So what now Zig Forums

Well Zig Forums I think I'm done. The election is over. We held the senate and we lost the house. Sure these were important but the bigger issues I've seen.
I am disheartened. I want to feel optimistic again. I'm almost 30 with dreams of building a large family. I'm going to monitor this thread and then I think I'm going to attempt to leave this laotian loogie distance spitting pen pal community. I've been with y'all since 2010 on 4chan or here. It was a hilarious interesting ride. I guess I'll invest more into self improvement with the free time. If you have words of encouragement I'd like to hear them. If not just call me a blog posting faggot for old times sake. Thanks for all the laughs.

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From this point on, anything that isn't Marxist thought is out of the table. Zig Forums has taken the fucking blackpill for good. Self-improvement won't save you when the world gets you killed. Remember that it's over for all of us. Conform to our blue overlords or suicide. Your choice.

Give it until the end of January and if there is no sign of prosecution of the Dems/Deep State, then screw optics.

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Then get on with it now for fucks sake.
Don't be dramatic. You can get to work on doing shit and still check in every now and then.
You should have been doing this anyway, you fucking idiot. Read the /SIG/ thread and actually follow the advice given.
In general, you need to stop being a whiny faggot. No decent man just cowers in the corner when things get difficult.
sage because it's a blogpost

The newly added "black felon vote" only adds roughly 6.4 percent of the population. Florida had a turnout rate of 75%. That likely means their "net gain" could be as low as 4.8. That's also discounting the high amount of whites who can now vote.

Take a break, user. It's quite understanding.
you'll be back you're here forever

America has zero interest in ziocucks. The days of voting R as some team exercise wont cut it anymore.

Country's a joke. No doubt about it.

That's all you got?

Two years of non-stop campaigning, denouncing and doxing – and all the Resistance has to show for it is a House majority smaller than the one Republicans currently have and a net loss of three Senate seats? (Thank you, Justice Brett Kavanaugh!)

Democratic leaders may try saying, "THIS IS JUST WHAT WE WANTED! We wanted to be down by three Senate seats." But I think their voters are saying, We were hoping for more of a rebuke.

The media exhausted itself on this election! Can they go back to that level of hysteria today?

President Clinton lost 54 House seats and eight Senate seats in his first midterm, as voters responded to Hillary's attempt to socialize health care. President Obama lost 63 House seats and six Senate seats in his first midterm, as voters responded to the Democrats' successful party-line vote to socialize health care.

America's response to Trump's first two years? Republicans lost fewer than 40 House seats and gained Senate seats. (Again: Thank you, Justice Kavanaugh.)

And that was with more than 40 House Republicans being spooked into retiring rather than go down to certain defeat in what the media convinced them would be a big blue wave.

It's always a bad idea to give Democrats control of any part of government. You don't want those guys running a lemonade stand.

But – wow – are there silver linings!

First, all the worst Republican House members were defeated, such as cheap labor advocate Kevin Yoder of Kansas and Florida's Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a second-generation immigrant who goes around calling his fellow Republicans white supremacists. (Alleged white supremacist Steve King won and Curbelo lost – hahahahaha!)

The Republicans' stunning Senate victories resulted from nothing they did. These are the guys who ran like little girls from Trump's campaign promises on immigration. Republicans didn't even bother forcing Democrats to cast wildly unpopular votes on the wall, sanctuary cities or anchor babies. In fact, Republicans did very little of interest to any voters.

The one and only reason Republicans picked up Senate seats in a midterm election is the utter derangement of the Resistance, which – by complete happenstance – was recently put on display when Democrats got the bright idea to falsely accuse a sweet nerd like Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape.

As Trump is accused of the foulest treason over the next two years, he might want to remember Kavanaugh.

You think having MSNBC gloat over your tax returns and Robert Mueller accusing you of collusion with Russia is outrageous? I imagine it was also unpleasant to be accused from every media outlet of gang rape. But Justice Kavanaugh and his family soldiered on, winning the nomination – and winning three Senate seats for the GOP.

Just remember, Mr. President, every time Adam Schiff appears on TV, the RNC should be sending a receipt to the Democrats.

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Did you see how close the races were in Florida? 4.8% is enough to win everything, democrats in power = more muds in state which means republikikes aren't ever going to win again.

