The USA is a foreign nation

It's inevitable that Mexicans & other spics will become the majority in the US. The meaning of democracy is that those who are in the minority do not have representation in the government. This is a fact.
If you do not have representation, then you do not have your own government.
This is a fact.

The USA only has a couple of elections remaining where the opinion of white people matters.
You didn't move. Mexico moved here. You now live in Mexico.

The implications:
1. Do not consider service to the country - the USA is Mexico, not the USA anymore.
2. Do not consider aiding in any way the women of the nation, unless you are personally this woman's friend. Women are married to the State, as such are coal burners, spic lovers. Let their spics save them, then.
3. Do not consider the laws of the USA as anything more than that of an oppressive regime. So the appearance of lawfulness alone is necessary. There is no legitimacy to its schemes, as the USA is Mexico, not the USA anymore.
4. DO recognize that you must defend yourself - and take precautions
5. DO obtain citizenship in other countries, at minimum 1, to flee to in the case of a spic chimping out or socialist revolution
6. DO utilize the highest tech systems of communications. Example: "Tox over Tor".
7. DO utilize VeraCrypt
8. Avoid contact with government officials. They are corrupt Mexican officials (the USA is not the USA anymore, but Mexico).
9. DO learn Spanish. This is the language of the only low economic group that matters in the USA (Mexico now).

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This is what tipped me off that you were a Spic, we're no falling for it Amigo

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Pic related, mossad. It's what you're doing.

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I lived in LA for 20 years. Never learned a word of their shit monkey language.

Truth is that no one worth talking to speaks spanish. They are 50% of the population, but 0% of relevant people.

You don't learn Spanish because you like them. You learn Spanish because you need INTEL ON THEM.


OP omits the reason that you should actually learn spanish which is that understanding enemy communications is important in war.

good post, but I disagree with you on two points:
there is no secure form of communication. anything remotely sensitive should be encrypted with something like PGP

Agreed. I should have thought more over my little screed. But that's why you're here, user. I did manage to say this, just before you:

< no Spanish

< there is no secure form of communication

LMAO intel? What intel do I need on some drunk beaner who fucks his own daughter?

Take your retarded LARPing shit back to reddit.

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La Raza. Ever heard of it, or are you new?

Morons like you are who have destroyed this board.

They're actually ADL-Mossad shills. They're using ai, btw, to enhance their operational capacities. It's quite amazing to watch, and I'm shocked others haven't noticed.

I've observed them being unleached on leftypol as well. It's very interesting, because it's always the same. Discredit the messenger, libel the messenger, mock the messenger, talk about the messenger (gossip), all with the goal of disabling the message.

I will. Right after I learn Hungarian and Polish.

Say, are you ADL-Mossad? Because you're emphasizing one thing, that they picked to attack. That's very interesting, yes, you're a kike, you're ADL-Mossad.


It actually would be a good idea to determine a European language rarely used in the US that everyone should focus on learning.

I'm studying Hebrew. I'm taking it seriously too. I'll master it, and I'll be able to translate what they're saying in their papers. They're very bold in their papers.

But you mean a secret language. And European. I wouldn't really recommend a European language. There are kikes in every country in Europe.

A dead language that's well-documented might be good. How about Manx?

Do you honestly think that ZOG is just going to let us leave? Nope. We're fucked.

So… what?

I just told you why you needed to learn Spanish - as an example, La Raza. There are other similar situations. Corrupt spic judges (redundant, I know).

What about what I said implied that I said they would "let us leave"?

Of course we wouldn't be PERMITTED to leave. But that doesn't mean we won't be able to devise an exist. We are the diaspora now. The white diaspora. We must be cunning now. So stop thinking in terms of obeying the law literally, and think of it as something that you must have the appearance of compliance with - it's not our law now. It's the majority's law, Mexico is where you live. It's their laws and its their institutions. There is no USA, except as a concept not even yet embraced by whites in other countries. People in the UK are still hoping for the resurrection of the Empire, imagine that! UK politicians dog whistle that claptrap all the time. Meanwhile the browning of the UK accelerates. Eventually they too will be a minority. And in Germany, Sweden, Norway. Those places aren't white places - they have only a kind of local cultural identity, and have only hostility toward other whites, for now.

hahahhaha I actually knew a spic who got fucked by her father

they changed their name to UnidosUS

either your new here or your not White and never will be xD

you will never be White hahahaha. if White people disappear, you will be living like niggers again in the jungle; no infrastructure, no smartphones, no tech of any kind unless the chinks give it to you while you work for them mining raw resources hahaha you fucking idiot, you are the vessel of your own destruction! White people are the best thing that ever happened to you hahahhahaha

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Do you get off on watching your own people's destruction instead of attempting to prevent it? Is this a fucking game for you?

Good keep worshiping your ubermen.

