Is there knowledge that will literally drive you insane in a lovecraftian sense?

Is there knowledge that will literally drive you insane in a lovecraftian sense?

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Yes, the entirety of Zig Forums, from it’s very beginning to now. Add a little /fringe/ into the mix and you’ve got your “knowledge of madness”.

The real anomaly happens when you’ve become so jaded that insanity is no longer an option, and you are left a hollow and numb human being, indifferent to the passing of time and events of the world.

Read about the jews

Yeah you can get a glimpse of it looking at the deeper impulses behind Jewish mysticism and kabbalah, the histories and doctrines and beliefs of their groups that have come over the years and understanding what it is they serve, it's something vastly more horrifying at an existential level than even the initial understanding and conception of them as 'satanic' brings to mind.

Four words: Hitler did nothing wrong.

When you realize they're true, meditate on them, and finally grasp the full implications of those four words, you will be changed. Some go insane, some see clearly for the first time in their lives, but no one is the same.

Read 'The Nameless War'. You will go mad midway through.

I had a multi-day panic attack recently when for some reason I came to grips with the concept of death for the first time. “Not existing” and the implications of that. EveryTHING you own, every thought you’ve had, and all your experiences–erased forever and no one remembers you or cares. Never mind that you’re just NOT THERE anymore.

Yeah, that’ll make you lose your fucking mind. I’m still not over it.

You will be eventually.

Embrace the bittersweet.
To look on and smile, regardless, is most noble in man.

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When? What did you do to get your mind off it?

this poster is saying that you will die eventually and have no choice but be over it

You can't really do anything about your mortality, so you either accept it or die, at which point you can't worry about it anymore.

Knowledge of pain too deep.

If you only knew how bad it really was.

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Check em

Fucking this. I first came to Zig Forums to troll. Three days later I was unable to sleep because of the questions I had that could only be answered by the stark raving lunatics that I had been trolling. I'd seen too many things on the board in those few days that had left me reevaluating everything I'd ever been taught. Things that seemed perfectly reasonable while I was learning them in school now stood revealed as illogical twaddle. Why build a camp for people you hated when a bullet and a pit was so much more cost effective? Madness was definitely in the cards. Forbidden knowledge never comes without cost. It cost me a lot of innocense.

I'm thirteen pages in and it's worth the read

They literally did that, though it wasn't just the Germans. The notion that most camp casualties were in gas chambers and then sent ovens is absurd neurotic kikery on par with human soap factories and lampshades, but it got Elie Weasel book sales.

Dead seriously, yes, there is, but I have a moral obligation not to share it.

Veritas super omnia

Easy. What the fags actually do

Please kill yourself.

the plans they have up top, as well as the rituals they do to 'legitimise' it in their eyes.
Though that might just be me since I'm such a strong believer in Justice.

The Kabbalah.
Why do you think Jews are so evil? They go insane.

I am curious, but then again I am not sure if I could handle it

traps aren't gay

Don't be afraid of death, be afraid of how you die…the only salvation to the misery of life is death.

Well, the knowledge that Trump and the GOP will never go away has driven many a commie leftist cuck screeching with insanity.

Kikes aren't made evil they're born that way

babbys first redpill is jews, but when you read on gays, you will see that its a huge fucking coverup due to ancient societies need to marry the underage those shitty tendencies can manifest in people without them being aware of it. You cannot undo 1200 years of human shittery, there will be pedos until society gets rapid gene treatments or just plain have a society without that shit for a couple of hundred of years.


there's a lot of comments but I can't be arsed to link them all since I'm on my mobile.
You all have to stay strong, it may be dark now but remember, it's always darkest at the beginning of the dawn, and guess where we are right now.
Stay true to Justice, stay true to the Truth, keep an open mind (by open mind I mean be open to being wrong, since none of us are right save for One) and be humble enough to admit this and make efforts to cast off the chains of your sin.
You are all perfect creatures through your imperfections (it's what makes us seek redemption after all) and our Father and older Brother are both rooting for us from the sidelines until it is their time to return.
Glorious is what is coming for those who yearn for freedom, and terrible is the retribution for those who enslaved us to our sin.

Better yet. If you have no impact in this life, if you are merely a conformist, not treading any new grounds…You are already effectively dead. No one knows you, knows who you really are, or what your intentions are (since you do not either). You must undergo a rebirth. Leaving the echo-chambers of this virtual forum and come to life that manifests in your community.

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Not joking. There have been thought experiments developed that are literally undeniably inevitable that lead to "bad stuff." I won't say a word about the one I do happen to know about as long as I live, and I wish I had never read about it, and every time I forget about it I am grateful. It was a good half-year stretch since the last time it surfaced, maybe.

the inside of your head that keeps track of reality, and its different things, are like part of a table, a statistical list of sorts that keeps track of all the numbers of all the various things in real life.

