Women aren't enemies

Women aren't men's enemies. They're MEN's victims.

This idea that women are voting wrong or not able to handle things is wrong - because if they aren't, then it's on men. If you believe women are making bad choices then it's up to men to help.

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Women are called eternal children because its true, maturing just enough to be maybe a mentally 13 year old. And like I child who has constantly been insufferable, who has betrayed her family, who lies, defiles her body, pierces her skin, destroys the temple of her body and the will of her own people to survive, I label her an eternal whore. Women are eternal children, and the thing about Children is you can disown them.
Cocksleeves are only good for one thing.

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It's as if education ruins them.
Don't let the dailystormer manlet fanboys and MGTOW idiots fool you.

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Yeah, the victim of propaganda published by jewish men and the rape and murder of niggers.

Women are retarded children, getting mad at women is moronic, improve thyself, improve thy women.

I don't think that your OP is going to get much traction here, unless by 'traction' you are looking to separate and alienate the sexes even more. I suppose that is what you want, more D&C when most of the men on Zig Forums are not real capable of seeing women as anything but the enemy…so IDK, ?good job? {golf clap}…you can now exile yourself to planet Fag Hut (aka Tel Aviv) and take a big mancock in the face forever.


it don't matter, none of this matters.
Civilization is fucked and nonrecoverable.

t. varg
but i agree

Very funny user. Kike fags don't need sources when they can give their opinion. What is wrong with you?


Fuck off whore.

Women aren't the enemy, they are the TOOL of the enemy.

Thank you. "Education" ruins anyone not extremely independent.


white women are biologically defective, deserve everything bad that happens to them and should be replaced with machines

Evola blames men for the state of modern women. No sympathy for robots who wont own up and do their part in becoming a desirable partner while also having impossible standards. Not all men have desirable genes to contribute anyway; dont take it personnel when wimmin don't wanna date you pimply jawlet mutts

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u forgot to edit the hebrew writing from his chest, Zevi

As opposed to black and brown women who statistically get knocked up more by numerous nigger daddies and leech off of the welfare system. And that's if they do decide to keep the little niglets in their wombs and don't cry for their welfare to cover an abortion so they can expose their smelly ass rotten crotch to do it all over again. You, user, are a fucking idiot.

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I agree the majority of women are this way. But I have a wife he treats me and our children better than I deserve. I know there are good women out there, but I also know in today's world its extremely difficult to find one. I got lucky and she turned out to be great. I think having children really makes women mature, not very mature, but less childish. Most have the motherly instinct, but not all. If you cant find a woman who loves children and wants children, shes not a keeper IMO.

Lol maybe if the guy on the right didnt try to look like such a faggot he would have a better chance. Nice cherry pick.

K but that's like just your opinion bro

Since when? Obviously we're talking in generalities rather than individual women but generally speaking, women were bastions of racial loyalty up until the jews took over fashion setting institutions.

How so? By divorcing husbands?

And men don't? When you cite things that men also do to attack White women, you kind of defeat your own argument.

No one cares about your opinions.


Ooo. So edgy. It's like BDSM porn videos.

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go back to cuckchan with ur tradthot whores

Oh god, the TORfag is back…jeez, it never gets old for you to try to force your faggot pozzed artificial womb[an] lifestyle on everyone, does it?

Yeah. Jewish men.
The state of modern women and modern men is not our fault per se. It is firstly the fault of the cancer that is eating away at our racial body. The jews.
But if you want to blame someone in addition to the kikes, you can look at the disgusting traitors among the capitalist and political elite class. These disgusting cowards were so greedy and so afraid of shaking the boat that they willingly and in most cases consciously betrayed their own people in order to continue raking in profits and maintain the status quo.
If you want to blame men, them these men.
But never forget that without the jews, there would have been no feminism or White Genocide.
The cowardly elites may be disgusting, spineless, psychopaths. But without the jews, they would not be collaborating in our genocide.

Not an argument


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man you must get mad pussy for being such a sweethart to women

im so hard rn

Found the shill. There was a time in Psychology where they had some layers or levels of Ethical and Moral Maturation, with lets say 10 being the highest understanding. They likewise found women would never ascend past the 3rd level of maturation (teenagers). Of course this didn't sit well with people like you so they changed it to only include the three levels women were capable of achieving to say that men and women were equally mature.
tl;dr, you're an idiot.