This is completely fine. Feel free to do so while these subhuman, cellulite-filled pustules of worthlessness

do nothing with their time, but continue to vegetate, decay, bloat and stink up the place.

You faggots will never ever truly get it. In American politics the status quo is that there is no status quo. That's why America is so great, it keeps us from being socially stagnant. You people are the dregs that will be left behind.

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Notice how she's not discussing all the great policies she expects to get enacted during the next two years.

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See, if it weren't for this dramatic, catastrophic rhetoric I could take you seriously. Even shitlib outlets aren't touting this as a win yet because they have no idea what the turnout of the different racial demographics will be and how much of the vote is divided between black, white and hispanic felons. Keep in mind, most Hispanics in Florida are cubans, and cubans lean republican because they hate communism.


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logic and memory don't work on NPCs. The goalposts have been moved, talmudvision says the DNC won so certainly they must have won and orange cheeto is going down.

Trump did his best with more than thirty rallies in the last three weeks, he almost pulled off a total victory but it wasn't enough. The House is lost and any hope of positive legislative action in the next two years is gone too. Not that Republiccucks were ever working in support of Trump, it has always been one man vs many.

Ann is a childless whore much like the recent alt-thot e-celebs, but Ann isn't stupid. What Ann cares about is being an edgy faggot to sell her next book.

So what you're saying is that the talmudvision is right.

Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.

Man I hate that the site is shitting the bed right now.

It is true that the muds from Cuba are less like the niggers in that they aren't almost 100% of the time purely democrats. I guess the severity of this move depends on the demographics of the felons, its likely most are niggers which is why I have concern over the move to give them all voting rights. Niggers are lazy as shit but when they vote they are democrats. So we will see, but either way the allowance of 1.5 million more voters who were criminals is definitely a bonus for the democrats. That isn't some small chunk of change considering from what I saw it was around 8 million voters that showed up for Florida this midterm. Things aren't exactly black and white but demographics is a massive factor in the outcome of the future elections, as our states become more and more non-white the less likely a state is to ever be republican again. Hell California is around 35% white last census, so it is likely even less maybe around 30 or less. That mean California is a foreign country at this rate and enemy territory, it will quite literally never be republican again, and they are on the forefront of letting in every rat mud in as possible which gains them more voters.


Your blind faith in the Republican party has failed you… Perhaps it is time to put your faith in a new savior.

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The Northwest Imperative should be focused on more, aggressive guerrilla action is much easier in a more specific area than across the entire nation. Guerrilla warfare is the answer but it needs to be focused and in a strategically positive location like the heavily forested and mountainous northwest.

You need to realize the truth that Trump cannot save us, whether we live or die as a people depends on our actions today. Know that a war is coming, a great filter that will test our people like we have never been tested before. Once you really understand that fact, you will not be sad, but filled with energy and enthusiasm so you can do what you know you must do for our folk.

An hour of niggers and shattered memes when the age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day.
By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Son of the West, and not falter.
Embrace the darkness. It is a test of your courage.
And when the darkness passes, the Sun will shine all the clearer.

We are not Gods or Giants, we are only Men - and the Age of Men yet persists, our people yet persist. Even a fool's hope is worthy of pursuit in the face of all-encompassing darkness.
I look around me and see some of the greatest Men who have ever lived. Afeared of a future not yet certain, they would turn their eyes from the world, but the world will continue on in their blindness, self-imposed and far from eternal. You will see, in time, the folly of despair in the face of such magnificent opportunity.

"What better way to die?" spoke Horatius at the bridge-gate, and I repeat those words through the Ages to you now, for truly, what better way to die than against fearful odds, for the ashes of our Fathers and the temples of our Gods?
It is a test of your courage.
Heroes shall be borne of this challenge. Names will be remembered a thousand years for what will be done. Truly, few Men have had such glorious chance, have faced such overwhelming struggle.
What a time to be alive.

Translation from redditspeak: Don't be such a pussy, faggot. You're embarrassing yourself in front of the ancestors.

Unless your name is Koch or Adelson, the Republican party does not represent you.

I'm looking forward to this a lot actually, and I think its inevitable because as the screws tighten we are being more and more backed into a corner. Once there is nothing left to lose things are going to become very interesting, and probably get a lot better. It will take a fracture point though.

