Support capital punishment for pornographers!

Pornkikes kvetch on twitter at propaganda presumably the work of Iron March stating that we the people should call for death penalty for pornographers a punishment too light for their crimes tbh, then subsequently get called filthy jews by twitterfags.

All in all, good times had by nazis everywhere, a message we should all endorse.

Post any pornographic jew redpills ITT.
Kikes use porn as a biological weapon against Palesetinians

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Nofap strikes back
These guys didn't cuck to the jews, quite impressive

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Is there any truth to this oft touted claim that masturbation is a necessary release for mental stability, or is it more hogwash? I've seen such a claim stated here by posters repeatedly.

Is there any truth to this oft touted claim that masturbation is a necessary release for mental stability, or is it more hogwash? I've seen such a claim stated here by posters repeatedly..

FFS, how many threads will you nofap fanatics make?
Can you just go die in some corner, you're becoming obnoxious in your fanatical quest…

It's true that masturbation makes you complacent/ more docile. If you don't have to try to get pussy then you never will; you'll never improve yourself if you get the release whenever you want.

Men survived just fine without porn/ masturbation before- prostate cancer wasn't even a thing- we can do it today.

The jew cries out in pain as you expose his cancerous propaganda operation

Primates in nature who masturbate are the ones who never get a female.

Take down their websites and infrastructure.
with you can be user.

Use torshammer for DDOS. In minecraft.
How to (for information purposes)


Good post!

is this true? or is it something like marriage rates have plummeted therefore so have divorce rates

Gonna be a long shift today, shill.

No. Excessive masturbation and porn act as a mild form of heroin:

What the kikes say is usually a half-truth, to disguise their lies. It makes you a complacent addict that doesn't get mad over things you should get mad about.

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tho I am not perfect, I support the NoFap wizards. best of luck to you lads

I haven't fapped in 4 years. The results may not excite you..
I don't even touch my dick when i piss. I stopped wearing underwear around the house, and when I go out I wear loose silk underwear.
I wake up every morning in a wet bed with morning wood that lasts for 3 hours. Sometimes when I check my blood pressure…if its too low (110/60) i get an erection until my blood pressure gets back up.

But I do have a shit-ton of energy. so there's that

No it's an absolutely ludicrous claim with zero evidence to support it. It's just filthy kikes trying to convince you to fap away all of your life energy instead of finding a wife, getting /fit/ and gassing them for their crimes against humanity.

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Jews admit here, that porn is population control. Like in the movie "Equilibrium" with Christian Bale, where everybody had to take a drug to dampen emotions.

Porn numbs people. Like TV this is the wish of the jews. At the same time, they can normalize race mixing and degernarcy by pushing the

Death to porn producers!

Ok shlomo

Ok shlomo

By the way. Shlomos even fucked with us in Equilibrium

Tetragrammaton is just another name for JHWH. Jahwe, the jewish demiurge that the jews call god, and who wants to annihilate all non-jews. Especially Amalek (all people of germanic ancestry).

Porn is jewish PsyOp

You do not belong here

No, they infest porn, but it existed since man existed.

Shaking in my boots here, chief.

These pornographers are predators that prey on young women in poor financial situations and destroy their lives and spirits permanently.
In the case of white women, they seem to deliberately abuse and humiliate them out of hatred as well.

Who you fooling, shlohmo?

image related

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Who you fooling, shlohmo?

saturn worship and saturn related accessories.

Check out the anti-porn megathread

So, how and when do we kill the porn kikes?


A new state can not simply fall from the sky, instead it has to grow from within its people. Because when you need loyalty, belief, fanaticism, confidence and commitment - you must turn to where you still find these values, and these values can always be found in the people themselves, in the masses of the people.
Nothing matters more than awakening our own people.

Did you fuck women during those four years?

No. My goal is seminal retention. I have the urge to but I resist. Each time you orgasm its like the godly essence of man leaves your body…making me this lethargic zombie. That's why I started nofap. Granted I discharge nearly every morning. But it's not nearly like a full on orgasm you receive from masturbation/sex.

Seems legit. Are you one of those bakas who rationalize that wet dreams don't count and therefore try to induce them by edging before going to bed?

Jews love black cock

Napping is evil duh. After all my penis feels more flaccid.

Just hide the threads and continue masturbating to cuck porn.