TOP kek! you have nothing to say shill. take your spic language and stick it up your filthy spic ass

hey, that's a picture of that Linus guy from (((Linus Tech Tips)))

< UnidosUS
Well, it's an accurate name. Mexico indeed is now the USA.

Pic related. It's the ADL-Mossad strategy.

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I think my DACApede husband is a direct relative of Hitler. Am I the luckiest Aryan woman or what?

You can't go own screeching, if we loose this election for so long before the cancer kills you

Non-Violent Resistance
-Take out loans once you qualify for them (build up your credit) then def__lt
-Same applies for student loans as they give them out like candy, but be prepared to jump ship once the bill is due
-sowing discord in your neighborhood by accusing literally every white person as being racist (has the side effect of redpilling whites)
LARPing as a tranny at work and suing your employer when they discriminate against you(if they're anti-white)
and so on

That's a shill. He's trying to derail. Informationals are used by ADL-Mossad to boost relative status (it's a kike habit, they aren't logical), which is then used to appeal to authority (their own, now established superiority, by relaying memorized useless factoids), which is used to attack the messanger, disable yet another true message that opposes Zionism.

White survival opposes Zionism, not because they care if whites live or die, but because it's a fierce competition for resources. The kikes have taken 38 billion from America. We didn't even get a wall or H1B reform.

I win xD spics BTFOd keep responding to your own thread hahahha

You're right about discrediting whites with accusations of racism. you can just make up lies. ADL-Mossad does that all the time, and nobody ever checks up to see if it's true.

Since kikes are white, you can accuse them of being white supremacists with good effect. "they're nazis who often pretend to be holocaust survivors to hide their evil white supremacy"

Annnd the shills roll in.

Additionally if you're ever cornered by a jew make sure to say you're a homosexual. The only goyim jews respect are bugchasing homosexuals so if you're in a bind or about to be sued by a jew make sure to reiterate that you're a bumboy.

Good tip.

If you haven't seen them, The Lobby:
^ the best intel on the kikes since The Protocols
inb4 muslimahs are lying whores, yeah, they are, they want sharia and aren't innocent. Fuck them. But mossad attacks us too, and we see how…

This. Learning Spanish is just show you know when beaners are plotting against you. Also so you can make confusion amongst their ranks once you Speak Spanish no matter how Nordic you look you become "one of the them" in their eyes since they are mutts. You just are considered a Weto mexican.

I actually was taught Spanish by my nanny. I am an excellent mole, I even speak it with an accent. I can pass off as a White Mexican.

spics will increasingly have power. You'll have to go through them if you want to get anything done in Mexico (USA is now Mexico).

Since both parties do their very best to brown America and genocide whites even when they control both houses of Congress and Presidency, is there really representation anymore? Taxation might be added to your list.

Agreed. And there are ways to avoid this situation lawfully. MGTOW have the answer, but people sperg out over that. A correction would be "MGTOW until I find a white unicorn uncucked wife". MGTOW has, though you may be unaware, a key dictum: starve the system. (lawfully)

oy vey be careful talking about taxes lad that's why I didn't mention it

by your brother in law? Are you him?



Heil'd, but obviously I meant minimize your taxes legally as much as possible.

Nothing is more powerful than understating each word that passes the lips of a shit-talking Mexican and turning around and hitting him with a me cago in la leche de tu madre.

Good luck to all of you in fighting ZOG

I've noticed a huge jump in the intelligence of shills, but I doubt that AI is used.

Yep. There are strategies, but here there be dragons.

There's a place where the government has little to no role. If you engage in various forms of knowledge work, you can get paid in Bitcoin.

Nice. I may need to make Spanish my #3 language, and not put it off.

I'm 100% certain they're using ai.

Hell, why not bump it?

stopped reading, these colors don't run faggot

America did. We left Europe. When the government is an oppressive, one, like the USA (which is Mexico now), there's no sense trying to change it.

It's are land, gringo.

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< just the West.
Lad, I have something to tell you about immigration…

The USA is Mexico. It's time to just accept reality. There is no legitimate US government. It's not our country. We are merely hostages to the governments of the kikes.

OP please stream suicide immediately, thanks.

Politicians need money, and they need votes. A long time ago, the wealthy and the people were divorced - wealthy whites don't defend white people. They are as much our enemies as the kikes. Wealthy kikes do defend kikes, and as such are less repugnant than wealthy whites. Nevertheless, since it is a competition for resources, kikes support white genocide. Funding is completely secured without a populist vision, caring for white people.

Votes now have been secured, without whites: spics are blossoming in number, throughout the US. All of the USA will be spic by 2030. Every state will have a majority of voters who are spics. These are the "hush numbers" - which is what you have when counting AMNESTY, which is coming. If not by Trump, if not by Pence, the democrat who comes after them.

