Rachel has spoken: riots begin 5pm tomorrow




It's happening. This is the "Break Glass in Case of Emergency" plan to protect the Mueller investigation. 5pm (local time) protests tomorrow/Thursday Nov 8. We knew this would happen at some point – the day has arrived.


#TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw. Trump has crossed a red line - and we’re mobilizing. In January, our newly elected MoCs should launch investigations & hearings on day one. And tomorrow at 5 PM (local time), we march in the streets. Find an event near you:

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Get comfy lads.

Reminder that the cuck meme started with cuckservatives. Sure, only leftists are degenerate enough to practice actual cuckoldry. But it's whites who consistently keep getting fucked by the left and choose to ignore it.

Is it really that difficult to call for a counterprotest and have a non-zogbot announce we're drawing the line against communists and israelis right here, right now?

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Protests/counter protests don't do anything user. There are in essance a pep-rally.

please riot please riot please riot please riot please riot please riot please riot please riot please riot please riot

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Maybe they will do it with guidance from "Q"
(that was a joke. Please don't ban me.)

This. Don't be surprised if the Mueller investigation sort of quietly fades into the background. Dems and Repubs have a quiet non-aggression treaty, you stall your investigation, we'll stall ours. That's why Hillary's not in jail. Politicians vote to prosecute politicians, in this political climate? It will never happen. It's all part of the dog and pony show to pretend there are two distinctly different teams.

Take control of the media by any means necessary. It's your only chance.

They'll have a few days of protest and no one will give a fuck a week later. Perfect time for Trump to ram through legislation/EO.


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or go antagonize the crazy cat ladies. I'm papering their meeting spot tomorrow.

name one

Money buys all revolutions.

Did Trump fire Mueller or something?

sessions resigned, his replacement said he'd reduce mueller's budget to almost nothing if he was AG

And that's Bronald Brumpft's fault how?

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i sincerely hope that no one decides to emulate the synagogue shooter's thought process of "fuck your optics i'm going in" when it comes to leftist protests. the tragedy and pain of it all would just drive me to tears

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I'm sure the police will have orders to not do anything even if they are fired upon.

I hope the faggots do something, I miss the comfy nights watching those BLM riots a few years ago. It'll likely just be them yelling and crying at politicians instead of the almost breakdown in order like the Baltimore riots had. But an user can hope.

Was it not obvious that question was written ironically?

Hell, the whole thing is probably noise to cover up the fat it will be a nothing burger.

Isnt that illegal? Can't he call the cops on them for trespassing on private property?

Is this a fucking joke?
I wouldn't be surprised if the police ZOGbots weren't the ones leading the charge.

It would be smarter to offer spoiled refreshments and cause them to have food poisoning.

Try not to get runover this time.

jk jk too soon?

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With a new AG comes new possibilities. Let them riot and we'll get the measure of DOJ's new leadership.


Do you feel in charge?

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This. Third position now.

Live stream of Tucker right now.

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Was it not obvious he was going along with the joke? The autism here is immense.

This too. Pigs aren’t our friends you dumb fucks. The shills know this already but apparently dumb fuck “patriots” don’t. They’re nothing but attack dogs for the kikes. All the BLM/BAMN/Antifa noise conveniently served the added benefit for the kikes of getting everyone opposed to anarchy to start supporting and LOVING the police state.
Wake up dumbasses, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. The police serve the (((SYSTEM))). They bark and bite for ZOG for a fucking paycheck and a pension. 1400 White girls in Rotherham, and the pigs told their fathers to stop bothering.
Stop being played like fiddles by scheming kikes. Any man worth his salt wouldn’t be a cop, because he would realize how his noble desire to actually help was being subverted. He would see that the entire fucking system is corrupt and DORNER or retire. Their might be one emporer-tier sabotuer in the bunch. Tge rest are TRAITORS.

Fox Jews kosher cock sucking faggot.

Nothing will happen. They'll bitch a lot and get some news coverage.

Listen to their weak chants

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Or shut them down.

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Apparently sanctions on China have not not done enough to make China embrace kosher policies such as diversity, hedonism and free speech only for liberals. The jews want war.

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jesus fuck it would be so easy to take a trench sweeper and just clear those limp wristed soyboy faggots out.

i'd start playing gunshot sounds at high volume once in a while

This is the drained lifelessness of people that masturbate frequently.

The production quality on these memes is increasing

They are too cucked to masturbate, unless you include interracial sodomy as masturbation.

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Big talk from a boomer

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Seems like things are becoming more chaotic in America with the left confronting 'right wing' people at home and at restaurants.
The retaking of the house, but just barely, was a pretty weak lashing out by the dems, overall. Things feel like two sides exchanging blows, with no end in sight.
Are things just going to be gridlocked for the next ten years, with lines already drawn in the sand, but neither side actually making too much progress, until the DOTR?

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123tv.live/watch/fox-news-hd/ tucker is on here live right now.

People would rather smoke pot and drive a forklift all day than serve ZOG.

Tucker is just like the rest of the cuckservatives, but it's certainly fun watching dems attacking so-called "right-wingers".

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Why are the NPCs upset at Tucker? Because they were programmed to be.

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Their threats of investigations are all bluster anyways. Bring on the fucking investigations that highlight the rampant abuse of the NSA databases, the FISA court, COINTEL pro against presidential opposition, pay to play schemes and subsiquent coverups of them all. All the players implicated are no doubt shitting their pants with an AG that is ready to serve some justice at long last and they can't do a god damn thing to stop him besides shreak and demand he recuse himself because he wrote about how Mueller is not allowed to just investigate anything anywhere anytime as his scope.

