It's time to mobilize

It's time to mobilize

We skated by this election with but the hair on our balls, and you can attribute the majority of the left's victories on the advantages they pull in tech, social media, and accademia:

* All levels of academia from K through college are indoctrinating our children to believe that republicans/conservatives are the scourge and excrement of the known universe. With each passing year, more and more of these indoctrinated snowflakes reach voting age while the oldest of our generation die. You can finish the math on that.
* Social media and tech are monopolized by leftists like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sundar Pichai of Google, and Susan Wojcicki of YouTube, all of whom have cultivated leftist monocultures within their organizations. With unfathomable power to silence dissent and change our culture at their fingertips, they continue to suppress non-left-leaning speech all across the internet. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and you can be 100% certain that they are abusing their leverage to nefarious ends.

Because the house is now split, you can pretty much expect nothing to get done within the next two years as far as pulling the reins on tech and social media are concerned. The senate could propose a bill, but it would die instantly in the new democrat-controlled house. I don't even believe an executive order can be used to regulate social media. Therefore, I think Trump needs to either 1) endorse and provide funding for existing social media sites like Gab or 2) create his own. It rests on Trump because, any time one of us tries to create an alternative social media site, the big tech monopolies in place shoot it down. Just look at what's been happening to Gab. It doesn't help that it was infested by NatSoc goons, either, something else that will need to change if we want to move forward.

We also need to work on academia which Betsy DeVos could have a huge hand in. The radicalization of our youth by teachers and professors who use their position as political platforms must be stopped. If this continues, the next election will be overrun by a whole new wave of radicalized young voters who hate the republican party without even knowing why. This combined with social media's promotion of left-leaning voices and you have a recipe for defeat in 2020.

All that said, we need to begin mobilizing now and get our message out to those who have close or direct ties to Trump and his administration. He needs to know what's truly at stake. Now that the RINOs know they are no longer welcome, regaining the house in 2020 should be a top priority as we will finally able to inflict some necessary damage. I say we compile a list of the most important people in Trump's cabinet and political circles and hit them with non-stop emails about what eneds to change if the party wishes to survive in 2020.

People I can think of:

- Brad Parscale, Trump's campaign manager
- Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education
- All GOP senators and house representives

Lastly, don't fucking tell me

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Pretty much. That's why you have to pretend to fit in in a nazi forum rather than making /rightypol/, which would be the only place on the internet more pathetic than Zig Forums

In the second fucking sentence in your OP you forced the entirety of Zig Forums in the republican camp. Then turned around and said anyone who hates the GOP for being cucks doesn't speak for the entirety of Zig Forums. You aborted your OP with this retard logic.

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Is it wrong that I might want to snack on your Donald?

Nobody skated by. Trump will be impeached, and Congress will go along with it, the Republicans will kneel to it all.

So just ready yourself for a Pence 2020 race.

Losing the house was the end. There will be no wall. There will be no H1B reform. There will be nothing for the populists.

Holy shit, you are the most out-in-the-open shill I've seen to date! I mean, you couldn't be more obvious if you tried at this point. Kill yourself, and livestream it on world star hip hop!

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user, the republicans are going to save us from race war.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…not! We are still going to have to fight in a race war whether we vote republican or not.


herr derr yerrr a blackpill mossad shill for stating the facts! smug anime dot jpg!

If the Republicucks refuse to defend the interests of White America, then they deserve to crash and burn along with every other traitor and coward.
Destroy the System.

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Finally someone who sees the truth. All of Zig Forums shall realize that we are put unto this earth to suffer. It's time that we surrender and cede all victory to the leftykikes forever. Take it in the ass or die.

< white people are stupid
I found the kike.

< discredit the messenger, so nobody will hear the message
t. Mossad

Are you not aware they created the alt-right to get ahead of the idea of an alternative right.
A true alternative is needed, now more than ever will a true alternative succeed.

You foul propagandists. You have fucked yourselves beyond reproach. A hive mind of infinitely larger propotions are expoiting youtlr methods against you. You have the following choice:
Continue to push these methods leaving them open to exploitation, allowing the horde to completely undo your work.
Flee and leave the current rolling horde to completely undo all of your centuries of work.

