Acosta banned from WH

Acosta banned from WH

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Kike-free first post. Holy kek!

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Why are you posting this here and not on twitter?

Go back to reddit.

How about Sheldon? Can he still get in?

Salty niggers are salty.

kys. Incumbent never keeps the house.

Military on the southern border.

You'll get yours soon.

Look at all this larp.


kys shills

took fucking long enough, I've been advocating for his removal simply because he's an interrupting faggot that always asks off-topic irrelevant garbage.

Jim Acoster posted a vid of it

Watch for major announcement in 48 hours

Tick Tock Tick Tock


Sure than Q-tard.

Oy Vey, censorship. How horrible.

Trump should have shot him.

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banned for assaulting the intern

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It will be fun to watch them slide into irrelevance.

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No they won't, they need to earn their shekels.

too late jew


The wall is never going up. Nice that there is a fun circus sideshow distraction with Acosta, though.

I can think of a gorillion reporters and bloggers who'd kill for those spots.

Haha Acosta is such a faggot. It was caught on camera. The pic has circulated all over twatter already.

This is a Mossad D&C post:

But yes, Trump hasn't done a damn thing in truth, for the populists. For the people. Neither did Obama, either.

(((imagine my shock)))

I'd just love to see Jim Acosta and Jorge Ramos tossed out of the back of a big airborne transport by a couple tough jump masters, but without parachutes, at oh… 3000 ft alt.

< sorry this video is not rightside up
< can't into media

for people who haven't seen acosta being a bitch today

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lol no they won't.

Actually he tore up the TPP for starters..

What does it actually matter if it's Mossad D&C or not? It's the truth. Trump blew his shot. Now two years of nothing, then blue president forever.

It wouldn't be the first time the lugenpresse decided to chimp out.

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Very beneficial for the super wealthy. Ordinary people, no.

Obama: 0 in aid to the common man
Trump: 0 in aid to the common man

We must be realistic. Trump is a highly capable person, but his heart was not with the people. Obama was a stooge.

What the fuck is going on with this place?

Pence has a good chance of winning in 2020. But yes, blue forever on out. I'm quite aware. But your style is precisely according to the ADL's playbook, though you may have absorbed it by observation and not membership.

You lost the senate niggers. The house means jackshit and is negligible when the Senate is the heavy hitter in all of this. Keep crying shillniggers.

Cute. They think this is going to do anything.

Your tears are delicious nigger.

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I wish they would kill for the WH press spots.

What's happened is the MAGA crew has come to their senses. However, I quite disagree with the shilling against white people, which Mossad does.

Why can't leftypol and pol get together?

Mostly, it's that the kikes devised insults that create a barrier to unity. Practically speaking, there is substantial unity. Disagreements are minor, and don't involve actual policy.

That's nice and all, but since when have we accepted shitty one-sentence OPs? Is this literally cuckchan now?

I would understand people doing this during the 2020 campaign but now these types of posts serve 0 purpose.

That's simply not true, domestic industry has actually returned in these short two years.

Q is proof that there's Red rage rising. Q keeps them hoping. But eventually they'll realize they got duped. The raw anger will be unmanageable. I will be nuking some popcorn for the show, if anyone needs me.

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Au contraire, very bad for the mega wealthy globalists who spent billions on their new law called the TPP and very good for the working classes who would have seen the last of the manufacturing jobs leave America for the third world and slave labor competition.

YOu are a piece of lying shit.

Acosta btfo

acosta pleading for peace
get's put in his place by based nigress

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Encourage them to do this, encourage this as much as possible, because they won't do it and it'll be hilarious when they demonstrate their complete lack of values or scruples to their NPC drones who will then still try to justify it regardless with: "Trump's evil is too important for the press to ignore! They still have to be there even though they all said they'd boycott! It's not because they're liars!"

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The pajeets are paid weekly and they're still on the payroll until Friday.

So, because Obama was such a shithead the natural eb/flow of the economy was held back. Boom/bust is the natural flow of this whole thing, how economies work. Obama held back the booming of the economy by threatening to enact numerous radical laws he never actually intended to enact. Enough to spook the markets. Trump has zero intention of doing such things, and the economy took off.

the chans are more important now than CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS combined. So they're hot zones and the war for control here is only beginning. Get ready for a life and death battle here.

All monkeys should be banned period

< image
t. Mossad

Whew, its a good thing the media only covers the truth then, right Jim?

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No. Pence has 0% shot, as does every other GOP candidate. Florida is now blue because they legalized 1.6 million felons. Texas has a 95%+ chance of being blue in 2020 and 100% from there on out. There is a 0% chance–read that again: NO chance–that any GOP president is ever elected again. There will be no will in Trump's term because he lost the House, and there will never be a wall, because the eternal blue president will veto it. That's the truth whether you like "math" and "statistics," or not, and no matter how you name call.