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Pat Little 2020

Seriously what kind of person are you because your statement seems neither wise nor credible and is just as fantastic as a leftist spouting #resist using harry potter memes.

this board is a cuckchan colony which in turn is a reddit colony, were gonna lose this board soon

Ann Coulter would be a white nationalist if she could get away with it. Her book, "Adios America" was basically the manual that enabled Trumps election.
…instead she burns coal and sticks to the "fringes" of allowable opinion within the mainstream right wing of politics. In a way she's right where she needs to be, constantly tugging on the zeitgeist by remaining just relevant enough to command a following.

Tragic she has no white children.

Buy land in the west and prepare for mad max user , you know the drill
We weren't voting ourselves out of the ( ( (mess) ) ) we find ourselves in
Fuck your optics and such
I fucking hear that user

We should make it the Rocky Mountain Enclave
We have friendlies all over out here

Screws tightening is always a good idea. I'm fuckin stoked man

Defeatism is not permitted.

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Can't you make a better effort to redpill the lemmings around you? I mean, I openly name the Jew in college without giving a fuck, and it has actually been a significant improvement from when I was a lot more cowardly about it, using euphemisms like "globalists" or "elites". People respect blunt honesty.

Americans have no excuse to be blackpilled.

There are over 55,000 good men and women in Illinois that voted for Uncle Art that would be willing to head that way.

I get tired of you gaslighting subhumans. Who in this board isn't Jew-aware? So long as Zig Forumsacks know the Jew, Zig Forums isn't any kind of colony.

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That is tough man, Appalachia is literally paradise.

Agreed, you need to always be pushing the envelope of what you can get away with. I'm an open national socialist in my professional life (not even a big deal though, 100k I.T. person so people expect me to be excentric) and people don't bat an eye. I have my own normalfag dogwhistles for when I need to point something out as kiked to people closest to me. We go out for beers and my conversations essentially me giving them a verbal version of Zig Forums to mentally deal with… and they keep coming back for more.

People are looking for the answers we've had fora decade.

It's not about party, who gives a shit about that little R by their names. A ton of RINOs lost, including anti-White little brown fuck Carlos Curbelo, and /ourguy/ Art Jones got over 60,000 votes in a deeeeep blue district. And a "split decision" means both the Democrats can't claim "le Russian hacking" nor a "blue wave".

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I agree 100% it would be a wonderful mountain fortress if we enacted an IRA style campaign to force ZOG out of it like Covington wanted. Robert Matthews worked out of that region and likely had a lot of local support for how long the Order operated in the region. I'm totally on board the Imperative now it makes more sense focusing our manpower on a single heavily defensible location than spread out everywhere in such a massive country.

ok, plebbit


Being concerned for the future of your country does not make you a cosplaying jew.

I agree that Appalachia is beautiful, but it is too close the ZOGs center of power. The PNW is extremely beautiful as well but I'll never forget Appalachia's beauty over it.

You can't vote yourself out of this and you can't make revolutionaries with words. Everyone should understand this by now. All anyone can do is get out of the blast radius and prepare. Securing the existence of your own family and their future is everything.

(absolutely checked)
How will you stab ZOG in the heart if you're not close to its center of power? We all own a lot of guns here brehs

In what sense? Clearly the consequences of this election are not null.

nigger, learn a little bit about COIN before you make yourself the most easy and obvious target.

I have a big knife



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I know, it's not like its something that'd happen right this minute anyways thats in the future still. All of us should read up on historical guerrillas and counter insurgency tactics honestly, a lot of the stories of historical groups are fairly interesting as well. The only white guerrillas I know of in modern times would be the IRA and maybe the Boers depending on how modern we're talking, but they were extremely effective at what they did. Most of the time our people have been fighting guerrillas and a lot of the time losing to them because it is such an effective strategy unless you are going against Rhodesians.

Well, you can order an army to stab at the ocean but it doesn't mean Poseidon perceives more than a back rub or some enjoyable acupuncture. Stabbing "at" something isn't nearly as effective as shooting it in the fucking skull with a hollow point.