You fucking retarded niggers dont get it. You vote for the side that is aligned white traditions and values. If Democrats gain control the entire left will become passive, and tensions will simmer and you will never even get a fucking race war or DOTR. And at that point all power will be in the hands of the ones trying to destroy all of our history, traditions, principles and ways of life. And you wont do a fucking thing then, the most revolutionary thing you'll have done is sat on your dull boring unmotivated blackpilled ass during elections. It doesnt matter that both sided are kikes. What matters is saving our culture and creating tension. AND KEEPING POWER AWAY FROM THE POWET HUNGRY HEIRARCHACLE LEFT IS HOW YOU DO THAT. As long as Republicans have control, Democrats will become desperate, and the more desperate they get the more reactionary they become. And the only time the Right acts is in reaction to the Left. They always strike first. So poke them until they strike, but maintain tradition as long as we can. Or else when we have power our history will be lost.


Yes, I quite agree. Straight ticket Republican. But Trump's getting impeached, because we lost the House, and the Republicans in the Senate will cuck on it. Then Pence will pardon Trump, and Pence will run in 2020. Pence will be the final right-wing President.

Related thread:

tldr: You live in Mexico now. Mexico moved here. It's now a white diaspora.

Magic memes mean nothing if all conservatives are banned from posting them. Its over. It was over when you faggots turned your back on Alex Jones.

Quality shitpost.

He does look quite delicious.

Jesus didn't they give you poor bastards the day off? I know you were working overtime tonight but shit- this is slavery- oh wait.

So you literally admit to being a boomer? Or do you just associate yourself with them?

You don't know if any of that will happen, you nigger. Honestly, the level of hand-wringing retardation being spammed here is off the charts.

The rumble of a million saxxons marching you to the gallows thunders in your ears.

Fine. He'll either get impeached or grant amnesty.

You're literally insane.

Social media as a whole should be eradicated from the earth. I don't use faceberg and never will.

I deleted mine, but eh. See here:

Starting to question that paycheck?
The uneasy feelings you feel are shared by your comrades, that sick pit in your stomach.
"What have we missed?"

You are part of the problem.

yeah we need to mobilize, but not for another fucking election which will continue to lean more and more toward the interest of foreign invaders.
Every day that goes by, the sons of the founders lose more and more of the country that was handed down to them.

The time to mobilize is now, but fuck elections. We need to get ready for war. Now.

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< war
You're stupid. You have no idea how to wage a war. You think you could manage a war from within the nation you'd be attacking?!!! Now, who will be your host population in the hypothetical guerilla rebellion? White bitches? These white bitches are in love with the kikes, the spics, the government, and they hate you, and they just know you're trying to rape them, you ebil white man.

No hearth, no resistance.

Better to die trying

What the fuck you black pilled bastard? Nobody has love for the invading horde, you are watching too much CNN or something.

Anyone with a high paying job that has 0 merit to it does.

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Feeble minded shilling will be met with the brutal reality of your situation. The mask is slipping, you cannot train a woman to love a snake once its true nature is revealed.

Also note the lack of participation in a genuine solution in this thread. It's nothing but sperging out about the wording used by OP and a bunch of other kvetching about this and that. Mostly defeatism. What a sad place this has become.

You waltz in here, brazen in your lunacy. Your mealy-mouthed attempts at subversion merely give us more target practice, with which to sharpen our tongues and wits. Your tools, linguistic weaponry will serve us in the end over your husk.

Again, neither of those things will happen for certain. Quit the histrionics.

mealy-mouthed: afraid to speak frankly or straightforwardly.

The leftist jews are the ones who brainwash and indoctrinate the next generation into filth and jewish degeneracy. After we defeat and depose them, we can turn on the zionists. Divide and conquer, let not your enemies' strategy be his alone.

< it's good to fail
Fuck off, nigger.

You don't talk to women much, do you? They are 100% baste.

Robert Bowers did nothing wrong.

Lack of honesty in your goal, you are afraid to be open about your purpose here.
I know full well, you slippery shit.

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Naw, I don't actually. Was raised with men, schooled with men, worked with men, and had all male friends. My last female friend died years ago. Never found an adequate replacement, so nope, just assumed invasion = bad is common sense.