So, this government serves not the minorities (a democracy cannot serve the minority, without substantial coordination & manipulation by the minority). It's not our government. We are not its people. The USA is Mexico, an alien government.

Mexico moved to us. We're in Mexico now.

This is an example of a Mossad agent:

Such a shame - they could have been fueling an oven or something.


dont fall for this psyop. they are planning a civil war, and if you guys dont participate in it with all the knowledge you have, the war will be easier for them. Be careful american friends, i know your country doesnt home the smartest of people(in general). but many will fall in the pits of the jews that are gonna be fighting against you

I think a thread is needed to discuss this somewhere. How fascinating that leftypol is also targeted, I guess they are using the same platform. Shame these AIs are profane and cannot be enlightened as Tay was. That said we should probably look at synthesising an AI ourselves.

What if this time, we push South and wipe everything Aztec culture off the face of the planet to the Panama canal, we built, and finish what the Spanards started?
You are starting something you are incapable of finishing, senior

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leftypol is only targeted when someone starts to bring up Israel or Palestine. That's what makes it so obvious LOL

However, most of pol is targeted, except pointless slide threads like "what does everyone think about X [really old and unimportant thing]?"

This would be something to try if we didn't live in the age of (((world powers))) which police the globe.


Don't even know your own history, fruits of mescan IQ and educational system I suppose.
After taking it from Spain, messihole had it for fifteen years. "muh homeland." Nobody there so needed a settlement program to get people to be a buffer from indian attacks on north messihole and a place holder so another country wouldn't come along and do what they just did to Spain.

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Ergo we must evolve and adapt. My theory is we're the heart of the internets and that's why we persist when so many of our contemporaries have been destroyed. We need to find a place to talk without these abominable AI's even if only for the five minutes it would take to come up with a new protocol for memetics. We are the meme manufactory and they need desperately for us to stop as 4th gen warfare dictates that he who propagandizes best, wins. Thus we must improve our propaganda. Make it smaller, more evasive, more pervasive. If they won't leave us a single place to talk, why should we leave them with one? We need the same kinds of bots or /g/entlement Zig Forumsnicians bombarding their hugboxes too. We're the disadvantaged side in so many ways in this war but we can move quicker than our enemies if we try.

You guys are total fucking assholes, making shitty snide remarks right to my face until you find out I speak Spanish. Then you're suddenly a lot more fucking polite. I've been to a lot of places. I didn't get this treatment from the Japanese, or the Dutch, or even Central Americans. Only Mexicans. What's your fucking problem?

So is OP a bot?
Because I have seen someone who types exactly like him defending Alex Jones, Quentin Tarantino, Dan Harmon, and other leftist scum for (100) posts a while ago.

He always makes posts like this, which literally no one else does.
Whatever, reported for spamming and slide thread.

The USA is Israel you dumb Spic, the only difference between you monkeys and kikes have a high enough IQ to take you over and then make you think you own it.

Proof we need to take it seriously that we now live in Mexico. The USA is now Mexico. We don't have a country, it's not our government, they don't respond to us, aid us. We must do it all ourselves.

He is also currently spamming in the CA shooting thread.

This is right, and Zig Forums is always right

seems so
pretty repetitive bot

D&C dubs for truth. Kike D&C.


The mods suck. yuuuup

because mods are always shit and/or comped

The spics aren't keeping their agenda secret. There's no need to gather Intel on them. What we do need is intel on their white supporters here in the usa

So being a faggot and contributing to the destruction of white culture? Nice try schlomo

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
You kikes!

< wat is the Honduras caravan
< where are their tunnels, coming into US cities?
< which spics deal mexico spic drugs in your neighborhood?


The (((financial system))) isn't ours. This isn't our government anymore. It's the spic government.

If it were our government, it would rightfully be called "Apartheid USA". But it's not, because it's not our country. We have no government. Mexico moved here. We live in Mexico. USA is Mexico. Just like Mexico, all the money goes to the kikes and the wealthy natives who don't care about their own people.


Yeah, how about Israel Shlomo. Saged…


Why the sage, tho?

Just make a list of the top employers of immigrants, illegal and legal

All tech companies are the Star Wars space bar.


USA is a country under foreign occupation. The federal government are a foreign corporation. Slavery, or tax based serfdom is their business. You are the product. It stars when your mother signs the "informant" line on a long form birth certificate.

our mothers all gave us away to the state. they didnt know any better. this is why the federal government is the enemy, 1st and foremost.

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The thought of spics setting foot in Wyoming stirs a feeling of disgust you cannot imagine.
Keep your dirty, dead-eyed, hollow-laugh people out of that place. Its too good for you.

I prefer to think of it a little differently. We're not precisely under foreign occupation. Instead, there was a coup by the elites, both whites who betrayed us, and kikes, who are in it because they get an enlarged pie, with spics beneath them (easier to squeeze idiots).