If a bunch of them go too awry, they affect your hormones, giving you, or detracting from you the hormones that affect your depression levels, your happiness and a bunch, a much other bunch of stuff. The problem is that the time that you were born, the biological ones, the "default" ones can differ greatly as biology changes too. From one extreme end to another. If 10 variables are "bad" then it will trigger a change of sorts. If you can persuade another person that reality (through media manipulation) is like those 10 bad ones are, then you can compel that person to do stuff.

Different "common accepted" behavior or "common sense" can, and were present…as you grow up (as I have felt it like that). My own brain gave me more and more manual control of these variables. Reading books gave me more control, seeing the opinion of others also gave me more control. Because I was able to stand still at one moment and recognize one of them, through memetics, or whatever…I was able to ignore it mostly.

Common behavior arises when people are stable, at certain behavior, for some longer periods of time, a trend that shows itself again and again…it then enters the vocabulary. Problem is now that at the higher end of politics, and what we are doing here, change is going so fast that we barely even have time to get hung up on the "common accepted" . I as many others managed to become aware of our "defaults" and just started to ignore them more or less. Allowing me to steer clear of many trends that rule society. Many of the language, many of the emotions being thrown around…if you become aware of these things…and if you feel like they arent "wrong" or "bad" I guess I have more energy to turn my gaze upon other things.

the insane part of it all is that once you enter this thought loop, you can look down upon human culture, and its trends and deconstruct it as you have deconstructed it already in your own brain. Truths seems to vanish, and it becomes weird. Like a fucking math puzzle of sorts. This meta probably would drive a lesser mind into insanity, hence why most people probably dont tread in this area of life. And I suspect that those minds turn to schizophrenia. The jews know of this process too most likely. Its this fucking "zen" garbage. Poo in loo gnostisism lore too a bit. Its been fucking…I dont know anymore, months, when I truly "Felt" an emotion. And its not just depression, I think I genuinely am incapable of feeling a lot of emotions right now because everything became too meta.

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Well he lost for a start

When you look into the ILLUMINATI, LUCIFERIANS AND PIZZAGATE you'll get mentally wrecked thinking about how corrupt the world REALLY is.

The Allies lost that war.

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sincerely, if you are happy now, stay that way. i gave my life to know every bit of truth i could, and i am in more pain today than ever. kike free and sincerely.

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I've been in the game for 20/37 years and numbness has never happened. each days headlines are enough to make anyone non-NPC lose their fucking mind. for instance yesterday there was a front page story of a man who pulled his eye out and ate it.

sincerely explain to me how this isnt hell.


and this is fucking laughable compared to things im sure we've all seen by now.

Hitler agrees with your dubs

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You aren't in Hell. You are in Purgatory.

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I don't know about gibbering insanity, but when I think of all the times in the past century that White people have been abandoned by their weak-willed peers or even had their destruction cheered (Rhodesia, South African Boers, Branch Davidians, NatSoc Germany) it makes my stomach churn.

Others have said it but I think the redpill in general can drive a man crazy if they're prone to it. The absurdities of this world and how obvious the truth is and how far from it we are is pure insanity.

Provide more breadcrumbs or you’re basilisk larping

dude, post the original

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Yes. I don't recommend pursuing this any further.

dude, post the original

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WTF nigger bot are you the same reply to my shit in this other thread here:

WTF nigger bot are you the same reply to my shit in this other thread here:

I'm not here to shill for /christ/, but there are some really fucking redpilled revelations in the Bible.

Quality thread OP.

bump for prosperity

vedic/indo-european influece. Read some of the prophecies about the kali yuga. It is dead on.

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Please share, all truth should be welcome no matter how unpleasant.

H.P. Lovecraft was a jewish degenerate with a jew wife. The only people that promote Lovecraft's work are jewish degenerates and the british. Mike Enoch is a 1930s Lovecraft of today.

Learn about post-Cromwellian britain then everything will fall into place. Fail to hear this warning and you will be enslaved under a British Talmudic Empire.

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I've never heard of that, but I will do some reading, thanks.
In the meantime, could you maybe give a short summary in regards to what it is, and why we should take note?

Read the actual book pentagon wars, it's absolutely maddening how much money our defense industries misappropriate. Not only do our ZOGbots fight in shitty wars for Israel, but they drive shitty vehicles much of the world doesn't want.

just tell me, nigger.

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You can go ~7 minutes in on this video. For specifics on kali-yuga. Or you can watch the whole thing to see the general consensus among indo-europeans.

