Hadrian cared more about the rights of baby boys then (((doctors))) in modern era. Can a meme be made of this? I know I am circumcised and so are 70%+ of males born in the states. Let's meme it. A ROMAN WHO LIVED 2000 YEARS AGO CARES MORE FOR OUR BOYS THAN WE DO!!

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Circumcision is medically and spiritually justified, only LARPagan atheist retards say otherwise

I seriously hope you are baiting

Sorry, I was emotionally heated when I wrote this.

An infant is property of the parents, what they do with its penis is not your business chaim.

bump, this needs to be talked about. We can's let them get away with this.

Wow, calling me a jew for advocating against Judaic mutilation practices!

I bet you think cutting the umbilical cord is "mutilation" too.

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The fact that greco-romans 2,000 years ago regarded the genital mutilation of male children repugnant should tell you something

Just look at this poor fuck

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Dude, what dog do you have in this fight? Either you were genitally mutilated at birth or you weren't. Umbilical cords have absolutely nothing to do with anything.

All I'm saying is its the parents right to do what they want to the child.


So, parents should be able to kill a child?

Parents have the right to murder their children?

so by your logic parents should be allowed to starve, beat and murder their children.

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t. circumcised

if they deem so, yes. The child is their property.

>parents have the right to murder their child after spending decades being brainwashed by (((our))) propaganda

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Where is the problem? The pater familias in Rome and Spartans could easily do it.

This is the way the jewish mind operates.

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The jews reveal themselves when you point out their mark of satan.

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Yet genital mutilation was not allowed, something that modern goys engage in on the regular. We were made fucking slaves. Fuck the system.

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this, either you believe in the power of the family structure or you're a civilcuck too afraid to think for themselves. Does it advocate killing your child for nothing? no but it gives you the means to judge for yourself whether to feed any potential weak offspring.

Nature has always worked this way.

Why are Judeo-Christians on /POL ? Jesus specifically says in Matthew 5 and John 7 that these laws came from the Pharisees, from the Jewish peoples fathers and not his own Father. The Jews also asked him why when he healed the man in the temple he healed his foreskin as well "making him every whit whole" which in the original Greek implies he healed the foreskin. Jesus basically said it was a bullshit Jewish rabbinical rule implying that it was a commandment coming from the Pharisees and not his father. Let's not forget he said the Rabbinical Pharisees were basically the children of Satan multiple times, not just him but Paul in his letters as well as Revelations 2 and 3. Circumcision is not Christian, it has never been Christian and the only Christian place it was shilled in prior to the end of WW2 was America and the people who shilled it were the first Christian traitorous kikes in big industry shilling the Scoffield bible for brownie and loans from Jewish bankers.

Nice word salad faggot, too bad you made zero points.

Sage negated twice, you fucking faggot

Lmao at the smegma itt, i love my cut cock

My DACApede brother in law (who might be a direct descendant of Hitler) is very much against circumcision

No one is buying your horse shit jew. Genital mutilation, otherwise known as blood/flesh sacrifice to Abrahamic demons has always been viewed as disgusting. Only those either part of the cult partaking in the ritual, too stupid to think for themselves or those who profit from its existence would ever dare support it. It has nothing to do with the sanctity of the family, or the rights of a people. Those that mutilate children and babies deserve rope. Your time will come.

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The point is: you created it, you own it, its through your determination what happens to it. Not what others say is right to do.


Women love it fyi

Thanks, my parents circumcised me, i would have never done it myself, bu thank god the did

I'm not defending the action from a bystander perspective, I'm defending their manright to act how they see fit.

I personally would not circumcise my child.

Negating the sage of this fucking faggot.

Negating the faggot sages of these genital mutilation apologists.

Negating every sage, because you all recognize right from wrong.

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There's no debate. You are reusing old arguments that have long since been dismantled. Typical jewish tricks.
Its not, in fact, STD rates are increased.
False. It chaffs. You ejaculate faster and with less control, and are missing a majority of the nerve endings. You are fucking with scarred tissue. The head of the penis is meant to remain moist, not hard and coarse.

Oppose the natural order, win stupid prizes.

Given mutilating children, especially in the way of circumcision has been proven to leave permanent mental and physical trauma and effect how they act and think through out their lives, I'd say that producing mentally unstable people industrially is a problem that extends beyond the rights of parents over their young.

Jews will lose their right to mutilate their children, and their influence over the pediatric system which has granted them the power to mutilate the offspring of what they deem to be goyim. Any nation that outlaws Bris Milah finds the enthusiastic jews crawling back from whence they came. The rabbinical authority knows full well they can't maintain their cult without its initiation rite.

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that nose looks very Jewish

Counter sage.

Where did I say this faggot?

I consider any faggot that supports bris milah to be of the same unthinking amoebic corruption. Your arguments are all the same. And our solution for your kind will be sweeping. Know your time is coming jew.

Circumcision is nothing but a medical procedure in my eyes, if they need it when they're older it'll be done. If kikes wish to mutilate their kids thats not my issue.

nice shill post, your sage is negated. Thank you.

add to the discussion or fuckoff.

But where did I say what you claimed I said, faggot?

Mutilation is not a medical procedure. Bris Milah has no purpose other than to make sex uncomfortable. That was the intended purpose from its inception for both Muslims and Jews, who are one and the same.

Don't nip the tip.

There is no discussion, the forceful genital mutilation of young boys is a reality. If you support it, in my eyes you deserve to be put up against a fucking wall. Go to hell kike.

Why are christcucks always so dumb

More people on Zig Forums should be like you

No, we're talking about something SERIOUS here.

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Phimosis is pretty common, especially in males with smaller dicks.