Acostas a fag that should have been banned like a year ago. That being said it seems more and more like Trumpcucks are the whiny SJW libfags from only 2 years ago

I am ready
They wish they could compete. It's funny I was locked in thunderdome death battle the whole time and didn't even know it

What is this post?


So, there are many billionaires. Got it? And many opposed to each other. Got it? This whole thing, it's about handouts to the billionaires. One billionaire wins, another loses. That's the game, and we're not the ones who get so much as scraps.

No, the posts that are worthless now are the Trump cuck bot posts. It's amazing there still at it.

But I'm comfy with not getting scraps. I hope that sooner, rather than later, violence breaks out between factions of the government. Stockpiling popcorn.

t. Mossad

If you can't tell this was a strategic banning to shit the conversation off of the midterm lost and a firing of Sessions… there is no hope for you user.

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There cannot be a wall. It's just math. Trump is blocked for two years, and it's a blue president from there on out due to Florida felon voting and Texas shifting blue. It's one thing to argue politics, but this is just math.

First pic related is this post,

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WRONG. Cruz barely won because Lyin' Ted was an asshole to the Trumptards and a treacherous shit heel since. Repubs can still win handily in 2020 in Texas.

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Kikes always project.

It's mathematics. There will be no wall. Florida will be permanently blue due to felon voting. Texas will be permanently blue due to demographics. There will not be another GOP president. There is really no sense in arguing this. The wall is a mathematical impossibility because Trump failed to act during the two-year window he had. I realize I'm arguing with Trump bots, but I hope real people still lurk and read this.

He's been trying to provoke this response for over a year. Finally attacking an intern when being an insufferable cunt wasn't enough. Hopefully the intern presses charges.

Tucker Carlson's house was just descended upon by Antifa trying to run him out of town.

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Nice crystal ball, faggot.

The economy is booming, manufacturing is coming back thanks to Trump's tariffs, and jobs and wages are going up.

You are a liar and you are a backstabber trying to sow seeds of despair.

Get fucked in the ass by an HIV+ nigger thx bye

Texas is finished, but that still doesn't even matter, because Florida is a tight race always, and 1.6 million felons just got the right to vote. Demographics endlessly adding spics means it's over. As noted, I realize I'm arguing with Trump bots, but I know some lurkers read this and understand the profound implications of the election yesterday. There can be no wall as a matter of math and fact. Whites are finished.



dont forget the fact that in order for the dems to pass anything in the house they'll have to kiss a lot of Republican asses and boots first, then the senate, and then the Presidential veto

(((They))) are pretty much fucked

Without a Brownshirt equivalent, communists will keep taking ground.

Jews constantly accuse others of what they do themselves.

GEE, 4.6% of the possible voters are criminal niggers who historically don't give a shit about voting. It's the end of the world.

There's no crystal ball required. It's mathematical reality. There can be no wall. Whites are done.


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They really overestimate themselves

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He shoulda booted him on live tv after he put his hands on the intern. SS dragging his ass out would've been pure theater.

I wonder what would happen if Tucker just started taking potshots at them.

The language is intentional.

Florida comes down to a thousand votes, dude. It's done. Because the demographic situation was already worsening anyway with spics. It's not mathematically possible for the GOP to win FL.

And again, this is completely disregarding TX, which is right on the cusp of being gone. There simply cannot be a wall. Trump won't get it done in the next two years due to the House, and then it's a dem pres from then on. I realize the bots will respond to this and call me mossad, a kike, a shill, whatever, but it doesn't matter. You can't hide from math and reality. I hope actual people reading this are fully aware of what's happened here and what's going to happen.

Jewish women have all poisoned the egg cells in their ovaries and are now only capable of producing autistic wretches who will never be able to read, ever. Even now, med schools and dental schools, once 97% jewish are now 85% muslim arabs throughout N. America.

It's the jews that are permafucked.


ANTIFA outside Tucker Carlson's house screaming he has to leave town. They're filming it right now………………………………….

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Tucker is strapped. They better be ready to get shot. I wonder when or if he'll call out the jew.

This is breaking.

No, he isn't. He lives in DC. No one is legally strapped and even ammunition is individually regulated.

I certainly hope so.

Well shit, just give us all the ammo we need to shut this down.

that sounds like a threat to tuckers life and a possible self defense situation


All the jew girls took E and now their ovaries are poison..

Tucker is a shill for 9-11 so maybe don't give a shit about his life. He didn't pretend to give a shit about yours until it was expedient.


You're a fucking retarded faggot.