Women follow whats popular and oppurtune. They did the same with Trump when it was trendy and opportune. Living my life trying to entertain the masses of bitches and whores so they will vote in my political favor is a fools errand and I have more pressing matters both politically and socially to attend to than babysitting every white slut who has been born. If that means they live shitty lives and get used and abused, the punishment fits the crime since you think they are so mature.

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Actually, not hating White women is the default position.
Someday you may meet a beautiful woman too and if you behave like a man instead of a manlet, she will fall in love with you and she will adopt your ideals if you articulate them ell and with confidence.

I see the word whore, thot, slut, bitch and let’s not forget retarded used to describe us on a daily basis. It doesn’t even matter what platform smh. Men have treated us like shit forever so own it already! Maybe (big maybe) you can even fix it. Can you just like decide what we are? Are we retarded children or scheming kike level master manipulators? Why would a white woman support this nonsense? I already know I’m wasting my time and it sucks i can’t be a part of something I believe in. Although if this in fact even worthy of being called a movement it’s lame af. Its nothing like The Third Reich and never will be. We will never have another one like it and you idiots want to blame women? Btfo.

Women are exactly as they should be. Get 'em pregnant and pass their shit tests. That's our job.

Kill yourself faggot

Adolf Hitler would think you are fucking retarded

we aint reddit, roastie

That chick and her hair make me why boner.
I have no problem with cool cyberpunk hairdos.
Deal with it.

Not an argument

I would like to see that study. However, my own experience with women makes me suspicious. Perhaps my sample size is skewed towards more independent thinking women.

Good thing men don't or we'd live in a world where hordes of NPCs chant "no nazis, no kkk, no fascist usa"

And this is how I know that you simply have no clue what you're talking about. You don't interact with women.
Also, you sound like a faggot.
Bull fucking shit you LARPing faggot. You out yourself as a moron with that last paragraph.

Throwing your little temper tantrum is not an argument

my dog isn't my enemy, but my dog shouldn't be voting.

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This absolute travesty of a human being can fucking die. If you’re this useless to the human race - if the only thing you excel in is bringing shame to your ancestors than you need to be offed. That simple. I think I caught genital warts just from watching that.

Its even worse, he wants a source for the tits because he is a degenerate pud pulling faggot.

welcome to the internet


Yeah Adolfs Medal Award system for insinuating more white births really panned out, both in Germany and the World. Maybe if Hitler had more appreciation for Lightning War and actually Crushed the Brits and French against the sea like his general begged him to I wouldn't be on Zig Forums trying to figure out the next step of Trumps 4-D chess of losing the house and how I need to lead the WHITE WHORES like moses throught the niggerfied desert.

No my friend, you are in fact, a shill. We've heard people like you for 8 fucking years. You can take your TRAD THOT worship somewhere else.

me too

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Fuck off. You don't belong on Zig Forums.

Said the anti-White shill

>2B cosplay cyberpunk do
Mein dong. Aaaaah.

and by indulging in this "one thing" you give them all the validation they will ever need, thus the problem will never cease. women are promiscuous because it isn't just accepted; it is encouraged.

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go back to reddit, faggot

Why Do most whores get fat?

most men of today are also slaves to their lust and therefore they are also slaves to women


Your little emotional temper tantrum is not an argument.
I wonder why you hate White people so much.

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I wouldn’t be on Zig Forums trying to figure out the next step
Bwahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg this is too much. Every weirdo on Zig Forums has an inferiority complex. I’m not entertaining this anymore. It’s retarded and makes me retarded by association. You’re not going to do shit. You’re powerless and people that are this powerless need to have a scapegoat. I’m not going to be your fucking scapegoat Sir. Nobody takes this shit seriously and never will because of shit like this. Women always have to deal with the fallout of men’s retarded decisions. Thanks for nothing you stupid fucks.



You know most men on the internet are bitter people who aren't succeeding. And it's a place where people vent and shitpost. If you're a quality woman you can get a good man, and be an integral part of making the world better.

The hair itself isn't a problem, but what it tells you about her ought to make you think twice.

For most of them perhaps. Some are wise crones though. Some see more and know more than most men.
But unfortunately for us that is few of them.