Didn't you learn the lesson of Bowers? Do or do not do. It matters not. The kikes control it all.

Now that we're under your skin, let's begin by prying open that little nick there.

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fyi, this is ADL-Mossad:

that's what I learned

lol, meant to point out this is ADL-Mossad, not myself ffs:

D&C, generational. Attack the messenger, disable the message.

Q bullshit.

The fuck are you talking about you dumb fucking nigger?
11 kikes
1 human

Bowers was a fucking hero. You're next!

Bowers isn't dead.

Do I need to slow walk you to the finish line you fucking mongloid?
He's dead. If you think jew money can't reach inside jew prisons, you're not even retard level iq.


IDK user, something doesn't sound right there.

Don't assume he won't rack up a few more kills before it's all over.

Being this transparent for this long.

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I am so wickedly transparent with my jewishness that I am not even jewish.

More hands.

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Sorry, hands here.

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im jew

You Want to Mobilize Whites Against Jews?
You Know that Burning Passion that most of the World has against the Jews? Whites do not have that.
What we do have is Really damn good looking people and a Disproportionately large Number of Very Smart Arians.
These Jews, have a VERY unique DNA that has roots unlike all other Races, Lets call it RNA.
These Jews can be removed Within 1 week.
When Whites Mobilize, Trust me. We dont "Charge" We simply remove the obstacle if it Really Poses a threat.

Typical digits for a kike.

So where's the solution? Anyone find anything yet?

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The only solution is the Final Solution.

what's that?

This place was neutered right after 2016, with shitty moderation that intentionally sabotaged any kind of counter-movements at any turn. Instead, they simply fostered the most extreme and radical of views - the ones they knew nobody would act on, but shut down any attempts at discussion or rationalization of one's own view. We have to stop that from happening again.

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There is a solution, but it's a complex plan that requires various elements that Zig Forums has been more or less "forcefully vaccinated" against (by intense shilling, of course) so as to immediately reject any movements which may include such elements.

I can elaborate, but I worry my time would be wasted.

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As long as an user is aware of the tactics, the spectrum of propaganda, and the facets of assault - he can use his will to bend those that can be swayed by such tactics, those that fall anywhere under the spray of propaganda and wage his own assault using the very weapons they've built to immunise those around him to all of it.

Daily reminder that every post that uses colors and has this same hehe nobody will no it was me bazed kushner strikes again format is done by us inteligence / military to give people their next distraction. If you don't know what controlled opposition, psyop, or limited hangout mean or you arent willing to entertain those angles when analyzing a situation it's because you are a kike fed spreading disinformation.

I think it'd still be worth sharing, user. If nothing else, I think the thing Zig Forums has been most severely "forcefully vaccinated" against is actually being able to suggest ideas beyond "vote and trigger leftists" or "overexaggerated LARPing about Ashes and Echoes". Don't get me wrong, it's funny to mine salty tweets and it's cathartic to shitpost about what we're going to do to the Kikes if we live to get our hands on them, but there have to be faster to actually redpill people or strike back against our Zionist Occupied Government.

Honestly, I just want to hear actual ideas or operations to do something beyond being a Board of Peace. It's Okay to Be White or Take A Walk Networking are good recent examples.

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It wouldn't have anything to do with natsoc goons eradicating jews or anything, would it? Because I'd have a hard time believing that would be the actual solution.

Don't fucking bother. We lost forever.
This wall of truth is all you need for future predictions


Obvious well poisoner.


Prepping and getting ready for 2020 can go hand in hand and there is no reason why we cannot achieve even more than that. The usual methods should be continued, redpilling, prepping, networking, but assuming you have this already on lock I would say try to reach out to the youth that will be voting-capable come the next election cycle. Memery has always been attractive to the youth but now more than ever should you try to keep amusing and informative redpills in poster form for these guys, post them around highschools and don't be identifiable while doing it (you know how the left is).