It's funny I was just talking about Lord Poseidon just the other day
The Trident of Power will need to be wielded expertly.
Very good post I wish you had digits to check

Democrats have done very well in special elections since 2016, flipping US house seats, state house seats, an US senate seat, state senate seats, state supreme court justices, etc etc. In other words its a (now a year+ long) trend across seemingly every state and every level of a state. Their turnout has almost without exception been universally much higher than that of Republicans. Some notable examples include Alabama Senate seat flip, (I am aware of the issues of the R candidate that even Richard Spencer 100% pointed out, however had Democrats not turned out massively, almost as much as on election day 2016!!, it still wouldn't have flipped) dozens of Virginia house seats on same day, previously deep R house seats like in Pennsylvania a few weeks back… I could go on, which is the point here.

Furthermore Democrat candidates (not the DNC!) have significantly out raised Republican ones in special elections so far, and there is talk which I do believe of record Millennial turnout this Midterm to 'show Trump.' Which again, makes sense. Ask yourself, do you really think as few young people will turnout now in 2018 as in 2014 and 2010?

Winning the popular vote by 7% and gaining 32-36 House Seats is not a "Blue Wave?" Among so many other state legislatures, which will have future effects against the GOP.

If you're focusing too much on the Senate, please note that this was the most favorable map of all time to any party, for the GOP. The only State that should be a swing state that the GOP won was FL. And Texas… Blue Texas was very close today, closer than it has ever been. Two percentage points away. The GOP cannot ever lose Texas if they ever want to win a national election ever again. And they almost did today.

Arizona is essentially a blue state as well now. "What?" The Green Party candidate bled 2.2% away from the Democrat. Without them running, Democrats would have won by more than 1%.

Here's some key takeaways

1) Republicans lost the house despite a good economy, caused by Trump's policy
2) Democrats ran on "fuck Trump and fuck White People" and the voters rewarded them
3) The polls were completely correct.
4) Nate Silver was completely correct…. He is not going away

And I don't want Democrats to make gains, but so far, there is every indication that they will. I'd also like to point out that so far they've been running with 'fuck Trump' and nothing else, yet its been paying off very well..

It's quite clear that Trump is a liability, even though he's helped us by getting rid of some bullshit that Obama and Bush did.

Because of the lost of the House, he will be able to continue doing nothing he promised, only now he has an excuse so his support base who has started to criticize him for not doing some things will be satisfied with inactivity. Trump's base is still mad about him not doing all he claimed, the whole Qanon conspiracy formed directly out of this dissatisfaction.

We *should* be concerned out the Dems. All of them, even Bernie Sanders, wanted to declare war on Russia when Trump was nice to Putin. I know that Putin has some problems if all of you aren't newfags to all this (lack of guns, Jews, hate speech laws)…but he has been important to the Far-Right since he's been in office because he knows its better for the Far-Right to gain power in the West than for Neoliberals. The Actual Far-Right has helped him greatly. Nick Griffin is why Assad wasn't Libya'd.

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I've got a .22 rifle with matching revolver, enough ammo to purge Metro ATL four times over if necessary, a hydroponic veggie garden, and a Dutch Wife named Anya. I'll be fine regardless of what happens next.


user that isn't how guns work. Spend a year on Zig Forums and then come back when you're not packing a b-b-gun

They're awful self defensive weapons, but the ammo is cheap, they're generally reliable, very accurate, and have minimal recoil, not to mention that they have higher magazine capacities. It's not gonna kill someone immediately unless you have good shot placement, but it will get the job done.

actually they're not.
the worst aspect of rimfire vs centerfire is reliability.

True, but I'm also dealing with hypersensitive faggots down here. They run the second they see a light-skinned man wielding any kind of realistic firearm.

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True, but I still assume it'd be easier to avoid and clear jams with a .22

Good point.
CETME > .22 any day of the week

.22LR is a varmit round for small animals, the wounding characteristics are substandard against the most dangerous game. Yes .22LR will kill, yes the mob made it famous as an execution weapon, but it punches small holes in flesh, stopped by thick clothing and will fail you when you need it most.

Also rimfire has a much higher chance to missfire (do nothing when you pull the trigger).

Sieg Heil
I get to be Brain and you get to be Pinky

fine motor control and rational thinking are in short supply when SHTF, clearing even a simple stovepipe jam is going to be much more difficult than usual, anything that requires original thought or dexterity will be nearly impossible. Opt for centerfire.
don't get me wrong I like 22lr for what it's good for, but that isn't defense.

