As per request from another users thread, here are all 71 Johnny Gat videos in 720P, including all (((Limited State))) videos, plus all re-worked/re-edited videos.

Please Share/Re-upload onto new cloud accounts/Make torrents etc
A youtube mirror channel as well as a bitchute mirror channel is also a good idea.

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bump for Johnny

Gat was an excellent researcher.

You are a fucking legend OP

Thanks man. I sincerely appreciate that comment. I actually saw the writing on the wall & started mass archiving any & all red pilling YouTube videos I saw. When I discovered Johnny's channel I ripped the entire thing in HD. The videos put into (((limited state))), I downloaded directly from googles servers. Before you know it his channel was shoa'd but I had kept all the videos.. I'm so glad someone is able to get some use out of this!

Retard who can't keep up here; Who is Johnny Gat and what are these videos?

Extremely red pilled YouTuber who aggressively brought public awareness on the JQ. Produced several high quality videos with awesome sound editing on a variety of JQ related subjects. His channel was recently eliminated by YouTube censors recently leaving many wondering how to access his deleted videos. This is why this thread exists. Download and share.

Thanks user, grabbing these and adding to my own archive.

no problem my pleasure. a youtube mirror channel is probably quite useful as well.. I lost the effort to post on YT after my own channel, (with 2500) subscribers, was (((terminated)))

I honestly thought they were gone forever. You just kept one of the most important sources of redpills alive. As if someone just one day said "Oh and btw, here is the nose of the Sphynx you were looking for." Going to start uploading some to Bitchute here is the channel!


if possible can u mirror this archive on a seperate cloud file and post download links to each of the Bitchute videos? It's really important to circulate the links around & have them active on seperate cloud files. and thankyou! I've done the same with Vertigo Politix channel. I've got 14.5 gb of the videos, (so far).. I can also do an archive of them posted to this thread, (if u like?), for archival purposes, so please advise.

btw, I tried to post a similar thread to the obviously retarded children on 4chan, but I got banned because of my VPN/ISP block? Wtf? how do I bypass this? These videos need to be shared.

another bump here, does nobody give a fuck about the contribution Gat has made? These videos are fucking awesome

Inb4 thread gets locked by (((mods)))

You're a hero

I've heard about Johnny Gat for ages, but I've never watched any of his videos.
Wasn't Johnny Gat also the name of a character from Saints Row? Did he take his name from that?

He's a legend, he's exposed so much of the alt-kike and nazbol identitarianism over the years.

i've been amazed at the general disinterest of this thread so far, considering how redpilling these videos are, and how difficult they are to find now.. even the existing videos, most were (((censored))), & had to be grabbed directly via googles servers..

well you can watch them all now

People don't recognize the name Johnny Gat anymore because this board is full of MAGApedes and the nazis are all but gone. His videos used to get posted here quite a bit.

Awesome material. I watched some years ago. Thank you lads

can anyone here repost this link on cuckchan? the fucking idiotic kids need to see these videos


I think everyone's just tired/hangover from the elections, perhaps also overwhelmed in general by the sheer amount of banning and loss of content that's been going on on all the medias.

thank you user, "Do you believe in Karma?" is my favorite Gat video. by any chance, do you have any videos from "Stillspeakingout" ?

is the "Do you believe in Karma?" video missing? also your missing the trump 9/11 documentary, I think, or did you re-title the videos?

video 31. Donald trump 911 case closed.

I know Johnny was changing the titles of many of his videos, and re-editing them to avoid censorship. Putting slightly edited versions of the same videos on his sister channels etc..

video 13. "Do u believe in Karma"

video 35. donald trump 911 case closed remastered version

video 28. original version of same video

no but i've ripped a few extremely red pilled channels that have long since been deleted. I just need the time to edit them. So much to get through. I also have the entire POL ebooks 1-18 plus about 50 or 60 extra very rare pdf's i'm planning on uploading shortly. Just need the time to edit. :/

Johnny's videos should be required viewing.