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Good question OP, I've been thinking about it for a little while. We all like to pretend here like we know some real nigger shit, but I'm sure if The Truth was ever known it would probably break most of us. Like what if all our ideals and "Zig Forumsfacts" were lies, what if everything was a huge Truman Show, or some kind of ridiculous plan that we fell for completely? I think Lovecraft was on to something. What if we discover that the universe is indeed a deterministic simulation run on computers of upper-dimensional beings? I wonder if the brain has built-in defense mechanisms where it denies truth when it becomes too inconvenient. Maybe that's what NPCs are.

Through years of conditioning and social engineering, for some, cognitive dissonance as well as double think is exactly that. It's why some of the SJWs get deeply offended at the NPC meme.

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Must take a heroic spirit to remain a player character. We will have to select for this trait somehow.

Please share, you would make an already top quality thread even better. Do it to us lad, desensitize us even further.


Thank you user. This is quite interesting.

I always contemplate shit like this, and it never ceases to bother the shit out of me. I suppose that is the burden of truth though. I personally wish to keep learning, to the extent where I just want to invest in a van and fill it with surveillance gear, and make it a hobby to spy on those who supposedly rule us. I can't help but feel like you are right about our reality just being some kind of Truman show where everything is manufactured and fake.

It breaks the mind of the unworthy and removes the sacredness of meaning for those who strived to discover it. True wisdom is learned and read, not spoonfed. You will not learn unless you undergo your own spiritual journey.

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No, there isn't. Your thoughts might get really dark, and you might take to drinking to cope with it, but eventually you just become numb to it all, like someone else mentioned.

Every time I hear someone reference this I can't help but shake my head. An Air Force officer has no business commenting on the development of an Army AFV. Furthermore, the actual operation record of the Bradley is stellar, so all the complaints made seemed to be unfounded. It's a reddit-tier book written by a bitter old man who had his career dead-ended for being a twat.

I don't anything for sure user but i figure if you went far enough across the universe you would maybe see something. So far away that it's going to take you a few trillion years to reach an 8th of the whole trip but eventually,

It's more than interesting. It's prophecy thousands of years old echoing for eternity. It is the eternal truth.

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Right because an Infantry Fighting vehicle that can't carry more than 6 men, uses a proprietary 25mm autocannon which it can't share any of it's surplus ammunition with, can't float without a floatation screen that rots away in less than a year, can't fire it's munitions at the risk of poisoning the crew, has inferior armor, speed, ergonomics to the slav BMPs, M113s turned into AFV, Scout Vehicles and IFV is totally "stellar". Let's also completely disregard the fact that is uses the expensive as fuck TOW missiles, instead of the much more efficient and cheaper Javelins, or the fact that most Bradleys even by the year 2009 still used the old Non-Fire Forget versions of the TOW. Oh and let's also forget that the things main circuit board is made out of PURE GOLD, making it brittle as fuck and a maintenance queen.

I could seriously go on and on about this shit.

Oh did I also forget to mention that the fucking bradley is slower than a fucking M1A1 Abrams and most MBTs out there?

The real true wisdom is that there is no true wisdom, anyone who thinks otherwise is a larping retard and no one has any idea of what the fuck is actually going on beyond the most superficial level.

Holy shit user. I just had a flash to the past. Many years ago, when I was first in the process of discovering my spirituality, I theorised that all legitimate religions were possibly from a common denominator, as I started to notice similarities in their prophecies. The Kali Yuga prophecy is helping me tie that theory together again. I an truly in a state of perpetual shook now. Thank you user, this is important information.

nobody wins when everyone loses

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Naive. True wisdom is experienced. Not uttered on an anime image board. Go read a book, try some spiritual meditation, learn discipline.

I have and it's all confirmation bias, all the way down until you get to axioms which are invariably inconsistent with observable reality or incomplete. The closest you can get to actual knowledge of anything is being able to predict an outcome with a reasonable amount of certainty given prior conditions.

It's the primal being of white/aryan/indo-european man
The semetic religions are a perversion of indo-european religion
shamanistic/animism is just one step above phallic worship

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God is not dead. We are dead. God is all things and creatures. We're a manifestation of power. Each of our perceptions is a story playing out simultaneously. When god decides to awaken, all of the individual paths of entropy will collapse, but what is happening now is that we are building a nightmare where we will attempt to attain the domain of god. This isn't possible as we are a figment of god's will. It is akin to having a dream about your dream trying to take over your real life, as the dream turns nightmarish and you watch your manifestation begin to pretend to be you, the nightmare becomes no longer useful and causes other functions of the mind to wake you up. Then at the snap of a finger you awaken, and the manifestation is gone.