I'm not even Christian, but I can still see how jewish you are. Even if you aren't a hebrew-hybrid, you have the mind of a jew, I don't know whats worse.

Someone please post the Eric Clopper videos in webm format. You would be doing a great service. FUCK MALE GENITAL MUTILATION. Fuck these Jewish shills who keep pushing it as the norm, even in this thread.

Phimosis may look like a rubber band of skin around the tip of the penis. If complications develop such as bleeding or infection around the foreskin, or painful urination, a pediatric urologist should do an exam.

Circumcision is only a solution because jews made it a solution, and through their influence and power have convinced people that it is the only solution.

What an NPC lol

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Is this honestly the current state of Zig Forums?


I want pictures of him.

i agree its a rash decision but its the parents right to do with the infant as they please. However considering the crusade against masturbation happened its no surprise Christians adopted circumcision to curb the amount of yount men with broken dicks.

Fuck off. Zero thought. Low IQ.

Piss off nigger


The amount of shills on this thread is fucking amazing, honestly I'm glad I provoked this kind of response. Angry little kike bots resentful of their mutilated penises.

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So, where do you draw the line? Mutilating genitals, murdering, abusing? Since when does the parent have the right to violate a child? I wish your parents killed you off you fucking rat kike.

OP is a fag

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Great explanation, maybe think more before existing.

Nice shill attempt, but I am still here. I reject your Jewish blood cult, I reject your mutilation of the youth. Fuck you.

Where do i personally draw the line within my realm? for starters I don't believe in corporal punishment or abuse, secondly I've stated I wouldn't circumcise a child.

As for what other people do I simply don't give a fuck, paint the walls red with a dozen infants blood and slap a swastika on its not my concern.

…google the images of phimosis, the effects are irreversible once it starts. The tip of the dick looks like a concave vase.

Is this the power of the uncut dick?

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Nice backpedaling faggot. You already stated plain as day that "its the parents right to do with the infant as they please".

Fuck off with your Jewish blood cult, it has no place in the civilized world.

Then get the fuck out of the thread you stupid subversive kike faggot. If it doesn't concern you, you wouldn't be posting. You duplicitous rat.

user from another thread about this that just had a newborn baby boy and dealt with months of mocking and my family trying to convince me to "just do it" because "you just do it."
I don't care what anything on the internet or what people say, I just flat out disagree with taking your newborn child, strapping him down, and cutting his dick up. It just to me is a barbaric practice that serves no purpose.
Thankfully when the time came in the hospital and they asked, my wife said no, rolled her head to the side to look at me, and smiled.
No boy of mine is going to be mutilated because of some sick and twisted jew ritual. Fuck that.

How does it feel that everyone in the world hates you much, that you need to shill post on an obscure message board? Does it feel good? Maybe realize that you are the problem, people have had ENOUGH of your Semetic BULLSHIT. Go fuck yourself.

My belief is still firm, nigger. Its the parents right to do what they want and its not my concern what they do.

So, murdering children is okay as long as the parents do it? You have honestly the most retarded argument I've ever come across. You are most likely a Jewish shill who believes its okay to mutilate your own sons penis, fuck off. You have no place in a civilized world.


Theres a reason italian women mixed with jews (half of ashkenazim dna is italian), maybe because they liked the look of their cocks

Why do you think dicks in the porn industry are cut? So that women watch it more retard.

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Its the parents right to decide, not yours or the governments. The infant is property until its developed a conscious or lost it becoming a medical vegetable, which funnily enough nobody has a problem with throwing in a dumpster.

Keep your kiked civil laws to yourself.

I'm going to bed Zig Forums, have fun with these blatant Jewish shills, they aren't even hiding it anymore. Please deal with them accordingly. I'm out.

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What a fucking hack

literally nothing wrong with cuteboys. great men of prestige thought nothing of it, evidently
you can't


Someone has a traumatized and mutilated dick.

Criminally unchecked digits

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Man if only you virgin incels really knew how women react to cut cocks, all of them say it looks better and feels better and less sensitive means we can last longer and pleasure them more

Die faggots

That's exactly what someone with a tiny circumcised dick would try and argue.

You can't into that god tier fucking, because god gave you a small dick and parents dumb enough to cut at it.

american women arent all women. show a girl from a country that doesnt mutilate children a cut cock and she'll say it looks gross
weeew l

my gf disagrees in all fields

thats my fetish + higher chance of cumming at the same time

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Why didn't Alexander just kill all kikes?

cuz he probably lusted over many jewish men since he was a faggot too

Funny because jews love sucking freshly cut baby dick

Use the words of Tacitus on jews. Rome kicked the jews out of Rome in 139 B.C. because (((they))) were conspiring to take over Roman rituals.

I aint a jew but ur still a fag

Free bump bonus story. I used to pass this statue as a kid wanted to know who he was.
No internet so actually had to dig in the library to find out who he was. Also had no idea just how valuable it was. Just sat in the bank window. Started my interest in history. (Archive doesn’t work for site)

i made such a huge mistake by only filtering ID of those two shills instead of ID+
shameful display

What is OP's source? Are we sure this was Hadrian and not his successor Antoninus Pius? I was reading and pages 103-105 of Judeophobia (2009 book by Peter Shafer) supposedly says:

We should also ackowledge these later rulings

8 May 336 (Constantine)

13 August 339 (Constantius, Constans)

9 Apr 423 (Honorius, Theodosius II)

In regards to 339, I think since the 1st sentence does not prohibit Jews from enslaving other Jews (just "other people", ie non-Jews) the 3rd sentence forbids Jews who dared to enslave Christians from holding ANY slaves (even Jewish ones)