Apparently this guy was killed.. Any truth to that?

No. Brendan O'Connell would likely know, as the talpiot talk people who are in contact with him. They used links to his active videos to red pill people & have said nothing, (as far as I know), about his death. Only thing that's happened is his youtube channel was deleted and he does have a back up channel right now, but without the backlog of videos posted here.

Does anyone have the full collection of Alerta Judea videos? Some of his videos were re-uploaded on other channels, and then taken down there as well, some are still up but in different versions, a lot are reuploads in limited state, etc. I haven't found a full collection of them though but a handful of them were EXTREMELY well done and I think one of them had like 2 million views before it was shoah'd.

Newfag is downloading these right now. What am I looking at here?

I live

thankyou for your work, one more, do you happen to have any "asahiem wulfguard" videos?

i made three threads about this and the (((mods))) keep deleting them and then banned me xD they really want to keep users away from the website that posts daily news stories about niggers committing crimes. silly kikes, so easy to evade. now put in the work faggots and delete all my posts


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Police have arrested a man in connection to a deadly shooting in St. Petersburg. St. Pete police arrested Marco Nicholas Murray, 37, and charged him with second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm for the shooting death of Christina Veronica Rush. Rush was found shot in the backyard of a St. Petersburg home early Thursday morning. Detectives say the 27-year-old woman was found just before 1:00 a.m. in the 1000 block of 15th Avenue S. Investigators believe the victim knew her attacker

read through the thread. Very redpilled YouTuber, made excellent high quality mini documentaries with great soundtracks and generally good editing/source material. Deleted by (((YouTube))), put up on here to circulate amongst people who may have lost his videos.

This is why I download channels. Stuff just disappears overnight from youtube.

The dude from Saint's Row?

t. Never heard of this guy pls be gentle

why would the mods do that? i'm bookmarking that site right now. It's my belief that redpilling the average sheltered idiot on the primitive & highly volatile nature of blacks is pretty much the perfect gateway to waking up to the reality of race, and the weaponization by the (((elites))) of the general publics ignorance of it, hence their non stop whack a mole propaganda offensive. I actually have a 3 volume colin flaherty HD archive i'm in the process of editing simply for this purpose.

read the thread. download & watch the videos

this is true. I've archived absolutely everything I can. the issue is somehow having the time to sift through it all so I can use it to red pill people. It's not an easy task. The Johnny Gat videos are great seriously if somebody has the time please do a mirror channel on YouTube..

Make sure you have hard drive redundancy. There's nothing worse than sorting, organizing and labeling everything properly only to have it die unexpectedly with your hdd.

proof it isnt a honeypot

Deleted post?
(I'm [3027d1])
I got a screencap, but not the image. Anyone see what that was?

I can't stand those faggots, always whining out about their imaginary "good" jews.

what isn't a honeypot? the videos? just download one as a zip file and see for yourself. Not everyone on these boards are comped. at least not (((yet)))

they are correct about the balance of power being dependent on the Eurasian landmass, but they seem to ignore race reality completely, (as far as I can see), simply to focus on broader political realities. As far as i'm concerned race realism is unavoidable because of the fact that ignorance of it allows the weaponization of western societies against themselves.

He meant

why/how? would it be a honeypot? looks like a basic site that aggregates news articles?

I have the entire set downloaded now. (Megaupload transfer limits)

I've hit my megaupload limit & I'm almost considering subscribing for a month just to get these while they are still available.

No real need; just use a VPN (hence why I was on af0e04) and then continue downloading.

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I hope not, otherwise another brother has fallen and a real tragedy has happened that no one will bat an eye about.
And if he did at least he went out like a true warrior, unyielding and true to the cause, rather than giving in to the money, fame or power like the others.
RIP Johnny Gat, the channel and the person, gone too soon but not forgotten.

Johnny Gat is a racemixing hapa degenerate ancap. Who gives a flying fuck?