Here is a New World Order plan that mentions changing the Bible Order of Barbarians [remaster] tapes 1 to 3.mp3
at 42:55.

You posted this in another thread… interesting

Ask not for lighter burdens, but for stronger shoulders
To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in ones suffering.
The extremes of this world are merely to temper our bodies, minds, and souls, fret not comrade, glory awaits!

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So this is why you never see infantry fighting with the bradley let alone inside it…

So this is why you never see infantry fighting with the bradley let alone inside it.

Sorry for the double post.

A good death, is its own reward

user, I am at crossroads now. If this is all true, what can I do? It's all set in stone, and I am just a drop of fresh water in a turbulent delta. What can I do to bring about the golden ages faster?



The World To Come

HaOlam HaBa, or "the world to come", is an important part of Jewish eschatology, although Judaism concentrates on the importance of HaOlam HaZeh ("this world"). The afterlife is known as Olam haBa, Gan Eden (the Heavenly Garden of Eden) and Gehinom.[3][4][5] According to the Talmud, any non-Jew who lives according to the Seven Laws of Noah is regarded as a Ger toshav (righteous gentile), and is assured of a place in the world to come, the final reward of the righteous.[6][7]

It's cool, and that's not just it's only slew of problems. Not only is the piece of shit really slow and poisons it's crew. But it's ammo and fuel are all stored in the same compartments! Said compartments are RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE THE INFANTRY AND CREW THAT OPERATES IT ARE SITTING. Oh and it's anti radar coating, which is sprayed inside of the tank itself is also highly radioactive if inhaled for extended periods of time. It's fire extinguishers have a tendancy to malfunction, and to make things better they're HALON BASED.

I'm just going to stop here, if I speak more about this piece of shit I might just get a rage aneurysm.

I mean if you were able to learn about, understand, believe, and were shown proof all in a single day the shit like the protocols, luciferianism, the cult of the all seeing eye, the rothschilds, the fed, israel, the elite sacrificing children, shit like pizza gate, and understand just gow well and truly fucked this whole planet is with the knowledge that israel has 200 nukes that they will not be shy about using should their way of life be threatened and thua plunging this planet into a potentially unrecoverable nuclear holocaust from the rest of the nations launching their entire nuclear payload, then yes, that would drive you insane.
As far as anything supernatural? I dunno, maybe finding out that god and the devil really exists? That demons and angels are as real as a tree and a rock, and that other dimensions contain monsters? Hard to judge. People thought silence and colors could drive you mad, and theyre fucking idiots. So ykno. Insanity tolerance is different for everyone.

You really think Zig Forums who endorses world swallowing pshyco-semantic racist aryan space regimes with cartoon memes could not handle it?

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I wouldn't necessarily say that's true though. Your impact, no matter how small, will still leave an impression beyond your own life's end. It goes on in your children, in your grandchildren… What you're equating a person's impact to is on some grand scale that not everyone will reach. I'm not saying one should simply not bother to achieve anything beyond their home, but that they should keep in mind that everything starts with the heart and home.

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Learn to use comas, pajeet shill

Meh. Those predictions could be applied to any 'society' anywhere at any time throughout the last few thousand years…
The end of the world is not nigh.

Not the same transfaggot. Crazy woman eating her own eyeball in prison barely moves the needle on weird.

There is nothing. Just like there are four seasonal stages. There are four ages. You cannot change them, you cannot hasten them or prolong them. You can only prepare for them. Read the Kali-Yuga, it does discuss on what to do during the age of kali/iron/hero. Instead of lamenting in despair the age you were born into, embrace it. The chaos is something you must adapt to… there for you will.

Our past sufferings were lessons, and for every lesson we took our will got only stronger. These decades of misery were a lesson, and for each minute that passed our goal got only closer.

For there are no losers in our war. It brings glory to the victors, it edifies the character of the noble defeated. And it makes extinct what should not exist in the first.
And when our day comes…

The era of mythology evince the Titans fall and the final march of the Gods. Labyrinth mysteries travel in circles through time, carrying secrets of an age lost in centuries. Bleaching marbles shimmer, blinding the plunderers and those once profane. Immortality regained as the Philosophers creed echoes through millennia and the Warriors psyche eternally rests in Elysium. At the walls of Troy war cries resound as spears and swords crash against shields. Argonauts trek through red wine seas to expand a Puissant Hegemony. Where Nymphs still guard Promethean Gnosis and whisper the Orphic Oracles for the overman's New Dawn. Behold the Age of Heroes, an epoch to reminisce that the old heart beats with Ancient Blood.

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