Wet dreams are not a full orgasm you receive from masturbation/sex.
hell no. Like I said, I don't even touch my dick to piss

I wish Zig Forums cared about more than just muh white pussy

Based tbh. I get banned on Nofap forums for mildly mentioning Jews dominate the porn industry. But credit where credit is due, they do a lot of good at naming the bad deeds of the Jew even if they aren't conscious of it. They set up nofappers for a redpill on the JQ later whether they know it or not.

I fully support Zig Forums taking out these tube sites. Please go after Mindgeek (pornhub), they're the biggest kikes and deserve it the most.

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How Do We even Stop porn in the Internet age anyway?
Young White Men Never being poisoned with it growing up like my Generation did is the Goak obvsly but I've been thinking, even With porn producers Arrested, their studios destroyed & all that
There's still hundreds of thousands of people out there with BLACKED & shit on their hard drives that they can upload anywhere at any time
How Do We Destroy porn & interracial symbolism when it can still be viewed and uploaded anywhere nos?

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You do not destroy "porn". You treat the disease and not the symptom by changing the men. They'll delete the porn from their hard drives on their own.

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First thing is to redpill everyone on porn and its damaging effects. Then ideally a total ban and block to porn sites and content. You're never going to stop it entirely, but something is better than nothing.

The problem is as long as the video exists the idea exists
Not everyone is going to delete their porn, there will always be degenerates who share it with other degenerates and attempt to succesfully influence poorly brought up girls with it

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Some losers jerking it and sharing their content isn't going to influence young girls. What influences them are shit homes, poor upbringing, monetary gain and feminist poisoning. If porn is destroyed as a business, then women will not care about porn.

you really think men will stop wanting to see their wife/gf's boobs/pussy while at the office?

It wouldn't be that hard to modify an AI's agenda to stop pursuing and harassing Europeans which is all they do now and start harassing and pursuing porn.

Seriously user, that is so cute that you think a man would want something he already has 24/7 instead of something he doesn't have.

I think that it's easy for men to fall into the trap of porn addiction, especially with the state of current society. As a young man in today's society, things are extremely bleak. Unemployment and inceldom are rampant due to the diversity quotas and roasters only wanting anything to do with the top 20% men. When most males are unable to even get a woman to acknowledge his existence, it comes as no surprise that all they want to do is jack off to porn. And the porn producers are well aware of that, which is why they use the platform to push agendas.

Porn addiction is merely the symptom of something far more fundamentally wrong. Getting rid of porn will likely not fix anything other than making men more sexually frustrated.

I think its more about having a family than muh dik, idiot. If it was muh dik I don't think we'd be quitting porn.

Its not about banning porn, its about educating young men about how its destroying their lives, and the lives of the porn victims (white women who would be a loving mother in a better world).

I stopped watching TV so I guess you could do the same thing. A lot of it is will power but like, physically not having a TV or cable bill made that possible. I guess not use the internet? lol…. maybe parental control block yourself? idk man

Go fucking HANG yourself

Only after due process of course. We're not advocating for lynch mobs, yet.

You literally Destroy the Perception and acceptance Culture. You can't Censor something away. You have to fucking Wake People up.

If People can't Discern, They need to start being Eliminated. You can't Nuance the Low IQ.

Call me a Freak but Im at the Point where Every being should be Examined by a Non Sponsored Constitutional IQ analysis System Which Stamps your fucking Forehead if you're a complete inept Rock, Forewarning All around Of your Meritless Bullshit.

Maybe that will fucking Make people want to actually Educate again

How about an alternative to the needs of carnal desire? The soft-sell needs to provide an alternative because, frankly, people like "jacking it"
Pornography needs a strong moral message, a removal of filth, a fundamental shift away from exploitation of the viewer. Pornography needs to be utterly ruined.

Education has the distasteful nature of finger wagging and meddling coupled with work. The very foundation of change needs to expoit the current pornography framework and provide intrinsic positive messaging in order to collapse it on itself.

Or just remove the stigma over porn. No one gives a shit really. Maybe people should just stop getting divorces over it and call it a day. Also if you have problems with kids being 'desensitised' get off Zig Forums. Seriously doubt that 56% stat for porn divorce. Maybe 56% have someone who watches porn in the divorce, but thats likely not the reason for divorce. Fewer people than you think care about it. Watching porn a bit doesn't hurt anyone. Of course being obsessed with it and watching it constantly does, but that is true for mostly anything, like spamming nofap threads on Zig Forums. Do I think nofap shitposters should die though, no. Also nice propaganda images, what type of porn has that much blood in the background. Sauce please.

