Alt-Right Becomes Democrats

If you wondered why there was such extreme and scripted anti-Trump shilling here, more than just normal disapointment but extreme blackpilling well here you go. The Alt-Right has declared him the enemy and joined ANTIFA.

We always knew they'd show their true colors. This is what 2019 will look like for the Alt-Right. Expect the entire catalog to reflect this strategy from now on.

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Spencer sounds pretty spot on to me in your provided example. I'm really not seeing where the hysterics come in. Trump's record, his agenda, its his. If YOU like Adelson's checklist, vote away. Post away. It's a mostly free board. Just don't be surprised if others aren't lining up behind you. Nothing you can really do about that but offer something different [which you probably don't want to do].

richard spencer has always been a leftist who just happens to hate blacks

Here we go

Also notice the extreme up-tick in terrorist provocation threads here. (((mods))) are going to set this place up to become ALT-ANTIFA headquarters.
It will be unusable in a few months. Screencap this.

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How fucking new are you?

Spencer sounds pretty spot on to me in your provided example. Quote the whole sentence, it's not too many more words. Do you think he doesn't? Do I need to trust the plan? Whose plan, by the way? Adelson's? Cohen-Watnick's? Mnuchin's? Wynn or Sater's? Netanyahu?

The alt-kike was created to mimic the growing natsoc movement and "strangle it in the cradle", it only saw limited success though. Remember that this was done during the "KKK renaissance" in the 60s, they were starting to ally themselves the American Nazi Party and began to become jewwise… and their presence in the south was impressive… of course this was usurped by FBI acting like cartoonish racists to intentionally scare away anyone that was beginning to see baby redpills.

Is this still 2016?


Yes. And the provided example is in the OP. Do you think he doesn't? Last chance before the filter.

I don't see anything about the democrat part being good. Both parties are bad. Still, fuck Spencer and his satanist girlfriend though.

Holy shit. Dude is literally copy-pastaing from a script!

No, I'm writing out the whole line he was quoting out of context.

Its already unusable. It thinks it's not the bunker.


They do this a lot.

The argument goes that since Trump isn't literally the Austrian painter with a narrow moustache… we need to "punish" him by bringing into power the party of King Nigger. They took valid criticisms of Trump but instead of claiming we need to put more of /ourguys/ into power through primaries (remember that at 30% of the vote, we've never had anything closer to a natsoc in power than Art Jones… the American Nazi Party never got more than 2% of votes, ever)… they now claim the Nancy Pelosi is 14/88 and is going to storm into congress in a Panzer.

He's right. Trump is a worthless faggot. Go back to Reddit anytime

No, it's because he hasn't done anything but serve Adelson and israel. Don't put it on anyone else. He did what he did.
No one is claiming that, Schlomo. You're being dropped because people don't like kikes. You and your president have made it perfectly clear where you stand on White people as well, so why the fuck do you keep scrounging for votes?

It's a rare day when I agree with Richard Spencer.
He's right. The Zionist Republicuck party has openly abandoned White Americans. They spit in our face and laugh at our misery.
There is no reason to be loyal to a political party that is complicit in our genocide.

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I don't care at all whether its Trump or Kamela Harris in office at this point.

Newfag detected. Three years ago, 80% of the threads here were about race war, terrorism, and killing Jews. Today, 80% are about BASED tweets Trump sent out to Kanye West.

He is right, though. At the moment it seems that Trump isn't going to do shit about America's demographics. He will likely be the last Republican President ever.
The minorities will increasingly start appearing in office, with a clear public goal to replace white people and no intention to represent them. The dispossession of white Americans, the only real Americans, is actually palpable now.

They dogwhistle at us to jump for the zionist masters and like good little puppies we do it. Now I advise against violent action in the most extreme terms so we have to start building small communities and preparing for the storm to come. Benedict Option Now!

You will be killed on the day of the rope

Look at these faggots and their prepped comments. They've switched tactics and now we're going to have to listen to this shit for the next 2 years.

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You Marxist filth merchant. The strong upswell is already gaining ground against you and your ilk. By a mere trip they fell up a few stairs by virtue of their heads smacking the upper pavement, barely a puddle was this blue wave. Trump was never a destination.

Filtered. Not even going to bother.

"We" should have voted for the sleepy nigger.

t. spencer the low paid white supremacist

If the thread isn't going the way that was hoped, you can always get the mods to nuke it like that Pence China war thread.

You could always go back to the_donals. This is not a GOP cheerleading board. It is a race war board.

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Where's the lie in that post?


woah man i spent all of yesterday prepping that comment. how did you figure me out?

