Why do niggers give their children such stupid names?

Has there been any studies on this? The names they give their children are fucking memes in themselves.

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More and more parents these days are giving their kids the most retarded names, not just niggers

Yes, but I've noticed that even the white parents who give their children stupid names tend to be low IQ as well.

They're niggers, it's self explanatory, this thread was better suited for /b/

This list is always good for a laugh:


Making fun of niggers is always suited for any forum or discussion. Always fun.

Because they’re unable to accept that they and they alone are responsible for their failure to achieve success over the past half-century or so, despite the end of legal segregation, and are thus forced to keep blaming ‘whitey’ in order to avoid being forced to accept this fact. Like many other things they do (affirmative action, blm, etc.), this is all just done for the purpose of spiting whites, as they’ve convinced themselves that ‘white’ names are merely yet another manifestation of white dominance over them, and that by rejecting ‘white’ names they are rejecting white dominance.

one that stuck out in my mind was "Jules". pronounced like "jewels"

This so damn much. I work in an environment that deals with mothers and children and a lot of white children have completely deballed and otherwise cucked names, either names that are niggerish in their own way (Kayla, Darnell), super biblical (Eli, Noah), or just gender-neutral faggotized softish stupidity (Kailey, Ryker, Skylar, the ones where it's not clear what the child's sex is). Worst are white girls with names ending with son (Madison, Addison, even a Jackson, which is usually a boys name (and still stupid)).

It's like the parents just looked at the most popular names the Social Security Administration published and chose from that list. Expect a bunch of Liams, Masons, Avas, and whatnot in the future.

Where have all the Edwards, Patricias, Clarences, and Agathas gone?
Even Edward and Agatha, which may be considered too old for today, look much more palatable compared to Cody, Kory, Brantley, Turner, and Finn.

Also weird to think is the absence of Germanic names in newborns, save William. Are the vast majority of white Americans just that cucked?

I've seen Jamal, but Jammal?

Do people still do this? In HS we'd use these games to get phone numbers of girls we wanted to call. Ha ha now I have your phone number.

Data mine, shit tier, OP is a faggot thread.

You just answered your own question and purpose of this thread.

niggers and women do everything for one reason

More like nazi name generator

Dataleo Brown


Jamammal, get yo ass back ova here.

Because american niggers have no culture and no history past the emancipation proclamation so they don't have centuries of historically good names to go off of for their race.

Also Quen'Quokwon Carter

Everything you see in nigger "culture", from their names to their music, is what happens when a low-IQ rootless and utterly displaced population tries to create something of their own.

so that I can throw their resumes straight in the garbage.

For the same reason they gravitate towards status symbols, rims, gold trinkets, to give themselves some kind of uniqueness. If they were a baboon it would be all about displaying their ass so they would walk around with it hanging out….
I'm saying they lack diversity.
I'm saying they all look similar.
All have black/brown eyes.
All have black curly hair.
Might as well call your kid Shitavious so he stands out, or maybe it's that boy named Sue thing, although these days Sue could have people arrested for laughing at his name, no guarantee it would make him tough at all.

Absolute savages.

Finn McCool was a bad ass

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Hearing voices may be good for making cool riffs but not so good for choosing child names.

This. Naming their babies Laquayquay is just another way dumbass niggers belligerently refuse to integrate while still having the nerve to bitch for more handouts. Affirmative action was a mistake. Civil rights was a mistake. Emancipation was a mistake. Failing to geld the agricultural equipment was a mistake.

Because the 15 year old nigreeses that have them are retarded by medical standards.
Not that naming your kid “Apple” is much better but Whites do that in a much smaller scale from a percentage standpoint.

I feel left out that I don't really understand what is happening in that video…its not 'dancing', not fashion, not fucking, not sports…it's just straight up niggering, I guess.

What an important and intellectually stimulating thread.

Good answer. Even human resources niggers don't give other niggers call backs when the spot a nigger name.

"But muh Uniquity"


Do you really think anybody is dumb enough to fall for that?
Anyways, last 4 digits of my post number is my dindoo name.

The funny thing is it actually sounds like a legit name for an African.




Deracinated, lacking any traditional, deep culture, they don't have proper, traditional names, so they just create amalgamations that sound cultural and rooted. And being low IQ, they fail to see how stupid a lot of it sounds. You've probably seen leftists, rootless cosmos, do the same thing; they give their kids weird, aliens-sounding names. Same reason. My parents were lefty hippy buddhists and gave me a made-up first name and a Chinese middle-name name despite the fact I'm entirely British and German by DNA.

Most whites are leftists and leftists hate themselves and are rootless cosmos so they just give their kids meaningless names. If you had German heritage and respected it, why wouldn't you give your son a German name? Would you call him Pierre San-Gariepy Xing Qin or Taramoto Dae-Moon Cruz? No, because you aren't a postmodernist leftist and thus know that names have meaning, and you have respect for your heritage. Leftists don't.

Fucking retard named his kid coward because he was too stupid to google his idiotic made-up name. Poor fuckin' kid.

nice digits btw.

That is a horrible story, lol. :)

Coward is a surname. Craven Coward lol.


What about Stacy? Personally, names like Alexander and Anastasia are good traditional names

Why do retards do retarded shit, OP? I don't know, why did you make this thread?

We should have a contest. Who can kill a nigger with the dumbest name.

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My girlfriend was an inner city teacher. Often a dash in a nigger name is pronounced dash. La-qua is pronounced Ladashqua. Also the number 9 is often in nigger names.