Fucktard dont clog up TOR with your shitty LOIC copycat scriptkiddy DDOS. You think a DOS over TOR could ever take out pornhub, highly doubt it. Maybe if the pornhub server is hosted in a minecraft server though. Also wouldnt trust some random sourceforge link to not be a botnet and leak your IP address if it claims to DDOS over TOR.

Try it yourself. I think masturbation helps sanity a bit. Not neccessary per say, but feel it keeps you more focused and less distracted sometimes.

Yes and no, outside of urban areas, Marriage has sorta-kinda gone up, however less people overall are getting married, and women tend to have more sexual partners now than they did 50 years ago.

This is just a typical example of a kike using half-baked statistics that don't explain the whole situation.

Only if you have not remembered how to manipulate and direct your sexual energy. Remember how to.

How is masturbating not an ok way to do that? What about masturbation is negative other than you thinking its 'icky'.

Masturbation is incorrect to learn to control your sexual energy, excepting generation of energy (edge up to just right before orgasm and resist the orgasm=free energy) and perhaps to see when it ebbs, rises, and flows as an exercise, because when you orgasm from it you lose the energy.

Sure is interesting nofappers are ok with edging. Is anal or self bondage ok? What about both. What about people who get off on chastity? What about humping stuff and not actually inserting anything or jerking off?
Alo, what is sexual energy? Hormones? Nerve stimulation? Cummies? Personally I dont loose energy AFAIK when I orgasm.

Start with purging the board of borderline pornography.

This is basic stuff. Don't let even soft-core porn distract from the discussion, shills do that enough.

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How does that distract you. Id assume that if your on Zig Forums you are desensitised to that, thats not really even porn. I dont see how that is arousing at all. Souldnt we get rid of hardcore gore shitposts first?

Reproduction is always the chief concern of any people. It is why we exist as a species. To reproduce. You stupid retarded faggot. Once you have secured the ability to reproduce, then comes the soul searching, civilization building and exploration. Everything is secondary to the capability of reproduction. Without it, you cease to exist as a people, and another people will take your place.

The problem is, reproduction isn't a concern for those enveloped in modernity. Shockingly enough, Men these days don't want kids. For as backwards and savage sandniggers are, they're at least breeding.

Sure, there is something to be said of quality vs quantity, but 1 vs 1000 are bad odds. That is the primary goal, create a bubble, create a community, get married, and have kids and RAISE THOSE KIDS, as aryan seed wasted on a single mother may as well have been spent into some tissue paper with all the good it would do us.

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Ugh, i lost my answer because of a bug. I'll speak it again, but resumed:
>sexual ""bondage"" also ok IF you find it arousing

"s/spirrtual/spiritual" aka spirrtual changed to spiritual.

The kikes really don't want us to realize Usury is the core trick.

Bump. Pornography is one of (dare i say the most) insidious subversion techniques. Theres a reason (((they))) give you fucking terabytes of it for free, the ads lead nowhere, and yet there is still billions in the industry. It is because it's being funded. Funded to push more artificial stimulation on you and not only degenerate your mind but also seperate the ideas of sex and reproduction in your mind further. Just as they are doing with the normalization of homosexuality and its related counterparts like "transgenderism". Have you read Brave New World yet? My guess is the endgame is similar to the Hatchery and Conditioning center.

Agree that pornography should be illlegal like it was in the 1950s.
Death? That's overselling it on purpose, Op.

All I want is some decent porn. My gawd, the depraved stuff out there isn't even close to sex.

Get the fuck out of here.

You should be executed alongside the pornographers.

Nice try, kike.

Shut the fuck up, pornographer kike.
We think you should die though, a nice painful hang, drawing and quartering isn't painful enough for scum like you. You should be flayed alive first.

Kike+Pornographer → frontmost priority in queue on DOTR, for trending disgusting race-mixing, bbc videos and white women shikshas for the world.

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Note on the top symbol, it means "As above, so below". It's one of the fundamentals of the kaballah(jew magic), the idea is that to affect the lowest circle in the tree life(physical reality), you have to manipulate and twist the higher circles. Qliphoth is the idea of twisting the circles into negative forms.

The higher circles also don't mean higher 'planes', the circles in the life tree represent concepts.
For example, Chesed is the concept of loving truth and reality, Gebura is defending the world from things against you values, so on.

The synagogues of jews still teach this shit as a "discipline", even today.

You wish, roastie

No, it's source and origin is literally within the Hermetic Corpus. A collection of short mystery texts from the 1th century bc to the 3th century ad, which mix Egyptian paganism, with Hellenism and Judaism.