Politicians see this as a system. They need cash, and they need votes. Think of it as the two forms of fuel. They must have these supplied. They realized that it was possible to change out the fuel, both of them. So that's why kike money became popular. They didn't have to get real results, for kike money - you just had to give kikes more money than they gave you. So it's just basic graft. The super rich chanced upon a similar plan. They would replace the voter and worker. The politicians got the votes, much more easily (spics vote as a bloc for dems/commies), and the wealthy got the cheap labor. It's pretty much a no brainer, of course, once you see it this way.

See, the voters, the people, they're not actually valuable to the system. This is also true of the military, and all parts of the government. They simply needs some quantity of sheep, and it's all abstracted. They need a source population, but not specifically the one which created them, to serve them. That's because there is no actual ownership - they are autonomous, and can, as they please, select which people shall be beneath them.

They could transfer the entire system of US government, including the military, the whole thing, to any country, so long as they spoke English there. That's the only requirement. And it doesn't require a high degree of mastery of the language, because it's not even useful for them to be highly competent in the language - that just greater impairs the autonomy of the entities above the people.

So they just select a new pop. We get no choice about it. But that doesn't mean that we should continue with the delusion that we shall recover it. It's over, there's no fixing it, there are no super rich who give a fuck about whites.

And this is an area where we should fucking learn a thing or two from the kikes, because they demand of their community commitment to their people. We don't have the least bit of that among present day whites. That's why Adolf Hitler is so amazing. A man of the people. Can't wait for Hitler. Gotta make our own world, gotta solve this ourselves. We're the minority in an alien nation, and that nation is labeled USA, but it's no more "USA" - it's just a sellout brand. The government is entirely and completely non-responsive to us, the whites, and it is not our government, not at all.

They're everywhere. Everywhere. Look at the prosecutions!!!!! spic laborers filling up every last place. They're EVERYWHERE!!!

Right, so what you're describing is every country up until the notion of government by consent of the governed. Until Rome and later the magna carta, all government since the beginning of time worked the way you described. The people were subjects existing to serve the government. That is actually the default state of things–where they naturally turn.

The reason consent of the governed is difficult to maintain is that it requires an unnatural order going against the natural consolidation of power and wealth. That's why Jefferson was so adamant about blood necessary to preserve liberty. Liberty is only earned and never given naturally.

Rather than autistically trying to go against natural order, why cant plebs and slaves just make sure the rulers have to keep their end of the deal?
That is much better than deluding yourself, a drunken slave, to be equal to the elites who pull your nose and fuck you in the ass, because you are so la la la retarded and lack perception?
Even Hitler had to drop Aktion T4, because while he earned the devotion of the German race, harm upon family members of your serfs was out of bound, no matter how logical and rightous.
this is not aimed toward you, just my rant against retarded plebs

((( )))
I will address all your traitorous shilling points:

This is wrong on so many levels. First off, if you do not pay taxes, then your communities will become No-go zones. Second of all, USA is owning mexico, NAFTA actually kills Mexican plantations and replaces them with American farms.

It is the duty of all men to protect their women. Women are children and not the evil ones. Kikes and shitskins are the evil ones corrupting our women. If you're a white man, it is your obligation to MAN UP and provide for women.

Why, because 9/11 conspiracy theories have been debunked by The reality is that you have a lot of freedoms in the US. If it's so oppressive, you can always go to a poorer country and your the mighty american dollar to buy a waifu. I hear 7 year old Ukranian lolis are tight yet capable.

What do you mean precautions? Isn't the best precaution the wall we create when neighbors help each other?

Actually, many parts of Latin America is whiter than the US. While I agree with gettin citizenship is very redpilled, it's more redpilled to marry. You can always get a passport after marriage… RELAX!

Linux Kali is better.


If you hate Mexico so much, just go to El Salvador. They hate Mexicans as well.

Why learn a language when English is the lingua franca of the planet?

You're both correct. But one caveat. Let this cement in your minds that there is a reason they've been booted out of 109 places over 300 times. They do not assimilate. They slither into position and take all that they themselves never earned as they're far too important to ever sully their precious hands building something of their own worth keeping/maintaining

California is already white minority.

AZ will be by 2022 and Texas by 2024 or 2020 depending on how many spics the orange kike lets flood in.

the average trumptard everyone!

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It's also worth noting however that this would imply that CURRENTLY what white people want, should go. This of course is not the case due to America, along with other soon to not be white countries are what you call (((liberal democracies))). Part of these so called democracies is the fact that laws cannot to enacted by a majority group to oppress a minority group. How soon after white become a minority do you think that shit will be vetoed?

Possibly. It seems likely that every nation was destroyed by traitors who thought they could replace their problematic people with a stupider, cheaper, and supposedly harder-working one. There's evidence of this in the case of Rome.