The ones I know seem nothing like the other women nowadays, like they're pretending to agree with the other women while at the same time realising their precarious situation with this migration issue and what it really means to be free.
You had the occasional shield maiden, but they were not as common as some women today like to believe because most women lose their shit in the environment of war. Can't fight a war in shell shock, user.

weak bait tbh

Multi-billionaire kike men(with a small splattering of Anglo wasp industrialists and bankers like Rockefeller and Morgan…although Rockerfellers have some weird Crypto Jewish blood and have also inter married with Jews) have had Multi generational control over the financial system and went about a 100 year social engineering program to weaken the European and North American white middle class and working class’ family unit and culture.
So, no. It’s not women that are ultimately responsible. It’s just thier conformist nature that have made them the easiest to mold. The kikes just went after our weak point; our women.

Nice rebuttal Orbitter. Anyone who asserts that all the evils of a woman are the responsibility of men is either a Hypocrite or a Shill.
You are welcome to go hold women at gunpoint and revoke their right to vote at any time. I'm sure with you're monopoloy on the Truth the genie of suffragettes will be stuffed back in its bottle and a white paradise will bloom with 40% majority whites in 2030. For those of us in reality the options aren't limited to rehabilitating slunts into women because even an idiot can recognize a lost war.

They hated Jesus because he spoke the truth. They say Hitler was a Christian. If you claim to be of the Third Reichs way you'd be Christian, and Christianity demands subservience to men as the head of the household. So unless you are popping out white kids by the dozen I think you've just solidified what I've been saying.

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Good response lol im just so enlightened by your wisdom. Get fucked paranoid cretin. Ermagherd she said something I have no response to - she must be either black, a tranny, fed or kike. Your world sucks

tits or gtfo

But I like kinky raw cyberpunk sex. Feels good man.
Just wish they weren't so gullible with the left crap and realised that she did not need to follow that crap.

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Jesus was never a real person and Hitler was never a Christian.

LEL xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd roflmao


That is how dumb this looks to every user in this thread user. I hope you are using that ironically, even then it's cancer.

this is now the queen's thread

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Thank you for proving that trying to rehabilitate SLUNTS into Women is like trying to give medicine to a dead man.
Likewise Prohibition was a suffragette movement, one which gave rise to the biggest gang crime in American history and destroyed countless lives. The cleaning up of those thugs fell to men to use violence to destroy what "retarded decisions" women made because they couldn't get laid by white men. Really makes you think why things are like they are now doesn't it?

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Whatever. Why is every WN/NS man like this? Don’t even get me started on the women. This is what’s depressing. It’s not just Zig Forums either - this is a collective attitude that pushes away people that may have been willing to listen. It’s like living in a retarded bubble.

Oh fuck the nostalgia.
I already feel nothing but blinding rage.

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The idea that women should stop stretching their earlobes is wrong. In reality, it is men's fault for not having an earring big enough to fit.

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It's called my cock.

FTFY and correct.

Yes, exactly - its on Men to tell women they are not fit to hold that responsibility.


It's men's fault for allowing it to happen.

I’m going to start my own movement for far right ww who are tired of seeing you fail at it.

Never said they were. See

So are you. But neither of us will because we'd be locked in jail.
Nothing will change until we have physically removed the jew from our lands.

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good luck, sperg-chan

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cant wait for islam to take over, then the roasties will learn their place

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Bullshit. It is the jews who control what is fashionable.
Fuck off with your anti-man D&C

Because they got into being a whore as a product of their coke habit, which is also what was keeping their young physique appealing.
With age, the metabolism shits itself and the coke stops flowing and then the tend to tub up quite a bit.
It disgusts me that I know this, but the 90's were a weird time: When a girl who got famous for being lithe and cervine starts getting chubby, it means she's not getting work, usually because she's been turned out so much that nobody even wants to see her get fucked anymore. She's not worth the coke when there are 19 y/o's on tap, many copying her example.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. That is, cocaine makes your life hell.

There is so much wrong with what you've just posted, and it starts with the fact that I can tell by the nipple that the tit belongs to an Asian.

If I had my own movement of white women, that would be exactly what I would talk about. Our protests and concerns regarding mass migration of men from countries that hate women could not drowned out.

As Barbary concubines you mean?
Oh and blacks won't like what will happen either.

