The absolute state of Varg


Making a post that is entirely made of greentext should be grounds for a ban, or else people will start making those "blocks your path" and "what did he mean by this" threads here.

His father was involved in Norwegian Intelligence and Varg spent much of his childhood in Iraq when his parents worked for CIA stooge Saddam Hussein. If that doesn't send red flags about him then you're a fucking retard who might as well buy the holocaust story wholesale.

Also Tom Rowsell is another spook, probably a homosexual (which is common for spooks).

I rather liked his video on what his early life in Iraq was like…it is sort of a red pill for people who don't have any idea what semitic culture (left on its own) is really like.

So it is sort of a guru type initiation ceremony or something?

What a surprise.

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Just look at his face and hairstyle and listen to his voice. No heterosexual man looks or sounds like that.

Just do an image search for Tom Rowsell and it will be immediately obvious.

Varg needs the ETHNO-GLOBE pill. LMAO

Tom got married months ago
Also his accent isn't gay, it's just anglo accent

IDK man…his clothes are awful wrinkled for a faggot. If he is a dick smoker he needs to fire his dry cleaner or valet.

this is some leftypol tier attempt at D&C. Luckily we don't care about e-celebs here. Also, you're wrong. And he's married to a Nordic girl.

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fuck off back to your containment board, chr*stcuck

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Burning Churches (as directed in the Talmud)
Filoso FEM
They always sort of tell you who they are and what they are. And don't get me wrong I quite enjoy the ambient atmosphere mixed with heavy distorted guitar effect thing he had going on, but don't listen to musicians politics, just like authors really. They are nearly all bent and sucking from the zog teat whether they freely take part or not.

So he got a beard, other than the one he sports on his face to show how manly he is.
And it's not having an Anglo accent, it is a bit high pitched. Though listening to him again, it isn't as high pitched as other spooks, like Varg. TThere are other Brits who don't have as high of a pitch as he does.

That's really funny because he looks more like the guy on the right to me, and I'm saying that with my gut response. Plus his hairstyle and beard screams faggot.
Tom also has a weird nose and brow ridge, now that I think of it. Semitic ancestry, perhaps?

spooks can't create true art. Varg might not be right about everything, but he's brilliant and his heart is in the right place

Oh hi Varg! I thought you were working on another book about Placentas

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varg is a delusional retard, but burzum is still great stuff

It saddens me that there are anons on Zig Forums is genuinely this retarded

I have his 23andMe raw data because I'm involved in a genomics project and he's a stock standard Englishman DNA-wise. I have him mapped on a PCA chart that shows he's Germanic-English, below Celtic clusters. Meanwhile I cluster tightly with the Scots despite being around 39% Germanic (Dutch roots and general admix).

You're full of shit.

It was, all it amounted to is sizable populations of niggers, nafris and pakis in Europe.

Colonization was bad.
There are no political solutions.
Gods are myths meant to bind a people together.
Technology is allowing parasites to roam free.
Varg is right.

Oh hi CIA spook shilling for Faggot Tom.

Please, his music is simplistic and black metal by and large is degenerate anyway. It could be good, many black metal songs have good guitar melodies, but they have to be butchered by shrieking retards and bang-happy out of sync turbo-tard drums. So far, the only BM band I've found palatable is Ulver. And even then, there are far better genres of music anyway,

Come to think of it, it's pretty weird how the only musical genres white nationalist bands have played are black metal, death metal to a lesser degree, and punk. Verrry weird, come to think of it.

Ok so I am not the 'fag' detector…we should try and get that TORfaggot to come over and give his opinion. But then, on the other hand, all fags think all other men are fags, so I'm not sure that is really reliable indicator. To me he is simply too rough around the edges to be a fag, I mean look at his hair in that photo, looks like he forgot to brush it before making the video. Look at his clothes, they haven't seen an iron since they were made at the manufacturers and he has a wedding ring on as well, so the Nordic wife isn't much of an ironer either. I just think a fag would have more attention to detail because they are narcissistic fucks and they have nothing to do but groom and suck cock.

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>23and(((Me))) goys!
Aaand you just admitted to being a jewish shill.
You must be a really stupid jew.

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Ok it's a d&c thread. Reported.

Exactly. And if you say that colonisation is good, you don't really have any argument against the colonisation of Europe.

Only good album is the Way of Yore or whatever it's called. Thematically, it's perfect and really takes you back to an older time. It's true genius in that regard. The black metal is cringe though.

I think you meant WE are allowing parasites to roam free.

This is correct too.

You're a retard. He is the one who used it. I just have his raw data. That doesn't make me a shill. Reported for severe Jewish behaviour.

As opposed to mild jewish behavior like…eating Matzo's whilst typing?

Fails to form coherent sentence, calls opinion retarded without elaborating.
Very well done.


