay.

Anyways, not many whites travel because they "have it easy". So much that they gave women rights. Do you know what is the NUMBER 1 determinant for the amount of children a couple has? women's right

Green Card visa lottery is aimed towards the Eastern Europe (considerably better chances of winning than to others), but it's still a damn lottery with relatively low numbers of random people getting an opportunity each year.

Then they will go Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy or somewhere in Scandinavia. Living in a 90%+ White country still beats living in a sub-50% White country and that will be America in only a couple more years when boomers start to die off en masse.

That's not a solution, Whites are already in White lands, shuffling them around doesn't help. Stop shitskin invasion, more White babies.

Babies can't vote and it will take years for the wall to be built.

Because the republican party is also in the pocket of the jew

Then everything is lost.

It's the tower of babel Effect, all speak the same language, but none understand each other.

Truth. See attached

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wtf did I just watch

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We’d have to vote it in then and it might already be too late for that because Trump blew a massive wad and then never did anything with it when he had the (possibly last) chance. It’s a good idea on paper but how would we pull it off?

except that doesnt work, because as soon as you label them as "white" they immediately run behind the jewish label. Yes they out themselves this way, but they also deflect criticism immediately because its been so ingrained in their pets that jews are "here to help them" and "on their side" and other such nonsense

To truly make that work, you'd have to get them to all hate jews FIRST, so that running behind that label would mean nothing. But, they've also successfully tied "jew hatred" with "whites/white nationalism" so to share in that "core concept" means they'd be siding WITH white people, and lets face it, they hate white people the most and therefore wont adopt anything they see as being extremely white

Sorry to say, your plan doesnt work, they've hidden themselves pretty well behind a few layers of protection on that front. At best you get other white people to realize they're jews, but they already admit this openly and people never draw connections, and have been conditioned to see anyone who DOES draw those connections as "anti-semetic" and "racist" and distance themselves from them. So you have a very hard uphill battle cramming THAT particular red pill down peoples throats.

Why do you think Zig Forums is such a small group overall? Our various views are really not THAT far out there. In fact, politically speaking if you remove the ethnostate views and anyone who wants to gas all the (insert group here), then the actual political and social views on Zig Forums are fairly tame, especially compared to the left who want out right totalitarian communism and the silencing/execution of dissenters… so why arent there more people with us?

Simple, because we broke through those red pill barriers, but they work amazingly on the vast majority of people. So anyone who comes here, if they arent prepared, they'll flinch immediately at the first mention of the word nigger or kike or faggot or picture of hitler or whatever else. Their conditioned minds cant take it, and they recoil in horror immediately. So trying to redpill them is a massive uphill battle that literally takes years of breaking their conditioning. But in the mean time you get constant efforts to reinforce it and undermine our efforts from the opposition, and its a LOT easier to reinforce condition than it is to break it.

Whose tea need to stay in Europe and burgers need to face the reality the US isn’t ever going to be a white country again

Right. Also, I read more about it. During the collapse of the Soviet Union it was mostly Jews and Russian Evangelicals that immigrated to the US during those days.

Jews have made sure that there is only turd world immigration and no white immigration.

I'm German, had a murican girlfriend, the cost to immigrate based on marriage would've easily been more than 10k USD.

I have worked together with managers stationed in the US. Changes of visa cost the company something crazy like 10k as well.

The costs are so jewed up that nobody is willing to pay them and only illegals and the cream of the crop of the kiked higher education system can come.

A total clown country.

When Russia is taking in Dutch farmers from South Afrika but western nations do nothing.>First 50 families of farmers from South Africa may soon resettle in Russia

Afrikaners are of Dutch, French, and german stock.
They would assimilate well with the W. Euro whites here.
But that still doesn't change the fact that this country is going to BE south Africa in a few short decades.

Chunks probably will. Not the whole thing.