Hermeticism used the kaballah as well.

Impossible, the work predates it by atleast 700 years,

Trump and his jewish administration won't really go along with that one, probably lock you up until such time as the gas chambers he and Feinstein are building for antisemites and gun lovers, is available

Well you can't really save the white race if you're not getting any vagina now can you

Pick one.

You're right, it looks like I had things backwards for the phrase's origin. The phrase came from a supposed emerald tablet authored by Hermes, which later was included in the Hermetic Corpus.
Then, during the 15th century, Hermeticists of the time adopted use of the kaballah. Presumably through relations with the Catholic Church.

user, anal is degenerate af but it's not fapping. I'd argue it's worse, but no fap =/= no sex

Not him, but fuck you. I used those dots for decades, and nothing can stop me…not even you. Also hang all porn producers.

xHamster and a bunch of other big sites are literally owned by the same jews.

Pornographers will be butchered like dogs before the international bankers, legally, and with due process and trials.

Nice choice of stiletto


Pornographer rats do not deserve to be compared to dogs, and butchering makes it too shabby, nonetheless, one could go creative in the art of execution.

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You guys have got it all wrong, trying to outlaw porn will only make you look like a old prude who doesn't want anyone having any fun. Social stigmas work wonders. I fell into the porn trap when i was young and I have clear memories of being told through media and society from an extremely young age that it is "normal". Even if somehow we did campaign enough to get this into law (which nobody will) it is futile to believe any use of law could assist any of our causes. The law is designed to benefit only those who control and create it. So we must enact a method of creating more social stigma around sexual degeneracy and porn without putting off the vibe that we are outdated religious types or prudes that just dont want anyone having fun. Words like cuck do a great job at this.

Further more, if it was put into law tge main people charged for this crime would be the very victims of porn subversion that we purport to help. The last thing we need is more people in prison which will fuel the machine, turn these people into worse criminals and turn them into fags. You are essentially degenerating people just as much or more by convicting them for porn. Instead they should be considered social outcasts and freaks.

I think we should start with politicians but I could be persuaded to take a detour.

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Making a law against pornography is just as pointless and counterproductive as a law on drugs. Just bevause these things in certain facets are a scoruge on humanity doesnt justify creating more issues with law (to not even somve the original issue none the less) So what do we do then? We need to educate people on the matter. Before you strap on your tin foil hat though, remember that you probably just started getting invited to parties again because you've ginally let up on all the pizzagate talk. People hate to be told things, especially very harsh truths that contradict their previous notions. This means we must construct ways to let people learn about this on their own. People only learn for themselves you can't tell them anything. When we do speak of this it will only be to ridicule those who use porn, in a manner where it shows we have a superior knowledge on the subject. Do not let up. Ask them why they prefer to see another man fuck a girl more than they do themselves. Ask them how long they watched vanilla heterosexual porn before they started developing weird fetishes. Make them see that their dirty little secret is disgusting. However leave the facts and education for their own research which if you ridicule enough they will do.

Apologies for typos, formatting and grammer errors i am at work and typing quickly.

Big difference: the kike system imports drugs and intentionally distributes them while claiming to "oppose" drugs so they can create a police state while poisoning the population. A healthy state would ban the pronographic jew and enforce it without creating extra pornographic jews.

The chutzpa of those goyim, do you think they'll shut him down by assassination, suicide or the classic backdoor upload of child pornography?


Good point, however it would be an insane amount of effort to pass such a law into the system and if it was passed it would not solve the root of the issue. It would also creat a chink in the armor of free speech since that is what they used to justify porn being legal thus making the law would be saying that the first amendment can be violated if the content is graphic. This is the only reason the state would make porn illegal. It would be far more fruitful to take the route of pushing it out of the social overtons window. From there we could talk litigation. Until then there is no chance

I can argue drug laws another time lets stay on topic. It was an example. We will bar that point.

Chutzpah, rabbi. You actually posted that on a porn website where they advertise masturbaters using Asian women.
I mean, talk about ironic.

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The entire system has to be tanked, that doesn't mean that spreading anti-porn propaganda is futile or useless, or that dehumanizing these filthmerchant animals is bad in any way. These people have to be capitally punished, and there's no negative to letting them know that millions of people think they have to be executed publicly, legally and with due process.
Not once have I heard "muh freezepeache" argument to justify pornography industry.
It's not "free speech" to sell people herion, so why is it "free speech" to sell people porn, when it can be verifiably as damaging to peoples' lives?
Argument nuked in one sentence.