I'm pointing out his gay face and you're talking about his clothes. Who cares if his clothes are wrinkled? He could just be lazy. Plus, lots of fags like to artificially look manly, hence the lumbersexual look.

There's also the simple fact, also, that ZOG pushes jewish fags on the movement as genuine WNs. Richard Spencer, Kike Enoch, David Duke, Patrick Little, etc.
To me, Rowsell not only has gay vibes, but he also has jewish vibes, now that I study his face more.

Does his post sadden you as well?

Aww user, come back!! You capitalize Jew and everything like a good kikel, don't leave me hanging bro.


World war 2 was happening whether or not Hitler decided to arm himself or strike first or even existed at all. Had there been no NSDAP, communism would of spread across the globe like a plague, not that it didn't do that anyway.

Varg has always been such a flamboyant faggot giving people of my school of thought a bad name. He speaks as though he is educated, but really knows nothing or intentionally avoids constructing a fair context.

Fuck yeah. there are some deep thoughts encoded in some of those droney burzum songs.

Ok fine, what do I care; he is a fag {shrug}. You obviously know a lot more about fags than I do. And you are correct, I have met a few very masculine looking fags in my time on Earth. I concede to your gaydar {kowtowing and backing away}.

Technology is fine, it's when we share it with subhumans, along with representation in our govt that problems start.

Some tech is fine. We rush tech now without vetting it (due to market concerns) and it is killing us.

Sounds like you're projecting because I took down the fag you were trying to push (even mentioning his Nordic wife).
Sounds like you have more intimate knowledge than I do, I never met any "masculine looking fags" in person and have no desire to.

Jesus died. (no shit)
Inpenertraaaybul daaaarknesssss.
Proper deep.

I don't even know who that guy is user. I don't follow e-celebs. I grew up around fags and that is why I want them all bogged. EVERY LAST ONE. They are nothing but parasites on heterosexual society.
You probably met them and had no idea since your gaydar is attuned to facial characteristics alone…I was just trying to tell you that I concede, since I don't care one way or the other. Bummer for his wife. Always sucks when you find out later that you are married to a diseased degenerate who uses Grindr to complete his fait accompli of getting gang raped in a bathroom as a badge of honor and complete his work lunch anal leakage fantasy of oozing cum and blood into his tighty whities whilst 'no one around me notices what a disease bearing faggot I am'. Well, whatever…

Alright, whatever, maybe I overreacted. But it is important to study the facial characteristics of these agents that are trotted out as being 'one of us'. There is a very obvious gay vibe that I've come to detect in quite a number of alt-right/"pagan"/WN people, and more than that there is a jewish vibe I'm detected in an even higher number of said people. I don't think I'm overexaggerating in my suspicions of these people. This has a history.

Also I doubt Tom's wife is genuine, it's all for show to dupe the goyim.

What a shock.

You get a cookie for being absolutely, undeniably, 100% correct with no chance for rebuttal.

All while the Vargites laugh and cry while True Asatru, Uncucked Christians, and Zig Forums Druids actually get shit done.

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His father did some kind of technical work though, because middle easterners can't into trades and do shit tier work. Just like tons of Europeans and Americans still do in Saudi Arabia today, he (Varg's dad) wasn't involved in 2spooky secret squirrel in Iraq, he did infrastructure shit. And they, the family, were only there about 1 year, not much of his childhood. Sage for shit troll topic.

O im laffin

His father was a high-ranking engineer.

No, colonization gave new land and resources to the white race, it was our greatest achievement, conquering the world.
Colonization didn't cause that, jews taking control of white countries did.

No, it's not. It's a raw expression of the European spirit.
try Dissection, they're more melodic

first 4 Burzum albums plus Belus are the best

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Colonization gave us the world today. Great achievement.
You mean conquering white countries that had grown fat and decadent and filled with low IQ whites? So glad we had all of those extra resources.

Millions of spics are our greatest achievement?
Metal is post ww2 modern electronic music therefore automatically degenerate

those in power sold us out to them, not realizing the consequences of their actions. Wilson, Cromwell, Napoleon, etc…

so what, you think we should have just jacked off in Europe forever, never expanding into a whole new world filled with nothing but spearchuckers in loincloths? all of that awesome power going unharnessed by those that deserve it? fucking stupid

Conquering the world. And yeah I'd say some 3000 spaniards conquering an entire race of tens of thousands and taking their women as trophies, turning their entire race into mixed race bastards, was probably the most alpha thing in the history of the world.
don't think you know what this phrase means

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You mean those who conquered the world sold us out? Tell me when we get to the good part of colonization.

