James Mason

Good news. Curious about those new books by James Mason but worried about supporting Atomwaffen? A kind soul was brave enough to upload them to archive.org:

You're welcome.

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gtfo LaVey kikelover

You can read these books now without ever having to support Mason or the guys at Atomwaffen. For all of you Christians on Zig Forums, think of this as an opportunity to set the record straight.

wrong, gtfo satanist shill

People were earnestly and legitimately concerned about Atomwaffen and their connections to the occult. Now you have the opportunity to read their material without giving them a single cent or ending up on their radar. And this is the thanks I get?

Throw yourself into traffic.

Fuck off christian rats, I'd trust a satanist over a faggot that submits to a kike any day.

I'm not a Christian, you imbecile. Plenty of people theologically inclined on Zig Forums are, so this is for them.

wrong again

go worship LaVey satankike

You're worse than shitlibs, and that's an achievement.


I would, but it's literally 300+mbs.




James Mason is wholly involved with AWD. They both did nothing wrong either way.

You can read James masons opinion of satanism here, and then you can stop being an ignorant faggot afterwards:

(((mods))) obviously gearing up for coming protests allowing endless terrorist threads.

If you see a (((Siege))) faggot on the street your job is to do what must be done to all pedo occult traitors of the race and Nation.

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no, no, no. fuck off back to your containment board

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no, no, no. fuck off back to your containment board


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I don´t know who started with this siege spamming is a shill or an user who got very blackpill?

Probably Moarpheus again, it's usually him.

you hit the holy grail of exposure, the bot made 3 posts for you

Thanks OP.

These fucking tards here would rather worship a dead Jew on a stick and a race mixing ZOG agent like Apedre Angloon over a decent and honorable white man like James Mason which should tell you all you need to know about why the (bowel) movement never gets anywhere save for stuck on stupid to Jew controlled trash like Trump.

That is because many on here aren't actually National Socialists, this isn't Ironmarch unfortunately. They think a kike is baste and that voting is some revolutionary act against the system by doing exactly what it wants.


Satanism of the LaVey strain are superficially distinguished from Luciferian Masonry, and actively disseminate falsehood while infiltrating things without subscribing to it not any differently than them.

Where are the Varg-posting paganists denouncing the Judaic Satan antipode to Yahweh ITT? Exactly–

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Varg is Siege-pilled.

Read Mein Kampf
Read Myth of the 20th century.
Read Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.



Read This Time the World and White Power.

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James Mason was a faggot.

James Mason is a great man and so are others

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James Mason cucked out and endorsed the Republican party. He's a coward and a faggot who has gone back on everything he wrote in siege.


satanists aren't NS they are self admitted infiltrators and wannabe sociopaths. kys shills

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Mason admitted that he used the Church of Satan (which follows an atheist, Ayn Rand sort of ideology) in a fame whore manner.

Let's not forget that siegeculture is tied to the Order Of Nine Angles, a literal satanic doomsday cult with a pretty nasty American sect.

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deeply foolish you are. satan's children are the kikes, usurpers of the jewish identity, which is you, white nigger, YOU!

pope frank is a philosemite jesuit not a Christian you uneducated Zig Forumstard NPC. regurgitation is all you know. read the bible before speaking about things FAR beyond your primitive comprehension.

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he did. but he also wrote nothing of substance in Siege. just shallow repetition in article form.

daily shiller are agents against you. unfuck yourself nigger.

A jew is a jew is a jew even if you don't want to believe it, kikepedia even accepts reality, why won't you?

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lmao I knew it
Fuck off Moarpheus you dribbling retard, post some more wild and unsauced claims and shit up every thread with your dumb spam why don't know.

They said that they're not part of your gay movement and that they absolutely do not want to be, not that they're infiltrating it.
How can someone infiltrate something if they completely distance themselves from it?

No, he did not.

Tempel ov Blood is not O9A and O9A is a sect that was founded to create an Aryan Galactic Lebensraum.

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dont you*

Sure. That's totally not the Diabolus chant I hear coming from them. What even is a Noctulian.

Nigger please. It's completely idiosyncratic.

user, I can't believe you. Wouldn't you like to know how this is connected to Thelema?

The next word is the spear into the heart, and the doomsday cults are forming.

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Christian here, thank you for sharing OP.

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Atheist here, stop worshiping a dead kike.

Fuck off faggot. Go worship your jewish puppetmasters and jewish sciencists.