Never fucking heard of him, tbh.
Will pass, because probably kike bullshit.

Holy fuck dude thanks for this. I've been a huge Johnny gat fan and didn't know he recently got JUSTed by youtube. Excellent work

yeah I always ignore things without observing what they offer on their merits alone. I generally also ignore all new or potentially enlightening sources of information as well. I can see how that attitude will get you far in life.

no problem man. I've got a lot of other useful videos i've kept too, will be posting again once i've edited all the dross out. The Johnny Gat videos were generally very well edited & sourced with reasonable/compelling arguments. Can be used to redpill on their face value alone. I hope somebody does a mirror channel on YouTube with this video set.

not an argument

no problem.

I use the windows program ViceVersa for this very purpose. Anything important I mirror right away, then do a backup drive about once a week, keeps 3 drives in constant circulation. Also a cloud storage option is also sensible, I was considering BackBlazeB2 for a large repository of videos, considering everything of value on YouTube will be (((memory holed))) at some point soon.

Good goy

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lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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>((( Zig Forums )))

bump for longevity


If you guy last can please save this guys channel as well just as much quality as Johnny Gats.

What's the best way to get a Mega account? Can it be done anonymously?

A circlejerk of faggots, always ruining good people. See them as no different than Discord cliques.

Brendon is a douche bag psycho, but if you watch the headlines closely you'll see his analysis coming to fruition.

Archivist here, I wanna die.

Brendan O'connell is bang on. Dude has been right on it from the get go.

Johnny Gat is a champ.

you dont need a mega account to download these files, just select, "Download as zip", from the options

yes jesus christ you people are retarded. Just use your vpn at a unique ip, then set the mega account up with a dummy email account. You can have limitless mega accounts, all with 50gb if you follow the prompts. However you can directly download these files without a mega account, simply select download as zip for a stable DL>

yes well him & his talpiot talk crew had some association with Johnny Gat, I know that. One of Brendans associates either died or got murdered, so if Gat died i'm sure Brendan would have discussed it.

yes you are exactly right

you can do it. just use the firefox browser & add one of the youtube download extensions. You may need a github script to keep "Old YouTube", formatting. If u need a detailed explanation on how to archive youtube videos offline I will provide it plus links. Please advise

why? these videos are gold, i know a lot of polacks were celebrating that Gat's videos are still circulating

It would be better if we find out he committed suicide instead of being killed. Gat was a bipolar gook and a complete sperg. Leave it to 8/pol/ to defend their fashy baste nonwhite “exposing” fashy baste alt-kike e-celebs instead of being more productive. This is why I only browse 4/pol/ when I’m not in the bunkers.

the issue is the validity of the information he collated and whether or not it has merit or not, nothing about him personally. Regardless of who he may be a person these videos are still excellent red pill material.

No, they’re not. If he were a kike, people on 8/pol/ would still defend his credibility. People who focus on e-celebs are worse than the e-celebs themselves. A lot of former Zig Forumsacks in the bunkers are working on real world infrastructure and maintaining proper opsec, something you can’t do with Chodemonkey around.

its gateway material.

Use youtube-dl. I am archiving this channel. Some videos have (((copyright))) violations, but I'm getting what I can.
Limited state videos for that channel are available but can't be downloaded easily. Aside from screen capture/re-encoding, are there any methods to download these files directly?

didnt that jew nigger imkikey ban these vids?

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Thanks user

reupload them to bitchute you low iq mongrels

I think I remember requesting this. He has a website now too:

Good stuff user, and thank you :) let's take it one step further and work on an IPFS index:

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And if I find any that don't happen to be in that Mega directory, I'll get around to archiving them too.

yeah I can show you how to do it… just get back to me on here and be slightly patient

yes I know how to do it but its more tricky than you expect. I can provide a tutorial if u want

OP here: only one missing was the Coldplay video & I uploaded that to the mega archive just now.

Good job user. I managed to grab around 50 of them over time, the others could not be watched due to (((copyright))) restrictions.