Designer Baby Technology Thread

We have to get this technology ready to use in a year, pol.

Let's study, found, fund and share the methods to do research and accelerate this Designer Baby technology proccesses before it's too late and the world turns into a hell of Jewish-run France, as we know that's the bitter end of civilization.

A world of Jews, NPCs and niggers is too much for anyone.

Useful questions right now:

1) How can you be sure that Jews haven't sabotaged the technology?

2) How can we accelerate the process?

3) How likely is it that Jews will make themselves super-smart and enslave us all and kill us all?

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our best hope of avoiding extinction imo, I'm not seeing any indication that political change will ever happen. at least with these technologies, pure white people can be created on demand for eternity, even if whites are a minority

Have white geniuses on your side who know the science well.

Volunteer as a research assistant or get work in the field. You can donate funds, too. I'm actually working as an IQ researcher atm.

Given that Jew already want to do that – very likely.

I was thinking about a private website for funding.

Something like 23andMe, but to accelerate everything that matters.

This thread is a distraction from the JQ.

The only liable form of Eugenics is selective breeding. Meddling with DNA is fucking dangerous and unnecessary.

There's no time for any breeding.

They're pushing race wars and massive immigration in every corner of the planet.

Do something now or watch everything crashes and burns.

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The more we meddle, the better we'll be at it and can perfect it.

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I have connections to Lynn and Murray among others. I could build one, too.

Are you experienced or do you have any relevant experience?

NSA traitor working for Jews that want to destroy the world.

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Thankyou, finally a kike-free post in this thread.

t. no skin in the game

Good luck facing off against 400 IQ ant people and Shekelasauruses.


Strawman. Asians who will be more than happy to buy us out and enslave us do.

Kill yourself.

You're mostly correct but the real mission OP should have said is that we should do what we can to prevent designer babies from being used by the jews. The jews will simply take it and use it to rid themselves of their genetic defects, steal white beauty so that the jews no longer look jewish, and increase their physical and mental aptitude. Within a certain amount of time they will find a way to balance all of that with their jewish behavioral mindset that is in their genes.

I spy with my little eye… A cuckchan guy.



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I agree with you, but I highly doubt that Jews will try to make themselves look like Greek statues. Jews fundamentally enjoy ugliness.

Otherwise the idea of gene-spliced superkikes is terrifying. Kikes seem to be obsessed over transhumanism. We truly only have until 2240 Anno Domini to destroy the Jews forever, otherwise they will win and rule over the gentiles for all eternity.

My personal dream is for all Jews to not have any pure descendants (gassed, sterilized, mixed or whatever that does the job), and for the rest of humanity to enjoy thousands of years of selective breeding so that everybody can be racially pure and beautiful.

There's a lot of shills these days, and I think it's important to fight each and everyone of them off. The most effective method is to not argue with their pilpul and just call them a Jew.

So what you are saying is that women belong in the kitchen or the bedroom, should be barefoot and pregnant, that we should lower the age of consent, and engage in a little domestic discipline when required?

That we should vote for far right christian fringe groups that have no chance of winning, so that the mainstream parties (conservative / republicans) politicians will start to represent the above values and people like you? (moving the needle)

stop bitching and do something about it

How can kikes sabotage it? Any choice over your babies future will lead to more intelligent, healthier, and more white babies. Even niggers and asians will chose more white babies because every human understands instinctively that Whites are superior.


Regarding question #1 - the jews can't sabotage the technology. The code is open source and provided by nature.
pic related

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How about we stay away from playing god again because the worst people will always take advantage of it.

This is literally the argument gungrabbers make.

Fuck off.

The problem that I could foresee in this is that often the advancement is found within the flaw.
Think Autists, Savants and anomalies such as Prefontaine.
It's the immeasurable that results in greatness. I've witnessed too many times in the military the most incredible heart coming from the most unlikely of men. Men you wouldn't otherwise even consider outdo men that you would think are natural born Chads. I have one guy in particular who died of a heart defect at under 30 years old who graduated top of his class for a special forces course. He was a skinny Italian 6' tall mutt but ended up saving the lives of many other men.
The most decorate man in US military history, Audie Murphy was a 5'5" runt.

It would be a shame to lose the mystery of random selection.


Well, you could study genetics, but most of the double digiters here think universities are a Jewish conspiracy.

You will also have the christfags whining about this when people start using it.

South Korea is on the forefront when it comes to cloning. Therefore they might be more open to such technologies.

You might want to check on the whole superman comtext. It was created by a jewish man, to spread jewist supremacy agenda. He specifically talks about how the perfect jewish man should be able to hide in plain sight etc…
This needs to be subverted. Not shyed from mind.

It's so nice that the Japanese don't have that problem since JewSA nuked most of their Christkikes:
Ubernippon when?

Need to tie white babies into crypto somehow.

You know there would be no difference between them dying their hair blond and wearing contacts. Whats the point?

So a huge danger then.