Don't Kill Feminist NPCs

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Wait till they patch it out


Punch NPC's

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Save White children. Kill feminists.

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they look like niggers.

is that your channel friend?

We won't just stand here and let the alt right attack our fellow NPCs.

(((Emanuel Maiberg)))
Every. Single. Time.

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Its very cawmplicated, when the goyim is allowed to ignore the pawlitical message fawced into the gayim, oy vey.

hahahaha I love when these people get mad at how other people choose to play open world games
Fuck you faggots, let us play how we want. I'm glad you fat fucking feminist pieces of shit didn't exist in the 1980s to tell me I couldn't make GI Joe attack Barbie.
Fuck this society is out of control retarded because of like 5 pink haired ugly fat skanks on social media who do nothing but REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Seems legit.

Violently rape them to death instead.

Is this atomwaffen?

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Rise Above Movement (RAM)

Thanks, it's kind of sad actually when you think about it in the larger scheme of things. They are training to fight, a lot of them will probably wind up in jail, when if their boomer parents and grandparents had just stopped being degenerate individualists and spoke out and raised them with love and kept their country white they'd probably be having kids at around this age and decent jobs and qt waifus. If it comes to war a lot of us will die or be ruined for life even if we win. It's just a sad situation to think about, how all this insanity could have been stopped, and how different our worlds would be. We wouldn't have to be anonymous, it'd have been comfy to have the sheep on our side.

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Ah fuck someone edited that meme to leftypol bullshit and I pulled up the wrong one on image search. I just realized it now when I realized some of the text and background images were changed.

We need more radicals. We need more Breiviks. You can't win a war with idleness and pacifism. You need people who want to kill and will do it.

They're just the useful idiots, you know better than this bullshit, don't go full /v/ermin.

Well I sort of like it, its nice to see communists succumbing to the blackpill.

Is this how the mainstream reports on Gamergate? Holy fuck, Kikeesian completely jewed Literall Who out of all her victimbux. Her name isnt even an afterthought anymore.

As if that fat cuck is gonna be on his side lol

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Not a single slavsquat amongst them.

they claim the feminists were fighting for their rights, but it seems they cant handle someone fighting back

Mein neger, that's the dude that uploads all the Soulsborne OST's. Fucking based, hopefully he doesn't backpeddle and instead doubles down by tying up a feminist with rope and lying her down on the railroad to turn her into pink mist. RDR1 was fantastic.

Also daily reminder that Gamergate has produced a level of terminal asspain and salt among these faggot journos only rivaled by the 2016 election. 2020 might be a contender tho.


no, just cum inside white pussies, that kills jews
t. Zig Forums

user… fire and bullets do a better job


why not both.

wait till people mod it back in.

Some existed if I remember. They were very rare or fringe and usually just fat angry lesbians.

The ones exist now were kids growing up in the 80's and 90's with shit parental figures.

same as it ever was

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haha. i had a good laugh. I wonder if it's on youtube.

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Its because of jews user. We are in the paralysis stage of communist takeover

What if someone did a compilation vid of melee kills in bf5, against the wimminz charachter.
Would that get banned?
You made dice put them in the game, but killing them makes you a sexist.

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lel, first thing I noticed, too.

The answer is here.

Suffragettes eat cocks in hell.

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no it's RAM. arrested by your friend Trump for beating up ANTIFA

We scare the hell out of them, but /v/ straight up pisses them the hell off!

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Don't patronize reeee
Stop downplaying misogyny reeee
We must put black women in CoD WW2, so sheboon can fight for EQUALETEE as german soldier

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The guy who got his channel ban just got it back. The first video he posted was him deporting a mexican

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Trippy, noyice

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Could try to lampoon this by making a channel called 'politically correct gamer' or such and trying somehow to go through all the ridiculous hoops on purpose to prove the point.

more plz. my sides

exactly what makes that a great game.




ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Police have arrested a man in connection to a deadly shooting in St. Petersburg. St. Pete police arrested Marco Nicholas Murray, 37, and charged him with second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm for the shooting death of Christina Veronica Rush. Rush was found shot in the backyard of a St. Petersburg home early Thursday morning. Detectives say the 27-year-old woman was found just before 1:00 a.m. in the 1000 block of 15th Avenue S. Investigators believe the victim knew her attacker

Maybe spam less and make a thread that isnt half caps lock warrior tier?
If you were serious you wouldn't act like a retard and you do yourself a disfavour by doing so.

The funniest part is this game is kiked as fuck from the outset. Your gang is a Burger King kids club complete with a nig a feather and a literal Jew who has you go loan sharking for him. There is a mission where you have to drive feminists to a protest (not even kidding) and when you’re talking to one of these empowered womyn the MC acts as though he’s really considering the plight of feminism and it’s impacts on society and says he wouldn’t mind a woman in charge of things. Mind you it’s set in 1899, when none of this shit should be happening in the first place and if it was, it would be squashed so quick those cunts heads would spin. There are other instances of this in the game I’m just too lazy to list all of the Yiddish aspects.

