Spend billions of dollars

True long-terml demographics will fuck with the GOP. Democrats moving further too the left will only encourage whites to move further right. Democrats already lost the white male vote. Victory will defect the left. Even white women being turned off by Democratsd openly anti-white message.

I fucking hate neo/pol/

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Shameless bump to prove I am not a robot

I can see the wall already.

its all organized raiding, sage every magashill post

Only good socialist is national socialist. They don’t exist anymore.

Daily reminder National Socialism is not Socialism.

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This. At most national socialism has socialism in the name because it was popular buzzword at the time.

It still boggles my mind how the woman is still in power and relevant. She has no charisma whatsoever and of course theirs the whole Pocahontas debacle. Who does she appeal too?

Honestly. Elizabeth warren would’ve been a better face for them than navy pelois

Ime not complaining or anything. Nancy being the face for the dems will earn them nothing and actually hinders them.

Nigger. Vote fraud. Rigging. It's not that hard to understand.

Where do you think you are, nigger?

You can fuck off too

>I'm going to dispute the words of the creator of National Socialism himself and proclaim that natsoc is actually the same socialism that (((Marx))) and communists espouse

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magashit coping > liberal salt

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Just reminding everybody, including OP, that Zig Forums is like 20% shills right now. It's pretty unprecedented. So ignore all the kikes saying

Because they are all shills.

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She appeals to all the spineless faggots she's blackmailing.

yea they do
apparently theres around 55k of them in illinois

This is a lie. NatSoc is socialism.
You're thinking of marxist-communism user.

2020 will be like a mob of freaky Anti-Whites vs. The Proud boys and Grandpa

Looking over the countless midterms results, this seems like under-performing for the standard. Apparently from (((the news))) this is still a victory because "we won in gerrymandered districts" and "most seats were democrat!"
Clearly the "blue wave" either had no effect, or only saved the democrats from a republican blowout in the house + senate. And many races were close calls too.

Marxists say they're not against property rights either, they just want to ban private property they'll let you keep whatever they decide is "personal property". Hitler's Germany was socialist in ways similar to America today the fundamental difference being ethnocentric fascism vs multiracial fascism.

I was expecting an annihilation this election.
Lefties are probably more worried than us. They should be, by slightly losing, the whole of the right will steam in anger like in 2016 again.
They went to sleep.

so this is the brain power of a r/T_D shill

The real question is how soon the demographics will change to the point where the numbers can't be overcome. This election showed that they're close.

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theres no immediate demographic problem
i dont know why everyone keeps repeating thisi do
whites are not a minority in most of the country. especially outside of urban centers.

the problem is that you still have many whites voting against their self-interest
you address that, you address the problem

so let us extrapolate how to get whites to start acting and voting in their own interest.

Eh, not really. For one thing, many of those who lost were #nevertrumpers who couldn't ride on the trump hype train. Secondly, there was definitely a huge push of fraud, no matter what the left claims. The democrats would of done as much as they could to secure the blue wave illusion. Finally, many races were damn close, close enough for recounts to probably be called. for. We might also see seats flip back here, maybe even a reveal of election fraud by the dems if we're really lucky. And there is the fact like this user said>>12386290, many whites are still voting for dems due to kike brainwashing.

I think first order of business is to end the state monopoly on Schools, this will knee cap the left hard.

Im just glad we could come to an agreement with the majority nonwhite states and all the niggers living out of packing crates.

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I think first order of business is to end the state monopoly on Schools, this will knee cap the left hard.

Fair points, although I think it's more likely that the blue wave met its match against the red wave. Hopefully you're right but it seem to me like demographics are reaching critical mass unless something drastic happens.

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You know damn well what he meant by "insane socialists" you dumbass autist.

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Fascism > Nazism.
Change my mind.

Finally. Someone with a brain.
Thankyou. I am so sick of these dumb fools who take nothing into account other than raw numbers.


Because race matters.

You retards thinking there is still a white majority are overlooking the average age of the demographic. White numbers are ballooned with elderly boomers circling the rim of the shitcan as we type. Once the mass die off happens, the US will rapidly turn goblin with a white minority in the high 40%, at best.

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Hopecuck fantasies shattered yet again kek. Jews always win


very good point

Those insane socialists almost won in fucking Texas and Florida so I’m not so sure I’m buying the “no unifying message” of the left. It’s very fucking clear what they want and that is an end to Whites, starting with heterosexual men and working their way down.
They want to replace the nuclear Christian White family with a non binary gender fluid nigger tranny muslim

Art Jones got about 60k votes

it's all ogre