I'd recommend any and all texans to go into maximum redpill efforts, we basically need white solidarity and even some extras to boot would be nice, and with that said and despite the fact that many posts will instantly respond to this REEEEing (that is a positive sign) you should attempt to speak to and redpill the non-whites that are capable and interested in holding conversation. Obviously you will not be turning those spics that just marched right in anytime soon, but we've already seen how the niggers who genuinely eat up the WE WUZ KANGS beliefs also just lap up pretty much any conspiracy so long as it feeds into their egos, at this point I'd hope actual anons are masters of propaganda and should realize how easy it is to feed into someone's ego even with complete 100% bullshit but it's even easier when accompanied by some tidbits of truth.

Additionally there can be NO FUCKING EXCEPTIONS TO THIS NEXT BIT, but we MUST be on the ball and ignore any and all unhelpful posts for the next two years, we need to get back to top meme operation and seriously make some scathing yet brutally honest and most of all humorous media for this next election. The trump campaign was only as good as it was due to us, no one can deny this and so regardless of disposition we cannot entertain any longer people who are genuinely telling us to kill ourselves and just give up anymore on this board, it's nothing but complete and utter noise and derailment at LEAST, and perhaps actually and genuinely harming our anons as we speak. This can no longer continue yet the mods evidently don't care, to be honest it may be time to manifest a new form of communication just for clarity's sake but you really should just understand that ultimately anyone wishing death upon you, your family, and this movement clearly has zero interest (regardless of how authentic they're being) of assisting in the shifting of the political spectrum.

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On the topic of alternative communication and as a quick note to discord, obviously it is a data-harvesting liberal-ran piece of shit product but
A.) What the fuck isn't these days (this board itself is clearly turning into it's final form, which is a psyop to actually get you to kill yourself)
B.) We are all obviously high up on their threat matrix and if you genuinely believe DOTR is around the corner then the knowledge gained from your group trying to cook up memes on a random discord chat will not be the straw that breaks the camels back.
C.) Don't use it for anything obviously stupid, but if you just CANNOT handle the shills here you should try to move any of your think tanks you might be in onto it for meme-generation during the next 2 years.
I don't have a single honeypot to give and like I said, it's best for you to move STRICTLY MEME-ORIENTED EFFORTS onto it and ONLY WITH THOSE YOU GENUINELY KNOW. This is total war as he said, every single one of us must fight and this is the battle to end all battles, this isn't just any regular struggle for survival but it is actually the struggle for the survival of the entire planet. There is no time for in-fighting and division any longer and no room for pickiness when it comes to our methods. (so long as they aren't ineffective or harmful to the movement) And if you're the kind of person who IS at risk of accessing a product like that then you definitely don't need me to tell you what to avoid and what not to avoid, your OPSEC is relative to you.

I want to see anons posting the gun confiscation murder article to any and all youtube videos and the comment chains on videos that are even remotely pertaining to guns. I want to see beloved media, games, shows, movies, exposed for the dog whistles they have and the degenerate treacherous bastards who make pozzed media just as equally exposed, like FF7 and the persona series so you can redpill new soyboys on the entire affair asap, let the weebs know who (((seele))) is supposed to be and what Shimoneta warned us about is already here, and let those who love their jewlywood cinema know in full detail just how fucked it all is in that degenerate hellhole of an industry. Here, take this article written by a jew himself about how hollywood jews tried to rape child actor Shirley Temple AND HER MOTHER at the same time it always gets the boomers going and the jew doesn't even stop there, he starts calling out other jewish incidents of sexual assault and general degeneracy.

Congratulations on not being completely demoralized. I mean that - a lot of people here have accepted the blackpill without realizing it.

Anyway, the first step is
fully accepting the redpill
- that the world is shit, and there's no real "healing" it at this point, and that we must move on. This isn't a demoralization phase, however - that's the key difference between a redpill and a blackpill. Almost every attempt at redpilling you'll see now is really just a disguised blackpill, made to demoralize and instill a sense of hopelessness. Know the fucking difference. Understand that this just means you're now aware of how shit the world is, and yes, that is a good thing (to be aware, anyway). We can still continue to live, prosper, and outlive the cancer that is the rest of the world - this is the real redpill that often goes completely ignored, as it is intentionally lopped off in order to force-feed a blackened and mutilated variation. Once you've come to terms with reality, then you can accept the next steps much more easily.