And STILL they find a way to be offended by it. Holy fucking graham crackers. Check this clip out and tell me who the target audience is for this shit show. They demonize white men, check every diversity box, load in the progressive bullshit rhetoric, on paper this should be Zig Forums game of the year. As usual, the need to find something that offends is much greater than to find something they enjoy.

If you punch her you immediately get a wanted level. The only character in the game you can kill in front of police with no repercussions is a man denouncing interracial breeding.

White knight and feminist genocide when?

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Is this part of a spite marketing campaign for the game?

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Not really, it's a very bland and boring GTA clone.

Feels good man. BTW the whig party was the truest expression of National Bolshevism in history to date. Trots and catholics get the icepick.

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Basically plot of "Hunter". Would be nice to make a game and modern take on Pierce's great book.

MGTOW is a reaction to the system. Take women's rights away and MGTOW will die out slowly but surely.

Name one thing Breivik accomplished aside from becoming popular among autistic NEETs.

Rebel Media staged controversy.

Not as kiked as you claim. He only helps the women because he's trying to protect this rich kid his gang is befriending so he can rob their family. Even then only because he's getting paid. He treats the whole thing with a sense of sarcasm and mild irritation if anything, along the lines "of sure, whatever you say" and quickly finds an excuse to leave. The burgerking thing is basically right. They have a hillbilly, a couple of Irish, a ditch guy, some sort of mountain man, black guy and a black native mix along with a mexican and a German who is probably a jew.

What's funny is that the German jew sends you on collection missions and they're in a criminal gang. In fact they even point out that robbing and stealing is more ethical than usury. The stereotypes are played straight for the most part and they don't pretend that they aren't basically a bunch of criminal thugs. There's one or two side missions that involve muh poor blackies, but it's not too bad. They even call them negroes and niggers in game. There's also an amusing quest where the writers mock trannies.

people are really talking like this about NPCs

< women's rights vanish
They milk that shit for all it's worth. The diagram is simple The government rapes men. Then, the government presents itself as the super man to women. Women then aid the system in raping more men.

Slavery would never exist without women.

He did that in the video, also fed her to a gator and sacrificed her in a demonic ritual.

Probably because its not a good agent for killing people you dummy.


Remember when GTA SA came out and you could treat women like whores and then take back the cash you "paid" them for sex?
Nobody cared back then.

What the fuck happened?

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Is this ironic?
Tell me this is ironic.

I refuse to believe lefties are THIS bad at memeing.

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This thread is super gay.

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This is a typical ADL-Mossad post:

They always pretend a position, expand it, put on a big act. There is no person or soul to the kike. They are just gold-snatching gremlins that must be ovened.

Kikes and their white slaves happened.

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And this is literally spam that I've seen posted several times the last few days.
There are some terrible memes in this thread.

Hello fellow goyim. This place sucks. Nothing is good anymore. We should sign a suicide pact, because these shills are so bad. - legit goyim

Gore thread?

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Mossad, mossad, mossad. Not everyone eats human beings at their religious ceremonies, you sick fuck.

You can hide behind calling people mossad as much as you like, but it's quite obvious you are the shill here.

typical sadist jew, that you have this garbage stored on your hdd u need to insta kys.

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Not only disgusting, but absurd. That clip even calls him a "eugenics advocate". Anti-miscegenation and eugenics are different things.

They can't tell the difference between IRL NPCs and virtual NPCs at this point

Faggot the motto wasn't
for no reason

t. obese incel who has never set foot in a gym

Imagine unironically supporting the paramilitary wing of international finance and jewish occultists
Kill yourself you dumb alt kike faggot

Stop postin de Benoist quotes you fucking (((identitarian))) nigger he's literally an anti-racist, anti-white, anti-fascist, pro-globalist, philosemite and probably a cryptojew.

look at his ugly kike face you god damn retard

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I hope they take all of your video games. I really do. I hope Jews come for the last redoubt of the white youth being suppressed into submission and blow their cover like the megalomaniac jackasses they are.

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Glad to hear people are whining. They forced so much modern day mainstream morality and propaganda into this fucking game, they deserve to get hit by the rats they tried to suck up to.

Hopefully the game comes to PC. I can just imagine the mods.

It's getting beyond retarded with MAGApede spastics calling everyone a jew if they won't join in with their celebration of ZOG securing the US government for itself
That they think of themselves as "red-pilled" is beyond me but on top of that somehow believe that them being the equal and opposite foil to the democrats NPCs that they aren;t the exact same jew-controlled braindead red-team jew NPCs

You shills are dumber than a fucking rock.

Nah, you.

I haven't played the game myself, but I've watched politically correct streamers play it. Can you support the "muh white supremacist" caricature character, or do they just make every interaction with him bad to reinforce their stupid fucking agenda?

I can't parse this.

This was inevitable. Eventually everybody who is non-conforming will be on Tor.

Go back to reddit.

I fucking hate this term. They are not working. They are whoring.

Nah man. That shit right there? That's not going away until ADL-Mossad tasks them with a different focus. The way you can tell it's ADL-Mossad is they are always coming up with ways to spin posts and artfully remove from the conversation legitimate and quality posters :^)