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Hello Muhammed or are you a pagan mutt rofl

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wew lad

You fucking morons make the same unsubstantiated claims every thread, no one believes you and fuck off you kike shill.

The rest of the thread is Dailystormer shills who hate SIEGE. Reminder you follow a race traitor who doxxed white nationalists, you should kill yourselves.
opinion discarded

The Teutons were dogs and it is good that they lost their battle against Novgorod.


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Communist Russia =/= Novgorod
Positive Christian National Socialist Germany =/= mad zealot Christian Teutonic Order dogs.

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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Stop pretending like the 3rd Reich's reformed Christianity was the state religion. If anything it was the proto-Paganism that Hitler admired.


Explain how a collection of Tomassi era ANP newsletters is "Jewish bullshit", you absolute spergs. You haven't even read the first page.

I realize that NatSoc Germany wasn't really Christian - I just mentioned Positive Christianity because it is as Christian as Germany was at the time, which according to (((modern))) Christians, is not at all.

But the Teutons and their Bible-inspired genocide and wrongdoings to European peoples absolutely were vile Christians.

James Mason is fucking senile.

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I see

This thread is invaded by low IQ magapedes

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well he isn't wrong about the star being stolen

no one said 'movement' you fucking retard. NS is a worldview, one satanists in atomwaffen claimed to adhere to until you got exposed. none of you faggots are national socialists, fascists, or anything else. you are nihilistic teenagers who listened to 1 too many black metal albums and took that shit seriously.

for anyone who doesn't know the deep lore on these guys:

they infiltrate commies, muslims, they have no real ideals. it's all edgy adolescence

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Does Siege actually tell you anything the average Zig Forumsack doesn't already know?


It has some pretty good tidbits of info

you're a movementarian not a NS

you're literally a meme

satanism is movementarianism

Posting the same shill talking points over and over again in every thread.

Go back to your turkroach infested (((dailystormer))) you shill.

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I've read Siege, it's a much worse book than the Turner Diaries or Hunter. The victims are presumably White and/or no race expressly mentioned, and so much of it made me honestly want to vomit. The characters take joy in slowly killing infants and casually gangraping women.

I wouldn't call it literature, it's deranged pornography.


pedo satan kike detected

I think you're thinking of "Iron Gates" user.

Satanism is entirely materialistic, you can't be a NatSoc with that attitude

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The pic is right. But stop using a fucking hindu word for Hakenkreuz.

Hitler called it a swatsika

His mistake. Stripping the theory that the Third Reich "stole" the symbol from India starts with using its Germanic name.

Evil wins. Join the dark side. Read SIEGE by James Mason

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I love James Mason's books but never supported accelerationism, just because accelerationism damages the movement it doesn't mean Mason's books are inherently evil.
I really wish christkikes and other Zig Forums users stopped demonizing Mason, the fact that terrorism is a bad idea doesn't mean Mason is lying, if you really believe that we can save the west by being a law-abiding lemming you might as well believe in the holocaust

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The Sanskrit name is the much older name, and is therefore more accurate. Hitler was right - You are wrong.

/Path of Light/ is a board of peace.

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Only rootless burgers with an identity crisis could get behind shit like "satanism". It's so goddamn retarded.

Siegefags are just about least intimidating creatures I can think of. Fucking bears and sharks kill more people each year than the atomniggers do (and I'm being generous by including that moron who killed his roommate or something). If there's one thing I've learned over the years it's that the loudest and largest guys are always pussies that you can kick the shit out of in two seconds. Satanist loudmouth LARPers in $2 Amazon skull masks making noise over fuckall are pathetic.

Satanists belong in the oven with the jews, gays, and other non-whites and heretics. If I ever see you niggers IRL I'm gonna pick you up and stuff you face first in the nearest trash can for the bad optics alone. Have a nice day, siegeturd. Enjoy the (You).

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Can someone fucking explain this ethnic jew faggotry? So someones dad is a jew but his mom isn't, how the fuck is that still not a half jew? I get the idea of not being able to be raped out of existence or whatever, but it seems retarded, every jew I meet is an atheist gutter German ashkenazi and cannot stop talking about how they're jewish. Really annoying.

goddamn im a fucking retard, wrong thread boys

Judaism is neither a race nor a religion. It's a state of mind. The ugly little shekel hoarding goblins you're referring to as jews are just extremely inbred mutts who write in extra fancy moon runes. There's nothing all that special about jews. They're the exact same common brown filth found around the world and back, just with better cohesion and a top down parasitic evolutionary strategy.