The "anybody who doesn't think we can vote our way out of genocide is a kike" argument would probably work better if you weren't shilling for a party owned by Sheldon Adelson.

Trump is banning the bumbstock and bombed Syria. Two things he ran on were gun rights and anti interventionism. Trump is a traitor and disgrace.

Who's that? The GOP isn't run by anybody, it's the party of the people, goy!

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Well, we can agree that we need more bad goys like Art Jones in the party.

you can't pretend Trump hasn't been disappointing. You don't even have to get into race or any of that over it but that's really the problem as well in that Trump _allowed_ them to bring race into it. He should have just pursued truth and justice, he hasn't.

Everyone has been waiting and nothing has happened except the opposite of what people want. They want a false flag called out, they want a big fish arrested. See with Qanon it's all MEME and no substance, because that's the way Bannon and Kusner and Trump and all these fags think, they just think all you need is the MEME, but you actually need substance behind the MEME and you have to respect the people that are making them.

Dear nigger,

Since it took you at least two years before realizing something wasn't quite right with your favorite e-celebs movement (known as the alt-kike), I suggest lurking for least four years before posting again. Furthermore, if you can't stand anti-zionism content, consider never coming back.

But user, Sheldon Adelson is /ourguy/. He is close personal friends with our god emperor Donald Trump after all.

So it's a false flag?

I mean I don't care about the Trump bit, I'm more concerned about OP thinking these two things are real things.

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Well he thinks the alt-right is a thing which is fucking retarded to begin with.
They're just cuckservatives with a different lick of paint and a dumb pet name.

Again, I said Spencer sounds spot on IN THE PROVIDED EXAMPLE FROM OP. I'm not blanket endorsing anything Spencer has said in the past or will in the future. I'm talking explicitly and exclusively about the tweet provided in the OP.

Art Jones, John Fitzgerald, and the couple other jew-namers were the only candidates worth voting for. Supporting anyone else would be racial-treason.

Bring back Pepe. Kek. Shadilay brothers shadilay. Gets mean Trump's going to do xyz.

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Well lets start from the start, what's the latest legislative instrument put through by Trump?
DACA repeal?

the point is too that, what's the point in being upset at this shill over these comments ? Trump can prove him absolutely wrong any time, any time

This. It is very clear that there is no political solution for white people moving forward.

Felons can vote in FL? Couple that with the gradual death of older whites that live there, it will become a solid blue state next election cycle. Spics will turn texas blue too. And don't expect Trump to get Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana unless he actually does something for the white working class (and not just rich jews). When the Dems get Florida, the ONLY way Trump could even hope to win in 2020 is if he manages to keep the entire rust belt, or maybe (if he were lucky) flipped Virginia red.

Even so, Trump has made it clear that he is not on our side in any way. Every election, Democrats say:
And these groups vote for them OVERWHELMINGLY every election in every state for every position on every issue.

Candidate Trump in 2016 says:
Who are the people that care about these things? WHITE PEOPLE AND ONLY WHITE PEOPLE. And so we voted for him! If he said "I will help white people! Give me your vote, whites!" he'd be saying practically the same thing.

But President Trump in 2018 says:

Where the hell are WHITE PEOPLE in Trump's agenda? Yknow, the people that voted him in and gave him our trust? Why the fuck should white people care about nigger and spic unemployment? (We don't, not even white liberals)

Wake up, white people! You have been swindled!

Oh and the family separation policy?

Yes, exactly. Taking issue with the comment Spencer made is just taking issue with him noticing it.

But he isn't, he's legislated many things recently. None of them are enforced because the system is effectively broken.

He's done nothing but serve Adelson and israel and pretend to be obstructed on matters of substance to White Americans.

At least they have arguments, unlike you. If you want to persuade me why they are wrong, then give a a well reasoned explanation please.

Maybe my hope is misplaced (remember all blackpillers are shills), however I think Trump is more of a paleocon than a White nationalist. He tried really hard to pander to non-Whites… and he even recognized it at the end, where instead of focusing on the economy Trump went hard on the caravan and doubled down on immigration (he was seeing his core was slipping into apathy). I'm hoping this losing the house was a wakeup call (even if it wasn't the "blue wave" they were hoping for) and he notices that unless he literally stops the muddening of America, he has boxed himself in, votewise because Whites got him into power and NO CONCESSIONS will ever get the non-Whites on his side.

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can confirm. the KKK in the 1960's was almost entirely an FBI informant creation.
the alt-kike (((movement))) of today should be viewed with the same skepticism and paranoia.

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>At least we (((alt-right))) paid shills have arguments!