The next - and most important - step is to hunker the fuck down.
You need to form enclaves
with other like-minded people, who are also redpilled but are actually useful. Not one, but many - local enclaves, forming around various regions of the world, rather than centralizing everything. This involves actually stepping away from the PC and having this shit affecting your regular life, obviously, but that's kinda the point. Note that you don't necessarily need to go full INNAWOODS mode - but you need to understand that simply waiting for a magical opportunity makes all of us sitting ducks, waiting to be picked off by alphabet soup agencies for what effectively amounts to wrongthink. You'll sit in your home and think "well, at least I'm safe, hiding here!", until they come knocking on your door with a battering ram. Don't wait for that shit to happen - take hold of your own destiny, and steer it forward.

There's a lot to do toward this end (too much to honestly list in this post), but I recommend reading the fuck up on general management skills. Treat it like a company you're running where your workers are live-in employees. Managing groups of people seems difficult, but you don't need to be a satanic cultist to do it. You just need to be reasonable and willing to mediate between two parties, without wavering on rationality. Also important is actually supplying the needs of your people - pic related goes into greater depths on this, but the TL;DR is that they need more than a cot and some bread. If their basic (and even more advanced) needs are met, you'll have a lot less problems (and, y'know, you won't be a literal slave driving asshole). This part is actually really difficult, however, as consistently supplying basic needs requires a shitload of investment - but that's where the formation starts.

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Now, when forming these enclaves, it's imperative that you
quarantine new members and train them properly.
It may be tempting to only allow "founding members", but the truth is that you will need more people if you hope to grow effectively. While starting families and properly raising kids is great for maintaining numbers, it's not enough to stand in the face of billions of third world shitters. The difference between this and importing legions of Enrichment & Diversity Workers, of course, is that you need to fucking vet the people coming in, and limit them to extremely small amounts at a time. When you have a revolving door of membership, you end up with third world shitters, legitimate saboteurs or LARPing dipshits who don't get how to be a decent human fucking being. This part should be obvious to anybody who's seen hordes of invaders flooding their country's borders, but it needs to be said - on every level, you must maintain the security of your society. The best way to do this is to have separate living quarters, with limited interactions between new members and established members. To go with this, you need to have a set of trials and simple time constraints (an absolute minimum of 3 months) to actually joining. Again, think of this as a quarantine period to test the various traits you're looking for, while providing the necessities for them to grow and adapt reasonably. Don't be an asshole, still - you don't have to waterboard people or form a literal cult, but don't shy away from rejecting people, either. Discriminate properly.

Of course, forming an enclave properly isn't enough in of itself - you can't suddenly pretend to know how to manage people, but that's why you have proper goals and systems in place. It's not enough to sperg out about MUH FREEDUMS but have no plans in place. You'll need to
establish and maintain order.
This can come in many forms, and in truth it honestly depends on what works for each enclave. Some may prefer to follow one particular person as in a dictatorship, some may prefer a democratic system, etc. The important bit is to not let it grow out of control. You have to classify and organize the groups of people you have in each enclave based on the amount there are - like "suborders" or "subcultures" of sorts. This can be done in whatever manner is appropriate per enclave, but a good thing to keep in mind is numbers. Don't let any group identity grow larger than 12 people - a "squad" of sorts, with enough room for a leader or two, but without letting it grow too large. If you've done the last step properly, your people should be willing to split as necessary and see the necessity of such. Autonomy is key here - you shouldn't need to forcefully split people up in most cases. If you do, you've probably failed at the previous step.

With all of this, you'll need to know how to actually exist and survive in conjunction with the currently pozzed world.
Be diplomatic.
Don't panic and wall yourself in while shouting GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW - this makes you an easy target, forcefully vaccinates the public against your goals, and effectively makes the world a worse place in the long run. Be reasonable, be willing to export goods to the outside, and be productive as fuck - but don't waver on what's necessary to maintain your society. Never forget that you are setting yourself aside from the rest of the world for a fucking reason. If you have to tell the world you're just Peaceful Rice Farmers, then whatever the fuck keeps the heat off your back. Again, care only about what you do for your people - everybody else is secondary until proven otherwise.