He was a cultural Catholic and appreciated the great art and culture that the church had brought to the Germanic lands. He probaly wasn’t a true believing bible literalist and might have been into an occult form of ancient Germanic spiritualism. He defo wouldn’t have been trying to argue with the “volk” about how idiotic thier beliefs were while he was trying to lead a world wide revolution against the Juden though. Think about that..Maybe if he won the war, thier might have been some attempt to reform the church. but that would have been in the mid 50’s after everything was locked down.

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Thanks and I think having Asperger’s would be quite beneficial tbh

I look forward to the discord screenshot cringe compilation.

Getting real desperate shlomo.
No. I've already asserted I am not your personal army for rehabilitating Thots because I'm not an idiot running a fools errand. Women will vote for whatever is expedient and powerful and the fuck for the same reasons. Men seeking strength in women is as hilarious as it is pathetic. Women being shallow will also mistake image of power for actual power. I've been laid more times in the past 2 years as coming out as a Nazi by bitches who would otherwise hate my guts. The reality is no fucks have to be given about them, and I'm not their white personal savior, I'm here to implement policies and get jews and nigs out of the country. Go back to Return of Kings and debate how best to sway women to your point of view while I fuck through the lot of them and make bernie supporters into MAGApedes just by calling them stupid bitches for thinking the Democrats don't despise them.

Hence why nobody takes it seriously, this is texbook Shariablue and CTR rhetoric.

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do you think we gay or smth? nobody here hates women, the problem is them not knowing their limits

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t.eternal roastie

women are dumb, but so are men. there are less dumb men, but it's not like men as a group are exceptional either. It's not like 100% of men are white nationalists and 100% of women worship Jews. Plenty of democrat men are impossible to reach and are a lost cause. It doesn't really appear that there is a fundamental difference between men and women, just one group is a little better than the other, with significant overlap between the two groups.

Pretty much this. See "Positive Christianity".

You gotta work with them here. This isn't Zig Forums we're talking about, this is normalfags, 'the volk'. You don't have a bushel of clever wolves, you have a herd of flighty dim-witted elk, with a few wolves in elk-pelts scattered throughout. Granted, beware elk in wolf hides (Christians pushing 'Negative Christianity' or its equivalent) in places like Zig Forums.
Be the hidden wolves, and help them remember that they are also wolves, they've just worn the pelt so long it has become as their own. Even those elk in wolf-hides are often this way, they just think the correct path is before them.

We ought to push Positive Christianity, itself more of a transitioning period of return toward a more originally-European religious/socio-cultural paradigm, albeit one which has been informed - on several fronts - via the experience of Europeans during the preeminence of Christianity.

Nah, there’s no defense against a incremental-multi generational trillion dollar social engineering project. There has been resistance along the way but the kikes are patient and methodical. Although, they seem to be freaking out a bit within the past 10 years because so many people are redpilled…and those old WW1 and WW2 gen kikes are dead…and boomer kikes are incompetent. The gen X boomers are watered down kikes from thier parents mixing with whites, blacks and Asians. They also have the 90’s nihilistic attitude so they don’t care about thier Jewish identity as much as thier parents….mannn. So things are looking up. Hang in there. [Insert pic of kitten dangling from a branch with the caption “hang in there”]

So? I'm not OP, faggot.

Wtf does this have to do with anything?

My position is simple. The jews are the enemy. Physical removal of the kikes is my primary objective. If you don't like White women, don't date them. Get a fleshlight or one of those anime pillows.

I'm sure you do, user.

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This why women shouldn't be taught how to read or write. Go back to your containment site.

Truly, a question for the sages.

t.polite gentleman

NYPA faggot. Maybe you should have lurked more before coming here.
I would honestly recommend just telling Dem / Libtard bitches your positions of the 1488 persuasion on the first or 2nd date once its clear the D is wanted and then after fucking them go ham on their ideals. I think you'd be surprised hod moldable they are when someone strong fucks the shit out of them and tells them either subtle or directly their ideas are stupid. I've done this about 5 times and only had 1 bitch measly go middle of the road and and turn some cogs. My current was a dem of 8 years who voted Orange Man into office. Have fun over thinking ridiculous strategies and blaming men for women being literal brainlets when you could be a man, get strong, be upfront and honest and fuck the stupid right out of them. He'll I've even been hit on by Mulatoos girls for coming out as a fucking Nazi because they consider themselves more white than black and think niggers are hoodrats.

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Man this place just ain't what it used to be.

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The faggot is jacking his potato off to ur replies fyi

Because most of you are