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i think the most damaging thing were Trump comments after the synagogue attack. Right after what appeared to be a very big hoax, this happens and Trump just buys into the divide. Why the constant need to make it jews vs whites anyway, it only helps him and zionists if he gets away with it but he's holding up a huge "don't vote for me" sign.

Well, how is anything that he said wrong? Trump has not improved at all the situation for whites, nor the illegals/legal browns flooding your towns.

He said this in the primaries too, "muh big beautiful door." A lot of us voted for him because people were thinking that we could get him elected as a stepping stone and then keep shoving further to the right and pushing him to do more pro-white things. But then most of the board would just start calling those of us trying to apply that pressure kikes. I'm sure some of them were shills but I'm equally sure that a lot of them were anons that actually fell for the "god emperor" personality cult because they were desperate for a simple solution.

Fuck out of here magatard.

Trump is not ideological at all. He is just a Jew-puppet and cocksucker.

How dense are you OP? The alt-right has always been a cacophony of faggots, freaks and ne'er-do-wells. Sinead did a good parody on a bunch of these weirdos.

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Is Pepe kill?

No you daft fucking nigger. Now come's Trump's complete betrayal of his base as he tries to appeal to those BASED spics and blacks. Whites are already a minority, there's no way he can get elected in 2020 from white votes alone.

Republicans adopting civic nationalism is political suicide and they're too stupid or too afraid to acknowledge it. The racial disparity among voting patterns is already crystal clear. The Republican Party is the white people party. But America has dug itself too deep with this multiracialism nonsense. The Rs will become the implicit white party with an ever dwindling voter base.


I bet the Lefty girl he dumped his wife for is turning him into a #neverdrumpher.
Cheating on the mother of your children is super redpilled and baste btw.

Reminder homosexuality is implicitly white and altright bastepilled.

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Nowhere is that implied in his post. Reported for D&C spam.


Richard B. Spencer dishes out some white pills tonight

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If anything, the gnawing isolationism and anti-war strain of White nationalists who are naming the jew in America's foreign policy will make Trump turn violent and reactionary towards Whites for their anti-israel insolence. Their property and daughters divided up among lesser races as bribes from team schmuel.

let the salt flow


wasted tripdubs
Spencer is making sure the trumptards in the movement realize that they can't vote their way out of this. The midterms yesterday will prove to be the last election with non-hispanic whites as a majority. I hope you're fucking ready faggot they're going to call for our deaths soon.

No. People are sick at the fact that Trump wasted 2 years,and the fact that all Trump gave us when he controlled all three branches was tax cuts for the rich.

Those are the only things he's successfully got through yes.
Makes you think WHO is preventing him the most right now when they ignored those things yet prevented the rest.

Maybe, he did that to make it obvious to us?
Makes ya think..

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He's wrong about Florida. Zero chance there.

I know, he's obviously shilling

Legislated =/= successfully get it through.
He's drafted things that didn't get through.

Yeah, filter time.

I was looking for that one



Oh so now you're filtering me?
When I made it all fit the way it really is?

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Stop trying to D&C

My hope is that at least in naked self interest that Republicans realize (that no matter what you do), it is THE WHITE PEOPLE'S party… if you don't correct that, nothing will change. Civic nationalism is a dead end.

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muh intellectual vanguard sure isn't too bright

no \u


Hitler's descendants are probably DACApedes and probably entering the White House as we speak.

The Republican party ISN'T the White people party, though. It is a radically anti-White party and always has been.

Hitler is already reborn.


Jesus Christ, this is depressing if someone actually thinks like this, I hope you're just being paid instead.

Reminder: The Alt-Right represents uncontrolled 3rd position opposition. Republicans don’t want this because it siphons voters from their majorities and gives Dems something to bemoan “good people on both sides”. Dems and Jews don’t want an alt right because it opens the Overton window more to the right. T_D/Hasbara/PTG people are all piling onto Richard because they recognize him as a threat.

Learn to think for yourselves and be distrusting of posters here for social cues.

The quantity of anti Richard posts indicate only how much of a threat the aformenentioned groups see him as. I came here from 4cucks and sure enough, the RS tweet sits near the top.

White identity and white power. Good luck to you brothers.

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>Trump didn't celebrate our synagogue false flag like a (((white nationalist)))!

this fag in every post


Got anything else to say ((Alt-RighTIFA)))

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Lol, don't pretend it's ever been as bad as the Democrats, however, it's a party almost exclusively made up of White people. Trump and other Republicans kill themselves to pander to niggers and spics and they still don't vote R, hopefully Republicans (trying to save their own hides) actually help Trump.

Well it did the job didn't it?
I mean I don't know if he did it on purpose, but it certainly proved what was going on.

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