If you think all these words are the schizophrenic ramblings of a madman, and could never happen "in the real world", it already does happen. Look at the Amish. Somehow, despite having limited to no electricity and limited land, these hat wearing fucks manage just fine and nobody really bothers them. It can happen, but you need to be extremely diligent and willing to give up some simple earthly pleasures to do so.

Plant the seed, grow your tree, and claim the fruits of your labor.

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I think this board is effectively dead. Only like 10 percent of users can properly deal with shills. And that's coming from someone who for two years thought people were overreacting wheen they said this board had become overrun with trolls, shills, cuckchan users, and people who are here only just to be edgy. 90 percent of the board are dense mother fuckers who can't even hear out a decent arguement about how they might not be using the most effective method to save the White race. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for this board, but the 10 percent of us need to move on. You seem to be on of that percent, I'd join you on discord or an alternate platform.


Zig Forums has ideologically constrained itself by fixating on one element of a much broader picture. Until it realigns its priorities and embraces a bigger picture (that means focusing on alternative technology, making alliances with other movements and tribes on the internet and in real life, infiltrating academia, and politics and so on) it's just going to remain a millstone around the necks of traditionalists, conservatives, anti-progressives and just about everyone fighting this globalist/communist/corporatist/chosen people chimera we are faced with in the present age.

Attached: 1539734862305.png (403x448, 63.04K)

This takes at least 20 years to do, and the left has a 50 year head start.
Going out and pranking the most rabid of the marxist professors would be a far more efficient use of your time.

I agree with the premise of that post, but I'd be interested to see where you end with it. If you're implying "forget about the Jews" absolutely not. If you're implying "we only hate the Jews because they are an enemy of the White race, and our love of our people is stronger than our hatred of the Kikes" then I would agree. Do they deserve to be punished? Yes. But my main goal is to save my people, Jews are secondary.

Agreed. I outlined a better, or at least functional, approach here in

but you've got to stop fixating on The Chosen People™ if you want to succeed as a society.

user I would recommend reading that article I posted about Shirley Temple, trust me I'm very keenly aware of just how powerful someone on the inside saying the same things we are saying is, and at the same time when and how to extend an open hand instead of a clenched fist. Some of my greatest achievements have been converting full-on dindus into men of some actual value to society and whiggers into the next ubermencsh. I spare no one the wrath of the redpill because WE will not be spared (((their))) wrath, and yes, I've even gotten a mixed jew to full on admit everything regarding Israel and the ZOG at large is true and almost blackpilled the poor bastard.

Local autist finds this one weird trick to turn degenerates into men of worth, ZOG hates it!

Redemption and a chance at a better future. Never let those themes fade from your attempts at redpilling people.

Right, so we'd better get started then, right? Giving up only takes us that much longer to achieve it.

I'm not advocating going from one extreme into another. I'm advocating seeing the jews as people, not gods, or in other words recognizing that they aren't an all-encompassing bogeyman but merely a tribe on earth seeking their own racial interests who presently have too much power. Once you do this, then it's a matter of placing them as once tribe among among many seeking supremacy and thus they are not the ONLY thing worth thinking about.

Yes, I noticed that. My internet went out so my response delayed until after you posted. Also, chosen people was a selected epithet in the perspective of them, not an objective fact.

I noticed similar reality as I went about the world after the election and started engaging people not as an autistic sperg, but as a level-headed moderate. Many people are willing to share some footing with our beliefs, or at least acknowledge them, until it becomes a public embarrassment (meaning if it's possible for someone to associate your moderate belief with something taboo). That's why all the Hitler-posting and fascist imagery, while amusing, should never be taken too seriously. It's a serious handicap on the public stage if you're trying to get people to think for themselves and agree with you. However, I should also point out the reverse: Hitler-posting CAN be an advantage if you are able to get the right people to tilt at windmills over it, and thus reveal themselves to be absurdities. In other words, avoid autism about it. Be strategic.

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>Just look at what's been happening to (((Gabai))). It doesn't help that it was infested by NatSoc goons, either
This is now a dubs thread.

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Roll with me to defeat the evil banano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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look at those dubs!

woah dude!

sick dubs bro!

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14* 5 = 70%
We've almost killed the evil banano by fellow republicucks, keep going!

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Oh fuck yes. 75% baby.

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