Ever seen what it does to a hog?

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Jesus fucking christ we got torpedos making posts that are not completely trash. Look at the state of this board.

I meant that it'd still be easier to avoid jams, provided that you take care of your arms, not because it's a rimfire

Good points, and I agree, .22 should never be a go to round, ever. There are better alternatives out there.

Unless someone's willing to donate enough cash for me to buy or build a better pair, my .22 combo's all I got to defend myself with for now. If we make it past New Year's Eve, I might be able to upgrade to something better.

Your .22s will come in quite handy
They will lead to bigger and better things. See my post above for what a twenty two will do to s hog
Niggers are like hogs

Are you complete Cry Baby Dog shit Down Syndrome injected Reject? What fucking "MEDS" did big pharma give you? This is the biggest Autistic Retard Post Imaginable. Get the Fuck off My Internet. You and Jeff Sessions can go cry in the corner

I know it's not ideal, but at least I have something better than a can of mace and rape whistle.

Yeah I've had that discussion before. I can carry three thousand rounds of .22 for the ol ruger
Three thousand shots can fuck some shit up
Good luck carrying 1000 .233

Since you made that post without Tor and might be new, you should know that this place is not censored because the FBI/CIA consider it a useful honeypot. You are going to be monitored from now on.

OP is a "one and done" with a blackpill and a blog post.
Shill? Maybe. OP, why post once and then leave? When I make threads, I stay and chat and have a discussion. This is what makes me think you aren't real.

Wave to the agencies kids
How are you? I am fine. It's great that we are both fine

I prefer to play defense instead of taking the "Screw Your Optics" approach. The alphabet agencies' profile of me will confirm that if they pull it out of their database.

yeah, not like the android or iphone in your pocket right now.

Checked nope that doesn't save you from your fate user
Defense never wins due to always playin defense and they knew you were going to come shitpost here before YOU knew you were going to

Question: Is a split legislation what the GOP wants? I thought the GOP wants the blue wave. Also with legislation split between house and senate how will this affect legislation passing from one side over the other? And how can split house and senate override the Don's vetos together?


Who gives a solitary fuck user?
Think we'll make it to thanks giving ? Race war is upon us
See you in Valhalla

Yeah fuck you too m8 I'm drunk on good beer
I'll make a two thirty three just to spite you


It will affect it mostly by not letting it pass across at all. Expect two years of gridlock a-la late Obammy. Which is to say nothing will happen. Which is exactly what happened for the past two years.

People had to make to do with less.

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Like I said we don't vote ourselves out of this mess

Bye faggot. I'll believe it when I see it normie. I've been trying to kick the chans since 2004.

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I'll live and die in Appalachian territory, my family's been here for over two hundred years. I do with the Northwestern Front movement well though.


A single coming event will cause the most violent and and rapid solidification of the white race in US history.

Whites will literally flash boil into a single violent and dangerous unit nearly overnight.

Sure thing, kike. If you believe that, then I have some lamp shades to sell you.

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In other words no one other than Supreme Court has power to change the laws. Which means all of the Obama and Bush era laws are set in stone until the next election or until the boomer Jew loving republicucks are euthanized. By then we will have majority non-white voters who will vote for gibs and the system will collapse financially first before going South Africa. Is this right?

There's a lot of people on this board who are simultaneously jew aware and yet do mental gymnastics on why they're defending jews while simultaneously saying there's no good jews.

Oh how I wish for this eternal LARP to become actuality

you are absolutely right.

good for cheap marksmanship.

OP is indeed a faggot


What are elections to men of change?
You cannot vote your way to freedom and revival.

They're quiet & devastating at close range,esp with longer barrels.
A pair of CCI Stingers from a 10/ 22 is a great deer poaching & killing weapon.
A pair within 10' or so from a longer barrels pistol will kill somebody deader 'n shit.
More peopleare shot dead w/22 rimfires than any other round.

The only reason "fuck Trump" is a good platform for the Dems is because of demographics changing, and it's the same reason Texas is going blue.
I'm very concerned about Texas. If California and Texas double team America, Republicans will never win again.