Here is where they turn into Weather Underground 2.0.

Tucker Carlson's house was just descended upon by Antifa trying to run him out of town.


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Do lefties want another kristallnacht?


Race war?

I'm sure most of those cucks are white or (((white)))

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Rolling for no one cares

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Oh my! That didn't take long! I was expecting the fun to start over the weekend

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If any of these niggers block my route home, I'm going to happily run them over

fucking lulz…

top fucking kek amigo. your boy Manafort watched his wife get fucked off craigslist ads for fun. you right wing soyboys are the real cucks, leftists moving into your neighborhoods, fucking your "conservative" wives..

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for the unemployed, it's always the weekend.

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this its great

Aww, cute.

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Excellent. The more the left becomes violent, Trump cannot act as a release valve for disenfranchised whites.

>muh (((accelerationism)))

Actually the more dumb celebrities mistaken themselves as being important, the more they push people away from whatever they support.
Don't you know how this works or are you just pretending to be retarded?

Tucker needs this..

Zig Forums is accelerationist sweetie read Fanged Noumena


This really doesn't help their case much does it. But hey, they won't be the first to be destroyed by their own hubris.

I would like to believe I will not need more than that. But if they decide to throw their little La Revolucion, things may get Lunar.

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You should work on getting the bitch out of your heart, and accepting what will need to be done.

Oh shit. Art of Moonman riding/piloting an Endymion series when?

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The ZOGbots would let panty-fa spit on their faces if their kike masters demanded it, or they would lose their pensions. Instead your beloved ZOG boot lickers will take out all of their rage on you and be cheered for it. Even if somebody goes into the modern police force with noble goals, the point of their training is for them to put their fellow officers and masters above all else. They look at us with contempt, which is hilarious given that they've willingly turned themselves into bitches and slaves.

This is a good thing. Only white shitlibs give a shit about Russia. Let them chimp out over it and they won't be focused on things which will actually make Trump lose, like healthcare.

Im sorry. This is just too funny. Look at Chuck Schumers wife. Oh my fucking god. The schlomo fuck is married to Austin Powers. No fucking wonder all these dems are pushing tranny bullshit…they have manwives, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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These poor fuckers don't even get to use flat panel monitors—maybe that's why they're so pissed?

I know. I shit my pants laughing…

Obviously, he is 100% in the right to call cops, and all those people must step off his property. Unclear why he hasn't.

They showed up when he was in the middle of doing his show

anyone there should, then. they have no legal right whatsoever to be on his property

And toss out a pack of lit firecrackers whilst your at it!

What da fuck is it?

its that what im doing by shit posting?

How you say.. Cunt?

Send it to him? Tweet, print them out and mail them to his office.

Turn on the teargas sprinklers

If you gave me a CRT I'd be very pleased.

As long as the civnat exists and banks endlessly on voting as an only option it is lost. This false sense of democracy being the solution is an effective chain that will keep masses of people with some values, other than rampant degeneracy and communism, from joining ranks of any real solution. The options, now and for the foreseeable future, are hope that drawing a line in black ink to complete an arrow for (R) will magically stop the forces of hell, stand up and realize you are alone because that isn't voting, or wait. Wait for what? Wait for the useful idiots on both sides of some fake divide to perish, sadly along with some others that are forced to wait as well, and hope that when it all comes crashing down you, and those that will stand with you, number enough to fix and rebuild the remains of the disaster.
And this isn't a black pill, this is reality and, despite the written tone, a very hopeful prospect. To believe that the feminists, faggots, trannies, passivists, q-larpers, twitter activists, civic nationists, etc. that are unaware how utterly fucked the world they are creating is and still have the where-with-all to survive or fix a disaster unforseen to them is rediculous. Every one of them is wearing a blindfold and driving off a cliff while arguing about which lane to use. Take your blindfold off, grab a bag of popcorn and watch the long line of morons nose dive in to the ravine and maybe enough of them will pile up at the bottom to provide a bridge one day.
Or, you know, vote. Or advocate for someone tired of this bullshit game to sacrifice everything while everyone else watches, reducing the number of people that may one day be useful.
A tornado is upon us, choose your plan: Run out in to the storm to fist fight it, sit in the middle of a field and pray as told, or get in the basement and let the the ones that chose the previous two options experience the futility of bad choices, eventually surfacing in a field of destruction, but alive and better off than the remains of the others.

It certainly is a load of hot air.

Nothing is going to happen anyway. A few sporadic groups of idiots in some major cities. They say that they have planned over 900 events lol but if you try to look them up it seems that not many are even interested. The only one I could find happening close to me has maybe 5 going. They're going to be disappointed too, because I don't think Mueller is getting fired.

An user on 4pol posted an event description written by some deluded cunt. It told attendees to literally bring pots and pans to bang on to make noise. Fucking children. I wouldn't even anticipate anything interesting happening tomorrow. It is a workday too after all.

Also did anyone see the antifa freaks "protesting" at Tucker Carlson's house tonight? There were maybe six of them. And they were getting absolutely trashed on twitter as well. The first comment was a black dude telling them to try their bullshit in front of his house and see what happens. Lol these faggots are cooked. No one cares anymore except fat ugly chicks and old jewish ladies.

They're confused. They don't know to be pissed or celebrate. They like that some Muslims and womyn won some shit and they had wins in MN and shit like that but they really didn't get this huge, crushing, overwhelming backlash against everything Trump like they thought they would.