Back to cuckchan

Eat shit degen

not the same individuals. men like colombus, de gama, lewis & clark, cook, etc. that explored the world are not the same as cucks like woodrow wilson that just handed everything to the jews on a silver platter

you're going full retard about this, "the white race acquiring land and resources is bad"

not really what I'm saying. conquering other races is alpha. obviously, mixing with said race is far from the ideal result, but you can't deny the incredible domination of the conquest of latin america. a tiny number of white men conquered massive non-white empires, tremendously outnumbered; they took their gold, took their women and turned them into mongrel bastards, enforced their culture and language, completely and utterly destroyed them in every possible way. it was brutal

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Everyone you named worked for the same people who sold it all out.


What an infantile reasoning, probably underage

that was literally centuries before all of this non-white immigration shit happened in the 20th century, you goddamn moron
more strawman bs. I don't think white men invading another continent inhabited by xenos and sowing their seed is the same as "race mixing" which implies non-whites assimilating into white society, polluting the white gene pool. the former is enriching the non-white gene pool, making the world a lil more white

Reported for supporting racemixing

You will be reluctant to murder your own degenerate spawn later when it is necessary because you mated with animals and produced a half human-half animal abomination.

who cares about "the world"? non-whites all deserve to be exterminated

lurk 2

Deserve? Mmmm…I would say that they don't deserve it, like they have done something wrong in any way because I believe that they are just being themselves, sort of animalistic devourers of everything, in a human form that is incongruous with long term survival. I would say that they are incapable of harmonious existence on the planet without murdering it. So, letting them live is sort of lobbying for the extermination of Life, if not right now, in the near future. They seem incapable of re-balancing their consumerism and reproductive rates, much like the chinky bugs or the poo in the loos and they will reproduce/devour/reproduce/devour everything until the planet is dead if left unchecked.

Everyone not white according to Varg needs to be banned asap

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what do?

Ok mr Kristian, but how did u urself get brown hair in norway?

He says red-haired people are sand-people and he says anyone with dark hair (insular Celts) is basically nonwhite. So basically reshade that map from Germany up to Sweden and leave the rest out. He's a Nordicist. As a pure northern Euro with dark hair, he can go an hero.

Then that would mean Varg himself is nonwhite since his father had virtually black hair. His father even looked Asiany in the Iraq photos.

Someone claim varg was ashkenazi

Big if true


And now you can see how Varg's mind works. Only retards view him seriously.

His new legal last name, Cachet, is a homophone in French with Cacher, which means Kosher in French.

Wouldn't be surprised if he is a jew, or at least has jewish handlers who made him adopt that name.

Varg is the pagan Alex Jonestien.

Colonialism under the guise of Christian kindness and Western civility is a part of what got us here in the first place.


Lewis Kosher Vikernes…
Holy fuck that's funny.

Wait, since he is not in his native land, do we consider Varg a colonizer (of France)? Or can you only be a colonizer of European lands if you are non-European?

Isn't it his wife's surname?

An Askenazi LARPing as a Nord, telling whites to drop out of society and let it "collapse". We'll know how controlled he is once he gets closer to 1,000,000 subs.

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Varg and Tom Rowsell are both good men with different opinions. OP is a faggot and kike.

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Yes, the HRE was multiethnic, probably moreso than any other European empire at the time. Having a small number of minorities that aren't marginalized, and speak the native language can assimilate into a culture just fine. Ethnic European civilization, culture, and genes weren't under attack until just recently with immigration.

Engineer is a shit main lol scout is where it's at btw gib hat

also since he mentioned Hitler he unironically had an African haplogroup, E1b1b, Varg is right, shartarians aren't white they're literal niggers

AYYO autism is superpowaahhh

Channel da placenta spirit n conjur the memories of ya ancesters n sheeeit. Worship women! Hail odin!

The House of Hapsburg will rise again.

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Neo-paganism is inherently retarded so he's not really making it look retarded.

civilizayshun? das for non-neenderthals OK


There are plenty of "Christian Socialists" on Zig Forums but absolutely zero "pagan socialists". Don't believe me? Go look for yourself. They have gay little flags and post the same ChristChan memes.
If that doesn't tip you off to whats really going on in these threads than i don't know what will.

The fact Varg so defensive over Satanism in metal should’ve been a red flag for people. Atheist pagan larpers are no different than Jewishj atheist or church of Satan larpers. Church of Satan involvement with Jews and Hollywood help gave birth to the leftists'l movement in the 60s. Even Marxist struggle to popularized sexual liberation among feminists before the the church of the Satan got actresses and feminists like Marilyn Monroe to join the church of Satan. Anton LaVey was a literal Jew with a mission to destroy traditional family values in America. Hell in Anton Lawvey official Biography he outright admit the church of Satan not only was a religion. He was involved in sex rituals at Cemeteries and practiced ritualized cannibalism. He just thought atheists were gullible fools. Hell Hillary Clinton and spirit cooking alone should’ve redpill people on Zig Forums that satanic larpers always been some of the most dangerous Jews out there.