I remember coming to this board not to long ago the amount of arguments against me when I was still a gommie degenerate that natsoc is truth and how hitler truly did nothing wrong and the evidence overlapped and I came to accept the wrong people won that war and patton was right, hitler and goebbals are right.
And thanks to this board my life turned around and a national socialist.
Zig Forums is probably converting more and more, or due to the fact they simply cannot handle arguments including the ones who like trump had faced a lot of legitimate arguments they cannot debunk or can't handle criticism so they use smugs or very lame one liners that keeps getting repeated and will simply go back to cuckchan or convert.

Grant all whites in the EU, UK, AUS, who desire to live in America automatic united states citizenship @ minimal cost and vetting

Are you legitimately retarded? There are 110+ million spics already in the country (70 million illegally), it's already over. AZ is going blue and Texas will be blue by 2020 rather than 2028 like the kikes say.

Not gonna happen. Also topkek at all of the EU.

You realize that the EU contains gyppo countries like Romania and semite hives like Cyprus?

I would encourage adopting Ukrainian refugee kids and White Afrikaner kids from South Africa especially for guys who are sterile and for couples who were only able to have one or two kids biologically.

Do you know who Bill Crystal is?

We can always more Aryans from Central America. As a matter of fact, if 20 million whites go to Honduras in ONE year, then that country will be OVER 80% white! And in ONE generation, we can outbreed them (without a CHAD STATE protecting/providing women). If we do that to a couple of countries, we can make the continent more Aryan than what we are now.

This is the most heavily kiked thing I've ever seen. It's as if Zig Forums's merchant sprang to life and mainlined truth serum into his veins. In a way it's comforting. Operating alone, you sometimes doubt your antisemitism. Could it really be as bad as you think it is?

It's worse. And the motherfucking Juden know exactly what the game is. I will never regret a single act of sabotage I perform against these demons.

Not a Jew.

Let the Germans in ! Most of us already speak English, and we may be overrun anyway. Maybe Alaska ?


Bleib und kämpfe.

Exactly. You can always import Germans into Alaska, but it would soon change it into something Bavarian-looking. But hey, for some it is appealing.

Yes, staying here is a good perspective.

Bist du überhaupt Deutscher?

I think this whole Idea of breeding people in is pretty stupid and doesn't adress the root cause of genocidal terror that some experience, some not. It furthers alienation instead of decreasing it. To decrease alienation from one's own homeland, be it in the USA or in Germany, the answer is not to build a genetic fortress of some sort and become a fish in a tin can, but to identify the driving factors of that what we are willing to run from. The sheer amount of African immigrants is a good example. They are not immigrating into Yukon or Alaska, but rather they are coming from likely places. Their infrastructure is mostly, let's say, in need for a gentle renovation. But these poor bastards find they have no future in the countries they come to live in for some generations, consciously or not, so it is not a good option. In a way, strict border control is a service to everybody involved.


It breaks my heart to see this. I have actual tears standing in my eyes.

Germany is the heart of Europa. If Germany falls, then all Europa dies forever. And if Europa dies, the whole world will thereafter descend to such a savage Hell as will make the survivors' children pray for extinction. That includes America.

Wherever I am, I myself would gladly wish to house German refugees in my own home, if I had the opportunity. "GERMAN REFUGEES WELCOME!" I know that unlike nigger "refugees", Germans would repay the kindness with good and not evil. But in the long term, for aforestated reasons, it does not help anything.

On behalf of every sane person in the entire world, I beseech you: Please, please stand your ground if you can, as much as you can, as long as you can. I realize that this is cruel to say, after all the Germans have endured since 1939 (really since 1914 with a 6-year break). I'm sorry.

German is (well, was) the largest American ethnic group. Back when America was 90% White, it was about 30% of German ancestry. Germans built America; and America (including German-Americans) destroyed Germany.

See this – English translation:
German original:

See especially:

I can only wish that the German immigrants had better kept their culture. Unfortunately, most of them turned against their Fatherland. Partly it is good; they did not have have foreign loyalties like "Israeli-Americans" (hahah). They became real Americans. But the result was not good at all. There are some various other writings analyzing this phenomenon in more detail; sorry, I don't have links or citations handy.

Why would the enemy want to run us over physically when he can instead creating an illusion of it leading us to isolate and therefore crush ourselves ?


