AT&T to cut off users access for piracy

They are angling to cut us off!

Forget piracy. They want to desensitize people to the idea of internet access being based on what you DO on the internet.

This is all about us.

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Did you read EULA? You should've been alarmed 30 year ago when EULA shit started. Now its over, war is lost. Signing digital slavery contacts is new norm and neo slave owners realized its time to reap the harvest.


Man, it's almost as if monopolies fucking suck or something

use a VPN.

Now I wonder what would happen if someone went around downloading the Aquaman movie repeatedly, while connecting to random, open WiFi networks? Remember that ISPs form essentially regional monopolies. Don't like AT&T AOL Time Warner Spectrum Weyland Yutani? Move six hundred goddamn miles across the state to a corner where the only ISP is satellite based, and there is only one gas station and one restaurant.

So after this election is anyone willing to admit they were wrong about net neutrality and just blindly supported another brown Trump appointee?

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cool, they gonna cut isis off the internet.

Kill yourself reddit.

I wouldn't count on it, most anons will either admit they ever supported him or at best they will say it they were just doing it "ironically to trigger the libcucks" just like voting Trump

Kill yourself reddit.

Seriously, who is pirating shit and NOT using a VPN? Is this 1998?

Do you have an argument though?

You have no leg to stand on.
Fuck off. Net jewtrality was completely co-opted and is full government control of the internet. None of you redditniggers has any sense and keep shilling the same fucking lies for years.
>i-ignore the fact net jewtrality is supported by (((corporations))) and (((open society foundation)))

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WHo are you quoting?

this, my ISP doesn't give a shit and yet I still use one.

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Scoop: AT&T to cut off some customers' service in piracy crackdown
>Photo: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

>Why it matters: It's the first time AT&T has discontinued customer service over piracy allegations since having shaped its own piracy policies last year, which is significant given it just became one of America's major media companies.

>Between the lines: AT&T owns a content network after its purchase of Time Warner earlier this year, an entity now called WarnerMedia. Content networks are typically responsible for issuing these types of allegations to internet service providers (ISPs) for them to address with their customers.

>The details: A now-defunct industry Copyright Alert System used to be responsible for holding ISPs accountable for educating customers about the risks of pirating content.

>In a statement to Axios, AT&T says content owners — which could be TV networks, music rights groups, or another group involved in production — notified AT&T when they believed they had evidence that an internet connection controlled by the telecom company was sharing copyrighted material unlawfully.

>The bigger picture: This is one of many complicated issues that is now surfacing in light of AT&T's historic $85 billion takeover of Time Warner in June.

>The bottom line: Very few copyright infringers ever get booted from their broadband provider, pointing to the severity of these cases and the number of steps at which the customer is told they are violating copyright before they are cut off from AT&T's service. Copyright infringers are often illegally pirating hundreds of hours of stolen content, not a song or two from their favorite band.

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what's the point? no corporation is going to care i downloaded a 15 year old game or a 25 year old movie

They will once they own the rights to it

That has nothing to do with this

Use a fucking VPN dumbass.

Until they start blocking those like the Chinese are doing.

The only thing alarming about this is that people are still throwing away hours watching movies in 2018 instead of doing something more urgent.

don't worry, everything's fine, just take a load off and melt your brain with this propaganda. Totally worth it.

EULAs are non-enforcable. You just need a jew on retainer to fight their jews on retainer.

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you know what's next

Good goy points like in China?

I can see ISP's refusing service. Paypal and Amazon already do.

daily reminfer nobody can own ideas and you already pay for the data transfer required for the file you obtain

stealing data is not stealing, it's copying

It's only stealing if you're trying to make a profit off the other person's intellectual property imo


Do you have an army to enforce your views on them?

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Use a VPN to keep spending time on jew bread and circuses? I thought idea was to get away from it. Like jews putting out shittier content, coming down hard on piracy will help detoxing. The odd thing is jews doing so, they've stolen trillions, they're not lacking of shekels, and driving people away from their swill will help people clear their heads of the jew fog. My only guess is jews feel relieving non jews of shekels is more important.

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The last days I thought they will crack down on the far right one day with cutting off their internet access.
Now they already trying to set a precedent with piracy…

Honestly their abuse of gamers and artist will be their downfall. The only thing keeping all the autistic spergs they created with the vaccines from going full incel rebellion is the steady flow of porn and torrents. Absent that, all hell would break lose.

This can only be good for us, cut off the bread and circuses.

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jokes on them, honestly
shows, movies, and games are so bad these days I don't want them even if they're free

They are freely available by multiple means, and yet I'm indeed not watching. For stuff to watch while working out, howto, how things are made, new tech, 3d printing, manufacturing videos, programming, business videos, history & nature shows on jewtube, twitch gameplay videos.

Man. Gotta love this capitalist plutocracy. Better not complain or you're a libtard commie.

Reminder Zig Forums supported the BASED zogcontrolled ISPs owned by newscorps because a boomer in office was against Net Neutrality and unironcially shilled for a corporatist pajeet.

Fuck all of you tech-illiterate retards.

90% of new threads are (((Alt-Right))) terrorism larping CIA/Mossad threads. THis is not one of them. If you bump them, you are a traitor.!

ISPs have been terminating service due to DMCAs for at least 10yrs. where have you been?