"Every German has inside him a mountain chalet." – Léon Degrelle, Campaign in Russia (quoted from memory; can't find the exact quote right now)

Ja, appealing!

Indeed, this would be heartbreaking.

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN


Censored V2 with extra footage and articles:

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That's EMJ, he is making fun of Neocon Kikes.

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>Implying the niggers aren't going to get (((help))) to invade.
It's already happening with NGOs that get off scot-free in the EU and, depending on how politics goes in the upcoming years, there might not even be a N in NGOs.

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WRONG unless you create a white ethno state importing more whites from other countries will only result in more foreigners who do not care about the state of the country. Ukranian people living in Germany will never care about German culture and country.

Also moving white people into degenerate racemixing shitholes like USA will just ensure that by second or third generation their children will be mixed. In that regard Ukranians are better off because they live in a whiter country are less brainwashed to love other races and are extremely unlikely to racemix.

Whites should start colonizing other places like we used to maybe. Belize would be a good choice. All the creole are already invading America anyway

If you think that USA will be majority white for another 27 years then you are a naive fool. It's hard to tell if USA is still majority white once you add up the illegal aliens, Jews and others who get grouped as whites.

In reality white children have been a minority in USA for about two decades and the only reason why USA still might have a white majority is all the boomers.

Unrealistic. The only real solution is to go along with overpopulation have as many children as nonwhites in our own countries, stop supporting their businesses so they go bankrupt etc.

Basically if you want to get rid of nonwhites make it so it becomes too expensive for them to live in your country. That is how Spain got rid of a decent chunk of migrants during economic crisis.

Any migrant who made some money in Spain asked himself if it was worth staying in a country where he can't get a job and housing is expensive if he can already purchase a house for much cheaper in his homeland.

See below analysis for posts by user ID:

000000: 19 (22.09%)

Be checkin' these dubs!

> 11's (3 total; 33.33%)

> 55's (2 total; 22.22%)

> 22's (1 total; 11.11%)
> 44's (1 total; 11.11%)
> 66's (1 total; 11.11%)
> 88's (1 total; 11.11%)

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Why are sandniggers living in cities I could never afford to live in? Southwestern Ontario is full of them and they live in expensive housing complexes that nobody else can afford. Not to mention the chinks taking all the jobs and the niggers wreaking havoc on Toronto by bringing guns in from the US. No white men want kids and marriage. Why do you think we’ve given up. At least our pets won’t abandon us and that’s the sad truth

They can afford to live in expensive cities because of cheap government sponsored housing. Why else were they blaming government for the fall of Grenfell tower in London?

BUT if your country was poor like Poland it would be much harder to give them housing. I think that a lot of people want children in the western world but our standard is not as high as it used to be.

A white couple simply refuses to bring up children in poverty and shitty housing so they give up and remain childish forever.

It's a legit strategy, the poorer your country, the less likely niggers will migrate to it.

The question is: how can you make your country poorer? Terrorism? Non-compliance? Civil chaos?

In the long run it does not work to make your whole country poor.
It would be much more desirable of people simply started boycotting every non white business or a business that employs nonwhites.

But yes poor countries receive less migrants but they still have them. Sooner or later Africans will be a significant % in Poland too even though most people on here will tell you otherwise.

Yeah, but taking power is the hard path.

Nothing is hard. It's just that our people are consumerist subhumans with no common sense or foresight.

If the average German just stopped going to a dirty kebab joint so he can be served by a sweaty Turk who never washes his hands you would have 100.000 unemployed roaches who work in fast food industry.

If Americans stopped eating tacos and hiring Mexican "handymen" you would have millions of unemployed spics. The blow would be even more severe if a farmer paid a white teenager to pick up oranges instead of a spic.

We can't stick to our race even in the smallest things while even shitskin subhuman is capable of that.

tell that to the jew pets the boomers who facilitate this crap

Hasn't this already happened? Proposed we accept South African farmers, the left spazzed out, and then nothing happened because everyone already knows the left hates whites, it's just that people think that is correct or don't care.

implying American teenagers have any fucking work ethic.

My college had a work shortage because all you entitled fags were too good for the jobs.